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Second-hand Goodness With Our Discounted Wine Racks

September 15th, 2016

Would you buy a “second-hand” wine racking unit for your collection? We won’t be surprised if there will be more than a few out there who will say “no” to the idea of purchasing second-hand wine racks. A lot of times, we associate something that’s second-hand with something that is already used, timeworn, and possibly with defects owing to wear and tear. But when it comes to wine racks, these are worries you shouldn’t concern with – not when you have WCI’s factory seconds.

Second-hand was never this good!

The term “factory seconds” can indeed be subject to misconstruction. That’s why we’re going to set things right with the help of our client who made a recent purchase from our factory seconds catalogue. Here’s a shot of the discounted wine rack they got:

Factory Seconds

Surprise, surprise! There’s nothing used, worn, or defective about the product. That’s because when we talk of discounted factor seconds here at WCI, we’re talking about completely brand new racking units that have only been marked down to move them out a quicker rate due to any of these reasons:

  1. The rack might have been manufactured with an extra knot in the wood;
  2. The rack was stained with the wrong color;
  3. The order was cancelled halfway through production; or
  4. The racking unit becomes discontinued due to lack of popularity.

In other words, there’s no compromise on quality, craftsmanship and style of the wine racks. We shoulder the losses owing to very negligible errors during the manufacturing stage while potential customers can get beautiful custom wine racks at rock-bottom prices. And, like all our other regular products, these wine racks are easy to assemble and can be easily mixed and matched with other racking elements.

Now it should also be noted that these discounted wine racks include commercial racking products as well. We have “second-hand” commercial racking units that sport top-dollar quality and look sans the top-dollar price. And yes – we also have accents and accessories as well such as wine cellar doors, tasting tables, and so on. Thanks to these amazing clearance prices, you can even create a custom wine room in the near future without busting your budget. While you guys can check out the latest additions to the factory seconds catalogue online, we also highly recommend dropping by our showroom if you live locally or happen to be in the Cincinnati area. Just get in touch with us for an appointment and a chance to score these awesome goodies!

Wine Cellar Inspirations: The Eco-Friendly Wine Cellar

September 14th, 2016

What could be better than a gorgeous, custom wine cellar? We’ll tell you what: a gorgeous, custom, and eco-friendly wine cellar! That’s right, wine cellar buddies. You can actually take that wine cellar project a notch higher by incorporating elements that would make Mother Nature really happy. And you’d be thrilled to know you’re actually going to be spending less when you go for some of these eco-friendly materials. Allow us to list down some options and inspire you guys into getting started:

Eco-friendly flooring

Go for some eco-friendly wine cellar flooring!

First up, your wine cellar flooring. If you haven’t heard of these environment-friendly choices yet, then it’s about time you did because they can make a huge difference in your wine cellar construction experience. Our personal favorite is cork flooring. Cork, we should emphasize from the outset, is a rapidly renewable  resource. It is a natural and durable material that is harvested with minimal impact on the environment. Cork floors are very low maintenance, requiring only routine sweeping and vacuuming to avoid build up of abrasive particles. It’s also fire resistant to boot. Just keep in mind that spills should be cleaned up ASAP and wet maintenance is a no-no. Cork floors will actually last for decades!

Choose water-based stains, lacquers and finishes!

When we talk about stains, lacquers and finishes on wine cellar projects, the usual concept is that of oil-based ones. But it’s high time to re-educate ourselves on this. The better option is to go for water-based stains, lacquers and finishes. Why so? First, water-based ones have little to no  VOCs (volatile organic compounds), unlike those that are oil-based. These VOCs are harmful and prolonged exposure can lead to carcinogenic or neurotoxic effects. On the other hand, water-based stains, lacquers and finishes are “green” and environmentally friendly. They dry quickly, are virtually odor-free, and clean-up is quick and efficient. You don’t need to use paint thinner or other potent solvents – just soap and water.

LED lighting

Switch to LED lighting accessories!

For your wine cellar lighting, you’d want to consider investing in LED lighting elements. LED lights provide more flexibility at a lower cost than incandescent, with over seven times the life expectancy. LED lights have lower voltage do not generate UV rays and light up very quickly: 0.01 seconds to full brightness 10X faster compared to incandescent bulbs. Last but certainly not the least, these LED lights have better resistanceto vibration and humidity compared to incandescent lighting.

Technical Tuesday Episode #299: “Instant” Wine Cellars With The Urban Living Series

September 13th, 2016

Is there such a thing as “instant” wine cellars? You’d be surprised to find out that it’s actually possible – especially here at WCI. Today’s Technical Tuesday feature is a terrific example of this so-called “instant” wine cellar. Let’s get you all acquainted with our Urban Living Series:

Project # 261739
Wood: Urban Living Series
Bottle Capacity:271 bottles

Corner Right Waterfall with Sideboard

We’ve featured our Urban Living Series a couple of times on the blog. This line consists of our modular wine storage packages designed specifically for apartment and condo living. In other words, these are wine racks meant to outfit compact living spaces. When the Urban Living Series was launched, we introduced several packages that come in 6, 7, and 8-foot options. Other customization options include five stains and finishes as well lacquer finish. But note that all these packages are comprised of 85% Vintner wine racking units, 10% Designer, and 5% Custom Wine Racks.

Urban Living Series

One of the best things though about our Urban Living Series is that you can choose to have the wine racks shipped fully assembled. That’s the equivalent of an “instant” wine cellar because all you need to do is fill up those racks once they’ve arrived. The fact that these are “packages” and the racks actually come from our “kits,” they are reasonably priced to suit your budget. Adding a little extra to have them shipped fully assembled will definitely not have you breaking the bank. Just take a look at this beautiful Corner Right Waterfall with Sideboard package our client purchased. Notice how the racking assembly fits all nice and snug into that corner of the client’s home. This arrangement can host up to 271 bottles in individual and bulk bottle storage formats. Plus, with the addition of the Quarter Round Shelves, the client can even display glassware and other accents to embellish the racking assembly. Below is a video of how we ship the packages fully assembled to your doorstep:

Our Urban Living Series is still a growing line which means in due time, there will be more exciting products to be launched, particularly with our Vintner Series line and other wine rack kits. That means clients will have more racking arrangement styles to choose from in the future as we come up with more combinations and packages for the Urban Living Series. As a teaser, check out this latest addition: the gorgeous Arched Wine Cradle Rack package. *Cheers*

Arched Wine Cradle Rack

Lacquer vs Non-Lacquer In Your Wine Cellar

September 12th, 2016

To lacquer or not to lacquer – that is the question! Some clients get into this dilemma when they’re choosing wine racks and other furniture for their wine cellar project. Should they go for the unstained version or lacquer things up? Will it make that much of a difference, appearance and style wise? These concerns can indeed cause  a bit of confusion, especially if you’re a newbie to wine cellar construction projects. That’s why we’ve come up with some helpful details on lacquer versus non-lacquer options to get you to arrive at a decision that’s most suitable for your wine cellar.

All-Heart Redwood wine cellar

We’re quite fortunate that a client recently sent in these snaps of their completed wine cellar. It’s a gorgeous layout with tons of bottle storage in a great variety of individual and bulk bottle storage options. The racking arrangement was seamlessly designed and we love the use of the Quarter Round Display and Quarter Round Shelf to create a unique, curvy profile for the wine cellar. But what we love most of all is the play of neutral tones in this wine cellar, highlighted mostly by custom LED lighting elements and that beautiful vintage light fixture.

Lacquered tabletop

But now let’s shift our focus onto the custom tabletop with lots of additional bottle storage below and capped off with a Mini Quarter Round Shelf. Did you notice the sheen on the tabletop as compared to the wine racks and displays? This tabletop is the only furniture in this wine cellar that has been lacquered. So appearance-wise, it has that glossy, gleaming finish. Note that all the wine racks and furniture in this wine cellar are made from All-Heart Redwood. All-Heart Redwood sports natural pinkish to reddish gold hues and a wonderful variety of grain patterns. But with the lacquered tabletop, you can see that the wood’s grain patterns become more prominent. We also like how the wood’s colors really stand out and give off a more luxurious vibe. These are basically the advantages you can get from lacquering the wood elements in your wine cellar project as opposed to non-lacquer ones.

Non-lacquered wine racks

So should you go for lacquer or stick with natural, non-lacquer appearance of the wood in your wine cellar project? It’s really up to your style preference and preferred theme for your wine cellar. Either way, so long as you stick with quality wood options for your wine racks and furniture, the results will be truly satisfying. ^_^

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