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The state of Alaska is said to be the largest and most sparsely populated U.S. state. It's a great tourist destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities like skiing, mountain biking and kayaking. Alaska is one place in the US that one would think is not able to grow wines. But they actually do. It may be unexpected but Alaska does have wineries, four of them. But Alaska proves that wines are not solely grapes. Other fruits like berries make great wines as well, especially when they come from Alaska. Alaska has good and award-winning Raspberry Wines, Fireweed Honey Wines, Blueberry Wines and Rhubarb Wines. All these are made from home-grown ingredients. Some wineries in Alaska do not mix their wines with other grape or fruit concentrates so you can fully taste pure Alaska’s wild flowers and berries.

And Alaskans who love to showcase their own wine produce definitely need a wine cellar to display their own wines and some other collection they may have. That's why we've extended our design services to Alaskan shores as well. We can't wait to work on custom wine cellar projects on more of the major cities!

Featured Projects from our Alaska Portfolio

Alaska Wine Cellars & Wine Racks Anchorage AK
Overall Rating 5 stars (3 customer reviews)
Glass Enclosed Wine Rack - 267695
project #240532 - Anchorage Wine Storage
5 stars
"We are so very happy with the wine racking system, ease of assembly, and working with Jennifer. She was supportive, creative, and a pleasure to work with. The Designer Series are created to be easy to assemble, along with the helpful videos. We would highly recommend Wine Cellar Innovations and have already! Shipping can be challenging and expensive to Alaska so having Jennifer's advice and to recommend a freight forwarder helped. We are very excited to share our cellar and great experience with you, especially to relate that a few months later we experienced a 7.1 earthquake here in Alaska. Our cellar is intact, along with every bottle! We highly recommend your individual bottle units and Diamond Bins. No Casualties!! Kudos to the design team!" ~Dave and Tané B.~
Wine Cellar - 261270
project #261270 - Wine Racks in Anchorage

Feast your eyes on this amazing wine room that our team completed for a client in Anchorage. This is an all-Vintner construction, in unstained Premium Redwood. The variety in racking styles is quite impressive, along with the space-efficient and stylish layout.

Alaska project 230881
project #230881 - Anchorage, AK Wine Room
5 stars
"The wine racks are working out well. Overall, the racks look great in our remodeled pantry and I've attached some before and after photos. As you can see we also hid our water heater on the back wall and put a wine refrigerator in the room which helped transform it into a wine room. As far as the rack and the install, we started using a hammer with nails but we ended up borrowing a Brad nail gun and I recommend making it a required item for assembly! Once all together, the racks are sturdy when attached to the walls." ~Andrea S.~
Alaska project 246658
project #246658

The client just started on their wine collection and needed a space to get everything started. This racking arrangement from our Designer Series was perfect for their bottle storage needs. There is even space for case and bin storage, as well as for larger-format bottles.

5 stars
"As part of re-finishing our basement last spring, we turned an old storage area into a wine (and beer) cellar. The Designer Series racks worked out wonderfully. They all arrived in great condition and I was able to get them put together in an afternoon using a brad nailer, and pre-drilling where I used screws. We found cork flooring locally and everything is very functional and looks great. The cost of the racks was quite reasonable, but shipping cost was an issue. The high cost of shipping to Alaska almost made us balk at the purchase. Although it was expensive, Fed-Ex did a great job on the shipping and their home delivery worked out well. I recall it only took a couple of days to ship from your facility." ~Phil H.~

Alaska and the surrounding cities:
Serving the great state of Alaska and the surrounding cities:
Anchorage * Fairbanks * Juneau * Sitka * Ketchikan * Wasilla * Palmer * Badger
Alaska's largest city Anchorage is home to cultural sites, while Fairbanks is the place to chase the Northern Lights. Then there's the capital city, Juneau, which is the second largest city in the United States by area. Our design team is ready to meet the wine storage demands in these major cities and in the rest of the state as well. We've had a wonderful experience working with Alaskan clients and we definitely want to do more!
Anchorage Wine Storage
Anchorage 307005

Fairbanks Glass Wine Cellar

Fairbanks 115132
Wine Storage in Juneau
Juneau 277230
Sitka Custom Wine Racks
Sitka 253489
Ketchikan Wine Cellar
Ketchikan 306899
Custom Wine Storage in Wasilla
Wasilla 222580
Wine Racks in Palmer
Badger Wine Cellar

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Local Alaska Commercial Wine Stores & Restaurants

Gavora's Fine Wine
Gavora's Fine Wine #153155- Fairbanks, AK
Alaska Cache Liquor
Alaska Cache Liquor #50824- Juneau, AK
Gavoras Fine WineAlaska Cache Liquor
We are quite proud of the quality of our racking products and the projects we have completed for our clients in the state. A must-see is our work with Gavora's Fine Wine in Fairbanks. Another is the completed wine storage in Alaska Cache Liquor in Juneau. You will be able to see how we have matched the racking arrangements to suit our clients' bottle storage needs.


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Important Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Alaska Wine Room

What is the best way to store rare/expensive wines?
We recommend using wine lockers instead of just standard wine racks for rare and expensive labels. WCI manufactures these secured wine lockers that can also be customized to suit your storage needs. They can be stacked and keyed independently or altogether with just one master key.

What is a good alternative wine storage for smaller spaces?
A refrigerated wine cabinet is one of the most recommended solutions for those who do not have the space for a formal wine cellar. Here at WCI, we carry the Wine Sentinel which can be fully customized to suit your available space. Plus, you can also customize the design, from the inside racking down to the cabinet doors, hardware, lighting, and more.

What is the best method for assembling wine racks?
For DIY wine racking projects, the best assembly method is using a nail gun or brad nailer. You do not need experience to handle this tool. It will make the assembly and installation proceed more smoothly and in a shorter period of time, too.

What is the advantage of staining/finishing your wine racks?
Stains and finishes can help you create lots of different looks for your wine cellar. If you have a specific theme in mind, you can definitely achieve it with stains and finishes. For example, the Whitewash and Graywash stains can give your wine cellar a more contemporary vibe. Classic Mahogany stain and Dark Walnut, on the other hand, give off a more traditional appearance.


Alaska - Wine Cellars
Overall Rating 5 stars (3 customer reviews)
5 stars (3)
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