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Cellar Sizes
Let's talk about huge wine cellars! Which country do you think has the largest wine cellar in the world? And who has the largest wine collection? Cult Wines gives us a nice run down of the top ten largest wine collections in the world. Now the next question is, how do they store those insane number of bottles, especially when their collections keep on growing?



Secure a location for your wine cellar

Cellar Sizes
Obviously, one will need enough space to accommodate one's wine collection. But when we say "accommodate," it also means anticipating future acquisitions. That's why selecting the right kind of wine racks for this kind of wine cellar project is crucial. You will want to ascertain that there will be room for more bottles when they come in. Naturally, you will also have to secure a spacious enough location, particularly if it's a residential project. Just take note that you can construct anywhere in your home where there is enough space. You don't have to limit yourself to the basement if that option does not seem feasible. There are other areas that you can transform such as an empty room or the garage.



Decide on a wine cellar theme

Cellar SizesIn choosing your wine racking units, we highly recommend mixing and matching various styles. Since this is a large wine cellar project, you'd want to have as much bottle racking variety as possible. You will want to create storage for both individual and bulk bottles. Moreover, you should also consider space for wine boxes and crates. Contemporary themes are quite the trend nowadays, especially with these much bigger wine cellars. We recommend checking out our Modern Wine Cellar Series that will definitely appeal even to the most discerning wine collector. If you want to still keep a traditional flavor in your design, we suggest looking up our Steel Rod and Wood Wine Cellar Series. And if you want something truly unique, our Invisible Wall Wine Rack Series can certainly give you that.


Maximizing the space for your large wine cellar is a must so that you get tons and tons of bottle storage. But you should also see to it that the layout won't make everything appear too cramped and busy. If your space permits it, a combination of of high ceilings and glass panels is the way to go. One of our favorite styles is glass window walls with black metal trim. You get a nice, industrial touch to go along with the classy statement created by the glass walls.



Don't forget to choose the right cooling unit

Cellar SizesNow one of the key elements that you should never compromise on with a large wine cellar is the wine refrigeration system. Never forget that you need to keep ideal wine storage conditions in a bigger space compared to a medium-sized cellar. You also have to consider the number of bottles you are keeping in peak condition, 24/7. If you install a unit that cannot maintain such ideal wine storage conditions, you are putting your entire collection at great risk. Thankfully, here at WCI, we provide heat load and BTU cooling unit analysis for free - so do take advantage of that!


This is actually a very important task since you have to make sure that your wine cellar will be able to maintain ideal wine storage conditions 24/7. If you purchase a unit that falls short of the desired specs, this will be very detrimental to your bottles. On the other hand, if you end up with a unit that is more upgraded than your bottle storage needs, there's also a price to pay in terms of electricity costs. Running a heat load and BTU cooling unit analysis will greatly help in selecting the most suitable wine cellar cooling unit for your medium-sized wine cellar.



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