Sustainable Forest Initiative

green-list-logo.jpgWine Cellar Innovations offers SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified redwood for all our wine cellar and wine racking products. SFI Certification provides consumers with assurance that the redwood products they purchase from Wine Cellar Innovations have been harvested in an environmentally sound manner.
The basic tenants of SFI Certification Programs include:
  • sustainable forestry
  • prompt reforestation
  • protecting of water quality
  • enhancement of wildlife habitat
  • minimizing the visual impact of harvesting
  • protection of unique sites
  • improvements in wood utilization
There are 1.74 million acres of Coastal Redwood (Sequoia Sempervirens) forests on California's north coast. About 26 percent, or 450,000 acres of these forests are preserved in national, state and municipal parks, national monuments and other administratively withdrawn lands where harvesting is prohibited. The vast majority of this protected 26% is old growth redwoods and is the largest collection of old growth trees of any species in the lower 48 states.

Of the remaining 1.29 million acres where harvesting can take place, approximately 1.03 million acres (80 percent) are currently being well managed under the SFI Certification Programs. The wood being harvested is all 2nd and 3rd growth trees. Virtually all of the huge old growth trees are protected by law.

You can be assured that Wine Cellar Innovations is offering you the best Redwood with our SFI certified Redwood.