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Technical Tuesday Episode #310: Vintner Brings Variety And Space-Efficiency

November 29th, 2016

If you’re looking for wine racking units that can really “bring it,” so to speak, you don’t have to look any further than the Vintner Series. We’ve had so many projects utilizing the Vintner Series wine rack kits over the years and the popularity is not slowing down any time soon. In fact, we’ve worked on the series to expand it to the commercial wine racking realm as well due the surge in popularity of these very versatile racking units. Today’s Tech Tuesday highlights two of the most outstanding features of the Vintner Series: variety and space-efficiency.

Project #: 272489
Series: Vintner
Wood: Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 615 bottles

Compact wine racking assembly

This wine racking arrangement is what we’d call a dream come try for those who want custom wine storage but who don’t have enough space for it. Look at how the racks were put together to fit neatly into this corner of the room, occupying minimal floor space. And yet, check out the bottle storage capacity! This racking assembly can host up to over 600 bottles in both individual and bulk bottle storage options. We are impressed at the variety of storage options this compact assembly offers: Individual Bottle Columns with Displays, Magnum Wine Bottle Racks, and Fixed Shelves. You’ll notice that there’s even space for wine accessories:

Vintner Series wine racks

Functionality aside, let’s also give some love to the beautiful, custom appearance of this racking arrangement. Take note that this is NOT a custom job! The Vintner Series wine racks kit has been fondly called as “the next best thing to custom racking” because it allows so much flexibility when it comes to putting together unique designs for your wine cellar. Owing to the healthy assortment of racking styles and accessories, mixing and matching elements to come up with knockout arrangements can be done sans the custom cost.

Magnum Wine Bottle Racks

At present, our Vintner line is rapidly growing to cover even more bases. Recently, we launched the Vintner Commercial Racking Series to really accommodate commercial wine cellar projects more efficiently. But apart from that, we’ve also expanded the kits collection to Elite Cabinetry and Vintner Stacks. We will be talking about these newer additions at length in future blog posts for sure, so don’t miss out on those! In the meantime, take a grand tour of our photo galleries and see how Vintner can really bring variety and space-efficiency to your wine cellars. *Cheers*

Unstained Premium Redwood

The Advantages Of Darker Stains And Finishes

November 28th, 2016

How adventurous are you when it comes to your wine cellar design? Are you the type who sticks with the traditional elements, or are you up for something new and different? As far as wine cellar projects are concerned, we definitely understand the need to stick to the norm, so to speak. That’s because at the end of the day, one would want their wine cellar to exude that traditional elegance and charm bearing the classic European influence. However, there’s also nothing to fear – and a lot to be gained – by being a tad unorthodox in some aspects. Case in point: the stain and finish options on your wine racks!

The Vintner Series in Premium Redwood

Thanks to one of our clients and their completed wine cellar, we have a great example to show you guys today to help get our point/s across. Check out this spacious racking assembly crafted from our Vintner Series wine racks kit in Premium Redwood. The racks were stained with a Dark Walnut color which gave the wood a much deeper shade than what you can usually see in traditional wine cellars. Over the last few years, this stain color has risen in popularity, giving the “safer” Classic Mahogany stain some stiff competition. We actually love how the richer colors really emphasize the workmanship and details of the wine racks, especially the crown, base, and curved moldings.

Dark Walnut Stain

But Dark Walnut stain is what we’d still consider a pretty “tame” choice. If you’re really up for something totally new and different, you can go a few more shades bolder and try out the Midnight Dark Stain. This jet-black stain is a dramatic departure from traditional woodworking finishes and really gives off a contemporary appeal. Or, you can go for the Dark Weathered Finish which will give your wine racks a timeworn appearance with a darker, more solid color of topcoat being applied for a more dramatic effect. This finish is unmatched by others and allows each project to be highly unique.

Curved Corner Racks

The question now is this: Why go for these bolder and more conspicuous stains and finishes? There are several very good reasons to do so! First off, this is one of the best ways to create a unique ambiance for your wine cellar. It’s quite easy to match your wine racks to the general theme of your wine cellar with the help of these custom stains and finish options. For example, if you want a contemporary charm, these darker stains and finishes can definitely give you that! Second, these darker colored stains and finishes can really enhance the beautiful grain patterns of your wood. Premium Redwood is a classic example. And last but definitely not the least, darker stains and finishes can help accentuate your bottles as well. If you’re the type who really wants to showcase your collection apart from just creating the right storage conditions for them, then you have go for broke on this one!

Fixed Shelves



Appreciating The Function And Style Of Wine Lockers

November 24th, 2016

Wine lockers – would you go for them? If you ask us, the answer is definitely a big YES! And it seems that this client from Fairfield, CT think along the same lines as us. We don’t get too many projects like this one, but when we do, it’s really something to shine the spotlight on. We are absolutely all for this wine cellar that features stacks and rows of nothing but secure wine lockers:

Wine Storage Lockers

If you’ve noticed, just a narrow corner was utilized as a space for the wine racking assembly. But by stacking the units one on top of the other, this cellar can actually hold up to 430 bottles. And most importantly, there’s that assurance of added security to all the bottles stored thanks to the safety features of these lockers. Basically, each racking unit can be keyed in on its specific set of configurations or you can just use a single key if you want it that way. These lockers are sold as either individual units or by the column so security settings for the lock and key can be adjusted on those levels as well. That’s why there are quite popular with country clubs and restaurants since members can have that personal space to store their private wine stash in.

But safety features aside, these wine lockers come with a great sense of style as well. Note that each locker unit comes with its own individual bottle racking that can hold approximately 24 standard-sized bottles in. These units can be further personalized simply by choosing from several custom options such as for the wood type, stain and finish option, and of course, the wine racks. In this project, the client chose to go with the Platinum Series wine racks in Dark Walnut Stain with Lacquer finish. Other our custom amenities include beveled rails and eased edges. These would allow you to remove or replace your bottles without tearing off their labels.

Wire mesh design

Speaking of customizing your wine storage lockers, you can also choose from several design options such as an attractive metal lattice for open air circulation, glass-enclosed lockers for a more aesthetic appeal, or by adding in solid panel sides and a solid back panel as well. Personalized nameplates are also available which can be very useful in organizing a growing wine collection.

Check out our collection of wine cellar projects utilizing these awesome wine lockers and get inspired today!

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Safety Racking Tips For Wine Stores

November 23rd, 2016

Just one month more to go before Christmas! And if you’re a wine store proprietor, you know exactly what that means. Yep, yep – the mad holiday rush! We all welcome it with open arms because it’s that time of the year when we rake in the profits, but half of us also dread it for obvious reasons. Wine stores become so packed and busy that it’s both physically and mentally exhausting trying to keep up with the customers’ needs. And of course, every wine store owner knows that this is the time of the year when “accidents” will happen more often than not.

“Accidents” in a commercial wine establishment would certainly mean the merchandise being ruined due to the shopping frenzy. But that’s not all. This would also mean possible injury to customers in your store, something that should raise even more concern than broken bottles. So how do you go about protecting your stuff AND your clientele? These safety racking tips will definitely come in handy!

Vinyl Base

Accident-proof your wine racks with custom bases

Custom bases, such as Vinyl bases, can provide extra protection for your wine racks by elevating them a good few inches off the ground. The advantage? Your  merchandise is protected against accidental kicking and other damage. We can’t control kicking and jostling customers during the holiday rush. Plus, think about those shopping carts, buffers, sweepers, and kicking which both the racks and bottles are often subjected to even on normal days. Custom bases will be one of the smartest investments you’ll make for the holidays – trust us!

Wine Lockers

Invest in wine lockers or locking display cabinets

Any wine store is bound to carry labels that are a tad pricier than the rest. Your expensive and/or rare vintages shouldn’t be exposed the imminent danger known as the holiday rush. Keeping them under sturdy lock and key will save you not just the $$$ but also a lot of stress. Plus, you get to use these lockers all year round, not just during the Christmas season.

Re-arrange your displays to show more popular labels

If you don’t feel like purchasing additional point-of-purchase racks to accommodate more merchandise, here’s a smart way to still keep sales at its peak – re-arrange your wine displays. Put the more popular or best-selling labels in high-traffic areas in your store. This will make it easier for customers to find them instead of pushing and shoving through the crowd to find the labels they want. Also make sure to have a healthy amount of stocks ready to avoid mad scrambles which would potentially lead to accidents.

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