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Technical Tuesday Episode #353: Bold Elegance In Midnight Black Stain And Lacquer

October 10th, 2017

Which do you prefer: light or dark-colored wine racks? It’s a personal preference, really. But going for unconventional choices can also be quite satisfying. Case in point: this elegant number in today’s Tech Tuesday showcase. It’s a relatively compact wine cellar project, but decked with all the bells and whistles:

Project # 294135
Wood: Custom/ All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 548
Where: Maclean, VA

Custom wine racking

With a bottle capacity of just under 550 bottles, the racking arrangement on this project is definitely spot-on. Props to our design team for the fantastic use of the available floor space. Custom racking units were purchased for the wine room which would explain the seamless layout. Note that with our custom wine racks, you are entitled to a very wide range of options, starting from the materials. You can opt for either wood or metal racking, or a combination of both, and go from there. In this project, the client went for all-wood racking units in the ever dependable All-Heart Redwood:

Gorgeous Premium Redwood racks in Midnight Black Stain

All-Heart Redwood is already attractive in its unstained state. The wood possesses natural reddish-gold hues that deepen in color and grow even more beautiful with age. But if you want to go for something different in your wine cellar – something less conventional – then WCI also offers you options for that. In particular, we have a slew of stain and finish options available for you to achieve the look you want for your wine racks. For this project, for example, our client went with bold Midnight Black stain, topped with three coats of Lacquer:

Three coats of Lacquer

Midnight Black Stain will make your wood sport a more contemporary appearance. The jet-black tint is definitely a departure from the traditional woodworking finishes. Since All-Heart Redwood absorbs stains and finishes extremely well, you can see just how prominent the dark colors are in the racks. The darker colors also help enhance the wood’s grain patterns even more. In addition to that, the racks were also coated in three layers of Lacquer, giving the wood a gleaming finish. Lacquer, as we have talked about in previous blogs, involves multiple applications of a clear coat sealant. Plus, there’s intricate hand-sanding treatments between finishes. The result is a smooth and sleek appearance of the wood that just reeks of elegance. In this case, owing to the darker shades of the racks, the wine cellar reeks of bold elegance. *Cheers*

Versatile racking assembly

Finish Options Available With Our Designer Series

October 9th, 2017

Seeking for an affordable alternative to the Vintner Series wine racks in our kits collection? Then you ought to be checking the Designer Series out! Our Vintner Series is certainly the best alternative to full-blown custom racking. But we can go even easier on your budget, thanks to the extensive variety in our kits. The Designer Series, in particular, offers full depth, 6-feet height configuration racking units. There’s a healthy assortment of styles available, as well as a full selection of woods and finishes. And what exactly are these finishes that come with this series? Read on to know more about them:

Crown and Base moldings

Crown and Base Moldings

Crown and base moldings will always come highly recommended in any wine cellar project. That’s because they really help complete a wine racking assembly. Those awkward gaps between your racks, floors, and ceilings can definitely be remedied by these moldings. The Designer Series offers Crown and Base Molding packages in both straight and curved configurations. So even when you have those sharp nooks and crannies in your wine room, they can still be tamed.

Quarter Round Shelf

Quarter Round Shelf

Cap off your racking arrangement with the right shelving and/or cabinetry. The Quarter Round Shelf available with the Designer Series kit is the perfect product for displaying decanters, champagne buckets and fine wine accessories. But what you will really love about this wooden shelf unit is how it makes a flowing transition from your wine racks to the wall. It is actually a custom amenity but made available in both our Vintner and Designer Series kits.

Wine Glass Rack

Wine Glass Rack

Of course, you should also have a place to store your beautiful stemware. Fortunately, the Designer Series also comes equipped with the Wine Glass Rack. This functional add-on to your racking arrangement will bring about that needed finishing touch. Note that the rack can provide storage for 20 glasses. You can maximize its use by attaching it at the top of other Designer Series wine rack products, or on either side of the racks. For the bottom portion of your assembly, you can mix and match the glass rack with other components. We recommend installing a Half Height Individual Wine Rack with a Table Top below Glass Rack to create a perfect tasting center station.

Wine Rack Archway

Wine Rack Archway

What’s a wine room without a Wine Rack Archway? It definitely brings in a welcome dramatic touch to your wine cellar and you can do so many things with it. Perhaps the most popular one would be to utilize it as a backdrop for a gorgeous wine art piece. And of course, it also functions as a terrific tasting station. Note that the Wine Rack Archway can be incorporated into your racking assembly with these three components; an archway, a table top, and a half height diamond bin wooden wine rack.

Client Whips Up A Stunner With Our Designer Wine Racks

October 5th, 2017

First Testimonial Thursday for the October month is up, wine cellar guys and gals! Let’s check out this pretty amazing DIY that our client Roy whipped up with the use of our Designer Series wine racks. Here we have some “before” snaps of the wine room:

"Before" photos of the wine room

As you can see, the client had the essentials all covered: insulation, vapor barrier, flooring and ceiling. In addition, they also put in a beautiful entryway. Take note that wine cellar doors play quite a significant role in a wine cellar project. Not only do they help boost the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar, but they also help maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels. This is especially true for glass-enclosed wine cellars.

Moving on, let’s check out the wine racking assembly. Here are a some really great shots of the completed project. It’s quite a versatile set-up with very good use of the individual and bulk storage racks from the Designer Series. Note that the Designer Series has also recently upgraded with the addition of High Reveal Display Rows. But in general, the series also carries a versatile racking selection, including Curved Corner Racks that we can see in this cellar:

Open Diamond Bins with with Solid Front Trim also form part of this very functional arrangement. But what we really appreciate here is the use of the finish options from the series, in particular, the crown and base moldings. The Designer Series offers molding packages in both straight and curved profiles. These help immensely in closing awkward gaps between the racks and the floors. They also make the topmost portion of the racking assembly flow seamlessly around the room. These snaps of the completed layout certainly speaks for itself:

Lastly, client also purchased an Archway and Quarter Round Shelf. These accents were quite instrumental in pulling together the entire racking layout. And of course, props to the client for the tasteful touches with the lighting accessories, wine cellar art, and other wine cellar knick-knacks. The end result is definitely a stunner:

“Everything worked out great. I did use a nail gun, which of course made things very easy, and the wine room is finally finished. I am attaching a few pictures, including a ‘before’ picture, since I built the entire room.”

~Roy U.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Bulk Storage Made Easy And Stylish

October 4th, 2017

Not all the time that you’d want to store your wine bottles individually. In a wine cellar, racking for purposes of bulk bottle storage should always be considered. And just because you have tons of these loose bottles doesn’t mean you can’t store them stylishly. These days, wine racking units are consistently evolving. There are so many styles being rolled out in the market. That means bulk storage can be done in both a convenient and tasteful way. Here are some of our recommended picks for you:

Adjustable Shelf Cabinets

Adjustable Shelf Cabinets

Just by the name itself, you can already tell how flexible this wine rack can be. While this unit comes recommended for commercial wine cellar applications, you can also definitely use it in your home. The adjustable shelf cabinet allows you to stock a wide variety of products, not just wine bottles. Since the shelves can be moved around to accommodate a variety of products, the versatility factor of this wine rack is unmatched. You can do bulk storage of larger-format bottles as well, thanks to these cabinets. In general, they are simple and understated which makes it easier to dress them up in stains and finishes to match your home’s decor.

Quarter Round Wine Displays

Quarter Round Wine Displays

You’ve most likely seen us feature these Quarter Round Wine Displays in our blogs, particularly our Tech Tuesdays. But did you know that there are also Quarter Round Wine Displays that are made to specifically accommodate bulk storage? A good example would be the seven custom-niched wine shelves that WCI carries. This beautiful wine display with its curved profile can cradle eight wine bottles per shelf. It’s the ideal racking unit for showcasing your finest labels in bulk format. And of course, it will make for a very elegant addition to your existing racking arrangement.

Beer Storage Racks

Beer Storage Racks

Just because you have a wine cellar doesn’t mean you can’t store other types of liquor as well. Beer is a staple and should also be given the space it deserves. These days, there are plenty of functional yet tastefully designed racks on the market specifically for beer storage. And by that, we mean “bulk” beer storage, whether they are in cans or bottles. And speaking of these beer storage racks, our Vintner Series actually launched this particular addition to its racking line-up just this year. The Vintner Beer Storage Rack is a freestanding, non-stackable unit that can securely host your favorite brands.