Wine Cellar Innovations Launches The Modern Wine Cellar Series

[Cincinnati, OH], September 25, 2017 - Always seeking to explore new and creative avenues in the wine cellar building game, Wine Cellar Innovations recently introduced a new addition to its wine racking line-up. It's called the Modern Wine Cellar Series and it's going to bring a lot of interesting changes into stylishly displaying your wine bottle collection. This series was created with the primary intent of appealing to even the most discerning wine collector. With a blend of wood and metal, the racking exudes a simple but elegant design that can easily be worked into so many wine cellar applications and themes. However, the main focus is bringing out a contemporary look and feel to a wine cellar project.


Modern Wine Cellar Series Midnight Black


The most attractive feature of the Modern Wine Cellar Series is how it can bring about a "floating" appearance to one's wine cellar. The racks are installed within platforms ranging from the ceiling to the floor. The metal uprights support the wood in order to bring about the illusion of wine bottles floating in the air. The effect is ethereal, especially when the racks are installed in a glass-enclosed wine room. In order to further enhance the "floating" appearance of the bottles, clear Acrylic Bottle Supports have also been integrated as an option into the series.

Modern Wine Cellar Series Sample


Other customizable options are also available with the Modern Wine Cellar Series. The racking units are offered in a variety of woods and stains. The four standard wood choices are Pine, Premium Redwood, All-Heart Redwood, and Grand Mahogany. But one can also decide to go with more custom woods such as Black Walnut, Clear Alder, or Oak to name a few. Wine Cellar Innovations offers many select hardwoods thanks to a fully integrated mill which takes lumber from a rough-sawn stage all the way through the finishing details. We can manufacture wine cellars in any wood commercially available, with price quotes based on current market value. If you are looking for a contemporary and sophisticated vibe, the Modern Wine Cellar Series might be the choice for you. Contact us for a free design now.

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