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British Columbia is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, provinces in Canada. Victoria, the capital city, and Vancouver, are two of the most popular cities in the country. Vancouver has also been consistently ranked as one of the best cities to live in the world. Vancouver is just a 2-hour drive from Seattle. Alberta, another progressive province, borders Montana and Idaho. This literally close-knit relationship with Canadian provinces makes it super easy to access our custom wine cellar design services. We've actually done several projects for our Canadian clients in British Columbia, Alberta, Sasketchewan and Manitoba. Needless to say, we can't wait to do more!

Featured Projects from our British Columbia Portfolio

British Columbia Wine Cellars & Wine Racks
Overall Rating 5 stars (3 customer reviews)
Glass Enclosed Wine Rack - 272107
project #272107 - Alberta

This super stunning creation was perfect for the clients' large wine collection. The Open Diamond Bins and Individual Bottle Racks are all from our Vintner Series wine rack kits. The racks are in Premium Redwood, dressed in beautiful Dark Walnut Stain. The glass-enclosed entryways complete the elegant package.

5 stars
"I'm still loving my wine racks and cellar! They are holding up great." ~Jenny W.~
Glass Enclosed Wine Rack - 275315
project #275315 - British Columbia

Our Vintage View Series take center stage in this gorgeous wine cellar project for our clients in British Columbia. The small nook beside the stairs was the perfect spot for a compact wine cellar - preferably a glass-enclosed one. The glass panels made the wine cellar look much more spacious. The choice of wall-mounted metal wine racks also maximized the bottle storage capacity.

British Columbia project 249545
project #249545

Our clients from Calgary, Alberta purchased some racks from our Designer Series wine rack kits for their wine room. They chose Grand Mahogany for the wood option, in the unstained version. The natural, uniform colors of the wood worked exceptionally well with their room's decor and other furniture. You can also see just how much storage the racks provided for both the wine bottles and boxes.

British Columbia project 232478
project #232478

Our Designer Series wine racking looks fantastic in Gary's home. Created in Mahogany wood with a dark walnut stain, the individual racking looks fantastic against their custom walls and floor. Making wine cellars look good is what we love to do.

5 stars
"The products and project were very satisfying and I'm happy." ~Gary G.~

British Columbia and the surrounding cities:
Serving the great state of British Columbia and the surrounding cities:
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Canadian provinces such as British Columbia and Alberta are highly progressive. Top cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary have high population and guess what? There are tons of wine lovers living here! That's why we've had our share of designing custom wine cellars for these cities and we're just waiting for more chances to do so.
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Local British Columbia Commercial Wine Stores & Restaurants

Main Avenue Cold Beer
Main Avenue Cold Beer - #304399- Sundre
Harvest Eatery
Harvest Eatery - #235334- Saskatchewan
DDs Liquor Barn
DD's Liquor Barn - #258770- Alberta
Bottega Wine
Bottega Wine - #258107- Calgary
Main Avenue Cold BeerHarvest EateryDDs Liquor Barn
Bottega Wine

Visiting British Columbia, Saksketchewan, or other cities in Canada? We'd love for you to check out our work in Main Avenue Cold Beer in Vancouver. We designed their custom wine storage and they are simply loving it. If you are passing by Sasketchewan, you might also want to swing by the Harvest Eatery. We put together an elegant racking assembly for our clients and even their customers are giving it the thumbs-up!

5 stars
"Ordering was very simple and they have stood the test of time after 6 years of use and show no signs of wear and tear. We would 200% order again from Wine Cellar Innovations as they were great to deal with, and the appearance of the racks are sleek yet timeless." ~Kristy T. from Harvest Eatery~


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Important Questions to Ask Before Creating Your British Columbia Wine Room

Do I need to keep my wine cool?
Wine must be kept cool in order to preserve its taste. If you don't have a wine cellar with a full wine refrigeration system, there are other ways to do this. The simplest is a wine fridge that you plug in and you can store a small amount of wine bottles. Of course, if you have a bigger collection, you will need to create a safe haven and elegant storage for your wine bottles.

Can you design me a wine cellar?
This is exactly right up our alley! We can design a wine cellar of any size and shape, for either residential or commercial purposes. All you need to do is get in touch with our design professionals or use our Design Request Form to request one.

What are new trends in wine cellar design?
The "modern" wine cellar is now making waves in a lot of wine cellar projects. More and more clients are loving the simple but sleek designs brought about by combining metal, wood, and glass elements. Our Modern Wine Cellar collection can give you some pretty amazing options for contemporary racking styles.

Does a wine cellar increase home value?
We believe that it actually does. These days, a home with a custom wine cellar can fetch a pretty good price in the real estate market. Since more people are keen to having proper wine storage in their homes, more homeowners have considered constructing wine cellars, whether it's professionally done or DIY.


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