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Missouri is a populous state with over six million residents. The largest urban areas are St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia. The state's capital is Jefferson City, home of the majestic Missouri River. Our design consultants have worked for clients in several of the major cities, including the capital. Every project ended on a satisfying note, both for our clients and our team. This only goes to show that WCI has been successful in delivering wine cellar products and services in the state. This is also the big reason why we can't wait to do more!

Featured Projects from our Missouri Portfolio

Missouri Wine Cellars & Wine Racks
Overall Rating 5 stars (12 customer reviews)
Glass Enclosed Wine Rack - 262872
project #262872 - Lee's Summit
5 stars
"We have been working with Brett Norris for some time now regarding our New Wine Cellar. He was always very prompt with all responses and extremely patient. He followed us thru construction, always assisting, and providing the proper guidance thru the many steps required to complete a successful Project. I can't emphasize the importance of having Brett during this process. We could not have completed it without him. Wine Cellar Innovations should be not only proud of his performance, but without his knowledge and experience, we would have overlooked a lot of very important steps regarding the construction. Our Cellar will provide a home for 1100+ bottles of our favorite wines. The first Bottle we open will toast Brett, and Wine Cellar Innovations !!!!" Rich & Bonnie B.
Glass Enclosed Wine Rack - 304642
project #304642 - Blue Springs, MO
5 stars
"I had ordered 2 full sets of wine racks and all arrived on time and in good condition. I assembled them with a nail gun (brad tacker), which was very quick and simple. We also had some granite cut and use as the countertop in the display area too."~Dave S.~
Missouri project 245849
project #245849 - Lee's Summit, MO
5 stars
"We were happy with the wine racks. I ordered extra stain along with my rack kits and used that stain to match a center diamond bulk rack to the two columnar racks that we purchased from Wine Cellar Innovations. I built the center rack to match some of the lines of the column racks and connected them together with screws, making for a solid and steady wall of wine racks. As with many people, we did not have a lot of space for a large wine cellar, but we converted a 5' x 7' closet in our basement, using the concrete basement wall as a heat sink to maintain consistent cellar temperatures. The cellar temperature has ranged from 60 to 73 degrees through winter and summer. I used sheetrock joint compound with three colors of paint to create a stucco look for the concrete wall and the ceiling and we installed 2" thick fascia stone on the inside and outside walls. We bought some old looking sconces and used a dimmer to allow for ambience. We built some faux ceiling beams to cover a steel beam, and we distressed the wood to give an old appearance. This shows that you don't need a lot of space to build an impressive wine cellar. Ours can hold 290 bottles and still feels like a nice walk-in room. We couldn't be happier with our new wine cellar." ~Brent R.~
Missouri project 303870
project #303870
5 stars
"The racks arrived as ordered and yes, I used a nail gun to put the together. I placed them in the center of an IKEA cabinet arrangement which form a square with the racks in the center. I also put LED rope lights behind the racks as you can see. I can change the light colors or have them change in a fade set up to multi colors. We are very pleased with the results." Nick G.

Missouri and the surrounding cities:
Serving the great state of Missouri and the surrounding cities:
Kansas City * St. Louis * Springfield * Columbia * Lee's Summit
Independence * Richmond Heights * Clayton
We've worked on a variety of wine cellar projects in Jefferson City, both with residential and commercial clients. Our custom design services also extended to Kansas City which sits on the western edge of the state. We loved working with our Missouri clients and helping them realize their specific wine storage goals. That includes commercial establishments such as restaurants and clubs which are quite popular particularly in St. Louis. Our experienced professionals are ready to undertake wine cellar projects of any size and theme - all you need to do is get in touch with us.
Kansas City Wine Storage
kansas City 225744

St. Louis Glass Wine Cellar

St Louis 261519
Wine Storage in Springfield
Springfield 295944
Columbia Custom Wine Racks
Columbia 298700
Lee's Summit Cellar
Lees Summit 230241
Custom Wine Storage in Independence
Independence 311507
Wine Racks in Richmond Heights
Richmond Heights 299093
Clayton Wine Storage
Clayton 309935

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Local Missouri Commercial Wine Stores & Restaurants

Sunset 44
Sunset 44 - #118067- Kirkwood, MO
Garth Woodside
Garth Woodside Mansion - #231553- Hannibal, MO
Abiy's International Wines
Abiy's International Wines - #214843- Jefferson City, MO
Garland Wines
Garland Wines - Groves, MO
Felix Street Specialty
Felix Street Specialty - #305289- Saint Joseph, MO
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Cork & Rind - #272136- St. Charles, MO
The Wine Merchant
The Wine Merchant - #41843- Clayton, MO
Robust Wine Bar
Robust Wine Bar - #263151- Webster Groves, MO
Wines by Jennifer
Wines by Jennifer - #72563- Parkville, MO
Sunset 44Garth Woodside MansionAbiys International Wines
Garland WinesFelix Street SpecialtyCork and Rind
Wine MerchantRobust Wine BarWines by Jennifer
As we earlier mentioned, our design team has worked for a number of major Missouri cities. We have designed wine storage for homes, ranging from entry-level wine cellars to formal wine rooms. We have also worked with commercial establishments such as wine stores, restaurants, clubs, and more in order to address their wine merchandise storage needs. Our design professionals are just waiting in the wings for that next unique project and we hope it will be with you! If you are local, feel free to stop by some of the above establishments to view the quality of our wood wine racks. Or, simply request a free sample of wood and stain and we will send it to you ASAP.


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Important Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Missouri Wine Room

What makes a good wine cellar?
A good wine cellar must be one that is able to maintain ideal wine storage conditions 24/7. That's why you have to build in an ideal location and have the right type of wine cellar cooling system. If your wine cellar is located in a less humid environment in your home, a proper wine cellar cooling system is vital to help your collection achieve peak taste.

Can you store wine in a basement?
The basement is actually the most ideal location for wine storage. That's because the basement has environmental conditions that are closest to the 55°-58° F temperature and 55-75% humidity. These are the storage conditions that your wine will need in order to achieve peak taste. If you build a wine cellar in the basement, a smaller size cooling unit is all you will need and the lower the overall cost will be.

How much does a wine cooler cost?
There are several types of wine coolers, depending on size and brand. This also means that the cost will vary depending on these factors. Before purchasing one, make sure you account for the number of bottles you will need to store in the cooler and the possibility of future acquisitions.

Does a wine cellar increase home value?
In the recent years, it has been observed that homes with wine cellars have become more in-demand. A well-built wine cellar has been able to become a selling point in the real estate game. That's why more and more home owners have taken to investing in one, whether it's custom or DIY.


Missouri - Wine Cellars
Overall Rating 5 stars (12 customer reviews)
5 stars (12)
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5 stars
Kalon D. - #333022 - View Photos
I am very pleased with the final product and happy to show off my wine cellar.
5 stars
Lisa R. - #333162 - View Photos
The wine cellar is amazing! The design consultant was incredible, professional, and helpful.
5 stars
Bill G. - #319729 - View Photos
The racks are part of the building of my new home. I build a small cellar underneath the stairs to my basement. Shipping was fine, although I requested that they not be shipped for several weeks after ordering, your team shipped this right away. I had your teams fully assemble them in your factory and they were shipped already assembled. They arrived in perfect condition! Very pleased with them thus far, and can't wait to start filling them up.
5 stars
Dan K. - #317783 - View Photos
I'm very happy with my racking, thanks! Unfortunately it's hard to get a good picture due to the layout of my cellar, but I've included a few shots that show the basic layout.
5 stars
Mark G. - #298700
Brett, thanks for all your help. All is well with the project that you helped me with. It actually was a finalist at the St. Louis architectural and tear design awards. Our project made the front cover of the St. Louis Magazine! Thanks again.
5 stars
Louis B. - #261519
The racking is just working out great. I get so many compliments on how wonderful they look. I chose not to use a nail gun because I am pretty handy and simply felt I would be just as fast with a hammer and finish nails. Assembly was quite easy, everything was well packaged and overall it was a breeze to install. I decided to stain the racks with tung oil, that process was fairly time consuming given all the rails that needed to be done, but the wood took the oil nicely and it looks great, well worth the effort.
5 stars
Patrick M. - #305289
The wine racks are working very well.