Custom Humidor Cabinets & Built In Cigar Humidors

Custom Humidor Cabinets

What is a Built In Cigar Humidor?

A cigar humidor is specialized custom humidor cabinet meant for holding your cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco. This cabinet is usually kept to a certain degree of humidity and keep your cigars in perfect condition. We often receive requests to have a custom cigar humidor added to their wine rooms. With a wine storage room already maintaining a certain temperature and humidity level, it's a great pairing to have a built in humidor to be sure your investments are made safe.


Custom made to your specifications, we can manufacture custom humidor display cabinets that include clear glass doors, its own lock & key, angled wood cigar shelves to display cigar cases or loose cigars, & a pull out shelf for additional loose cigar & accessory storage.


There are many options on cigar humidors doors. They can be made with two doors or one.


Store your cigars at the proper humidity level with our Humidor Electronic Humidifier which is available separately.


Cigar Humidor

How to Build Your Own Cigar Humidor

We often get asked how to build a humidor and creating a humidor means having a sealed tight box with a hydrometer and humidifier within to create the perfect amount of humidity. It's not as simple as that though. The humidity level should be around 60%-70% and if your box has failing joints or is not sealed inside, your box might already be failing. So to build your own cigar humidor, you need to have a solid plan. Our factory in Cincinnati, Ohio is extremely experienced with creating cabinets with humidors inside and we have a few fun examples of ones we have built for customers below.


Why does building a humidor come to mind when building fine wine storage? Well, some dark and deep red wine can pair well with some earthy cigars. On the same note, you can pair lighter wines and cigars together but just be careful matching those personalities. The big takeaway is to simply enjoy what you like because there are no rules in indulging.


Our Favorite Examples of Custom Cigar Humidors

One of our favorite examples of custom humidors is this Clear All Heart Redwood custom humidor cabinet in this curvy wine cellar. The cabinet itself is made from clear glass and has a locking key to protect the treasures inside. The door itself has a glass insert with European hinges. The humidifier and humidistat were also purchased to keep humidity levels inside. With three different shelves and then individual cigar slots, this cabinet is a perfect addition to this cellar. Be sure to take the video walk-through.


This smaller humidor is also built in Clear All Heart Redwood but this cellar has a light stain applied which makes it a bit shinier. The humidor only has one shelf with the smaller individual cigar slots on the bottom. The curved glass inserts protect the inside yet let you peer inside while providing a certain design aspect. This is also sealed with a lock and key and has carved grape cluster knobs as door pulls once the door is unlocked. If you are also eying the tabletops, be sure and visit our vintage barrel tabletops in cooperage section to see all the details on how to incorporate that into your own wine room.


These next two examples also happen to be great examples of built in cigar humidor products which are created in Clear All Heart Redwood. While we have many other custom hard woods that we offer for custom wine rooms, we don't have any specific examples in Grand Mahogany or Black Walnut at this time. Be assured, we would be happy to create a cabinet humidor in any type of wood and have in other instances where we don't have finished photos. On the left, you have another example of vintage barrel tabletops with a larger humidor underneath. Several shelves are filled with some of the best cigars just waiting to be enjoyed. On the right, a square glass humidor cabinet was put in which is surrounded by individual wine bottle storage and a beautiful 15 degree display row. How much cigar storage are you looking to create? Let us know and we can help you design it.


Build Your Own Humidor Kit

You can also design and build your own custom humidor cabinet. It's actually a lot like putting together your own wine racking arrangement. There are also steps on how to build a humidor cabinet completely DIY and save you money. Take note that you will most likely need to look up a "build your own humidor kit" to make the process go in a smoother manner. You will also need to make sure that the space designated for your humidor cabinet is measured out carefully. You can get in touch with our design professionals and get a free design for this as well.


Buying a Custom Cigar Humidor Cabinet

If you are looking to add a humidor to some of your wine racks or creating a cigar and wine rack combo, you've reached the right place. Right now we don't have a cigar humidor kit that you can purchase, but if you give us the dimensions of the space you need, we can create a free design for you and work through the process. If you are looking for a commercial humidor, we can help you with that too. Whether it's a commercial walk-in humidor or a small one for your office or closet wine cellar, we can make sure it's done right. Contact us today and get a free design.





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