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It's never too early to start building and completing your holiday shopping list. In fact, getting your holiday gift shopping done early can save you from the stress and hassle that comes with last-minute holiday rushes. Not to mention that you will be able to get... >> READ MORE >>

Spiders are fascinating creatures that live virtually everywhere in the world. Spiders can live in mountainous regions, deep in the oceans, in deserts, and in the freezing tundra. Some spiders tunnel underground, live in trees, burrow into... >> READ MORE >>

Tornadoes are revolving funnel clouds that wreak destruction. Created from thunderstorms, tornadoes can tear through cities and towns in seconds, leaving devastation in their wake. Tornado wind speeds can top out at 300 miles per hour, and they may plow a path of destruction as much as ... >> READ MORE >>

In a matter of days, the wine you just bought can go from flavor-intense in a good way to flavor-intense in a bad way. Whether you are a drinker of fine wines or budget bottles, you need to know how to store your wines so... >> READ MORE >>

Pairing wine and food can create a more meaningful dining experience. While many people enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, it's important to note that some wines pair better with certain foods tha... >> READ MORE >>

The question most often asked is, Can I put a wine cellar anywhere in the home?, The answer is yes, but the location that you choose will have a future impact on the cost of maintaining your cellar. A wine cellar should be placed in the coolest and most humid place in your home. The closer you are to the... >> READ MORE >>

Which glass goes with which drink? We have made it easy to decide with our giant chart of different types of glasses and their uses, from slender wine glasses to old-fashioned cocktail cups. If you want to update a home bar or wine cellar and have a semi-professional look when you serve your... >> READ MORE >>

Many adults enjoy drinking wine at home or in restaurants and on special occasions with friends. Leftover corks from wine bottles provide opportunities for creative recycling. Natural corks and synthetic corks close wine bottles in a way that allows minimal air to reach the wine. Natural cork comes from... >> READ MORE >>


From Grape to Glass: The Winemaking Process

The first process in growing grapes is choosing the type. Grapes vary in appearance and flavor depending on varietal and where they are grown. There are three major types of grapes: European, Muscadine and American. The American grapes do well in the warm and sunny climates, like in central California. Muscadine does best in the Southern United States, while the European grapes perform best in the Northern states and Europe. Different types of grapes vary in... >> READ MORE >> 


The Cask of Amontillado: A Guide to Poe's Famous Work

In November 1846, Edgar Allan Poe published the short story "The Cask of Amontillado." It is a horror tale that appeared for the first time in Godey's Lady's Book. The story centers around wine, a wine cellar, and the characters of Montresor and Fortunato. Like much of Poe's work, it is a tale with a dark subject. It is told to the reader in a direct manner that Poe was known for. This allows the reader to feel horror and fear regarding... >> READ MORE >>

The United States produces more than 10 million tons of glass each year, and most of it is made into food and beverage containers like jam jars and wine bottles. But according to the Environmental Protection Agency, only about a quarter of the glass produced in this country is... >> READ MORE >>

People experience temperature all the time. Temperature can be defined as the measure of the average energy of the particles in a substance. To physicists, that means the kinetic energy of a substance's particles, but to us, we experience this energy as heat. In the simplest terms, temperature is how hot... >> READ MORE >>

In 1879, Thomas Edison's incandescent light bulbs first illuminated a New York street, and the modern era of electric lighting began. Since then, the world has become awash in electric light. Powerful lamps light up streets, yards, parking lots, and billboards. Sports facilities blaze with light that is visible for tens of miles. Business and office building windows glow throughout the night. According to the Tucson, Arizona-based International... >> READ MORE >>

Wood is a commonly used material for making furniture and household fixtures, but not every kind of wood is the same: Some types of wood are more beautiful, while others are more durable, affordable, or easy to work with. Learning more about the traits of different types of wood can help you make the best decision about what material you should use for your... >> READ MORE >>

Did applying your makeup this morning result in ruined dress? Did a hot dog lunch cause a ketchup spill on a white blouse? Or did the beginning of spring result in a child's wardrobe covered in grass stains? The good news is none of these incidents means tossing a favorite piece of clothing or furniture! All of these stains can be successfully treated. The most successful stain treatments are applied quickly and are targeted to deal with the... >> READ MORE >>

Great restaurants are known as much for their famous sommeliers as they are their famous chefs. It's not enough to have great wine or great food. It is the perfect pairing of each that brings out the best aspects of both. This paring is balanced and the elements work in harmony with... >> READ MORE >>

A common goal for most health-conscious individuals is to consume foods that offer an array of health benefits. As our knowledge of the properties of different foods changes, healthy food trends come and go, but one of the most recent trends has actually been around for thousands of years: fermented foods. Fermented foods date back as far as... >> READ MORE >>

Understanding wine terminology and vocabulary will help anyone navigate the world of wine-making more fully. Whether delving into wine-making or just seeking to learn more about fine wines, these terms will broaden your understanding. Wine-lovers can add to their vocabulary as they explore the wide array of wines originating from... >> READ MORE >>

Proper food safety isn't just important in commercial kitchens; it is equally important in the home. Properly storing foods ensures that they remain safe to consume within their shelf-life. It minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and foodborne illness. Paired with a clean, well-maintained kitchen organized for safety and efficiency, food safety best practices can ... >> READ MORE >>

For many in the U.S., obtaining a driver's license is a highly anticipated rite of passage that most often happens during one's teen years. A car represents freedom to move about independently, but one must also be aware of their responsibility as a driver. It is important that one understands and takes this responsibility seriously and does not operate a vehicle when they are unable to safely do so. This means not driving when... >> READ MORE >>

Since the summer season is in full swing, it’s the best time to share some great summer cocktails & food pairings. We’ll get the ball rolling with some of our favorite tastebud ticklers this season: Beat the summer heat! Try these summer tastebud... >> READ MORE >>



Although science might not be your main focus as you enjoy an adult beverage, once you understand some of the chemical changes that happen in the process of creating wine or beer, you might find that you enjoy these drinks even more. Science is the driving force behind..>> READ MORE >>

In Greek mythology, Dionysus (the god of wine, fertility, theater, festivity, pleasure, ritual madness) created wine and gave the vine tree to Ikarios, a noble of Attica. As the legend goes, Ikarios shared his wine with a passing group... >> READ MORE >>

Alcohol use among teens is a real and dangerous problem and can contribute to risky behaviors and poor choices made by teens under the influence. Curious as many teens are about alcohol use, it is important to remember that a teenager's brain isn't even fully developed yet; that development won't be complete until their mid-20s or early 30s. Adding alcohol in the... >> READ MORE >>

The recorded use of wine in religious ceremonies dates back at least 6,000 years to when it was used in Egypt by pharaohs and other important individuals. The use of wine was also associated with the worship of certain gods in ancient civilizations. This included Renenutet, the Egyptian goddess of... >> READ MORE >>

Over the course of time civilizations have consumed red wine, and for a variety of different reasons. Dating back as late as the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, wine has been an important part of our global culture. The consumption of wine has been linked to celebration, rituals, and even for certain medicinal purposes. Early civilizations recognized... >> READ MORE >>


Is it possible to store wine at home? Absolutely; after all, most wine purchased is ready to drink at the time of purchase or would benefit from only a few years of aging. With a little work, it's possible to create optimal conditions for short- and long-term wine storage in the home. There are a few basic considerations that need to be addressed when deciding how and where wine should be stored for home use. >> READ MORE >>

The game of bocce evolved from games played during the Roman Empire and is closely tied to Italian culture. Bocce is as symbolic of Italian culture as wine. In fact, many wineries... >> READ MORE >>

The Wachau Valley in Austria is responsible for some of the fruitiest Rieslings in the world. The valley spans 20 miles of coastline along the Danube River. Hundreds of vineyards and winemakers take advantage of the region's nearness to the river and elevations along the coast to grow subtly... >> READ MORE >>



Studying chemistry is one of the best ways to make sense of the world around you. Chemistry is the study of how different forms of matter interact with each other. The interaction between these different materials is called ... >> READ MORE >>


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