New Energy Efficient LED Lighting for Custom Wine Cellars

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Cincinnati, OH, April 20, 2011Wine Cellar Innovations, the leading designer and manufacturer of wine cellars and wine racks announces its new lighting option for custom wine cellars: 3 watt 45 degree beam angle warm white LED downlights.


Creating a mood and highlighting different areas of a wine cellar requires proper lighting, and Wine Cellar Innovations recommends using energy-efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights.   

LED lighting is typically used and designed to accent elegant archways, ceilings, corners and arches, back-lighting in crown molding and in high reveal display racking. They are noted for their energy-efficiency, impressive lifetime and very low heat emissions, hence they are the top choice of lighting for wine cellars.


This exciting new line of LED lights that can bring warmth and character to a wine room features:

  • 6 foot Lead wire with snap-in connector
  • Silver Brushed Aluminum Finish is standard
  • Black & Gold finish is available
  • 6 Connection Connector Block

LED lights are also less expensive than other wine cellar lighting options. They are very easy to handle, extremely versatile and less obtrusive. These LED lights are now complimentary in hue to our current display row lighting. Other features include lower voltage with no UV generation, resistance to vibration and humidity. They dim gradually rather than burning out abruptly like incandescent bulbs and lights up very quickly (0.01 seconds) to full brightness 10X faster than incandescent bulbs.

For more information on this new lighting option and Wine Cellar Innovations’ products, visit their website at or call 800.229.9813.

About Wine Cellar Innovations
Wine Cellar Innovations is the industry leader in the design and production of custom wine racks and cellars, and has been for over 20 years. The company is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and employs sales representatives all over the country to provide customers with local service and exceptional quality. Their wine racks and wine storagesolutions have been purchased and installed worldwide.