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Your Wine Cellar Door Can Grow Old With You

[Rancho Cucamonga, CA], January 18, 2018 - They say that in life the only thing that's constant is change. People and things transform in various ways over time. The changes may be noticeable or sometimes, we don't even feel them. But that's actually not always the case. There are also some things that can be preserved - like memories and bonds. These can even be made tangible as what our amazing clients have recently show us.

 Wine Cellar Door

The Griffiths narrated this inspiring wine cellar story that definitely needs to be shared. Way back in the Spring of 2005 they purchased a Wine Room Door from Wine Cellar Innovations. Years later, they had to move from that home. They placed the door assembly in a temperature-controlled storage wih the hopes that hoping that they might still be able to use it again. After the move was completed and they have comfortably settled into their new home, they now decided it was time to put that wine cellar door into good use. Their expectations were certainly met as, indeed, their wine cellar door is in great shape and ready to be installed in their new wine cellar.


It goes to show that when you invest in quality materials for your wine cellar project, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Wine cellar doors, racks and other accessories can still be preserved, like fond memories. They can grow old gracefully like your bottles of wine - and you can take them wherever life will take you.


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