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Technical Tuesday Episode #268: Optimum Versatility With Platinum Series

February 2nd, 2016 by

Looks like the Platinum Series is on a roll! It’s our first Tech Tuesday showcase for the month of L-O-V-E and our Platinum Series wine racks are really cranking up on that leaderboard. Today, we’re bringing you a project that illustrates just how versatile these wine racking units are, from function down to form:

Project # 264291
Wood: Platinum / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 2501
Where: Anne Arundel, MD

All-Platinum wine cellar

This is quite a large project, considering the bottle capacity of a little over 2500. The client had an impressive floor area to work with and it was indeed a challenge for our design team to outfit the cellar and really maximize all that available space. Needless to say, the Platinum Series brought out the desired results with flying colors.

Quarter Round Shelf

Just feast your eyes on this set-up: Individual Bottle Columns for Wine, Small/Medium Champagne and/or Split bottles, Open Diamond Cubes with “X” Interlocks, 15 Degree Displays for Wine, Small/Medium Champagne and/or Split bottles,  Rectangular Bins, and Curved Corner racks to nicely wrap around the room’s sharp corners. Our team also installed Magnum and/or Large Champagne Individual Bottle racks to accommodate larger-format bottles. Quarter Round Shelves were incorporated as well to finish off the racking assembly and tone down the sharp silhouettes of the Individual Bottle Columns. But the focal point of this wine cellar is really the this – the Wine Bottle Waterfall:

Beautiful Wine Bottle Waterfall racks

If you want your wine cellar to have that “wow” factor without compromising on bottle storage capacity, the Wine Bottle Waterfall is the way to go. This racking unit’s cascading configuration allows you to display those prized wine bottles in a dramatic manner. Plus, these waterfalls can be easily combined with other racking elements, such as wine display islands and peninsulas, to really maximize on the storage space of your wine room. It’s certainly safe to say that the Wine Bottle Waterfall is one of our most sought-after accent pieces because apart from being highly functional, it provides an aesthetic facelift to any wine racking arrangement.

Wine racks in Classic Mahogany Stain

Now this entire racking assembly is done in All-Heart Redwood (classic combo again!) and finished off with a gorgeous Classic Mahogany Stain. The boldness of the stained racks make them stand out against the plain light hues of the walls and floors. Once the racks are filled up, the bottles will definitely be the stars of this wine cellar! *Cheers*

Classic Platinum x All-Heart combo

Cigar Humidors And Why You Should Have One

February 1st, 2016 by

More than just a few wine lovers out there are also cigar collectors. So there’s also a need to whip up the proper storage for  these babies!  Fortunately, WCI is a few steps ahead on that with our custom cigar humidors. With our cigar humidors, your valued cigars can receive proper storage, preserving them and extending their lifespan.


Why it’s a must to have one

What exactly is a “cigar humidor?” It’s basically a specialized box that is used to store cigars. But what makes it different from standard storage drawers and cabinets is its ability to maintain the perfect balance of temperature and humidity for extending the life of cigars. It must be always kept in mind that storing your cigars in a refrigerator is a big no-no. The temperature in the refrigerator will just dry them out and ruin them. With a cigar humidor, you get a climate controlled environment that will keep your cigars fresh for a long period of time, preserving both their look and taste.

Now the next question would be: “How much does a cigar humidor cost?” You’d be surprised to learn that they can actually be quite pricey. Some can cost a little below a hundred bucks, but there are customized ones that set you back a couple of thousand. That’s because it’s not just an ordinary cabinet but a “humidor.” It can automatically heat, cool, dehumidify and humidify your cigars according to changes in the outside environment.

But here’s the good news: WCI now offers custom-designed cigar humidors, including walk-in humidors, complete with environmental controls. Our cigar humidors are generally available in All-Heart Redwood, but you can also request other wood options. The  humidors are styled with angled shelves purposely made to showcase cigar boxes or individual cigars. Plus, they are also equipped with pull-out shelves to store additional loose cigars or accessories. Moreover, you get to enjoy several other customization options, such as the size of the humidor, the stain and finish options on the wood, and even accents on the glass doors, such as custom etchings.

And that’s not all! Since we customize all the way, you can even have your cigar humidor designed in such a way so that it will look built-in in an existing wine cellar. You can have the humidor match with your wine cellar’s wine racking arrangement, shelving, and cabinetry. Visit this section of the website and contact us for a quote. It’s time to give your cigar collection the home it deserves – just like your wine bottles!

Why You Should Choose Wall-Mount Wine Racks

January 28th, 2016 by

Why, indeed? Well, we can certainly give you guys more than just one or two reasons for that! But what’s even better is that clients who have purchased wall-mount racking units from WCI can share with you their unique wine cellar construction experiences. That means hearing the thoughts of real, honest-to-goodness users of our wall-mount racking products.

Lovely Vintage View wine racks

First up is our Vintage View Series! Our client Linda discovered the space-saving joys of using these wall-mounted metal racking units to create more than enough space for her collection. Plus, we absolutely loved the way she has utilized these racks to contribute to her wine room’s artistic layout. Once the racks were all filled out, the bottles worked extremely well with the art pieces, giving the room some real eye-candy. So basically, efficient bottle storage was not the only thing these the wall-mounted babies brought. They also added some awesome aesthetic touches to the client’s wine cellar.

Metal wine racks with polished stone accents

Speaking of aesthetic touches, here’s another example how our Vintage Series wall-mount wine racks can make simple lines and classic silhouettes into a total stunner. This wine closet transformation shows how one can play up the strengths of metal wine racks by pairing them with the right accents. These are all part of our Vintage View line: 27-Bottle Vintage View Wine Racks in 3-feet tall and 3″ tall, triple-deep, and 36-Bottle Vintage View in 4″in tall, triple deep configurations.

These custom metal wine displays allows one to showcase one’s collection with the labels facing forward instead of the corks. For commercial wine establishments, the advantage of this type of layout couldn’t be more obvious. It is easier to draw the customers’ attention to labels you’d want to sell and of course, help them in easily locating labels they want to purchase. Note that the modular design of these racking units can accommodate small residential cellars starting from 100 bottles to large commercial projects of up to 50,000 bottles. They basically give you the same amount (or even more) of bottle storage as wood wine racks at a more affordable price range.

Our gorgeous Curvy Cubes

Our next wall-mount racking wonder would definitely be our Curvy Wine Cubes. Our cubes can either be stacked or wall-mounted, depending on your available space AND design preference. More than just a few clients with residential wine cellars have preferred mounting the cubes as opposed to stacking them. All you need to do is purchase a Wall Mount Kit and check out our Assembly Manual and assembly videos. Of course, you can also request for our professional installation services anytime!

Now go ahead, save space and create unique wine cellar designs with WCI’s wall-mount wine racks!


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Custom Wine Cellar Art

January 27th, 2016 by

It actually doesn’t take much to give your wine cellars a fancier look. Oftentimes, it just takes one really unique and attractive piece of artwork to pull it all together. You can actually find such pieces in WCI’s extensive selection of wine cellar art. But what’s even better is the fact that here at WCI, practically everything you need for your wine cellar project can be customized. So while we have on-hand pieces for you to choose from, there’s no stopping you from having one fully customized to suit your artistic taste and the theme of your wine cellar.

Tumbled Stone and Etched Mirrors

Artistic options to enjoy!

We have a healthy selection of wine cellar paintings and murals to make your wine cellar achieve that picture-perfect appeal. Our Classical Moments and Contemporary Moments collections are often used in archways or glass rack openings. But what a lot of potential customers (and even returning ones!) don’t know is that we also do Onsite Murals. If you want a specific piece of artwork painted directly on your wine cellar walls or ceilings, we have artists that will travel to paint murals worldwide. Naturally, there are additional costs to cover travel expenses for these jobs, but believe us when we say it’s all worth it. All you need to do is submit a design idea to receive a price quote.

But if you’re really not up to all that added expense, you can still have your custom artwork thanks to our Wallpaper Canvas option. Essentially, the wallpaper canvas can be installed by a professional wallpaper installer directly to your wine cellar wall. Check out this section of the website for more details on this feature.

Now your choices are not limited to just the appearance of the artwork. WCI also offers a variety of materials such as Mosaic Art, Tumbled Stone, Etched Mirrors, Stained Glass, and Hand-Painted Tiles. All of these can, of course, be utilized in your wine cellar archways, but there are also those that can be used on your tabletops, countertops, flooring, and windows. Take for example our exquisite Hand-Painted Tiles. These can also be used on your tables and floors to give your wine cellar a unique charm. Or you can go with our Stained Glass artworks and add a whimsical touch to your wine room.

Talk to an experienced WCI design consultant today and be artistically inspired!