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Top Ten Things to Know About Wine Cellar Innovations Manufacturing

Beveled Rails

1) Beveled Rails with Eased Edges:

Every rail on our Individual Bottle rack in both our Platinum and Gold Series has a beveled front edge, which is of an aesthetic benefit. Each rail also has an eased edge, which is a functional benefit. The eased edge is to ensure that when you are inserting a bottle into the rack that the label does not tear.

eased edge front post

2) Eased Edge Front Posts:

The front post of every rack also has an eased edge. This is also to ensure that when you are inserting a bottle into the rack that the label does not tear.

CNC Machined Spacer Bars

3) CNC Machined Spacer Bars:

The spacer bar is the piece that runs across the entire width of your rack and is dadoed(notched) at various centerlines to provide the proper spacing for your racking. Our spacer bars are machined to include the radius of the post material to ensure a seamless fit.


4) Table Tops:

WCI offers 3 manufactured options with our table tops:
•1 3/8" thick plank table top (Standard with Platinum)
•11/16" thick plank table top (Standard with Gold)
•3/4" thick veneer table top (Optional w/Gold or Platinum)
The 1 3/8" thick plank table top has the Ogee profile cut into the material so you do not see a seam line. The boards also run in the same direction to minimize seam lines.

Cellar Entry Doors

5) Cellar Entry Doors:

Our Cellar Entry Doors are made out of the same material as your wine cellar. If your cellar is ordered with one of our water based stains, we will also put the same stain on your door. You can request that only one side be stained if you want the exterior door to be unstained to paint and match the stain of the doors in the rest of your home as well. All doors are made with vertical grain, solid edge-glued wood.

Individual bottle bins

6) Individual Bottle Bins:

When you need to store 3 liter or larger bottles, we manufacture Individual Bottle Bins. These are miniature rectangle bins that come in medium or large sizes. The medium size will hold 1-3 liter bottle, 1-1.5 liter bottle, or 2-750 mL bottles. The large size bins are for 1-6 liter, 15 liter, 2-3 liter, 2-1.5 liter, or 4-750 mL bottles. This gives you flexibility to order larger format storage and still utilize it for smaller bottles when not in use for large format storage.

Quarter round Shelving

7) Quarter Round Shelves:

Each shelf is dadoed(notched) into the sides and screwed into place from the back. The shelf is custom designed for equal centerlines on your shelves based on the overall height. You can select either solid, edge-glued material, or veneer plywood options for this item. The molding will be radiused to match the shelf or you can choose a square cut molding option for additional savings.

Diamond Bins

8) Diamond Bins:

These units are constructed with solid edge-glued wood. The interlocks with these units have a front-to-back dado (notch) that connects the interlocking pieces together. This gives the unit a uniform and structurally sound connection. The ends are supported by termination blocks that in combination with the perimeter trim hold the interlocks in place. For added visual impact we also offer interior face trim (as shown) to provide an old world look to your diamond bins.

Cabinets and Drawers

9) Cabinets and Drawers:

You can choose a variety of door options: raised panel, radius raised panel, flat panel, glass, or mesh inserts. The material behind the doors can be made of either solid edge-glued wood or veneer plywood. WCI uses high quality, 110 degree, concealed European hinges on all of our doors. The drawers have ball bearing, full extension slides with 1” overtravel.

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10) Water Based Stains, Lacquers, and Finishes:

Wine Cellar Innovations uses water based stains for the following reasons:

  1. Your health, our health, the health of your wine, and the health of our planet.

    1. Oil based stains typically have 6 times the VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) of water-borne stains and finishes.
    2. Water based products are more UV resistant than solvent products that will get hazy and lose their color clarity.
    3. Water-borne products are "green" and environmentally friendly. Wine Cellar Innovations has proactively worked in conjunction with consultation from the EPA to eliminate all solvent based stains and finishes in our manufacturing processes.
    4. Oil based stains need up to 30 days to cure and if you touch up the cellar while installing it takes up to 30 more days to cure and must be mechanically ventilated during this curing time to avoid polluting the wine cellar with VOC’s.
    5. Responsible manufacturers in the U.S.A. are following the guide lines of the EPA and promoting environmentally safe water based low VOC stains. Foreign countries have not regulated the use of oil based stains as stringently as the U.S. E.P.A.
    6. As part of the natural aging process of wine, your cork allows air into your bottle. You do not want your wine contained in an area with high concentrations of VOCs.

  2. Why are VOCs bad?

  3. VOCs combine with nitrogen oxides in the air to form ozone, and some VOCs are carcinogenic or neurotoxic. The health effects of exposure to VOCs vary greatly by the type of chemical and the concentration. Exposure to high levels of VOCs, especially those that are neurotoxic, can cause

    • nausea
    • headache
    • confusion
    • tremors or seizures
    • difficulty breathing, and even
    • death


  4. What is wrong with using oil-based stains?

  5. They dry/cure slowly, generally contain substantial quantities of VOC (volatile organic compounds), have fire dangers inherent and are "less convenient" to clean up. With laws governing such things changing and getting more strict, oil-based finishes will likely become less common over time, particularly in gallon cans. Application is generally brushed, wiped on or sprayed...the latter is less desirable in many cases since these products dry very slowly, relatively speaking, and re-coating times are varied.

  6. Why choose water-borne stains?

    1. Water-borne finishes water -borne because the actual finish is suspended in the water, not "thinned" by it--typically dry quickly and have limited VOC. For this reason, they are being embraced by more and more people and firms for the added safety; both in health and in low or no explosion/fire danger.
    2. Water-borne stains are virtually odor free.No more headaches from sniffing too much stain. You can even work indoors without the risk of smelling up your entire home.
    3. Water-borne products are largely composed of water, their dry time is a fraction of that to oil-based products. This means multiple coats can be applied in the same time it would take a single coat of oil-base product to dry.
    4. Clean up is a breeze. Water-borne stains and top coats clean up with just soap and water.No more paint thinner or other potent solvents.
    5. They have inherent qualities that give the user ultimate control over the outcome of the finish. Water-borne stains penetrate deep into the grain of the wood giving a richer finish with only a single coat. Also, touch up is much easier with water-based stains.