Wood Milling Terminology

Unstained Premium Redwood :
Wood that comes from the sapwood of the redwood tree. The sapwood surrounds the heartwood. This wood is generally more varied in color than heartwood
Light Danish Stain All Heart (Redwood) :
Wood that comes from the center of the redwood tree. Also found in other types of wood.
Classic Mahogany Stain Plain Sawn :
Lumber that is sawed parallel to the annual growth rings. This practice makes the wood visually appealing, easier to produce from a log, and gives it a varied grain appearance. Most lumber is plain sawn. This is our standard offering.
Dark Walnut Stain Quarter Sawn :
Lumber that is sawed perpendicular to the annual growht rings. This method is sometimes requested in hardwoods because it shows off grain patterns. Material costs are higher for woods sawn in this technique, but it is available upon request.
Midnight Black Stain Vertical Grain :
Annual growth rings run vertical to the face of a cut board. Redwood cellars will have a mixture of flat and vertical grain.
Dusty Weathered Finish Flat Grain :
Annual rings run almost parallel to the face of a cut board. Hardwood cellars have a higher percentage of flat grain with the exception of butcher block tabletops and doors in which case the exposed surfaces are always vertical grain for integrity.
Dark Weathered Finish Finger-Jointed:
A method of joining pieces of lumber end-to-end. The end of each piece is sawn into a set of projecting "fingers" that interlock. WE DO NOT OFFER THIS!
Distressed Finish Edge-Glued :
The process of joining two pieces of wood without the use of locking shapes (as seen in the finger-joint). This process is done by pressing the straight edge of a board against another and applying a thin layer of glue between them for adhesion to ultimately create a larger piece of wood from smaller sections.
Lacquer Finish Spacer Bar :
Our specially developed component used to tie together many types of racking styles. The dado nothches slip snugly over vertical posts to create a stable and attractive interlock.
Whitewash Finish SB Rail :
Used at all locations where a spacer bar will be placed. It is square-cut and recessed to create a snug fit.
Lacquer Finish Beveled Rail :
Aesthetically pleasing and helps keep label tearing to a minimum.
Lacquer Finish Molding Rail :
Flush mounted to front of rack for zero gap when molding is applied.