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Designer Series In Rustic Pine Exceeds Client’s Expectations

April 20th, 2017

When the results of a wine cellar project exceeds the client’s expectations, that’s when we feel the most fulfilled. Client satisfaction has and will always be our goal here at WCI. But there is really something to be said about going the extra mile and getting positive results from doing so – like what our client Sherry has to say about her WCI experience:

Designer Series wine racks

So the client needed some custom racking to outfit their wine establishment. As you can see from the snaps they sent us, the structure for the wine cellar was already pre-built. The big question now was if they could find the right kind of wine racks to outfit their wine cellar. They turned to the WCI racking catalogue for help and needless to say, they were definitely NOT disappointed. They chose our Designer Series wine racks kit, or more specifically, the Individual Bottle Storage racks with Display Rows. These units come in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 column widths and can be easily combined with other racking elements and accessories either from the same series or with other WCI racking products.

Rustic Pine was the wood of choice for this project, dressed up in Midnight Black Stain. You guys might recall in our older blogs how we talked about darker stains and finishes being less popular compared to classic shades such as Classic Mahogany or Light Stain. But recently, we’ve actually been doing more and more darker stains and finishes, especially with those wine cellars sporting more contemporary designs. Indeed, these darker hues may be a tad risky style-wise, but they can really be stunning when done right. In the client’s case, the choice paid off because the finished racking assembly looked absolutely fantastic:

Rustic Pine in Midnight Black Stain

It’s also worth mentioning that this project is quite budget-friendly. First off, the Designer Series “kit” was used which means that the racks are more affordable compared to the custom lines. The other thing, too, is the wood option – Rustic Pine. Never forget that Rustic Pine is our best value by price per bottle space because the supply of this wood is huge. Pine grows throughout North America and represents a huge quantity of the overall wood produced. Rustic Pine is a grade that includes knots which give a bigger yield and lower cost than a clear grade of wood.

“They actually turned out way better than I thought they would. We installed the racks together at our shop (we have a custom cabinet shop).”

~Sherry B.~


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Bring Spring Into Your Wine Cellars

April 19th, 2017

Sunnier skies and occasional April showers are definitely indicators that Spring is here and will be here to stay. So why not bring Spring into your wine cellars as well! We have some pretty sweet decorating ideas we’d love to share with you. From your wine bottles down to your wine racks and tasting tables, it’s time to bloom and bring on the colors:

Bright and easy with recycled wine bottles!

Bring Spring into your wine cellars!

For sure, you’ll have lots of empty wine bottles lying about. Don’t chuck them out just yet because they will make for some fabulous decor for your wine cellar, as well as your dining, kitchen, and even the living area. Choose a couple of bottles that are transparent enough. To make it more fun, make sure they’re of different heights and/or sizes. Now with the help of some food coloring, fill those bottles with water tinted to match the colors of the blooms you’ll be putting into them. We recommend white blooms because you’ll be in for a nice surprise – the petals will take on the hues of the tinted water. You can certainly say that “Spring has sprung” in your home!

Stock up on succulents!

Green your wine cellars away!

Succulent plants, or also known as just succulents, are actually “water storage” plants. These are plants that have some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. While you do need to give them enough sunshine, succulents actually thrive well indoors. If your wine cellar has windows, you can definitely bring a little bit of Spring inside with these miniature green delights. We suggest putting them in tiny clay pots or if you want to be more creative, in DIY vases made from ceramic or tin. Succulents do not actually take too well to being grown in glass containers.

Go funky with wine box/crate displays!

Re-use your wine boxes and crates!

Just as you’re going to have empty wine bottles, you’ll definitely have empty wine boxes or crates. Keep them and transform them into colorful accents in your home and wine cellar. These boxes or crates will make for great centerpieces, too. Line the insides properly so they won’t leak and fill them with soil and decorative stones. This will make it easy for you to arrange vibrant bouquets in them. You can also put in twigs and other decorative branches or even incorporate edible elements such as asparagus stalks, coriander, radishes, and more. Let your imagination guide you and bring in the shades of Spring as you go along!

Technical Tuesday Episode #329: Creating Extensive Bottle Storage With Gold x Vintner

April 18th, 2017

Did everyone have a fab Easter weekend? We hoped you had a “hopping,” grand time because we sure did. Now if the Easter Bunny delivered wine bottles instead of eggs, we’re pretty sure it would be delighted to come across today’s Tech Tuesday feature. Just see how much bottle storage space this clever Gold x Vintner combo has managed to provide to the client:

Project # 290144
Wood: Gold/Vintner/Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 904

Gold x Vintner combo

As far as extensive bottle storage goes, this is one of those racking assemblies that is really worth the spotlight. These snaps can tell you right off the bat that this wine room is not your standard four corners which would have been easy to manage. Check out the irregular ceiling configurations and the sharp nooks and crannies. Under normal circumstances, one would need custom racking units to properly outfit this room in order to maximize on bottle storage capacity. Also, you’d need custom wine racks to ensure a more or less seamless fit, given the quite uneven structure of the room. And for most people, that would translate to stretching their budgets. But here at WCI, that’s definitely not an issue, thanks to wine racking combos!

Unstained Premium Redwood

Since we have a healthy assortment of racking products, customers will always find wine racks and wine cellar accessories that will suit their budget. In this case, our design team decided to mix and match our Gold Series custom racks with the Vintner Series wine racks kit. That means this racking assembly is on point, not just in terms of bottle storage capacity, but in terms of meeting the client’s budget as well. Note that our wine rack kits were developed precisely to provide customers with affordable racking options. The Vintner Series, in particular, allows one to enjoy custom amenities in their wine cellar projects sans the custom price.

Wine Bottle Waterfall

Now check out how our team was able to the racks in those irregular corners (see image above) and really maximize on the bottle storage. It’s all thanks to the variety of racking options that come with the Vintner kits. In this particular project, Wine Bottle Waterfall and Curved Corner racks were utilized to trim the low and uneven ceilings. And of course, as with most of our racking assemblies, crown and base moldings were added to give the racks a polished look. Note that with our Vintner Series, you have more than just a few crown and base molding “packages” to choose from. *Cheers*

Wine cellar cooling system

Spell Awesome With Vintner Individual Concave Racks!

April 17th, 2017

Just how much better can our Vintner Series get? Much, much better – this we can definitely say! So last year, we introduced a bunch of upgrades to the Vintner wine racks kit, such as the Vintner Elite Cabinetry and Beer Storage racks. We also launched our Vintner Commercial Wine Racks collection. Well this year, we have added yet another awesome feature to the kits’ racking list: check out the Vintner Individual Concave Racks!

Unique design, top-notch functionality!

Following the success of our Curvy Cubes, the Vintner Series also expanded to embrace the sexy silhouettes of curved racking. From the name itself, these concave racks sport a distinct, curvy profile that is not only eye-catching, but very space-efficient as well. Essentially, you’ll find that this curved wine rack kit will provide an excellent solution to attractively store bottles where a 90 degree directional transition is needed. That and it certainly adds to the character of your racking assembly, giving it that needed flair.

In true Vintner fashion, the concave racks are very much flexible. They come in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10-Column configurations. Plus, there’s the Curved Corner Concave to help conquer those stubborn nooks and corners in your wine cellar project. As to be expected, these units are all stackable – purchase two or more and stack them one on top of the other in order to maximize any ceiling height. And of course, they are also available in the 3- and 4-feet height options.

Speaking of the versatility factor, these racks come in several wood, stain and finish options. This also include the lacquer option! Moreover, crown and base molding packages are available, including center trim. You can purchase these add-ons separately for a reasonable upcharge. We highly recommend doing so since these moldings really help finish off a racking assembly, making it look clean and seamless. For specific deets on the racking styles under the Vintner Individual Concave line, browse through these links and/or get in touch with our experienced design consultants:

Vintner Individual Concave Racks

“Awesome” here at WCI is indeed spelled with a capital “V” – for Vintner! We’re looking forward to showcasing the Vintner Individual Concaves in future wine cellar projects, so watch out for that, too. *Cheers*