Popular Wine Cellar Ideas

Building a wine cellar has become such an enjoyable experience as design concepts became more creative and contemporary. It's even more fun now that wine cellars can actually be built anywhere in one's home. Below are some popular custom wine cellar ideas that you may enjoy browsing through. Some of our favorites are listed but if you are looking for something in particular, we would love to create a free design for you. There's no space too small or too large for one. We have compiled a bunch of unique ideas that you can consider in your wine cellar project. We specialize in creating a wine rack that will look amazing in your home or business. Keep in mind that your imagination is the only limit so come and get inspired! Thank you for browsing. 


Dining Room Wine Displays


dining room wine cellar
dining room wine cellar

dining room wine cellardining room wine cellar

What better way to spice up your dining area than by adding an elegant wine storage! There are a number of ways you can accomplish this. For compact spaces, a custom wine refrigerated wine cabinet is the smartest way to store one's collection. It's also so much fun to style it, from the inside racking down to the cabinet doors, stain and finish options, decorative hardware, lighting accessories and more. One of our favorites is utilizing glass elements such as glass panels with black metal trim. Another is French Door entryways, accentuated by decorative trim.



Closet Transformations



dining room wine cellardining room wine cellardining room wine cellar

Like we said, there will always be room in one's home for wine storage because all it takes is creativity in using the available space. A closet transformation is a great example of this. You can basically transform unused or seemingly wasted spaces in the home into the perfect wine storage. One of these is your shoe or broom closet. Another is the coat closet. You will be surprised at how many bottles you can store. Naturally, you'll have yo choose the right ype of racking units. Our WineMaker Series is a terrific choice because all the units are manufactured with shallow-depth.



Tasting Rooms and Home Bars



dining room wine cellardining room wine cellardining room wine cellardining room wine cellar

Socializing in your home will be taken to a whole new level with the addition of a tasting room or home bar. It will provide you with not just a specific space for your wine bottles, but it will be also a nice section for you and your guests to relax, unwind and have endless chats over favorite labels. It will also be that perfect spot for some informal wine parties with close family and/or friends. As for the design aspect, you can really make the tasting room or home bar your next home icon with a mix of wood and more modern metal or acrylic racking, beautiful flooring, and more.

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Under Stairwell Transformations



closet wine cellarcloset wine cellarcloset wine cellar

That space under the stairwell in one's home is probably the most wasted one of all. But it shouldn't be! In fact, that can be the best spot for your wine collection. An under stairwell transformation is one of the most unique wine storage concepts. You will be pleasantly surprised at the bottle capacity of that unused space. Our photo gallery hosts a good number of these under stairwell projects that are wonderfully inspiring. A big favorite for this type of storage are our Wine Bottle Waterfalls and Small Wine Racks collection.



Basement Wine Cellars



closet wine cellarcloset wine cellar

Among all the wine storage concepts, this is the most traditional one. It's also the most practical, especially if you have the space for it. The basement of one's home is the perfect place for a proper wine cellar. That's because it has the closest temperature conditions and humidity levels essential to maintain the peak taste of wine bottles. That means less in terms of maintenance cost. Naturally, you also have all the space to be really creative with your racking arrangements. Our Vintner and Designer Series are super popular with basement wine cellar projects, as well as out Modern Wine Cellar Series.



Garage Renovations



If you have all that space in your garage, don't use it to hoard junk. Instead, you can turn either a section of it or the entire area into your dream wine cellar. A contemporary theme will look amazing with a garage wine cellar transformation. We recommend incorporating a Cable Racking System or Wall Wine Racks to create generous and stylish wine storage. Also check out the Steel and Rod Series to bring a really distinct style to your wine cellar theme.



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