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Delaware may be the second smallest state in the country, but it's a living proof that big things can come in small packages. For one thing, it has the ninth-largest number of millionaires per capita in the United States. Moreover, the Dover Air Force Base located in the capital city Dover, is one of the largest Air Force bases in the country. The First State Heritage Park encompasses 18th-century Colonial landmarks like the Georgian-style Old State House. The city of Wilmington is known for the Riverfront, a waterside district of parks, boutiques and restaurants. We've designed for Delaware clients over the years and we absolutely love working with them!

Featured Projects from our Delaware Portfolio

Wine Cellar - 263982
project #263982
Glass-enclosed wine cellar projects are definitely one of our favorites. This one was designed for a client in Delaware and really checked off all the boxes. They wanted a clean and contemporary look and to maximize the space allotted for the wine storage. Our team went with the WineZone Wine Shelf System with custom chrome-plated finish. Some Vintage View racking units were also added, in the same finish for a uniform look that really exudes that modern vibe. Combined with the glass panels, the finished product looks sleek and minimalistic. This cellar can store the client's collection and so much more!
Delaware project 297784
project #297784
"The wine racks are really great. We were so pleased with how all the racking components fit together, including all those trim pieces; making the finished product look fantastic. It's important that the dimensions were precise so they fit the walls of my room. Well done. The installation instructions were mostly good, the videos on line help a lot as well. My design specialist was Jordan Newman. He did a great job working with me putting the design together."
~Robert W.~

Delaware project 264479
project #264479
We love providing solutions to any and all wine storage dilemmas. Thanks to our WineMaker Series, our client was able to find the perfect racking unit to fit in an awkward closet space under the staircase. That's because our WineMaker wine racks kit is comprised of shallow-depth racks that can work with compact spaces to provide much-needed bottle storage. The client ordered his in beautiful, unstained Premium Redwood and is certainly loving the results.

"Your wine rack was super easy to assemble with a nail gun. Many of my friends were so impressed with the quality and look. I located it in a closet under a staircase. The wine rack freed up quite a bit of space in that closet and made it super easy to locate each wine."
~Ray M.~

Serving the great state of Delaware and the surrounding cities:
Serving the great state of Delaware and the surrounding cities:
Wilmington * Dover * Newark * Smyrna * Milford * North Star * Rehobeth Beach * Hockessin
The vintage atmosphere of Wilmington and Newark, mixed with the bustling lifestyle in Dover, and the casual ambiance in Rehoboth Beach - all these and more make Delaware state so diverse. That's why we've always enjoyed working with clients in the state to bring to life their custom wine cellar goals. We can help realize that for both residential and commercial projects, so we're definitely looking forward to the next one.
Wilmington Wine Storage
Wilmington 115132

Dover Glass Wine Cellar

Dover 290986
Wine Storage in Newark
Newark 111350
Smyrna Custom Wine Racks
Smyrna 309831
Milford Cellar
Milford 296965
Custom Wine Storage in North Star
North Star 274744
Wine Racks in Rehobeth Beach
Rehobeth Beach 298641
Hockessin 243388

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Local Delaware Commercial Wine Stores & Restaurants

Beach Liquors
Beach Liquors #107568- Bethany Beach, DE
Avenue Wine and Spirits
Wine & Liquor Depot #12881- Wilmington, DE
Mr B's Liquors
Mr B's Liquors #85445- Dover, DE
R & L Liquors
R & L Liquors #15576- Lewes, DE
West Gate Wine
West Gate Wine #214541- Wilmington, DE
Bin 66
Bin 66 #166459- Wilmington, DE
Beach LiquorsAvenue WineMr. B Liquors
R and L LiquorsWestgate WineBin 66
We've designed for a good number of commercial wine establishments and restaurants such as the Beach Liquors in Bethany Beach, the, Avenue Wine & Spirits in Wilmington, and R & L Liquors in Lewes, DE. Their customers loved the wine racks almost as much as our clients! If you're in the area, swing by these places and check out what we did for them. Who knows - your wine store might just be our next project!


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Important Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Delaware Wine Room

What do you suggest I put in my wine store?
We have expanded our commercial wine racks over the recent years to provide more budget-friendly options. For example, our Vintner Series now has its own line of commercial racking units. These islands and merchandisers come in a healthy selection of styles that are easy to mix and match to come up with really unique racking arrangements.

Do I need a custom wine door to seal in my wine cellar?
Wine room doors can add both to the maintenance of ideal wine storage conditions and the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar. We offer a great selection of these doors, including glass-enclosed ideas. There are lots of custom options to match any wine cellar theme.

What's the most popular type of wine cellar right now?
One of the most popular designs is definitely the glass wine cellar. It is timeless and can work with any type of materials, from wood to metal, to stone and so much more. Glass-enclosed wine cellars are also space-efficient. You can build them even in your dining room, kitchen, or even in the living area.

What's the most popular type of wine cellar right now?
One of the best ways to store wine bottles in bulk is with wine shelves. Our WineZone Wine Shelf System is currently one of the more popular racking products that can do this. You can store wine bottles in a label-forward fashion and organize your collection easily. Plus, you can also store other items such as wine baskets, glassware, olive oils, and decanters.


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Larry C. - #275847 - View Photos
We used a 5x9 and a 1x9 to fit our basement recreation room wine rack into the foundation bump-out for our living room fire place above. It's worked out quite well!

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