Small Wine Cellars - Under 1,000 Wine Bottles

Cellar Sizes
Does size matter in a wine cellar project? You might be surprised if we tell you it doesn't! Whether you're going for a small, medium, large, or huge-sized wine room, the essentials are basically the same. You will first need to consider your bottle storage needs. Next, you'll have to decide on your budget. Then you'll still have to go through other initial planning steps such as deciding on the style of your wine cellar, the materials to be used, and of course, where you're eventually going to build it in your home.

Wine Cellar Designs for Small Spaces

Cellar Sizes
For first-time builders, a "small-sized" wine cellar comes highly recommended. Again, you have to take into consideration the current size of your collection and how fast you're accumulating more wine bottles. But starting "small" is definitely the way to go. From a technical standpoint, a "small wine cellar" is one that can house over 500 bottles, but not over a thousand. That's actually a pretty generous figure, especially if you're a newbie wine collector.


One of the great advantages with starting small is that you will have lots of options in terms of your wine cellar's location. A decent amount of space will do the job nicely, such as transforming an unused clothes or shoe closet, the kitchen pantry, or even building under the stairs. You can even choose to section off a portion of your dining area and create your racking arrangement there. The opportunities are huge despite your plan for small wine storage.


There's nothing "small" in the design

Cellar Sizes
Now just because you have decided on a wine room that will house less than a thousand bottles doesn't mean you can't make it huge in terms of style. Your small home wine cellar can certainly be your next icon! There are lots of ways to make your racking assembly both functional and unique.


Mix and match racking styles such as Individual Bottle Columns, Open Diamond Bins, Rectangular and Fixed Shelves, and so on. Incorporate accents such as crown, base, and center seam moldings. Play around with stain and finish options and give your wine cellar a wonderfully built-in look. Work in some glass elements such as glass panels and doors to make your wine cellar appear more roomy and elegant. Utilize contemporary material such as metal racking units to add more character to the racking assembly.

Small also means "space-efficient"

Cellar SizesExperimenting with small wine cellar concepts can be quite exciting. It's a chance to come up with something distinct in terms of design, yet practical in terms of bottle storage. That's why it also pays to remember that these small wine rooms are opportunities to work on space-efficiency. At the end of the day, it's all about how you can cleverly convert and utilize the available space to meet your wine storage needs. More than just a few "small wine cellars" even have enough space afterwards for additional racking for future acquisitions. That's the beauty of starting "small" but working towards a greater goal. It's what wine cellar construction is all about!

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