Hidden Wine Cellar Doors - Secret Wine Cellar Rooms

Hidden Wine Cellar Doors

We are always thrilled when we have a secret wine cellar door creation. The element of surprise, secrecy, and glee when the wine cellar room is completed gives us the utmost joy. 

The fun part to wine cellar hidden doors is that the door hinges are not visible to the naked eye, there is no handle, and the vertical wine display is flush with the other racking in the room. 

Hidden doors are often constructed when you need to secretly conceal a room needing privacy, hide away storage rooms, or create a little mystery and excitement to your wine tasting cellar. 

It's easy to incorporate hidden doors into your wine storage area as the door can easily blend in with your existing wine racks, along with making a fabulous focal point to showing off your wine bottles in a vertical display. 

Below we list several examples of hidden rooms from our clients (names and areas withheld, of course!) and if you have any questions or like the layout, please note the Project # and contact us for a design quote of your own. 

Project #: 210307-2 - Take a longer look at this project. 


Project #: 231638


Project #: 204191-4 - Review this Project in our blog. 



Tour a Hidden Door Wine Cellar
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