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When we talk about the state of Massachusetts, several notable cities come to mind. Boston is definitely one of them, being the capital city. Cambridge is another, as it is home to Harvard University - one of the most prestigious universities in the world. A mix of old and new styles, Massachusetts is one of our favorite venues for custom wine cellar projects. We've enjoyed designing cellars, wine rooms, home bars, and so on for several clients in the state. These include restaurants, bars, and other similar commercial establishments. We're looking to explore more unique wine cellar concepts with future clientele!

Featured Projects from our Massachusetts Portfolio

Massachusetts Wine Cellars & Wine Racks
Overall Rating 5 stars (6 customer reviews)
Glass Enclosed Wine Rack - 272901
project #272901 - Newton, MA

This bold and beautiful wine cellar features our Vintner Series in Grand Mahogany. Two tasting centers were utilized to provide spacious bottle storage. The racks are all done in a stunning Midnight Black stain option.

5 stars
"I had a great experience with wine cellar innovations. This was my second project and bigger than the first. I had an excellent representative that helped me match the finish with cabinets." ~Don L.~
Wine Cellar - 298538
project #298538 - Hopkinton, MA

Simple, space-efficient, and classy are the best terms to describe this completed wine storage Boston wine cellar project. Racking units from our Vintner Series were utilized to provide a variety of bottle storage options, with accommodations for bulk bottles. The tasting center with glass racking makes for a great prepping station or just to display choice stemware and other wine accessories. The racks are crafted from unstained Grand Mahogany, with crown and base moldings, as well as center seam trim to exude a clean and seamless layout.

Massachusetts project 230241
project #230241 - Southborough, MA

5 stars
"They arrived promptly upon ordering and in perfect condition. Based on reviews of previous buyers I decided to pre-drill each hole where a nail was to go in so the nail only had to penetrate the rear piece of the two that get connected to one another. This took a little more time but in the end I had no splits and the end product turned out great. Other than that I am completely satisfied. I had a spare closet in my basement which I fashioned into a wine cellar with the use of the curved racks on each end and a straight rack in the center. Having the "display" bottle for each column really makes the whole thing pop." ~Jason K.~
Massachusetts project 282805
project #282805 - Peabody, MA

We absolutely love how this compact wine storage was put together to provide a secure and comfortable space for the client's wine bottles. The racks are from the Designer Series kit, stained and dressed up with extra lacquer for that beautiful, glossy finish.

5 stars
"The Designer Wine Rack with extra lacquer worked out well. I used a finish nail gun and assembly took roughly 30 min total. The finished rack looks good, it is an efficient use of a space for wine storage, and overall is a good accent to the kitchen." ~Sergio D.~

Massachusetts and the surrounding cities:
Serving the great state of Massachusetts and the surrounding cities:
Boston * Cambridge * Worcester * Brookline * Springfield * Salem * Somerville *Newton
Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States while Worcester boasts of museums and 18th century style structures. Then you have Springfield which is the home of the Amazing World of Dr. Seuss. Each major city is bustling with activity which made us enjoy all of the projects we have done so far. Still, we are eager to do more and provide our professional wine cellar design experience. So whether it's for a residential or commercial purpose, don't hesitate to get in touch with our experienced design consultants.
Wine Storage Boston
Boston 90261

Cambridge Glass Wine Cellar

Cambridge 298538
Wine Storage in Worcester
Worcester 246382
Brookline Custom Wine Racks
Brookline 272901
Springfield Wine Cellar
Springfield 248756
Custom Wine Storage in Salem
Salem 303346
Wine Racks in Somerville
Somerville 272901
Newton Wine Room
Newton 246315

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Local Massachusetts Commercial Wine Stores & Restaurants

Vaheys Liquor
Vahey's Liquor #193228- Watertown, MA
Sperrys Fine Wine
Sperry's Fine Wine #277412- Sudbury, MA
Wellfleet Wines and Spirits
Wellfleet Wines & Spirits #203325- Wellfleet, MA
Wine Cave
Wine Cave #189093- Boston, MA
Wine Country
Wine Country #154666- Winchester, MA
The Spirited Gourmet
The Spirited Gourmet #80144- Belmont, MA
Oakdale Liquors
Oakdale Liquors #254964- Tewsbury, MA
Luke's Liquors
Luke's Liquors #252721- Rockland, MA
Menotomy Beer and Wine
Menotomy Beer & Wine #172051- Arlington, MA
Vaheys LiquorSperrys Fine WineWellfleet Wine and Spirits
Wine CaveWine CountryThe Spirited Gourmet
Oakdale LiquorsLukes LiquorsMenotomy Beer and Wine
Check out Vahey's Liquor in Watertown, MA and Wellfleet Wines & Spirits in Wellfleet. These are just some of our top clients in the state and who have loved their custom designed wine storage. The Spirited Gourmet in Belmont is also another project we're proud of. Customers of the commercial establishment have noticed the high-quality craftsmanship of our wine racks and WCI comes highly recommended.


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Important Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Massachusetts Wine Room

How can I incorporate wine storage into my living room?
With the bevy of wine racking styles available these days, it's easy enough to incorporate wine storage into any section of the home, even the living room. Apart from wall wine racks or compact racking units, you can spruce things up with wine furniture as well.

What are your most popular stains?
The Classic Mahogany Stain is definitely one of our more popular stain and finish products. But those who prefer a more natural look go for the Light Danish Stain option. Still, there are also those who love black wood stain for a more bold and luxurious appeal. That's why Dark Walnut and Midnight Black Stain have been steadily becoming more popular.

Are there extra decorative options you would recommend for my wine cellar?
Decorative applications will definitely make a difference in the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar. From decorative moldings to wood grille covers, wood corbels, wood paneling and more - you will find all that you need here at WCI.

What options do you have available for Wine Cabinets?
Our custom refrigerated wine cabinets allow for so much flexibility in terms of function and design. We can have your cabinet fit the space you desire and suit your bottle storage needs. The Wine Sentinel is our leading climate controlled wine cabinet with tons of options, from the wine racks to French Door entry, stains and finishes and more.


Massachusetts - Wine Cellars
Overall Rating 5 stars (6 customer reviews)
5 stars (6)
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5 stars
Rick R. - #325128 - View Photos
I'm happy with my racks and would be happy to share my story!
5 stars
Cate M. - #316085 - View Photos
The Wine Racks are great- no issues! We had them installed by an installer. Here are some pics! They were installed in an unfinished closet space in our basement.
5 stars
Mitchell P.
My wife and I decided to take a piece of our unfinished basement, and build a wine cellar. So once the walls went up, we took some rough measurements, and ordered a whole bunch of stuff from your organization. So the ordering process was a bit tricky, but that was basically because I was trying to take the dimensions of what I had, and marry it up with products you offered. So it took a couple of visits to the website to get it right, but I think I did ok. I think I messed up one thing, but someone called and explained it to me, and we were off and running. The shipping process was way easy, not sure what you would change there to make it easier. One day I came home and there were like 100 boxes on my doorstep!!! So this is where it started to get a bit tricky, the boxes are not super clear on what is in each of them, so it becomes a bit of a guessing game. So we would open a box, stain the wood in that box, and wait for it to dry. We tried to keep all the boxes in separate locations, not to mix them up. This process took a long, long, time (weeks) to get all the wood stained. So then came the puzzle, of how all the racks go together, we were fortunate that we had our contractor here to help, but even he struggled a bit with trying to figure out how these things go together, the directions were boarder line useless. So after a bit of experimenting we got it figured out. We did use the provided nail gun, and that worked fine. I will send you some pics (our kitchen is getting remodeled so there is a bit of extra junk in the wine room right now), but here is one of the most recent ones. I will take some better pics and send them to you this weekend. I hope this helps!!! We do love this room, and think it came out amazing.