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What WCI's Montana Design Consultant Can Do For Your Wine Cellar

Montana is a western state, characterized by diverse terrain ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains. Its wide-open spaces include Glacier National Park and is a heavy favorite for camping and hiking enthusiasts. But what some may not realize is that Montana is pretty urbanized as well, despite its vast natural landscapes. Great Falls and Missoula are just some of our favorite cities, where our professional design consultants have brought custom wine cellar goals to life for our Montana clients.

Featured Projects from our Montana Portfolio

Montana Wine Cellars & Wine Racks
Overall Rating 5 stars (2 customer reviews)
Montana-project 309198
project #309198

Glass-enclosed projects are always a huge favorite and that also seems to be the case with this Montana client. This beautiful wine storage sports a glass wall with custom Grand Mahogany wine racking units. The racks are done in bold Midnight Black stain option. The client also purchased a Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling unit to keep their collection in peak taste.
Montana example - 250435
project #50435, Big Sky, Montana
Rainbow Lodge in Big Sky, Montana is located right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. It is a popular vacation destination, both in the summer and winter seasons. The lodge hosts thousands of guests every year and a good number of them are big wine enthusiasts. They love the healthy selection of wines offered at the resort, along with the wonderful customer service.
Montana example- 254724
project #254724, Marietta, Montana
The clients purchased some racking units from WCI's WineMaker Series wine rack kits. It was not a custom job but the results were just as good achieving in 429 bottle storage count. The WineMaker Series offers shallow-depth wine racks that work perfectly with compact spaces or entry-level wine cellar projects.
5 stars
"Everything worked out great. We used an installer that was recommended to us by Nick Ferol and he was really good. So no problems with delivery or installation." ~ Bill A.~
State example
project #294798
This unique wine storage utilizes custom racking in a glass-enclosed set-up. The wine racks are crafted from Black Walnut which a non-stock wood option. The design team went for the unstained version of Black Walnut to really bring out the rich, natural colors of the wood. This project offers versatile racking styles, with enough space for bulk bottle storage.
5 stars
"The whole room turned out just fantastic and we are so proud of it. Thank you so much for all the design help." ~Neal O~

Serving Montana and the surrounding cities:
Find Local Montana Wine Cellars Below:
Bozeman * Billings * Missoula * Helena * Whitefish * Great Falls * Butte * Kalispell
Helena is the capital city of Montana and the county seat of Lewis and Clark County. Kalispell, on the other hand, is known to be the most modern city in the state. With the mix of traditional and modern influences, our design consultants have worked with various clients in the state to address their wine storage needs. Our experience allows us to bring to fruition exactly what our Montana clients want with their wine cellar projects.
Bozeman Glass Wine Cellar
Billings Wine Cellar
Missoula Glass Cellar
Helena Custom Wine Racks
Whitefish Wine Storage
Custom Wine Storage in Great Falls
Great Falls
Wine Racks in Butte
Kalispell Wine Storage

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Local Montana Commercial Wine Stores & Restaurants

Chico Hot Springs
Chico Hot Springs Project #304985 - Pray, MT
Rainbow Lodge
Rainbow Lodge Project #250435 - Big Sky, MT
Grizzly Liquor
Grizzly Liquor Project #261844 - Missoula, MT
Fifth & Wine
Fifth & Wine Project # 232244 - Great Falls, MT
Jug Tree
Jug Tree Project #251919 - Big Fork, MT
Altan Duty Free Shops
Altan Duty Free Shops project #237897 - Montana Border
All Things Italian
All Things Italian project #171599 - Bozeman, MT
Chico Hot SpringsRainbow LodgeGrizzly Liquor
Fifth and WineJug TreeAltan Duty Free Shops
All Things Italian
We'd love for you to check out the Chico Hot Springs in Pray, Montana with their beautiful wine storage designed by our team. The Grizzly Liquor in Missoula is also another satisfied client with custom racking designed to suit the client's collection. Also a must-visit is the Fifth & Wine in Great Falls, with its elegant racking units. Stop by and see the quality of our wine racks!


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Important Questions to Ask Before Planning Your Montana Wine Cellar

Can wine be stored at room temperature?
This is possible with what is known as "passive wine cellars." Passive wine cellars, or an underground wine cellar, use ground temperature to moderate the temperature swings and make the temperature swings seasonal instead of daily. Whereas refrigerated wine cellars can go anywhere in your house, a passive wine cellar must be located in a subterranean basement.

How do you set up a wine cellar at home?
You can build a wine cellar anywhere in your home. But you should make sure that you are creating the right environment for your wine collection. The ideal wine cellar temperature range is 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity. If you do not have a passive wine cellar, it is imperative to have the proper wine cellar cooling system in place.

How can I keep my wine cellar cool?
It is highly recommended to have a suitable wine cellar cooling for your wine collection. If you are building wine storage other than a subterranean basement, you will need the right unit to keep your wine bottles cool in order to achieve their peak taste. It is also recommended to build your wine cellar in the most cool and humid spot in your home to avoid bigger maintenance expenses.

How big should my wine cellar be?
The size of your wine cellar depends on a number of factors. First off, it will depend on the size of your current collection and the rate that you are growing the same. Your wine cellar size will also depend on how much space you can spare in your home. Another important factor would be the budget for the wine cellar project. How big are you willing to go, cost-wise, is a question that needs to be addressed.


Montana - Wine Cellars
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