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WCI Vintner Kits Get Solid Recommendations From Client

December 7th, 2017

We won’t let 2017 come and go without letting Vintner shine in another inspiring Testimonial Thursday post. It’s just a little over two weeks more to go before Christmas and a few more until we ring in the New Year. So what better way to bring this productive year to a close than with a slew of stunning DIY projects.

Vintner Series wine racks

Our client James sent over these gorgeous shots of their newly completed wine cellar. Surprise, surprise! It’s all DIY! And not only that – it’s all made from our Vintner Series wine rack kits. We were certainly impressed at how they were able to put together this beautifully designed wine cellar with the use of our Vintner products. As you can see from the snaps, they sent for the Individual Bottle Columns with Displays, Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim, and a Vintner Tasting Center package. We love how they actually grew the racking assembly using the Tasting Center as the focal point:

Individual and bulk bottle storage from Vintner

It’s no secret that when it comes to wine rack kits, Vintner tops the leaderboard. You get an amazing variety of designs for individual and bulk bottle storage, all in full depth racking. Moreover, not only are these racking units stackable, they also come in several height configurations to accommodate any ceiling height. This section in our Vintner page shows how one can put together the kits with a smorgasboard of options. That includes custom crown and base molding packages to help create a really seamless racking assembly.

Just this year, we’ve had so many new additions to our Vintner Series as well. It’s also worth checking out our Vintner Individual Concave racks, the Vintner Elite line for elegant cabinetry, and our multi-functional Vintner Stacks. And of course, also don’t forget to check out the Learning Videos on how to actually put the racks together. These kits were specifically designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Our client’s testimonial pays tribute to that ease of assembly!

“Here are a few pics so far. The kits arrived in good shape. Some of the packages had handling holes but all was good. Kits went together very well and yes I used my nail gun. One or two bottle slats had to be re-nailed but we were very happy. We would recommend the kits to others. We added the bases and a trimmed them with mahogany for a custom look.”

~James B.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Smart Wine-Inspired Holiday Gift Ideas

December 6th, 2017

It’a time to get cracking on that holiday shopping list! We’re pretty sure that there’s more than just a few wine lovers on yours. So if you’re still wondering what to get them this season which isn’t just another bottle of wine, we can help you out. Check out some of these smart, wine-inspired holiday gift ideas:

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

This is one type of gift any wine lover will definitely love. The best thing about wall-mounted wine racks is that there are tons of styles available. You can certainly find one that will meet your preference and budget. Here at WCI, we have a healthy selection to choose from, starting with racks from our Modern Wine Cellars section. Most of our metal racking units are wall-mounted, such as the WineZone Wine Shelf, Vintage View Series, and more. But we also have smaller-scaled options such as our Wall Wine Rack Series, Vino Rails, Styx and Pins.

Small Wine Racks

Small Wine Racks

You might also want to wrap up some small wine racking units to put under the tree for your wine loving family members or friends. These racks may be “small” but they have great bottle storage capacity. There are also lots of shapes and styles to choose from. Here at WCI, we have some traditionally designed units from our Mini Stack Series. But we also have unique and contemporary ones that are truly stunning. The Acrylic Racks are one of our newest additions to the small wine racks family. Then, of course, you have very popular Curvy Cubes which can boost your home’s aesthetic charm as well. Let’s not also forget an old favorite: our Stackable Scallop Wine Racks. Your wine-loving giftee is sure to have a very Merry Christmas with any of these!

Wine Cellar Art

Wine Cellar Art

Who won’t be over the moon with receiving a gorgeous piece of artwork? For the certified wino in your holiday gift list, a lovely piece of wine cellar art is in order. Worried about the price? Note that all of our wine cellar painting and murals are hand painted and custom created to each customer’s taste and dimensions. That’s right! You can specify the dimensions as well as customize other elements to make it suit your budget. This will be an absolutely perfect gift, especially for someone starting their wine cellar project.

Want more wine-inspired holiday gift ideas? We have a complete Holiday Gift Guide just for you. Get your shopping done online to avoid the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush! ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episode #361: Custom Unstained All-Heart Redwood Racks

December 5th, 2017

Hellooo, December! This will be the first and third to the last Tech Tuesday feature for 2017. We are just about ready to wrap the year up, but not without showcasing a few more goodies. Today, it’s all about the beauty of custom wine racking. This is one of the more unique projects our team has completed. It’s a mix of vintage and artsy elements and the result is just enchanting:

Project #: 270508
Wood: Custom / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1373

Custom designed wine racks

As can be seen from these shots, this is a very spacious, full-blown wine cellar. The design is very old-country inspired, mimicking medieval wine rooms and such. We absolutely love the materials that have come into play in this project. The contrast between the rough-hewn stone materials and well-crafted wine racks is a definite stunner.

Now we’d like to emphasize that this is a fully custom project. The racking arrangements were all scaled to fit into those designated nooks. You can see from the images how meticulous the arches were crafted in order to create a seamless fit. Naturally, custom moldings played a huge part in achieving this look. Keep in mind that if you are looking to outfit irregular spaces or would like specific racking styles, custom racking is the way to go.

Unstained All-Heart Redwood racks

Now let’s take a closer look at the wine racks themselves. These are all made from unstained, All-Heart Redwood. There is no way you’ll go wrong with this wood option. While All-Heart Redwood is said to be the most expensive part of the Redwood tree, it is worth every dollar you spend for. The wood comes exclusively from the center of the log which makes for the consistency in the reddish hues. It’s important to note that of all North American woods, All-Heart Redwood is the most resistant to moisture, mildew and rot. This is why this is the wood type that is most used in subterranean wine cellars before all these climate controlled wine cellars came into existence. Of course, for the client’s wine cellar, they have purchased one of our ever reliable WineZone wine refrigeration systems to maintain ideal temperature 24/7.

Custom wine cellar door

Here’s a gorgeous shot of the wine cellar from the outside. We also love the stunning entryway with it’s etched glass double-doors. WCI has quite an extensive selection of wine cellar door styles for you to choose from. Browse our doors and decorative applications for that added aesthetic charm to your wine cellar project. And of course, do check out our photo galleries for more designing inspirations! *Cheers *

Achieving Minimalistic Beauty With Cable Wine Racking

December 4th, 2017

Are you the type who loves fancy, dramatic racking arrangements or are you more of a minimalist? If you fall into the latter category, then we might have the kind of wine racks you want. Remember how we have recently revamped the WCI website and expanded our Modern Wine Cellars section? Well, that is the section you should check out! One of the newest additions to our modern racking units is our Cable Wine Racking system. Allow us to give you more deets on these simple but eye-catching wine racks:

Simple, sturdy, and stunning!

So why is this named as the “Cable Wine Racking System”? First off, this cable wine system is made out of stainless steel which makes it perfect for high humidity environments. There is no need to worry about the racks rusting out. Moreover, there are these strong cables that are attached to wood panels above and below the racking units. These make for strong security for your wine bottles, hence the name “cable racking.”

Cable Wine Racking

But that’s not all. These units also come with wooden elements, as earlier mentioned. These wood panels serve as the base for the wine racks. And like all wooden components here at WCI, these panels are fully customizable. That’s right! The wood panels can be created in a variety of woods, stains and lacquer. You can choose from our four popular wood options – All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Grand Mahogany – or go select woods. As for the stain and finish options, you have a whole slew of choices available here. You can also opt to create a blended stain to go with the theme or existing decor of your home. By customizing your wine racks, you will be able to achieve an incredibly sophisticated design for your wine cellar.

Now if you think that’s impressive enough, wait till you hear this: cable wine racks can accommodate a variety of bottle shapes and sizes, way more compared to standard units. That means you can store other types of liquor as well and not just wine. For someone who wants to grow a versatile collection, this is the perfect racking system to utilize. And of course, don’t forget the space-efficiency factor. The racks are designed to be secured to the walls, making them highly space-efficient. WCI’s Cable Wine Racking system is crafted from high end components which means you get quality wine racks that are worth every dollar you spend. ^_^