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Wine Cellar Innovations has many products and services to offer for Alaska wine cellars. Contact us below to discuss your Alaska wine cellar or wine storage project. Our Design Consultants ensure personal attention is met throughout every phase of your project.


Wine Cellar services include:

  • Free design service & online consultations available upon request
  • Custom design services
  • Complete refrigeration needs analysis
  • Product installation services
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  • We have solid advice with years of experience in regards to construction, design, temperature and humidity control. We can recommend services & installation help to assemble your custom built wine cellar
  • Personal assistance every step of the way from design to installation
  • Project Review and Pricing provided
  • Assistance in Wine Rack Selection
  • Refrigeration Cooling Unit Sizing
  • 2D & 3D Designs To Envision Your Cellar
  • Professional services for both residential and commercial wine storage applications
  • We also offer Onsite Consultations subject to additional fees
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Alaska is one place in the US that one would think is not able to grow wines. But they actually do. And Alaskans who love to showcase their own wine produce definitely need a wine cellar to display their own wines and some other collection they may have.

What’s more, wine cellar makers can customize wine cellars and wine racks for every home so that anyone from the rich and affluent to the not-so-rich and not-so-affluent can have a wine cellar right inside their homes.

Alaska Wines: Grapes and Berries 

It may be unexpected but Alaska does have wineries, four of them. But Alaska proves that wines are not solely grapes. Other fruits like berries make great wines as well, especially when they come from Alaska.

Alaska has good and award-winning Raspberry Wines, Fireweed Honey Wines, Blueberry Wines and Rhubarb Wines. All these are made from home-grown ingredients. Some wineries in Alaska do not mix their wines with other grape or fruit concentrates so you can fully taste pure Alaska’s wild flowers and berries. 

Fruit wines and ice wines are Alaska’s specialty. Wild berries are aplenty in Alaska more than grapes making them consider it as their source of wine. And because these wines are generally sweet, they are best as gourmet wines. 

Ice wines, on the other hand, are another type of dessert wines, and more expensive at that. This Alaskan wine is made up of grapes but they are frozen even while they are still on the vines. This freezing process freezes the water in grapes while the other components remain unfrozen. Once these grapes are pressed, the sugar and other unfrozen components are released, resulting to a concentrated, absolutely sweet wine. And because very small quantity is produced doing the process, ice wines are sold at a much higher rate compared to other wines.


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