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Growing your collection requires creating an adequate space to accommodate it. By "accommodate," it also means anticipating future acquisitions. That's why for wine lovers who started out small but are now steadily growing their bottles, a medium-sized wine cellar is the perfect solution. Here's how you get started on yours!

Secure a location for your wine cellar

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A medium-sized wine cellar is one that can store over 700 up to a little over a thousand bottles. Certainly, it's more spacious than a small, entry-level one. It only stands to reason that proper space should be afforded to it in one's home. Location shouldn't be a big issue. You can construct anywhere in your home where there is enough space. It doesn't always have to be the basement. You can transform an empty room into one, or construct it in the garage, or close off a section of your dining area/kitchen.

Decide on a wine cellar theme

Cellar Sizes-141338 Prior to actual construction, you should carefully think about the kind of theme you'd want for your wine cellar. Since this is a significantly larger sized project compared to just a small wine room, there will be more elements involved. It's not just about the kind of racking units for your wine bottles. Also think about the type of material you'd want for your wine cellar ceilings and floors, as well as your walls.


For example, if the space you're working with seems a bit tight despite being able to accommodate a thousand bottles, choose a design to make it appear more roomy. Go for a combination of high ceilings and glass panels. Opt for shallow-depth wine racks that can give you more bottle storage space. Also remember that lighter-colored racks and wine cellar furniture will make your space appear larger and less constricted. Staining and finishing the racks a few shades lighter or going all-white will do the trick. We recommend checking out our Whitewash and Opaque White stain options, as well as our photo galleries, for more stain and finish inspirations.

Don't forget to choose the right cooling unit

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Since you're dealing with a medium-sized wine cellar, you should also purchase a wine cellar cooling unit that's appropriate for it. Keep in mind that there are lots of wine refrigeration units out there, with varying brands, sizes, and specs. You will need to take into account the location and bottle storage capacity of your wine cellar before buying your wine refrigeration unit.


This is actually a very important task since you have to make sure that your wine cellar will be able to maintain ideal wine storage conditions 24/7. If you purchase a unit that falls short of the desired specs, this will be very detrimental to your bottles. On the other hand, if you end up with a unit that is more upgraded than your bottle storage needs, there's also a price to pay in terms of electricity costs. Running a heat load and BTU cooling unit analysis will greatly help in selecting the most suitable wine cellar cooling unit for your medium-sized wine cellar.

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