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The Face Off Round II: WineMaker vs. Traditional Redwood

August 22nd, 2011

Hello again, wine enthusiasts! So how did you guys enjoy Round I of the Face Off between Vintner and Designer wine racks? I felt like hitting the PSP and pulling out an all-nighter again after that article! Well brace yourselves for Round II today as we square off the ever space-efficient and cost-effective WineMaker Series Collection with the timeless elegance of Traditional Redwood Wine Racks. We’re in for an exciting match!

No cutting corners with WineMaker!

There are three amazing words to describe this collection: space-efficient, cost-efficient, and affordable. Indeed, the WineMaker series manages to combine of all these fantastic features that make building custom wine cellars quite an inspiring endeavor.


WineMaker wine racks boast of excellent craftsmanship and come in different wood varieties which showcase both durability and style. The racks come in individual racking options and bulk storage as well, for an economical yet chic wine racking system. While it lacks the versatility of Vintner and the compelling aesthetic appeal of Vintner, this collection can hold its own against the others because it can provide you with an organized and custom feel to your wine cellar at the most affordable cost.


In terms of space-efficiency, WineMaker scores double points, thanks to the super flexible wine racks that can be stacked one on top of the other to accommodate just about any ceiling height. Plus, Curved Corner wine racks are also available in this series, providing just the right solutions to evening out those clumsy corners, nooks, and crannies in your wine cellar. Check out some of the superbly-crafted pieces from this collection and see why bargain-hunters consider WineMaker to be definitely top dollar:

Now how’s the health bar on Traditional Redwood? Is it a KO, thanks to the triple combo by WineMaker? Let’s find out!

Ravishing results with Traditional Redwood!

Since custom wine cellars are indeed the next home fashion icon, a wine cellar project has to be geared towards creating “THAT” wine cellar and not just “a” wine cellar. In realizing such a seemingly expensive dream, Traditional Redwood Wine Racks provide all the essential answers. With this collection, you can create a totally personalized look for your wine cellar at off the rack prices!


Now Premium Redwood is one of the best picks when it comes to wood choice for custom wine cellars so that gives this collection a winning edge when it comes down to the crunch. In this collection, the beauty of Premium Redwood is showcased in the most outstanding way possible, with high-quality wine racks that are custom-built for a custom price:


  • The wine cellar and rack component in this series are 72″ high, 8 3/4″ deep for easy assemblage, thanks to the wine cellar rack kits that screw together in a most convenient manner.
  • The wine rack kits include special braces for easier assembly and attachment, allowing you to maximize the depth of your space in your wine cellar.
  • Wine racks are designed to accommodate wine bottles that are 2 ¾” to 3 ¼” in diameter with provisions for extra-large, magnum-sized wine bottles.
  • The racks are structurally designed to accommodate additional wine storage above racking and all hardware is included in the kit.


Because Premium Redwood is a wood choice that easily lends itself to stains and finishes, the wine racks can further be prettified to create an assortment of styles, from the usual classic touch, a soft, romantic feel, or a more vibrant mood with our selection of custom stains and finishes. Score maximum hit points with these fab numbers:

So who do you think scores the KO-blow with a triple-hit combo in this round? Well, it’s three-on-three for both WineMaker and Redwood bringing it to a definite tie again! Because the real winners are actually your wine cellars, all thanks to the wonderful wine cellar rack kits here at Wine Cellar Innovations. Whether its function or style or both, your wine cellar is sure to be a knockout winner in the wine cellar game. Last installment of the Face Off series coming up next so see you all next blog!

Wine Cellar Magic With WineMaker

May 4th, 2011

Magic!Do you believe in magic? Well, not the Walt Disney kind of bibbity boppity boo but the kind that makes you go “wow” when you see something transform from ordinary to amazing. It’s the kind of fairy tail you experience when you get a totally hot makeover from a professional artist, put on a designer dress, killer heels and turn heads when you enter a room. Remember, even Cinderella knew the importance of a good dress and more so with the shoes (come on, those glass slippers stole the Prince’s heart!), so even when it’s not exactly done with a fairy godmother, there are still transformations that are at best, magical.

Why WineMaker?

So let’s talk about wine cellars because at WCI, if there’s one kind of magic we CAN do, it’s making wine cellar dreams come true. If you’ve scoured through our Photo Galleries, you can easily see that we can bring about transformations that would please even the most discriminating wine enthusiast and we do this by merging quality and style to bring about a truly outstanding result. And if you’ve taken the time to follow our blogs, we’ve already talked about one of our prized products, our solid collection of wine racks.

Now we’ve talked about the ever versatile Vintner, the classy Designer, and the vintagey Rustic Pine, but we can still go to it one better! If you still haven’t heard of our WineMaker Series or have somehow forgotten about it, it’s high-time you learned more about it. Why so? Because when you wish to get maximum storage options, a cost-effective package, and a truly impressive wine cellar transformation, the WineMaker Series can bring it all to your doorstep.

The WineMaker Series is actually a spinoff of the very popular Vintner Series, but at an attractively affordable package. Our wine racks are as flexible as Vintner and specifically designed to be stacked one on top of another to create a seamless, sleek for your wine cellar. In terms of space-efficiency and storage options, WineMaker covers all the bases with additional plus points for style. The racks are now available in Premium Redwood and Rustic Pine, and can be dressed up and down with the right play of stain options and custom finishes. Thus, you can choose to turn your wine cellar into a luxurious haven for the most discerning of wine connoisseurs or go for contemporary chic with the help of WineMaker Series Moldings.

WineMaker Moldings

More than just a Cinderella story

Well, you just can’t forget how Cinderella managed to secure a “happily ever after” after she donned on that fabulous white gown and glass slippers but your wine cellar will get an even happier ending when you dress it up with our WineMaker Series. Knowing how to mix, match, and stack our individual bottle racks, diamond and rectangular bins for bulk storage, various wine displays, tasteful quarter round shelves, and super stylish waterfall falling racks will give you a transformation that can last a lifetime.

WineMaker Base PlatformsAnd here’s something noteworthy: with the WineMaker Series Base Platforms, your wine racks are fully supported and even allowing you to maximize rack heights in your wine cellar. This makes for practically limitless ceiling height configurations, no matter how moderate or large the size of your wine cellar may be.

Just like the posh Vintner Series, WineMaker wine racks can go from floor to ceiling in any height over 6 feet.  Our racks come in one foot increments ingeniously achieved by combining 3-feet and 4-feet sections. Together with the base platform and crown molding options,  you pull together fresh and distinctive look for wine cellar while at the same time piling in potential savings by using kits rather than constructing a custom wine cellar from scratch. In addition, with the assorted stain options and custom finishes we provide here at WCI (you can refer to our Interactive Swatch Viewer and Stain & Finish Review), your base platforms can be in total design harmony with your entire wine cellar furniture.

So, I’m going to ask you differently now: do you believe in wine cellar magic? The kind that will make guests go “wow” when they step into a truly gorgeous wine cellar? Because if you still don’t, then let us WCI weave magic for you!

Get in touch with our design consultants today ^_^.

Wine Rack Kits To Die For: The WineMaker Series

February 23rd, 2011

If you can’t get enough of wines, well, we can’t get enough of wine racks.

That’s why we never stop finding ways to create, modify and upgrade our wine rack collections for you.

Take for example the very modular Vintner Series. We re-manufactured them to make them more cost effective, hence, the birth of the WineMaker Series! It has all the qualities of the Vintner.  Space-efficient and visually appealing, you get to enjoy plenty of wine racking styles and wine display options, and we just made it even more affordable.

The Vintner becomes the WineMaker

Just like the Vintner, the WineMaker series boasts of these qualities:

  • Versatile wine racking
  • Versatile height – can accommodate just about any ceiling height
  • Custom, organized look at affordable prices
  • Many racking styles and display options

The WineMaker Series wine racks is currently available in Premium Redwood and Pine, with many stain options to choose from just like the Vintner.

Here is a quick video walk through about our WineMaker Series:

So what’s the difference?

The only difference is, to make this wine rack line more cost effective, they were built with reduced depth compared to the Vintner. Don’t worry though. Reduced depth allows the slender necks of your wine bottles to stick out nicely. For an additional cost savings, the beveling the ends of individual bottle rails was not implemented, but the rails still have the same round-over to ensure the labels due not tear as you slide your wine bottles in-and-out.

If there’s one thing unique to the WineMaker, it’s the availability of 15 degree wine bottle display rows.  Also, since the display row extends past the front of the rack, the WineMaker allows for greater visibility of wine labels.

There are also many molding options and base platforms to choose from to finish your WineMaker Series wine wine racks. Why, we have six unique crown molding options that vary in profile and height! Because it’s stackable (Stacking them is so easy! Your racks can soar up to the ceiling!), you can create a seamless floor-to-ceiling look when you go for the WineMaker racks and their attractive molding options.

If you want to see what we’re talking about, check out the single column individual storage racks, diamond bin racks (Purchase two or more to stack on top of each other to maximize the height of your wine storage!) and the 3-column rectangular bins.

Looking for other options? Last year we talked about our on Traditional Wine Racks, Designer Series collection, and before that, our Vintner Series collection. Be sure to view our handy wine rack kit comparison chart as well.

The WineMaker Series is indeed great choice whether you’re just starting to collect wines, or making more room for your huge collection. A lovely space-saver and truly budget-friendly without sacrificing style and functionality, it’s definitely a worthy investment.