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Security may be one of the top priorities in storing your valued bottles of wine. It's especially the case if you own a few or more rare vintages! With the Secured Wine Lockers, your bottles are properly protected while still being kept under comfy storage conditions.



These lockers, or commercial lockers, are kind of like your own personal space to keep your private stash in. That's why they're perfect for country clubs and restaurants where members love to have guests over every now and then. They can easily store their favorite wines and other spirits in these convenient numbers. Plus, you can choose to lock them using a single key or go for multiple locking options. The latter would be much preferable for those who would want to always keep their bottles under their very own lock and key.


These beautiful wine lockers are in Black Walnut wood. 





You can choose from a variety of wood wine rack options as well as custom stains and finishes to create numerous unique looks for your lockers or wine cages. You can go from classic and elegant to an old-country rustic charm, or something more modern or eclectic depending on your style preference.



The flexible configurations of the lockers allow them to be stacked side by side or one on top of the other. They can also be used in combination with other wine racking styles for more storage options. The components can be mixed and matched to create lots of unique assemblies for all types of commercial wine stores and even non-wine establishments.



Each locker comes with its own individual bottle racking holding 24 standard-sized bottles in safe and comfy storage. You can also personalize the wine racks by choosing from our custom options and have them sport our custom amenities such as beveled rails and eased edges. These would allow you to remove or replace your bottles without tearing off their labels. 



One of the most popular designs is the glass-enclosed wine locker. Glass-enclosed wine lockers are undeniably elegant and functional. You can easily see just what kind of stuff you have left and what you need to replenish! In addition, glass-enclosed lockers become more aesthetically appealing when you put in the right custom LED wine cellar lighting.



On the other hand, you can also go for the mesh wire design which is equally attractive. You get maximum security for your bottles and you can even place loose ones standing up and without being cradled by the rails. Plus, for a more customized touch, add personalized name plates to properly identify the locker owner.


For any of your secured wine storage, locking wine cabinet, or lockable wine storage needs, be sure to contact us and we would be more than happy to have our experts help you out with a free design. 


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"The wine racks are excellent attached is a picture of our new wine room" - Tony R.


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