29 Creative Places: Closet Wine Cellars & Wine Rack Ideas


Think you don't have room for a closet wine cellar or wine storage cabinet? Think again. Enjoy your wine tasting trips with friends and go ahead, buy that extra case of wine and bring it home with you. You can store them literally anywhere. Here are 29 different wine rack ideas and where you can build them in your home. 

29 Creative Places for Wine Cellars
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Near Your Kitchen

1. Rip Out Your Pantry– You don't really need food, right? Rip out all those shelves and keep your wine organized and safe with wine storage in the ktichen. You will probably get better use out of it anyway.

Pantry Wine Cellar #winecellarinnovations  

2. The kitchen niche closet that is just around the corner? Measure carefully and you can get 50+ bottles safely stored in that kitchen wine rack spot.

Wine Racks for the Kitchen Closet #wineracks  

3. Remove Some Cabinets – Why would you want to waste space in your cabinets for storing china? We think wine bottles in a kitchen cabinet wine rack are a must! Carefully take out a kitchen cabinet, add some mosaic backsplash, and paint your wood wine racks a complimenting color and you have a gorgeous built in kitchen wine cabinet ready for your wine. A perfect DIY wine cabinet.

Cabinet Wine Storage  

4. Create a spot near your kitchen so your wine is close for cooking. It's almost like a cooking expense, right?


5. Wet Bar – Give your old 80's wet bar a makeover and outfit it with some wine racks. 

Home Wet Bar with Wine Racks  

6. What about behind the wet bar? Cut through your walls and make a built-in like bar with wine storage like this individual diamond bin is doing here.

In the Wall - Behind The Wet Bar Wine Rack #wineracks  

Around Your Home

7. Living Room – Who says the wine has to be cooled to a certain degree? If you plan on drinking it in the next year you may want to keep the wine bottles close to you and create a little tasting wine rack bar right in your living room.

Living Room Tasting Center  

8. Window Seat – Have a spot under your window? Add some compact wine cubes and stick a pillow over them and turn it into a cozy area. Killing two birds with one stone.

Curvy Cubes Window Seat Wine Center #winecellarinnovations  

9. Family Room – Create a built-in glass enclosed cellar so it's near the family room. Or you can call it your playroom, whatever works.

Elegant Family Room Wine Cellar #winecellarinnovations  

10. Wine and reading go together so well, don't they? We think so! So does this person who added a glass rack and wine storage into their bookcase. Looking classy!

Bookcase Wine Storage  

11. What man doesn't want his own personal sanctuary? Yes, you can call it a Man Cave. We don't mind! Whether it's the den, spare bedroom, garage, or the basement sometimes you just need your own space.

Man Cave Wine Room  

12. Your old Laundry Room will work well for wine storage. Move that washer and dryer into the garage. You didn't want them making noise in the house anyway.

Laundry Room Wine Storage  

13. Do you have an elegant front entryway? You may want to upgrade and install your own refrigerated wine cabinet. Perfect for storing wines you may not drink for a few years, or adding to the value of your wine, the cabinet will protect them for years to come. Plus it looks pretty awesome.

Refrigerated Wine Cabinet  

14. Next to the Dining Room - Creating a lovely tasting center next to your dining room is always a conversation starter. 

Tasting Center  

15. Tear down some walls and make a spot! We will admit this one is pretty unique. Curved wine racks with a glass enclosed wall? What a show stopper! If money is no object, that's always a dream.

Unique Radius Curved Wine Cellar #winecellarinnovations  

16. If you are really pressed for space, add some metal wine racks to your hallway.

Metal Wine Racks in the Hallway #winecellarinnovations  

17. Find a Corner – Any corner! There will always be wasted space around your home in some of your tight corners. Get a curved wine rack and some display shelves and make it a showpiece.

Corner Wine Racks  

18. If you don't have any room on the first or second level of your home, try doing it in the crawl space. Add a clear glass panel and add in some wine storage.



How many closets does your home have? Think you can get away with emptying one out and using it for wine storage? There are so many ways to build out an empty closet wine cellar in your home. Plus, adding a cooling unit will be able to keep them the perfect temperature and make it a nice storage solution. Here are some fun options.

19. Do you have an extra office closet that you aren't using? Get a cooling unit, some wine cellar doors, and add in racks. You won't regret it!

Office Closet Wine Racks  

20. If you have a hall closet that's cluttered up with kid toys, too many jackets you've never worn, or old shoes… Clear that baby up! Add in a simple closet wine rack and you are set.

Hall Closet Wine Racks #winerack  
21. A walk-in closet never looked so good!   Walk-in Closet Wine Cellar

Under Stairs Wine Rack

Sometimes the best space is the wasted space under your stairs. Start investigating how you can easily snag some space. Manyunder stairs wine rack ideas are created using waterfall wine racks to march down and take every last bit of home wine storage they can.

22. Arched Staircases

Arched Staircase Wine Storage  

23. Straight Flight Staircases

Straight Flight Staircase Wine Cellar  

24. Compact Staircases

Compact Under the Stairs Wine Racks #wineracks  

Under Your Home

One of the best places to put a wine cellar is under your home. It's a passive environment which could possibly use the ground temperature to keep the environment steady. 

25. Basement

Basement Wine Cellar  

26. Basement Cellar

Basement Wine Racks


27. While a regular garage is not the best option for glass doors, if you properly prepare the room for wine storage it is definitely an option. This wine cellar is using a second garage with the entry door within the home as a proper setup. 


Garage Wine Cellar


28. Yes, if you are lucky enough to have a cave next to your home, or under your home... Well, that is the perfect place to store wine. 

Cave Wine Cellar #winecellarinnovations


29. Saving the best for last, a true favorite is using a hidden door. That beautiful vertical display shelf is actually a swinging door that leads into this beautiful sanctuary for wine. It's nice to have dreams... 

Hidden Door Wine Cellar #winecellarinnovations   It's nice to have dreams...  Which spot is your favorite? What place in your home can you actually put wine racks at this moment, or what are you saving up to do in the future? Share your thoughts on social media and tag us in the post!