Downsizing Your Home Doesn't Mean Ditching Your Wine Cellar

[Rancho Cucamonga, CA], May 10, 2018 - Dan & Cheree Griffith downsized their home and re-used their custom door to preserve their memories and recreate an elegant wine cellar in their new home. The minor remodel was easily achieved by taking an unused bedroom and turning it into a smaller wine room.

 Wine Cellar Door

In April 2005, the Griffiths searched online for some last finishing touches to their large wine cellar in their 4,000 sq ft home. After going through multiple options, one of those purchases was a custom wine room door from Wine Cellar Innovations. Years later, they made the decision to downsize their home but did not have room for their extensive wine collection. They placed the custom wine room door in a temperature-controlled storage with the hopes that they might be able to use it again. After the move was completed and they had comfortably settled into their new home, they decided it was time to put that wine cellar door to good use. With a minor remodel, they were able to re-purpose all aspects of the door into their new wine storage space.

"After downsizing and putting our custom wine cellar door into storage, we were so pleased that the door was so well preserved," said homeowner Dan Griffith. "Space constraints were difficult in our new remodel but we managed to keep all of the components and put them to good use in the new wine room."

 Wine Cellar Door


The wine cellar door had an etched glass entry with two matching sidelight panels. The remodel of an unused bedroom was able to effectively use the glass paneled door and creatively use the panels in other areas of the room. It goes to show that when you invest in quality materials for your wine cellar project, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Wine cellar doors, racks and other accessories can still be preserved, like fond memories. They can grow old gracefully like your bottles of wine - and you can take them wherever life will take you.


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