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Known as the Sunflower State, Kansas is one of our favorite Midwestern states. The capital is Topeka and the largest city is Wichita. Fun fact: the state was actually named after the Kansa Native American tribe which inhabited the area. Agriculture rapidly became the center of Kansas' economy which is why nearly 90% of the land is devoted to agriculture. Top products included wheat, corn, sorghum, and soybeans. It's not a big surprise why liquor, including wine, has also become a popular merchandise in the state. Kansas is also famous for being in the Tornado Alley so they usually have basements build into their homes which is also perfect for wine storage! WCI has designed for quite a number of Kansas-base clients and we're eager to do more wine cellar projects in the Sunflower State!

Featured Projects from our Kansas Portfolio

Glass Enclosed Wine Rack - 298613
project #298613 - KS
The client sent in some wonderful photos of his completed wine cellar. But our favorite was this snap of him standing proudly next to his custom-designed wine room. It's a glass-enclosed project with unstained All-Heart Redwood racks. Our design team delivered the right amount of elegance and simplicity to this project, much to the client's satisfaction.
WineMaker Wine Cellar - 254724
project #254724 - Kansas
The clients purchased some racking units from WCI's WineMaker Series wine rack kits. It was not a custom job but the results were just as good achieving in 429 bottle storage count. The WineMaker Series offers shallow-depth wine racks that work perfectly with compact spaces or entry-level wine cellar projects.

"Everything worked out great. We used an installer that was recommended to us by Nick Ferol and he was really good. So no problems with delivery or installation." ~Bill A.~
Small Closet Wine Room 294792
project #294792 - Kansas Wine Racks

Wine storage can be built anywhere in the home and our Kansas client certainly took that advice to heart. The unused closet in their home was transformed into the perfect storage for their collection. This is all thanks to the WineMaker Series and the kit's shallow-depth racking units. The clients were very happy with the easy installation and bottle storage capacity.
Kansas project 273997
project #273997 - KS

"We just love our new wine cellar! We used the nail gun to put the racks together as recommended. It made all the difference in terms of the convenience and speed at which we the project was able to come together. The racks were shipped very fast and we like the fact that we have the option to choose the wood type." ~Tracy S.~

Featured Local Kansas Wine Cellars
Serving the great state of Kansas and the surrounding cities:
Wichita * Overland Park * Kansas City * Olathe * Salina
Topeka * Lawrence * Shawnee
We've been serving the Sunflower State with our wine cellar design services for years and we aim to do more. Whether it's a wine cellar for one's home or a commercial establishment, we can't wait to built it. Our Kansas design consultants are just waiting for you to give the go-signal - so let's build that dream wine cellar together! Feel free to click on the photos below to see more images of our favorite Kansas wine cellars.
Wichita Wine Storage
Wichita Kansas
Overland Park Glass Wine Cellar
Overland Park - Kansas
Wine Storage in Olathe
Olathe - Kansas
Salina Custom Wine Racks
Salina - Kansas
Topeka Wine Room
Topeka - Kansas
Wine Cellar Design in Lawrence
Lawrence - Kansas
Wine Racks in Shawnee
Shawnee - Kansas
Leawood Custom Wine Cellars
Leawood - Kansas

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Local Kansas Commercial Wine Stores & Restaurants

Kansas - The Grille at Park Place
The Grille at Park Place, Leawood, KS #266884
Classic Wine and Spirits Kansas
Classic Wine & Spirits, Manhattan, KS #206699
Grace Hill Winery Kansas
Grace Hill Winery, Whitewater, KS #266696
The Grille at Park Place - KansasClassic Wine and Spirits - KSGrace Hill Winery
We have some beautiful examples of our Kansas commercial wine cellar racks at some local stores around the state. If you are local, feel free to drive by to see the quality of our work. Our commercial wine racking line has some innovative ideas to display wines from wall merchandisers to easy-to-access island racking that entices the client to browse through your available wines. Contact us if you need any help or a free design. We are always happy to send our free wood samples!


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4 Questions to Ask Before Planning Your Kansas Wine Cellar

Where can I build my wine cellar?
Practically anywhere! Wine storage doesn't mean you have to have a formal wine cellar. It is possible to have the proper environment for your collection even if it's in a small space. There are lots of racking unit styles to accommodate smaller spaces, like wall-mounted wine racks. There are also various wine cellar cooling systems to provide ideal storage conditions 24/7.

What is the recommended budget for a wine cellar project?
That depends on a number of factors such as the amount of space you can work with, the bottle storage capacity, the location of the wine cellar, the style, and so on. But rest assured that WCI will work with you to meet your desired budget. Remember that there are lots of options and alternatives when it comes to racking products and other materials. That's what our design professionals are here for!

How long will it take to complete my wine cellar?
This depends on several factors as well. The size and bottle storage capacity are some of the considerations. The design of the wine cellar and the materials to be used is another. We will help you during the initial planning stages conceptualize a realistic time frame and we are always doing our best to deliver prompt yet quality services.

How do I choose my wood and other materials?
The WCI website has super easy navigation on all our product pages. Most of the options can be chosen via drop-down boxes. The site is also chock-full of detailed information to enlighten customers on the various wine cellar products. And don't forget that our consultants are just an-email or phone call away should you need more personal assistance.