Discounted Factory Racking

What is a Factory First Rack?
In a hurry for a wine rack? With our factory first racks there is no need to wait for high quality wine racks. Occasionally we make upgrades to our product construction and in doing so we have a few products left in the factory. These wine racks are all very attractive and sturdy pieces of wood wine storage. Limited Quantities. Racking added weekly.

Please note there is limited inventory on all our Factory First racking.

What is a Factory Second Rack?
Occasionally from time to time a rack is manufactured with an extra knot in the wood, was stained a wrong color, the order was cancelled half way through production, or it becomes discontinued due to lack of popularity. These wine racks are all very attractive and sturdy pieces of wood wine storage, that are then marked down to move out at a quicker rate. Our loss is your savings!

Please note there is limited inventory on all our Factory Seconds racking. All Factory Second merchandise sales are final.

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F1 Vintner

Vintner Series Factory First - Current Style Overstock

Factory Second- Discontinued Traditional Redwood Racks
55% Off! Ends 5/30
In a hurry for a wine rack? With our Factory Second Store there is no need to wait weeks for wine racks. Limited Quantities. Racking added weekly.

FactoryFirst Vintner

Vintner Series Racking - Old Style/Previous Generation

Factory Second Commercial

Factory Second Discontinued Commercial Wine Racks

Factory Second Wine Cellars
These clients had to cancel the orders. Their loss is your gain, as we have decided to sell these complete packaged cellars at a major discount!

Did you know that we have an entire showroom stocked full of our Factory Second inventory?

If you live locally, or are in the Cincinnati area, make an appointment today to stop in and see all our Factory Second wine rack offerings!

Factory Second Showroom
Wine cellar projects do not need to have you breaking the bank. This is what our factory seconds are for. Do not be misguided by the term "seconds" because when you get up close and personal with these wine cellar racks for sale, you'll definitely think otherwise. Sometimes people ask if these are used commercial wine racks for sale, and it might seem like it, but generally they are just "like new". We especially recommend our discount wine racks to those who will be undertaking wine cellar construction for the first time, but they will also work really well for commercial establishments. These racks are nowhere near used wine racks for sale or of garage-sale quality. In fact, they are perfectly new units that are being marked down just so they can be sold at a faster rate.

Since these "used" wine racks need to be quickly moved out, best way to do it is stamp them with rock-bottom price tags. That includes "used" commercial wine racks that have top-dollar quality and look sans the top-dollar price. Plus, we're not just talking about the huge wine rack discount - our catalog also includes wine cellar doors discount. So basically, you can build a brand-new wine cellar, not a used wine cellar or used wine cabinet, while staying within or even below budget, thanks to the wine rack clearance prices, discount wine cellar doors and more that our factory seconds line-up can provide. Let us know if you are looking for anything specific from our Factory Seconds showroom or want to look for a wine rack in our regular kit series section!

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