Premium Redwood Wine Racks

Premium redwood Cellar 225844Premium redwood Cellar 225844
Premium Redwood Unstained

Photo by Alan Ross,

Premium Redwood, as you can see from the swatch above, comes in a variety of colors from white to pink to red and reddish brown. Raised in the cool, damp forests of Northern California, Redwood is the perfect choice for a custom wine cellar. It is naturally resistant to the cool, humid atmosphere desired for long-term wine storage. Premium Redwood has a wide variety of grain patterns. Below is a good illustration of the beauty of Premium Clear Redwood showing the unpredictable color variations that are a staple of this material.View More Images in Our Photo Gallery View More Cellar Images in Our Photo Gallery
Premium redwood Cellar cabinet premium-redwood-cellar-sample.jpg
Look at the grain variation in the picture above. The Grain pattern is more pronounced in the dark stained samples than in the natural unfinished sample. The variation gets magnified again when you apply a shiny finish like the picture below.

Redwood has an open-celled structure and contains little or no pitch or resins. This enables redwood to absorb and retain all types of finishes extremely well.

Performance is more than durability. Premium Redwood performance characteristics include resistance to shrinking, warping, and checking in addition to durability. This means redwood projects age beautifully.

We love our forests! Premium Redwood is an environmentally sound choice. All our redwood is produced under the guidelines of SFI, Sustainable Forestry Initiative. SFI Certification provides consumers with assurance that the redwood products they purchase from Wine Cellar Innovations have been harvested in an environmentally sound manner.

Premium Redwood is a great value. It is a very affordably priced clear wood without knots. Since we purchase and process a vast amount of Redwood while you enjoy the great savings.

Redwood has been traditionally used for wine cellars. Many of the US’s greatest Vineyards and Wineries are located in, or near, the Redwood forests of California. Starting at their inception, these wineries used redwood for their barrels and wine cellars. We carry that tradition forward.



stain options
Premium Redwood Light Danish Stain
Light Danish
Premium Redwood Classic Mahogany Stain
Classic Mahogany
Premium Redwood Dark Walnut Stain
Dark Walnut
Premium Redwood Midnight Black Stain
Premium Redwood Whitewash Stain
Premium Redwood Graywash Stain

finish options
pr-unstn-laq-2.jpg pr-lt-stn-laq-2.jpg pr-clsc-mah-laq-2.jpg pr-drk-wlnt-laq-2.jpg pr-midnt-blk-laq-2.jpg
unstained w/ lacquer light w/ lacquer classic mahogany w/ lacquer dark walnut w/ lacquer midnight black w/ lacquer
pr-weath-dusty-2.jpg pr-weath-drk-2.jpg      
weathered dusty weathered dark