Sample Wine Cellar & Rack Plans

Additional views-click on images to enlarge.

Plan View: This is a top-side view of your cellar as it would appear if you were viewing it from your ceiling downward.

2D Plan View

Key Page: Each of these keys match a letter shown on the plan view. The key tells you the type of storage and bottle count for each rack.

2D Key Page


Elevations: You will be provided an elevation of each wall in the wine cellar. The elevation shows the racks as they will appear on that wall as if you were standing in front of the wall and looking at it.


2D Elevation 1   2D Elevation 2   2D Elevation 3

Molding Plan: The thick blue line indicates how the proposed molding is to be applied in the cellar.   Ceiling Plan (optional): When you have requested a raised panel ceiling to be included in your cellar, you will be provided with a ceiling plan which will illustrate what the ceiling looks like if you were standing in the cellar and looking up.
2D Molding Plan   2D Ceiling Plan 1   2D Ceiling Plan 2
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