Modern Wine Storage Trends on a Budget


[Cincinnati, OH], November 29, 2018 - There has been a growing trend in wine storage for modern wine cellars. Discerning clients are creating unique wine rooms from a variety of woods, metals, and cables. Wine Cellar Innovations has always been a step ahead of the game. Anticipating the shift to the contemporary style in wine cellar design, they launched a number of products to answer the demand. Since last year, there were multiple wine racks introduced with a modern flavor, starting with the Modern Wine Cellar Series.

New Stains


Following that, the Contemporary Cable Wine Racking System was launched. The units were made out of stainless steel which is suitable for high humidity environments. The design for that system inspired a number of other series, such as the Invisible Wine Rack Series and Acrylic Series. All those racking units exude a minimalistic and contemporary appeal that is definitely on-point.

Along with the rise in modern wine storage trends was the increasing amount of DIY wine cellar projects. Homeowners have taken to creating DIY wine racking arrangements for their personal collections. Again, WCI has anticipated this as well. To accommodate DIY homeowners working on a budget, they revolutionized their modern wine racking products by making them available in kit format. The "Modern Vintner," from the highly popular Vintner Series, started it all.


New Stains


"The details are what make the design and our clients are pleased with the latest offerings from our wine cellar originators. Being able to recreate those designs within our Vintner Series makes everyone happy." said Tony Wilke, the VP of Operations of Wine Cellar Innovations. "With the different mediums we are able to use, such as cable, acrylic, and wood, there are endless possibilities to what we can build."

Vintner has always been the most versatile wine racks "kit," but now it has also embraced the contemporary racking styles from their custom lines and introduced them in kit format. The Vintner Elite Cabinetry leads the pack on this one. The Acrylic 9 Column Individual and Cable Racking units are affordable alternatives, closely reminiscent of the Contemporary Cable Wine Racking System. Then, there is the Vintner Individual Concave Wine Racks collection which is a total style stunner. Like all other Vintner products, these modular units come in various height configurations. They can be stacked to accommodate any ceiling height and come in custom wood, stain and finish options. Our newest stains of Graywash and Whitewash are excellent choices for a modern look, along with Midnight Black stain. For DIY homeowners working on a budget, it cannot get any better than the "Modern Vintner" kits.

If you are looking for a high-end contemporary vibe, Wine Cellar Innovations has many options.

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