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Spring Hill Farms Discovers Space-Efficient WineMaker

March 16th, 2017

Space-efficiency and affordability – the two qualities of wine racks that are not as easily attainable as we may think. But WCI has found a solution to that some years ago when we introduced our WineMaker Series wine racks kit to the market. Now is the time to reap what we have sown as clients even from the commercial wine cellar persuasion have come to discover the quite impressive features of WineMaker racking units:

WineMaker Series

Spring Hill Farms & Vineyards is a small vineyard and winery and as such, it is to be expected that they require proper wine racks to host the several thousand bottles they put out each month. When they came upon our WineMaker Series, they were certainly delighted to learn that they can have all the additional bottle storage their budget would allow – and probably even more. Since the WineMaker line is comprised of units with shallow-depth configurations, these units are perfect for maximizing bottle storage, whether it’s in compact or generous spaces.

Moreover, created in short depth, these racks less wood which make them more affordable. But despite the shallow-depth, the body of the wine bottle is still fully supported within the wine racks while the neck of the bottle slightly sticks out. And of course, since these racking units are stackable, they are so easy to stack on top of each other to maximize the height of your wine storage. In our client’s case, since they purchased a whole whack of Open Diamond Bins, they were able to create this extensive arrangement and there’s still lots of room for more bottles. It’s also worthy to mention that the client also appreciated the ease of assembly of these wine racks which they installed with the help of a nail gun. Note that Winemaker wine racks must be mounted 1 1/2″ off the wall to ensure proper wine bottle stability, and will therefore add 1 /1/2″ to the listed dimensions.

Shallow-depth wine racks

“We are a small vineyard and winery and had a need for some space efficient bottle storage. Here are a couple of photos of the installed racks. They worked out perfectly and we did use a nail gun to put them together which makes complete sense.

We are very happy with the quality and value and will definitely look to your company for any future needs.”

~Joline A.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Compact And Clever Wine Storage

March 15th, 2017

Not too hot on the idea of a formal wine cellar in your home? Then don’t force yourself! There are other ways to keep your wine bottles safe and comfy, especially when you don’t have enough space in your home for a wine room. In fact, thanks to the racking products that keep getting introduced to the market each year, there are so many options when it comes to both size and style of these racking units. We’ve compiled some compact but really clever ideas for you guys to try out:

Under Stairwell Wine Cellars

Under Stairwell Transformation

It may not be a formal wine room, but that little nook under your stairs can actually be transformed into a pretty darned good wine storage. These “under stairwell” transformations have been gaining popularity over the last few years because they provide excellent storage while putting to good use all that seemingly “wasted” space. It’s like having a mini wine cellar that’s both functional and stylish! Tip: waterfall wine racks are a great way to really maximize that space under the stairs.

Wine Tasting Centers or Home Bars

Home Bars

Pick  an empty, unused corner in your kitchen or dining area or even your living room and set up a wine tasting center or home bar. All you need is a few wine racking units, maybe a tasting table or a standard archway with countertop, a display shelf or two, put them together, and voila! And you’re lucky because nowadays, these wine tasting centers come in “packages” and all you need to do is choose the one that best suits your storage needs.

Wine Cellar Closets

Wine Cellar Closets

Another popular alternative to having a formal wine cellar in one’s home is a wine cellar closet. In fact, last year, WCI has featured at least one of these projects each month, either in our Tech Tuesdays or DIY wine cellars in our Testimonial Thursdays. Wine cellar closets are the perfect way to utilize empty or otherwise neglected spaces in your home such as pantries, cabinets, coat closets, shoe closets, and the like. You’d be surprised at how much bottle storage these compact spaces can provide.

And these are not all! There are still many more compact and clever ways to store your collection at home. A tour of our photo galleries will bring more inspirational ideas and do check out our blog archives as well. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #324: Handling Space Issues Right With WineMaker

March 14th, 2017

Not all wine cellar projects will proceed smoothly or according to plan. That much is a given. It’s a lot like home renovation – you’re going to get your fair share of the stress due to things not turning out the way you want them to. That’s why it pays to plan and anticipate! Today’s Tech Tuesday feature will be a great example of this. Read on and find out why:

Project # 266881
Wood: WineMaker/Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 701

WineMaker Series wine racks

So basically, what we have here is a standard wine cellar closet. The limited space allotted for the wine cellar project needed to be properly utilized. This is where anticipating contingencies really pays off. In this case, our design team already knew that there will likely be space issues or problems of “dead space” once the wine racks were assembled and installed. So what solution did they come up with? First off, the WineMaker Series wine racking units were chosen to outfit this wine cellar closet. Keep in mind that WineMaker wine racks all possess shallow-depth configurations. This makes them very space-efficient since you can install these racks in compact areas to maximize on storage capacity.

Shallow-depth wine racks

As can be seen from these snaps, the racking assembly is actually quite versatile even given that it is quite compact. There’s lots of individual bottle storage courtesy of Individual Bottle Columns and WineMaker Bottom Stack with Display Rows. The latter is actually a recent upgrade to the series, with the added feature of a display row to showcase your favorite labels. There’s also more than enough bulk bottle storage, thanks to the open Diamond Bins, as well as storage for wine boxes and crates, courtesy of the Display Shelves. If you check out WineMaker’s collection of Tasting Centers, you can find a variety of these racking arrangements and all you need to do is expand on them.
WineMaker Tasting Center

In this case, the client went with the standard Individual Tasting Center with Case Storage and just customized things along the way. There’s also stemware storage available with this model and as you can see, Quarter Round Shelf Cabinets were incorporated to give more detail and character to this racking assembly. Custom crown and base moldings cap off the entire set-up and again, everything is in shallow-depth configurations. You can see that the wine racks don’t look crowded and there’s even enough wiggle room left for small tasting table in the future. Basically, the WineMaker kit can accommodate any wine cellar transformation – from wine cellar closets to basement or garage renovations, and even under stairwell transformations. *Cheers*

Display More, Sell More With Commercial Gondola Shelves!

March 13th, 2017

Boosting your store’s wine sales doesn’t always mean breaking the budget from one marketing strategy to another. Sometimes, you’d be surprised to learn that all it takes is choosing better racking units to literally rack in the profits. That’s why WCI has developed a line of commercial wine racks specifically for this purpose: to provide for the bottle storage needs of wine establishments AND help them sell more. The trick is, “display more, sell more,” with the help of our Commercial Gondola Shelves:

Wine Display Islands

Wine Display Islands

First up are our Wine Display Islands. These units are quite a popular choice for a stand-alone or free-standing, wine rack. Take the case of our Circular Wine Merchandiser. It can go right in the middle of your store’s floor and help draw your customers’ attention to your special sales on wine. We also carry other special items including our WineZone Wine Shelf Island which is made from both wood and commercial metal wine racks.

Adjustable Shelf Wine Cabinets

Adjustable Wine Shelf Cabinets

An adaptable full-height commercial wine display cabinet, the adjustable shelf cabinet allows you to stock a wide variety of products. This unit is perfect for storing and showcasing not just your wine bottles, but also other liquor such as beer, soft drinks, and any other similar merchandise. Note that the middle shelves are adjustable as well to meet all your needs. Plus, additional ones can be ordered!

Wine Display Merchandisers

Wine Display Merchandisers

Our Wine Display Merchandisers probably carry the most variety in terms of racking style. Choose from a wide array of bottle storage options and prominently display your wine products to boost the profits. Note that while we carry full-height units, half-height ones are also available, maximizing your storage capacity and display functionality to its highest potential.

Bin Displays

Bin Displays

Bin Displays are one of the most versatile and clever ways you can showcase your wine merchandise to potential customers. Apart from having more than enough space to store your bottles, there are actually display “trays” jutting out so you can literally put your best labels forward. A good example would be our Diamond Bin Wine Display and Horizontal Wine Display Bin. But you might also want to check out other options from this line that combine function and style into one very attractive package. Here are a few of our personal picks:

Display more, sell more today – with WCI’s Commercial Gondola Shelves!

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