Acrylic Wine Racks - Transparent Wine Storage

Modern Glass Cube Wine Cellar with Acrylic Wall

Mixing glass and acrylic for a transparent wine cellar

Creating elegant and modern looks is what we love to do here at Wine Cellar Innovations. While we have worked with exciting glass-enclosed wine rooms before with much success, taking acrylic to a whole new level has been a dream. Acrylic has similar properties to glass, so it's going to hold up as well as a glass door does in that type of environment. The beauty of using acrylic, it loses strength when it dries out. It won't ever dry out in a wine cellar. When you take acrylic racking and add a glass enclosure, you can make a see-through storage solution for your wines. With state-of-the-art refrigeration, your wines will stay preserved for as long as you like. In the photo to the left, we achieved a ceiling mount cooling system which is not an easy task. It allows the wine cellar to be a walk-in cellar that gives you access to all your wine.

Modern Acrylic Divider Wall

Use stand alone acrylic racks as a room divider

In this photo, we created a room divider with the acrylic racking. It screams elegance and modern living, mounting the racking to the ceiling with small metal channels and silicone marrying them together. That invisible wall, while holding your wine bottles, has been a very exciting prospect for many clients to add to their homes.

Modern acrylic wall

Mix modern and the transparent wine racking styles

The wine bottles will be inserted into the acrylic openings and carefully and securely cradle them at the optimum level. This particular example shows our Modern Wine series against the back wall which gives variety to the cellar look.

The close-up images show you the specific openings that were designed from ceiling to floor to hold your wine collection. Send in your measurements so we can design you a mock-up of how your wine room will look.

Modern Acrylic wall close upModern acrylic wall close up

Modern acrylic series Wine Racks 299522

Modern cellar with acrylic shelves

Looking for more ways to use acrylic racking? Our Modern Wine Series has been so popular, especially when we added in the selection of acrylic platforms. In this instance, this up-and-coming restaurant in Astoria, New York used the Modern Wine Cellar to create an oasis of camp in their restaurant. The see-through acrylic platforms rest in the steel cables, letting them float from ceiling to floor. With the glass wine doors surround the racking and allow servers to walk-in and grab the needed wine bottle.

Close-up, the bottles are nestled securely on the platform.
Modern Acrylic series close up horizontal display

Modern acrylic Cube Wine Racks

Acrylic curvy wine cubes

With acrylic, there is no end to what we can create. These clear acrylic wine racks can be stacked side by side to create a contemporary, contoured, flowing profile. Made from sturdy 1/4" thick, clear acrylic, these wine racks ship completely assembled. They offer a unique minimalist appearance that will make your wine look like it is literally floating in mid air!

Modern Acrylic cube close upModern acrylic cube close up

Let's get started on creating the perfect wine cellar for your needs. We would be happy to take your room measurements and set up a free design. Let's get started.

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