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Technical Tuesday Episode #415: Spacious Storage With Commercial Wine Racks

January 15th, 2019

It’s only mid-January, but our first commercial wine cellar project is already up and running. That’s how we can tell that this is going to be a really productive year. This wonderful Tech Tuesday features Batesville Liquor Co., a shopping and retail store in Batesville, Indiana:

Project # 282119
Wood/Series: CDR/Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: n/a
Where: Batesville, IN

Commercial wine racks

This client is actually one of the larger liquor establishments in town. They have a pretty extensive selection of wine, beer, and other beverages. The floor area in the store is very spacious. There was more than enough room to accommodate the growing merchandise. The only question is on how to maximize it. This is where WCI’s commercial wine racks come into play. These photos show some of the great choices the client chose for their wine store.

The Circular Merchandiser, in particular, is a real eye-catcher. This rack offers up high wine storage capacity in a compact format. It is recommended to station the merchandiser in high-traffic areas in a wine establishment. The attractive yet practical design allows 360 degrees of visibility. You also have the display row which pops out the wine bottle label. And here’s a bonus: the solid table top is now included with the unit, even in the Vintner Commercial racking series. Circular Wine Merchandiser

Below is another photo showcasing the other commercial racking styles. The rows of Wine Display Islands with Individual Wine Bottle Storage are particularly noteworthy. See how the merchandise is neatly organized for easy identification and access? These islands allow one to display popular labels on top and stock up on them below. This makes for convenient shopping, especially during sales or rush hours. This kind of set-up will make wine selection a pleasant experience for any customer.

Now lining the walls of the store are several variations of WCI’s commercial Display Bins. You can see the Diamond Bins and Fixed Shelves with the display trays jutting out. This helps boost wine sales by capturing customers’ attention to check out popular and/or new labels. Take note that both our Vintner Commercial and Classic Commercial lines carry these racking styles. The Vintner line itself includes a very extensive selection of state-of-the-art commercial racking units. Plus, there is a lot of customization options for the wood, stains and finishes. You can basically get high-quality racks for your store at in a more affordable price range. Our Classic line is hand built to order. This translates to a higher price – but with customization down to the finest detail. *Cheers*

Wine Display Islands

Knowing The Right Assembly Tools For Your DIY Wine Cellar

January 14th, 2019

Anything DIY is such a hit these days – and that certainly includes wine cellars. That’s why we devote our Testimonial Thursday blogs to these projects. It’s quite amazing to witness the creativity of clients using our products. We are also impressed at how they work with the assembly and installation process. In the end, it really boils down to knowing the right assembly tools. So if you’re a newbie to wine cellar construction, we highly recommend getting thoroughly informed first.

We’re pretty lucky that a client of ours decided to document their DIY wine cellar journey and share it with everyone. They called this the 2015 Wine Room Project. So a few years back, the purchased some WineMaker Series racking units from WCI. In particular, they got an open vertical display, 4 column, 10 column, and curved corner racks. All the units were in the 3 foot high configuration and crafted from Premium Redwood. The racks were stained in beautiful Dark Walnut that matched the flooring of the wine room:

Awesome DIY with our WineMaker Series

Now as far as the assembly and installation process went, the client document it in detail. They utilized a nail gun which made things go in a more convenient fashion. Per the client’s testimony, assembling the racks was a fairly straightforward task. The use of the brad nailer allowed them to complete everything in a couple hours. Take note that there are actually three popular ways to assemble these wine racks. You can use the traditional hammer-and-nail method. There’s also the use of screws with the help of a drill. You have to pre-drill the holes first so you won’t damage the wood. Then, of course, you have the last method which is the nail gun. The latter has been proven time and again to be the most efficient one. We have a detailed comparison of these three methods on our learning videos. Now check out our client’s video on how they utilized this method to put together their racking assembly. See how they managed to make racks fit into the frames, as well as adding a countertop:

“They are pretty sturdy, and I’d recommend them to anyone. I also liked that the cuts and milled out areas were all uniform, and fit together well.”

~Paul M.~

Have you embarked on any WCI wine cellar projects and documented your experience as well? If you did, we’d love for you to share it with us as well! Shoot as an e-mail of your assembly and installation process. ^_^

A Very Pleased Client Shares His All-Vintner Wine Cellar

January 10th, 2019

Our Vintner Series is really racking up the popularity points as early as the start of the year. This goes to show that the series possesses the features clients need for their wine cellar projects. Today’s DIY feature is another all-Vintner showcase. This completed wine cellar is a great example to let us delve into further detail on Vintner’s strengths:

All-Vintner wine cellar

We can see from these photos that the client has a pretty sizeable collection. They also needed room to accommodate future acquisitions. The variety of racking styles in the Vintner kits helped them achieve just that. One of the best features of this series is that it has the greatest variety of wine rack designs. This allows one to create really unique racking arrangements that will suit both bottle storage needs and style preference. By learning how Vintner actually works, one can create a wine cellar sporting a custom look sans the expensive cost.

The most important thing to remember about this series is that it has amazing stackable qualities. Vintner offers 3-foot and 4-foot racking units that can be easily stacked to any height you desire. At WCI’s purchase page for this product, we have included the option to select the desired racking height. This makes it more convenient for customers to purchase the right racks and stacking equipment needed. The latter refers to the extra options you can add to really complete your wine racks. These “extras” also give your racks even more additional inches, height-wise. Those extras have been utilized in this project, giving the assembly a seamless appearance.

Lots of bottle storage space

So what exactly are these add-ons? These are the molding packages, center seam trim, base molding packages, and base platforms. The crown and base moldings help close any awkward gaps between your racks and the ceiling and/or flooring. As for the Center Seam Trim, this helps hide the point where your two wine racks meet. The base platforms serve to elevate these racking units. By wisely utilizing these options, your wine cellar will sport a truly professional, custom-built look. The last bit would be to throw in the finishing touches by selecting your stains and finishes. In the client’s case, they went for a Dark Walnut Stain to give their wine cellar a classy appeal:

Beautifully stained in Dark Walnut

“I love the racks and am very pleased. I am also very pleased with service and support that I received from Fabian Sanchez at Wine Cellar Innovations.” 

~John M.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Elegant Design Ideas For Wine Cellar Doors

January 9th, 2019

How much thought have you put into the design of your wine cellar door? Are you content with just a run-of-the-mill design? Or do you want your door design to really pop out? Or you might be the type who wants something simple but can still be a statement piece. Whatever your preference may be, one thing’s for sure. You can definitely customize your wine cellar door to your liking. Here are some elegant design ideas you’d want to explore:

Full glass door with arch

Full glass door with arch…

A full glass door is quite common with formal wine cellars. So why not add a bit of a style twist to it? Instead of the standard full glass door, we recommend one with and arch. WCI offers two types: the Full Arch and the Eyebrow Arch. They will give your wine cellar a little more character. Another option would be the Straight Rail with Arched Glass. Here, the arched glass is enhanced by a rectangular wooden frame for that solid and elegant appearance

Panels on standard doors

Panels on standard doors…

Door panels are surprisingly stylish, especially if you have a number of ways to have them. A solid wood panel wine cellar door seems to be the most common one. But take note that you can spruce this up with a variety of stains and finishes. You can also have the Solid Raised Panel which is another variation of this style. With the right wood and stain/finish pairing, you can create a truly unique look for your wine cellar entryway. The Tri Panel is another popular design. This consists of wood panels divided into three equal portions. A variation would be the Top Glass Panel Two Raised Panel door. And lastly, you have the Half Glass Half Raised Panel door utilizing more than half of the glass element.

Decorative applications on standard doors

Decorative applications on standard doors…

This is perhaps one of our most favorite design ideas. Incorporating decorative applications on even the most regular-looking doors can really transform them into something special. Here at WCI, we offer several ways to accomplish this. One is through custom etched glass on your entryways. Another is painted glass which can add pops of color into your wine cellar. Yet another option would be wood carvings on the doors. We can replicate intricate designs of your choice and turn your door into a conversation piece. Last but not the least, we can also work with wrought iron. The hand-forged wrought iron is usually  powder coated with either matte black or bronze texture finish. ^_^