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Technical Tuesday Episode #284: Our New WineZone Evaporators

May 24th, 2016 by

We cannot emphasize enough just how essential having the proper wine cooling system in a wine cellar is. It’s not just about buying the most expensive or popular brand that’s in the market. You’ll need to carefully consider several important factors, particularly the location of your wine cellar and its storage capacity. The wine cooling unit you purchase must be able to maintain the ideal storage conditions in your cellar, taking into account these factors. This is where our WineZone wine refrigeration units can really step it up!


Split vs. Ducted Systems

You’ll find that the entire WineZone line is developed to meet the wine refrigeration needs of all types of wine cellars. In particular, the brand carries two major types of wine cooling systems: the split system and the ducted system. It’s highly recommended to thoroughly check out the features of a split system versus that of a ducted system so that you’ll be able to understand what type of unit really suits your wine storage needs.

WineZone Wine Refrigeration System

So basically, the WineZone Ductless Split System units are those that are connected by small cables as well as a refrigerant line to an indoor or outdoor condenser with a wine cellar unit in order to cool your cellar. are ideal for any wine cellar. The split systems are ideal for any type of wine cellar project. They are available in sizes from 1,500 BTU and larger and built to last under the most demanding conditions. That means when you’re considering constructing a wine cellar in a place in your home other than the basement, a split system is just the unit you need to help maintain the proper storage conditions 24/7.

Now how about the WineZone ducted systems like the WineZone Split Air Handler?  This unit is made to be located outside the wine cellar and the supply and return air is ducted to and from the wine cellar. The Air Handler actually looks like a central air-conditioning system and is just as quiet. It comes equipped with electronic controls and digital displays. Options available with these ducted units are humidifiers, dehumidifiers and alarm modules. You will find that this type of wine cooling system gives you total control of your wine cellar refrigeration.

WineZone Evaporator

Just recently, the latest shipment of the WineZone evaporators has arrived! This is another “level-up” feature in our quest to make our wine refrigeration units as responsive as possible to all the wine storage needs of our clients. With the new evaporators, you can see from the front and side of the units are now private labeled as WineZone.  Moreover, we’ve requested that the coating of the coils will sport a tint instead of being clear so customers could actually see the coating.  You can see the color of the coated coils now with these new evaporators.  Plus, the box that the unit ships in is also labeled WineZone. Talk about full-on customization! *Cheers*

Go Contemporary With Our Acrylic Wine Racks

May 23rd, 2016 by

Adding a modern vibe to your wine cellars is definitely a thumbs-up! These days, giving contemporary touches to just about any section in your home comes highly recommended because this gives it a new and fresh appeal. When it comes to wine cellars and wine racks, we’re still all for the traditional wood materials. But who says you can’t change it up a bit and work with other materials as well – like acrylic.

Acrylic Wine Racks

Simple yet full of character!

This year, WCI has gradually been coming up with other non-wood racking products that are both a class on their own and can easily complement our traditional wood wine racking units. Recently, our team has launched the newest member of our wine racking family: the Acrylic Wine Racks.

Acrylic is basically material that’s made from polymers of acrylic acid or acrylates. You’re probably more familiar with this term when it comes to fabric or textiles and paint. But acrylic is also quite popular in the plastics industry. In the plastics industry, most acrylics are polymers of methyl methacrylate or PMMA. They may be in the form of molding powders or casting syrups, and are noted for their exceptional clarity and optical properties. To date, acrylics are widely used in lighting fixtures owing to the fact that they are slow-burning or even self-extinguishing. Moreover, they do not produce harmful smoke or gases in the presence of flame. But perhaps, the important properties for acrylic would be its optical clarity, low UV sensitivity, and overall weather resistance. Acrylic is often used as a glass substitute which would explain why lots of kitchen, dining, and other home goods are now being manufactured utilizing this material.


And wine racks are no exception! Our Acrylic wine racking units are crafted from sturdy 1/4″ thick, clear acrylic that gives them that beautiful, transparent look. When you store your bottles in these racks, they will actually appear like they’re floating in mid-air. Additionally, these racks come in two designs: the Acrylic Concave Wine Cubicle and the Acrylic Convex Wine Cubicle. You can stack them alongside each other in order to create a contemporary, contoured, flowing profile. That’s not all! We’ve also made it so that these 12-bottle wine racks can ship completely assembled. So all you really need to do is just store your bottles and voila! You get a unique minimalist appearance for your wine cellar that’s refreshingly contemporary.

Quick And Easy Assembly With Traditional Series in Rustic Pine

May 19th, 2016 by

If there’s a wishlist for these DIY products, we’d probably be spot-on when we say that “ease of assembly” would be on top of the list. It’s DIY after all and anybody would want to complete the project with as little hassles as possible. And guess what? We’ve actually got that angle covered by constantly working on improving our wine racking products and making them more “user-friendly,” so to speak. We’ve considered it as one of our best practices to always ask our clients undertaking DIY racking projects how the assembly and installation process went for them. The feedback helps us understand what aspects of DIY customers are still struggling with and how we can make our racking products more responsive to those needs.


Today’s Testimonial Thursday spotlight is a great reminder (akin to a pat on the back for a job well done!) that we’ve been going down the right path with the development of our racking merchandise. Our client Brent sent us these lovely photos of their completed wine racks which they put together all on their own. They sent in for some of our Traditional Series racking units in Rustic Pine. Our Traditional Series is part of our wine rack “kits” collection and is available in two wood options: Premium Redwood and Rustic Pine. The units in this series can accommodate up to 6-feet ceiling height and are perfect for tight spaces, thanks to their shallow-depth configurations. There’s a lot of variety when it comes to bottle storage options, as well as stain and finish options for the wine racks.

Overall, the Traditional Series has scored some very solid numbers in terms of quality, stability, and price. But that’s not all. The racks from this series have also been given a pretty high rating as far as “ease of assembly” is concerned – and that’s how we want to keep it! Our client Brent described their assembly and installation experience as “very quick and easy to assemble.” We’re truly pleased that once again, our products have managed to deliver 100% customer satisfaction!


“Our wine rack was very quick and easy to assemble, and we absolutely love it in the room. We highly recommend this company, and the quality products they provide. We had a little hiccup with one of the pieces being incorrect, but when I we contacted the company they quickly rectified the situation in a matter of days!”

~Brent W.~


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Small But Efficient Commercial Wine Racks

May 18th, 2016 by

Even if it’s a commercial space, who says you can’t work with “small” wine racking units in your wine store or establishment? Not everything has to be big in order to be space-efficient. We also realize that some wine stores are not ready for full-blown expansion projects. So why not invest in these small but very functional commercial wine racks instead:

Half Height Wine Display Bins

Half-Height Wine Display Bins

You’d be surprised at the bottle storage capacity of half-height wine racks. There are quite a healthy assortment of them out there and more are being designed and manufactured. That’s because they easily fit into tight and once useless spaces in a wine store and they can also be conveniently incorporated into existing racking arrangements. There are also those that come with display bin options which allows you to both store and showcase your merchandise.

Adjustable Shelf Cabinets

Adjustable Shelf Cabinets

This type of racking unit is already pretty popular with residential wine cellar projects, particularly with wine cellar closets and wine tasting stations. The fact that the cabinets are “adjustable” means that they can accommodate just about any ceiling height. You can easily stack them by working them into your existing racking assembly or creating a new one in your establishment. And again, since they’re “adjustable” you can also play around with the configurations to accommodate bottles of various formats.

Stackable Diamond Bins

Stackable Diamond Bins

Now Diamond Bins are quite standard in a lot of wine cellar projects, either commercial or residential. But for commercial wine establishments, you’d want to consider the smaller, stackable ones, especially when you’re tight on space. While these bins are “stackable,” they are also stand-alone units which means you can just “grow” them along with your merchandise. Diamond Bins are one of the best options for bulk bottle storage and investing in the more flexible stackable units will provide you with plenty of bottle storage space to work with.

Stackable Fixed Shelf Cabinets

Stackable Fixed Shelf Cabinets

So if you have adjustable shelf cabinets, there are also the stackable “fixed” ones. They are also very flexible and can accommodate a good number of bottle formats. Even if they are fixed, they also come in different height options, including 3- and 4-feet height configurations. Plus, they can be racked, stacked, and combined with other kinds of racking units as well. That means they can be utilized even in tight spots in your wine store to maximize the amount of merchandise you can stock up.


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