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We Make It Happen With Fall-Inspired Wine Cellar Decor

September 30th, 2015 by

Who cannot fall in love with Fall? It’s one of our favorite seasons because it is actually the symbol of “harvest” or the season of “plenty.” The arrival of autumn has been celebrated for centuries, from ancient Egyptian times, to the present, with harvest festivals. These festivals are usually held at the end of the growing season. People throughout the ages have commemorated the hard work involved and the abundance of foods available: pumpkins, corn, squash, beans, wheat, grapes, apples and nuts, during this season of plenty.  In other literary accounts, the season is also associated with the “wine harvest.” That’s why Autumn is now dubbed in modern times as the “wine season.”

Dress those wine cellars up for Fall!

So in welcoming what is perhaps the best time of the year for appreciating good wine (and food!), we bring you guys some wonderful wine cellar decor selections to dress those cellars up. With these choice accents and accessories, your wine cellars will become even more cozy and attractive.

First up is of course, our extensive collection of custom wine cellar art. Our gorgeous paintings and murals with mostly wine and vineyard themes will be the perfect addition to your cellar to give it that real autumn flavor. There are several categories to choose from, depending on the kind of material you prefer so check these sections out in the website:

Next is our wood and stain finish options. With these custom stains and finishes, you can dress up your racks in the bolder, more luxurious fall colors such as Classic Mahogany, Dark Walnut, Midnight Black, and more. You’ll also be pleased to learn that the stains and finishes we provide here at WCI are all water-based. That means they contain way less toxic substances such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), can dry at a faster rate, and provide low to zero risk in terms of health and fire hazards.


We also carry a pretty healthy collection of decorative wood trimmings to add detail and high relief to the wood working in your wine cellar. With our wine and vineyard-themed 3-dimensional architectural wood carvings, your wine racking assembly will really exude that autumn flavor to match your wines. Here are some of the categories you can explore:

Welcome the Season of Plenty and whip up those wine cellars into shape by getting in touch with a WCI design consultant now! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #255: Channeling “Unique” With Colors, Textures And Gold x Vintner Wine Racks

September 29th, 2015 by

Playing around with different colors and textures in your wine cellar project can be very fulfilling. You get to unleash your artistic side and discover so many ways to create unique looks for your wine cellar. Our design team here at WCI particularly enjoys working with clients and coming up with eye-popping results, like this one:

Project # 254444
Wood: Gold / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1011
Where: Warren, OH

Install Picture for 254444 -Premium Redwood 10

One of our more recently completed projects is this absolutely gorgeous wine room in Warren, OH. It’s built like a semi-modern wine cave and equipped with all the perks of modern wine racking. As far as the wine racks go, our team installed choice pieces from the Gold Series and our ever reliable Vintner Series wine rack kits. Since this is a mix of custom and of our “kits” collection, you don’t have to second-guess the price – or the quality for that matter. We always emphasize in our blog features that racking combos are one of the best ways to create unique yet affordable arrangements for your wine cellar.

Install Picture for 254444 -Premium Redwood 9

So going back to the “colors and textures” topic, this project proffers one of the best examples  with the rough material of the hewn-stone interior contrasting against the smooth flooring. Add to that the natural textures of the wine racks in unstained Premium Redwood and you have for yourself a wine cellar that reeks of irresistible vintage charm, very much reminiscent of the old country.

Install Picture for 254444 -Premium Redwood 8

Now let’s check out some closer shots of the racking assembly itself. Right off the bat, anybody can see that the uneven corners of the room would certainly pose quite a challenge in outfitting it with wine racks that will provide maximum bottle storage. However, that didn’t seem to be much of an issue since we’re working with two of the most flexible racking series in the WCI catalogue. Vintner’s Individual Bottle Columns with Displays in 2, 3, 4, and 5-feet configurations enabled us to outfit awkward nooks and crannies of the wine room beautifully:

Install Picture for 254444 -Premium Redwood 7 Install Picture for 254444 -Premium Redwood 6

Individual Diamond Bins and Open Diamond Cubes provided much-needed bulk storage as well as variety in the bottle storage options. And of course, we have to thank the custom molding packages as well as the base platforms for giving the racks that easy transition from floor to ceiling and hugging those awkward corners quite comfortably for an effortless appearance. *Cheers*

Install Picture for 254444 -Premium Redwood 5 Install Picture for 254444 -Premium Redwood 4

WCI Consultation Services And What We Can Do For You

September 28th, 2015 by

Undertaking a wine cellar project can indeed be daunting, particularly for first-timers. There will be so many questions that need to be addressed from beginning to end of the construction. It’s only natural that stress will definitely rear its ugly head and anxieties will pop up one after the other. And this is where you’ll find that turning to WCI’s consultation services is a must.

Best of Houzz 2015 Service Awardee


We’ve been the proud recipient of the Best of House 2015 Service Awardee and we really try our best with every client’s request to live up to that. For those who have little to no idea what this is all about,  Houzz is a highly popular website showcasing the projects of of top-rated remodeling professionals in the US and all over the globe as well as the latest buzz on home design trends.

They award “Best of Houzz” honors to home improvement professionals. Basically, this recognition is split into two categories: Customer Satisfaction and Design. Customer Satisfaction and Design. Customer Satisfaction honors are determined by a variety of factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in the previous year. WCI has already reaped the Best of Houzz 2014 in the Customer Satisfaction category. It’s just pretty amazing and humbling that we have managed to snag this award again this year. So today, we bring you some proof of why our customer services have been stamped with such honors:


We recently received this query from a client who was in the process of building his wine cellar:

“I have a question regarding the cooling unit and the construction of the wine room. The wine room will be located within the dining room of a restaurant that does not have air conditioning. We are concerned with the possibility of the glass windows of the wine room fogging up due to the temperature difference. Do you have any wine room recommendations to minimize this problem or have you dealt with this issue before on another project? Just wondering if you have any helpful tips when building the wine room so we can provide our client with the best performance out of their new wine room.”

Our professional consultants provided a detailed reply, complete with a Dew Point calculator to guide the client in a most efficient manner:

“Condensation is caused by reaching the dew point.  You reach the dew point by a combination of temperature and humidity. Most conditioned spaces are typically 70 degrees and around 35 – 40% relative humidity. So if you use a dew point calculator you will see if the outside 70 degrees and 40% relative humidity then the dew point is 44 degrees. So if your space on the opposite side is 44 degrees it will condensate, but not above that temperature. Change the relative humidity to 59 and the temperature rises to 55 degrees. If you are keeping your cellar at 55 degrees then it will condensate.  In sum, the answer is you need to control one or the other, or both – there are hundreds of ways to handle it depending on what works best for the particular application.”

Keeping It Simple And Classy With Vintage View Wine Racks

September 24th, 2015 by

Simple lines and classic silhouettes – how can anyone go wrong with these? No one can deny the strong aesthetic appeal of a straightforward design, especially when quality materials are used – like in a wine cellar construction. Because a lot of aspects of home and commercial renovation projects have become more sophisticated with time, similar expectations also lie with wine cellar projects. But it’s not always the case. Keeping things simple and classy still works and we have just the project to prove it:

Install Picture for 267960 - Vintage View 1

This charmer of a wine closet transformation is a terrific example of how you can play up the strengths of metal wine racks with the right accents. So here we have a purely Vintage View assembly consisting of 27-Bottle Vintage View Wine Racks in 3-feet tall and 3″ tall, triple-deep, and 36-Bottle Vintage View in 4″in tall, triple deep configurations. These custom metal wine displays allows one to showcase one’s collection with the labels facing forward instead of the corks. That is certainly a huge advantage, particularly if you’re a wine store proprietor, sales-wise. With the highly convenient modular design, this racking assembly can accommodate small residential cellars starting from 100 bottles to large commercial projects of up to 50,000 bottles. And of course, with these metal wine racks, you achieve the same number of wine bottles in storage as traditional wood racks, but at a much lower cost.

Install Picture for 267960 - Vintage View 2

Practical reasons aside though, let’s now focus on the style elements of this project. First off, it should be wisely noted that our Vintage View Series is actually made from durable steel with rust resistant finishes and a limited lifetime warranty. So as far as quality is concerned, these metal wine racks are definitely an A-plus. But we’ve also incorporated some quirky add-ons to amp up on the design of these racks while allowing them to keep their understated elegance. Essentially, you can also choose custom color options such as Copper, Brass, Chrome, Black Pearl, Rustic Red, and Antique Brown, to dress these metal babies up in.

Install Picture for 267960 - Vintage View 3

As you can see here, the client chose to go with a dark-colored finish for the racks that stood out extremely well against the sleek monochrome stone textures of the floors and walls. Throw in some custom lighting accessories into this layout once the racks are all filled up and we’re pretty sure it’ll be the most eye-catching area in the house! And the best thing about this wine cellar? It was a super easy, no-fuss installation job! Keeping things simple and classy always works so check out our testimonial archives for more rave reviews on our Vintage View Metal Wine Racks and Displays. ^_^

Install Picture for 267960 - Vintage View 4