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Who doesn't love South Carolina? This southeastern U.S. state is known for its shoreline of subtropical beaches and marsh like sea islands. If you're looking for a great summer getaway, there's the super popular Myrtle Beach. There's also Coastal Charleston with it's pre-Civil war structures and other historical landmarks. But WCI has grown fond of South Carolina for other reasons. We have tackled several wine cellar projects in the state with glowing results. We've designed for both residential and commercial wine cellars and we loved working with our South Carolina clients!

Featured Projects from our South Carolina Portfolio

South Carolina Wine Cellars & Wine Racks
Overall Rating 5 stars (9 customer reviews)
Glass Enclosed Wine Rack - 238887
project #238887

This glass-enclosed wine room was definitely one of our favorites! There is a good variety in bottle storage options, including accommodations for larger-format bottles. Since the interior of the room utilized mostly stone materials, our team also made sure that the racks were stained in a bold color to really stand out. There is so much space to work with that there is still lots of room for future additional racking.

Wine Cellar - 254193
project #254193 - Greenville, SC

Our client from Greenville, SC was so happy with our work on their wine cellar that they have made several recommendations for our services. That is definitely something to be grateful about! We owe it to our Vintner Series which provided a professional-looking racking arrangement for the client. The units were crafted from All-Heart Redwood with a beautiful Dark Walnut Stain. The Individual Wine Bottles, Curved Corner Racks, and Open Diamond Bins accommodated their collection with tons of room to spare.

5 stars
"I have recommended WCI to several people already. They are very impressed with the professional look of the room and are somewhat amazed that I did the assembly!" ~Eric S.~
South Carolina project 268049
project #268049 - Seneca, SC

Our WineMaker Series wine racks kit was a big hit with our clients from Seneca, South Carolina. There was a narrow space available for additional bottle storage in their wine cellar. The WineMaker Series was certainly the perfect solution with its shallow-depth racking units. The unstained Individual Wine Bottles in unstained Premium Redwood offered tons of additional storage without cramping the style of the wine cellar.

5 stars
"The horizontal racks were perfect to maximize space in the space available."
~Linda P.~
South Carolina project 306236
project #306236

This gorgeous wine room is one of our best South Carolina projects to date. The client was very pleased with the results - something that really keeps us motivated with every project we handle. The racks all came from our Vintner Series and gave off a custom look and feel. The additional archway and tabletop mad everything come together, just the way our client wanted it.

5 stars
"I love the racks and am very pleased. I am also very pleased with service and support that I received from Fabian Sanchez at Wine Cellar Innovations."
~John M.~

South Carolina and the surrounding cities:
Serving the great state of South Carolina and the surrounding cities:
Charleston * Greenville * Columbia * Hilton Head * Mount Pleasant *
Myrtle Beach * Tega Cay * Seven Oaks
Charleston boasts of cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and pastel antebellum houses, particularly in the elegant French Quarter and Battery districts. Greenville is home to works by Southern artists spanning several centuries. And there's Myrtle Beach - the beach bum's paradise. We enjoyed designing for South Carolina residents in these places and more. We can help you realize your custom wine cellar goals no matter what city in the state you live in.
Charleston Wine Storage
Charleston 312636

Greenville Glass Wine Cellar

Greenville 303160
Wine Storage in Columbia
Columbia 296216
Hilton Head Custom Wine Racks
Hilton Head Island 214597
Mount Pleasant Cellar
Mount Pleasant 254942
Custom Wine Storage in Myrtle Beach
Hagerstown 277684
Wine Racks in Tega Cay
Tega Cay 268049
Seven Oaks
Seven Oaks 306689

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Local South Carolina Commercial Wine Stores & Restaurants

Rollers Spirits, Wine & Cheese
Rollers Spirits, Wine & Cheese #217902- Hilton Head, SC
Boone Hall Farms
Boone Hall Farms #134431- Mt Pleasant, SC
Owen's Liquor
Owen's Liquor #248282- Myrtle Beach, SC
Breakwater Restaurant
Breakwater Restaurant #222741- Beaufort, SC
Red Fish
Red Fish #118659- Hilton Head Island, SC
New Wave Wine & Spirits
New Wave Wine & Spirits #224224- Myrtle Beach, SC
Ciao Italian Restaurant
Ciao Italian Restaurant #250487- Myrtle Beach, SC
Mickey Finn's
Mickey Finn's #105049- Florence, SC
Community Tap
Community Tap #261873- Greenville, SC
Rollers Spirits, Wine and CheeseBoone HallOwens Liquor
Breakwater RestaurantRed FishNew Wave Wine and Spirits
Ciao Italian RestaurantMickey FinnsCommunity Tap
If you've come across Rollers Spirits, Wine & Cheese at Hilton Head or had the time to check out Boone Hall Farms in Mt Pleasant, see how we've designed their custom wine storage for them. Customers in these establishments have given the thumbs-up to the elegant and space-efficient styling of the racking assemblies. And if you wander down to Breakwater Restaurant in Beaufort, you'll love the professional-looking wine storage our design team completed for them.


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Important Questions to Ask Before Creating Your South Carolina Wine Room

What type of wine racks do you offer?
At WCI, you will find so many styles of wine racks. Whether it's the standard-sized wine racks, large wine rack, curved, or custom, we can provide it for you. Our racks are also crafted from materials other than wood. We are quite proud of our metal racking collection and our highly unique acrylic wine racks.

What do you recommend for a small starter budget?
If you are keeping things under budget, it's best to start with a compact wine storage and build from there. WCI also specializes in small wooden wine rack and other compact bottle storage solutions. We also have metal units such as wine rack pegs and rails for more space-efficient layouts.

What are the latest trends in wine cellars?
The contemporary wine cellar design has become more popular in the recent years. Apart from the metal racking units, the modern wooden wine rack has also evolved immensely. Some good examples are the Mini Stacks and Curvy Wine Cubes. The Acrylic Cubes have also been gaining momentum as an alternative to wood and metal units.

I'm interested in creating a wine room, where do I start?
There are several considerations on how to make your own wine cellar. You will first have to consider the amount of space you will allot for your project. Once you have the designated space, you will need to plan out how to maximize its bottle storage capacity. That means choosing the right wine racks and other accessories. Seeking professional assistance is highly recommended if you are not sure where to start.


South Carolina - Wine Cellars
Overall Rating 5 stars (9 customer reviews)
5 stars (9)
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5 stars
Sean W. - #325282 - View Photos
I just finished the wine cellar and began stocking it. I love it!!!
5 stars
Rich K. - #306907 - View Photos
Here's a panorama of the room. It’s my favorite. I designed and built it all that myself.
5 stars
Chris A. - #257212 - View Photos
In South Carolina architecture, there are no basements so my "cellar" is a converted closet. The interior dimension of the cellar is 29" x tall so I have six columns of 24 bottles. Because the door is only 25", I used 6 2x12 racks stacked two "rows" tall. That way, I didn't need a carpenter to remove the door frame and then re-install it. And 144 bottles (mostly) meets my needs. I try to use it for reds with 5 - 10 years of cellaring potential. The whites go into a 45 bottle capacity under counter mini-fridge. The lighting is led strip lighting with a hand-held remote. The whole set-up is very different from most of the cellars shown on your website but it is a good example of a small cellar in a tight spot with a budget under $3000 ... I'd prefer to spend my $$$ on wine than on storage. Using the thru-the-wall chiller, I chill the cellar to 63 and keep the room that houses the cellar at 75. System managed many 90+ days this summer... Not too bad. PS: The "math" on a small (144 bottle) cellar works like this: 1) I store about a dozen bottles that were acquired as gifts, ie, I don't know much about them, don't know aging potential, and don't know food match = I don't know when I'll be drinking them 2) I store about two dozen "ready to drink when released" or 2 - 5 year aging potential 3) that leaves 108 capacity for age-worthy reds; if we open this type of bottle with a fine meal or guests only about once per month, then our average age can be 9 years. NB: this arithmetic doesn't work perfectly because of seasonality (more likely to pull a 'good red' in winter) and entertaining, but it generally works. And the biggest problem is not the capacity: the real problem is waiting 9 years knowing there is a really good bottle getting better
5 stars
Braddock C. - #245296
The racks have been great. Just wish had more wine in them lol. Very happy with them and have recommended the same racks to several friends over the years. They still look as good as always - see picture.
5 stars
Eric S. - #254193
I felt like WCI was really wonderful to deal with, from initial design concept to delivering the final product. My design specialist gave suggestions that improved the wine room functionality, provided professional schematics and easy-to-follow installation directions. My wine cellar turned out better than I ever imagined with the combination of great products.
5 stars
Brian C. - #312636
Everything went great! Here are some photos of the project.

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