Onsite Paintings Gallery

Having a piece of beautiful wine cellar art in your wine room is one sure way to change things up dramatically. With even just one, choice artwork, you can introduce pops of color and create a vibrant aura for your wine cellar. Wine cellar paintings are particularly popular because they can easily be customized. In fact, here at Wine Cellar Innovations, you can either choose from our vast collection of gorgeous artworks or have one of our talented, professional artists customize a piece for you.
Our artworks are created on canvass with either acrylics our oils as mediums. At a certain fee, a client can request for one of our artists to paint the mural directly on their wine cellar walls. This will allow the client to have everything personalized according to their taste and style preference. That includes choosing backgrounds and palettes to match an existing wine cellar color scheme or decor. In addition, the client can also customize the dimensions of the artwork and we can certainly work according to their budget.
We hope you enjoyed these beautiful examples of our wine art. Our talented artists can create almost any painting you design for your custom wine cellar. Please contact us for any of your wine artwork needs.