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Custom Tabletops for Your Wine Room

Double Deep Table Top Deep Table Top Lacquer option

Create Some Room With a Tabletop

A tabletop in your wine cellar can bring you so many advantages. It's the perfect place to store and showcase your choice stemware. It can also be that ideal spot in your wine cellar for prepping your favorite taste teasers. Moreover, it can enhance the aesthetic charm of your wine cellar since there are so many styles you can experiment with. Mosaic, Tile, Corian, and even Vintage Wine Barrels are just some of the beautiful materials you can work with for your custom tabletops. And don't forget this: making space for a tabletop will make it easier on you when unloading your new crates of wine. It's a great choice to broaden your space and also expand wine storage under the tables in a creative way.

Double Deep with Bulk Storage Radius Front Table Top Mosaic Tile Table

Customize Your Wood Plank Thickness

With wine cellar table tops, many people question the wood plank thickness. For example, for your Vintage Wine Barrel tabletops, we manufacture separated planks which are 23" long. They make what they call "fingers" that stick out at the joint at approximately 3-6". These two sections will just slip/slide together. You will find that the planks will fit just like pieces of a puzzle. We have standard sizes but can also customize to your needs.

Corian Table Top Cork Table Top Thick Wood Plank

Contact Us To Get A Custom Designed Table Top

Because of the various options we offer for our tabletops, you might end up a little confused as to what would work best for your wine racks project. So don't hesitate in getting in touch with us! Whatever the case may be, we are ready to help you and extend our professional experience to ensure your satisfaction. Be sure to contact us for a free quote today.


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