All-Heart Redwood Wine Racks Survive Hurricane

Eight months into the refurbishment of their damaged home from Hurricane Sandy, Adam and Theresa Burick were finally able to concentrate on fixing up their basement wine cellar in Pennsylvania. The wine cellar flooring was ripped out and the wine cellar racks were inundated with water that had wicked up the door frame and threshold. The wine racks had endured but had water stains, which prompted the couple to contemplate replacement wood wine racks.



"We made the best choice seven years ago in

 choosing Wine Cellar Innovations!"

The couple recently got back in touch with Wine Cellar Innovations who handled their complete design and build out seven years prior. The sales records revealed that the couple had purchased wine racking products crafted from Clear All-Heart Redwood. Moreover, the racks were all unstained. Before moving ahead with the sale of expensive replacement parts, Wine Cellar Innovations’ design consultants suggested that the couple should try sanding down the racks first before completing their order. All-Heart Redwood is known for it’s superlative properties of being able to resist humidity and rot. Much to the couple’s delight, sanding down the racks did the trick and majority of the water stains were removed. The wood was almost as good as new with hardly any signs of Hurricane Sandy’s onslaught.


Adam and Theresa Burick managed to salvage their wine cellar and avoid costly replacements. They were very enthusiastic in expressing their appreciation to the customer service and assistance provided by Wine Cellar Innovations:

"We made the best choice seven years ago in choosing Wine Cellar Innovations! Our basement wine cellar recently flooded and our All Heart Redwood wine racks became water stained. Instead of WCI taking our order to replace the damaged parts, they first recommended we sand the damage away. Guess what? It worked! Thank you to Wine Cellar Innovations for your superior All Heart Redwood wine racks!"

Clear All-Heart Redwood usually grows in the cool, damp forests of Northern California and is resistant to rot, mildew, and insects. Sturdy trees of Redwood have been recovered from the ground after 2,000 years and look as good as new. Redwood that is sold through Wine Cellar Innovations also has the seal of approval from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), which means you have assurance that the wood was acquired in an environmentally friendly way. This is why Redwood is the first choice for custom wine cellars for experienced connoisseurs, considering the humid climate and temperature that is ideal for proper wine storage.