Wine Cellar Wood Densities and Properties

While all of our wood sources are structurally acceptable for a wine cellar, some applications call for a specific wood type. Here we present and explain technical data for the types of wood we offer.


Moisture Content:
Weight of moisture in a piece of wood shown as a percentage of its oven dry weight.

Specific Gravity:
Ratio of density of wood to that of water.

Modulus of Rupture:
The maximum load-bearing capacity of a wood in bending and proportional to maximum movement borne by a specimen.

Modulus of Elasticity:
A measurement designed to show the ability of a wood to recover from deformations produced by low stress once the loads are removed.

Compression Parallel to Grain:
Maximum measurement of stress that a parallel-to-grain specimen (with a ratio of length to least dimension less than 11) of wood is able to withstand.

Shear Parallel to Grain:
Wood's ability to resist slipping of one internal part upon another part along the grain.

Weight of the wood per cubic foot. Determines the strength of the wood, varies depending on species.