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Cozy Under Stairwell Wine Cellar Brings Great Joy To Client

March 8th, 2018

When it comes to organizing a wine collection, each wine lover has his or her own approach to it. Some like to do it by regions or by estates. Others prefer to organize their bottles according to varietals. And there are also those who like to do it by liquor type: reds, whites, champagne, and so on. Our customer Cam intimated that he organizes his collection by year or vintage. He treasures the memories that come with drinking from a bottle of a certain year that is special to him. This only goes to show that wine lovers are quite sensitive and passionate. That’s why wine storage is not just merely putting bottles on wine racks.

In Cam’s case, we’re very happy to learn that our racking products have helped him properly organize his collection. He purchased some units from our WineMaker Series wine rack kits, all in Rustic Pine. He assembled and installed his racks in the unused space under his stairwell. Doesn’t it look so cozy? It was the perfect spot to store his collection and even keep it growing. Check out his wine cellar selfie below. We love that bowtie as much as we do the completed wine racks:

The next image below is a terrific close-up shot of the assembled WineMaker racking units. It clearly shows how space-efficient they are, given the limited area that the client was working with. Indeed, the WineMaker Series was the best choice, given that these are shallow-depth racks. You can see from the image below how the necks of the wine bottles are sticking out from their respective cradles. However, the body of the bottle is still fully supported by the square rails. The shorter depth makes these racks a lot more affordable than the standard-sized ones. That’s because less material is utilized. Nonetheless, this doesn’t diminish the quality and functionality of the racking units at all. Also take note that with the new upgrades, you can have these Individual Bottle Storage racks with display rows. There are also lots of customization options that come with the WineMaker Series. These include wood, stain and finish options, as well as lacquer.

“I am quite happy with my wine racks which are under my stairs. My cellar is organized not by estates or regions or grape varietals. It is organized by the year/vintage. I feel quite emotional drinking a bottle from a particular year that is special to me.” 

~Cam U. ~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Try These Space-Efficient Racking Ideas

March 7th, 2018

Trying to either make or conserve space for your wine bottles? Yes, we understand it’s not always that easy. Not everyone has enough space for several dozen bottles, let alone a hundred or so. But that’s what makes it more challenging. When you are able to find the right solutions to your wine storage needs, it’s a very satisfying feeling. So we’re here to help you guys achieve that feeling of satisfaction! Try out these space-efficient racking ideas in your home and let us know which one worked for you:

Go small and stack ’em up!

Small Wine Racks

Some people avoid using smaller wine racking units thinking that they are a waste of valuable storage space. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. Going for smaller wine racks doesn’t mean you’ll have less bottle storage capacity. It’s all about knowing what small wine racks to use and how to use them. We recommend purchasing the stackable mini wine racks. Since they are compact, they will be easier to fit into those spaces that you once thought were pretty useless, like your coat or shoe closet. They will also fit in nicely into kitchen cabinets and pantries. By stacking these smaller racks, you can control the height configurations. You will be able to make adjustments depending on your home’s ceiling heights. And of course, as they are smaller, adding more units is possible when you have available space in the future.

Discover the power of wine rack pegs!

Wine Rack Pegs

So let’s say you already have a racking assembly but still need more space for more bottles. The problem is, there is no more available floor space to assemble more wine racks. But who says your wine racks have to occupy your floor area all the time? Get creative and utilize other areas in your home! Wine rack pegs will make you appreciate the beauty of wall wine racks. These pegs can go literally anywhere – your kitchen, the dining area, the living room, and yes, even in the hallways. Use your imagination and turn your wine bottles into pieces of artwork for your home. Not only will you have extra bottle storage space, you get some attractive home decor to boot.

Don’t forget about “wine shelves”!

Some people think that bottle storage are better off being done in an individual fashion. That’s definitely not the case. Bulk storage is a wonderful space-saving technique that wine lovers should utilize more. We’re not talking about just chucking loose bottles in wine racks such as open diamond bins and cubes. We’re talking about utilizing wine boxes or crates and putting these in wine shelves. You can get creative and incorporate these wine shelves with your other kitchen or home furniture. This will save so much space, like building the shelves under kitchen islands, countertops, or even converting bookshelves. You will be storing more bottles but occupying less space! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #372: Designer x Vintage View Make Dreams Come True

March 6th, 2018

Having a place for everything in your wine cellar when you’re working with a compact space is quite the achievement. And do forgive us for sounding like we’re patting ourselves on the back on this one. But we have turned out so many successful wine storage solutions over the years, particularly those involving compact spaces. Today marks another success story as a client’s dream wine cellar was brought to life:

Project # 301697
Wood: DKS / Vintage View / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 292
Where: Powell, OH

Gorgeous Designer x Vintage View combo

This absolutely elegant wine cellar is wonderfully deceiving in terms of its size, don’t you agree? From these photos, one would think that this is an ample-sized wine room. But the truth is, our design team worked with a quite narrow area here. In fact, this cellar has a bottle capacity of just under 300 bottles. It falls into the “small wine cellar” category. Nonetheless, thanks to the choice of racking units and the overall layout, it exudes a very spacious appearance:

Midnight Black Stain option

A combination of units from our Designer Series kit and Vintage View Series was utilized for this project. Given the narrow room configurations, it was certainly a smart choice. The Designer Series offers full-depth wine racks in a variety of individual and bulk bottle storage options. The 6-feet height configurations of the racks allows for plenty of bottle storage. And with the recent “add-ons” to the Individual Bottle Columns, one can manipulate the racking heights. With new and improved add-ons, one can purchase extra individual racking to stack on top the basic units. This will allowing the racking assembly to reach another 20 inches high. This includes crown and base moldings that can help give your racking assembly a complete and polished look. Check out the snaps below and see how the Individual Columns fit snugly right up to the ceiling:

As we mentioned earlier, the Designer Series offers a full selection of wood, stains and finishes. While being the more affordable kit option, it still enables clients to personalize the style of their wine cellar. In this case, the client went with a bold Midnight Stain option. You can see how the racks create a stark contrast against the lighter colored flooring and walls.  With the addition of the glass doors and panels, the darker-hued wine racks really stand out. It was the client’s wish to own a wine room that sports a clean and elegant appeal. We couldn’t be happier to prove to them that with WCI’s help, wine cellar dreams do come true. *Cheers*

New Products Update: Catch Up On What You’ve Missed!

March 5th, 2018

Hello, March! Only a few more weeks to go before Spring will be officially here. If that isn’t something to look forward to, we don’t know what is. We’ve plenty lined up for the Spring season, but before that, you guys might need to catch up on a few things. We’ve rolled out lots of goodies since the start of the year, from new racking products and accessories, down to our wine cooling systems. We’ve talked about our newest offerings with our wine racks in the last few blogs. So today, let’s check out these awesome upgrades to our wine cooling systems:

Wine Guardian Ducted Split System

Wine Guardian’s New Ducted Split System

Wine Guardian refrigeration system

First up is Wine Guardian! Wine Guardian refrigeration systems incorporate cooling, heating, filtration, humidification, ducting, internal safety devices and low ambient control as integrated solutions. It carries two types of cooling systems: the through the wall units and the ducted systems. But recently, the brand introduced another addition: the New Ducted Split System (model DS025). This was designed and built to create a complete split cooling system that perfectly matches the evaporator and condenser sections. One of the standout features of this system is the ease in carrying it to the installation site. This is owing to the easy-to-grip handles. Moreover, the sleek new condensing unit design allows installers the ability to mount the system to a wall, balcony, or shelf as well as to a concrete pad on the ground.  The ducted split system is certainly ideal for owners of small to medium wine cellars. These cellars usually have no room for mechanical equipment or area for venting a self-contained unit.

WhisperKOOL’s Phantom Series

Whisperkool Phantom Series

Now if Wine Guardian has stepped up its game, so has our WhisperKOOL wine refrigeration units. WhisperKOOL is highly recommended for entry level wine cellar projects. The unique difference between the WhisperKOOL systems and traditional air conditioners is the maintenance of well conditioned humidity. And just recently, it launched the newest addition to its product lineup: the Phantom Series. This self-contained ducted unit combines the capacity and flexible installation options with customizable blower configuration. The Phantom itself is equipped by powerful blowers. These can now be reoriented to the right, left, or top of the unit by simply removing the exterior metal panels. This gives great advantage to the customer who can have the option of installing the unit in any ducting configuration they desire.

Interested in learning more details on these amazing wine cooling systems? Get in touch with our professional consultants today and find out which unit will work best for you. ^_^