Design a Tennessee Wine Cellar with your Experienced Wine Rack Consultant

We love the beautiful state of Tennessee with the Appalachian mountains gracing the east and the Mississippi river to the west, but what we really love are the fantastic wine cellars we have created. Browse down below at some of our favorites and be sure to contact us if you are thinking of creating a wine room or wine storage yourself. No matter if you are creating a residential or commercial, we have done it all. We would love to get a free design started for you so send in your measurements.

Featured Projects from our Tennessee Portfolio

Tennessee Wine Cellars & Wine Racks
Overall Rating 5 stars (18 customer reviews)
Glass Enclosed Wine Rack - 304604
project #304604 - Lakeland, Tennessee Wine Racks
This beautiful glass enclosed wine cellar is made of Rustic Pine with a Gray Wash stain with Vintner wine racking. The focal point is the tasting center with case storage underneath along with individual wine bottle racking. Tennessee has some beautiful wine cellars and we are so excited about helping to create yours. Contact us today.
5 stars
"I am very pleased. Eric Kuehne was exceptional. Love my new cellar. So does @sammy38002 on Instagram." - Chris H.
Dark Walnut Tall Wine Cellar - 314983
project #314983 - Knoxville, Tennessee
This simple individual racking wine cellar was put together with love and care and looks beautiful!

5 stars
"I bought some of WCI's racking a few years ago for a different home and had such a problem getting them assembled. This time, the nail gun made all the difference because it made it quicker and more fun to actually do! My Dad always said "Get the right tool for the job!". He was right, I will never consider assembling any of your racks without a nail gun in the future! Overall, I am so very pleased with how the experience went and would definitely do it again."
~Bill W.~
Tennessee project 263452
project #263452 - Tennessee Wine Racks
This extra large wine cellar has lots of storage space for individual bottles and cases, along with a beautiful tasting table to test out the wines. Designed with care, we were thrilled that our client was happy with their new wine room.
5 stars
"I have purchased two separate wine cellars with your company so far and with each one I have been so impressed with the quality of service I received and the end product of the cellar. I will continue to recommend your company to all of my friends. Thank you for a job well done."
~Alan S.~
Tennessee project 256487
project #256487 - Germantown, Tennessee
This gorgeous cellar resides in Nashville and is a great example of our Vintner Series Premium Redwood racking. With lots of individual bottle storage and a tabletop for unpacking new shipments of wine, this cellar is perfect for entertaining.

5 stars
"We love our racking when we purchased it in 2015 and four years later, it's looking amazing! Thanks for all your help with the installation. We have referred a few people to your website as we have been so happy with our purchase."
~Jay E.~

Serving the beautiful state of Tennessee and the surrounding cities:
Serving the great state of Tennessee and the surrounding cities:
Nashville * Knoxville * Memphis * Chattanooga * Franklin * Johnson City * Clarksville * Brentwood
We've had so much fun traveling across the state installing wine cellars in Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis and more. Whether we are helping you with wine cellar refrigeration, wine cellar doors, or the whole wine room set-up, please contact us so we can give you some free advice on the best way to set up your cellar. From wood samples to comprehensive design, simple fill out the form above and we can get started.
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Local Tennessee Commercial Wine Stores & Restaurants

JAX Wine & Liquor, Chattanooga, TN #274627
Chop House, Murfreesboro, TN #129606
Old Fort Liquor & Wine Murfreesboro, TN #206453
Lange's Liquor, Knoxville, TN #126383
Brown's Creek Wine & Spirits, Maryville, TN #50587
Bottle Shop at McEwen, Franklin, TN #254697
Franklin Wine & Spirits, Franklin, TN #308218
Cheer's Wine & Liquor, Lebanon, TN #99419
McScrooge's Wine & Spirits, Knoxville, TN #271600
JAX Wine and LiquorChop HouseOld Fort Liquor and Wine
Langes LiquorBrowns Creek Wine and SpiritsBottle Shop at McEwen
Franklin Wine and SpiritsCheers Wine and LiquorMcScrooges
There are so many fantastic Tennessee commercial wine rack examples we have to show you but if you have a Village Wines near you, drop in and check the quality of our products out! More examples are featured above so be sure to click through. Another of our favorites pictured above, JAX Wine & Liquor in Chattanooga, had a small store but upgraded and we were able to help them. We think their words say it best! "We checked out several vendors but we saw your design, we talked with you about how to use the shelving, the faces of wine we needed and at the end of the day, we went with Wine Cellar Innovations."


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Important Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Tennessee Wine Room

What sort of wine cellar lighting do you recommend?
For your wine cellar lighting, we recommend going for lighting accessories that are both energy efficient and low maintenance. While there are a couple of options available, LED lighting is definitely one of our favorites, such as recessed LED downlights and LED ribbons. These lights do not generate any harmful UV rays and are rated for 50,000 hours of running time. As for the LED ribbons, they are super easy to install since they are cuttable and linkable, with self-adhesive back for convenient application.

How do I build my current wine cellar art into my wine room design?
Knowing you have a a focal point for your wine cellar art makes it easy. If you want your beautiful piece of artwork to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar, you will need to display it accordingly. It should be showcased in such a way that it can tie up the whole theme of the cellar, without overwhelming your collection. Our suggestion would be to put it an archway, accentuated by proper lighting accessories.

Do wine rooms have to be a certain size?
These days, one can have wine storage even in the most compact of spaces in their home. So if you want to have a wine room, you don't need to feel pressured to undertake a generously-sized one. Take into account your current collection and how big you intend it to go. Small wine cellars can still be designed to accommodate a few hundred bottles when planned out carefully. Also, some wine cellars can be incorporated into areas in the home, and not be a totally separate room. A good example would be a compact-sized, glass-enclosed wine room in the dining room or kitchen.

What is the best wood to build a wine cellar with?
When choosing a wood option for your wood wine racks, you have to consider a couple of things. You need to take into account how durable and resilient the wood is. You should also make sure that will take well to various stains and finishes. Of course, it's also highly recommended to select a wood option that's eco-friendly. Redwood is one of the best wood choices for custom wine cellar projects because it possesses all these qualities and more. Other highly recommended options are Rustic Pine and Grand Mahogany.


Tennessee - Wine Cellars
Overall Rating 5 stars (18 customer reviews)
5 stars (17)
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    5 stars
    Roy L. - #327363 - View Photos
    Here are the couple of pictures from the wine room I did for a customer. They loved it!
    5 stars
    Chris H. - #304604 - View Photos
    I am very pleased. Eric Kuehne was exceptional. Love my new cellar. So does @sammy38002 on Instagram.
    5 stars
    Pete S. - #290167 - View Photos
    I added two 72 bottle display racks in my on each side of the entry. They left plenty of room above for viewing into the cellar from the "wine cave"...and gave me the additional storage I needed...not to mention being very attractive!
    5 stars
    I bought some of the racking years ago for a different home but this time was a completely difference experience because I used a nail gun! What a difference. Highly recommend now and I am very pleased and would definitely do it again.
    5 stars
    David F. - #283381 - View Photos
    I used my wine racks in a new wine room that I built into an existing 8x10 basement alcove using spruce paneling for the walls and ceiling, and Luxury vinyl plank flooring. The space was previously a used for the hot water tank , and the tank was removed, a continuous flow water heater was installed on the back wall. The 6' wine racks were installed 3' in front of the new heater, and other racks were installed on the wall beside.
    5 stars
    Walter P.
    Shipping was easy and fine. I mounted them on the wall and they were perfect in my hallway.
    5 stars
    Harry E.
    Yep, love them. I hired someone to put them together and they loved them too. I think more moldings should be provided to go around those corners but it's not an issue and the whole thing looks great.
    5 stars
    Carolyn E.
    Our story is that we searched all over the Internet on what to do with our little closet but finally we discovered Wine Cellar Innovations! We are so happy with our custom racks and while it was a "small" job and holds about 400 wine bottles, it's just perfect for us. We now have easy access to our wine bottles in a very stylish way. The perfect wine cellar door was the finishing touch. Thank you so much for accommodating all of our needs. It exceeded our expectations.
    5 stars
    Greg C.
    Yes, please look at the end product! Thanks for all of the help provided. I want to design another section of the cellar next.
    5 stars
    Bob G.
    From start to finish, I highly recommend. Thanks for all the help. I've recommended to you to friends and family.
    5 stars
    Parud P.
    The whole process was highly enjoyable. I know I may have dragged my feet here or there but I finally decided on my beautiful wine cellar in Nashville and am so happy with my choice. The midnight black stain on the Mahogany came out so well. I went back and forth on lacquer and decided against it for the cost and I don't miss it. I had my contractor put in some beautiful green granite and it just shines instead. Thanks for all the support you gave me and I'm so happy with the final product.
    4 stars
    Heather M.
    It worked out rather well. I'm happy with my choices and it ended up turning out very nice. The shipping was fast but all the boxes were very hard to sort out and it took us forever to understand how to put everything together. I highly suggest you work on better instructions as that would have made us happier. Once all was said and done, we have a beautiful Tennessee wine cellar that we get so many compliments on.
    5 stars
    Harold M.
    Our order was small but it shipped just fine. Very pleased with out it worked out. Will order again soon as we grow our space.
    5 stars
    Erika S.
    I am so happy with how Erik worked with me to make a beautiful wine cellar. It was easy to talk with him over different options, see the quotes, and review the layout of what it would look like. I'm thankful that all the options were explained to me and we choose to go with a slightly higher end wood and get it stained with lacquer. Oh, the lacquer really gleamed! It was exciting to see it all come together with our contractor. It's my favorite room of the house and the experience was a very good one. All my friend and family admire the wine cellar when we have them over and I'm happy to refer them over to Erik. Thanks Wine Cellar Innovations!
    5 stars
    Greg C.
    Here is the end product, thanks for all your help! I want to design another part of the cellar next.

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