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WCI Curvy Wine Cubes Make A Comeback!

October 13th, 2016

Did you miss our posts on our Curvy Wine Cubes? Well, there’s no need to wait anymore because look at what we’ve got on today’s Testimonial Thursday. Yup, yup – our Curvy Wine Cubes are back and they brought us a “happy and loyal client” too boot. Let’s go over this awesome DIY our customer Uri just completed, utilizing our Curvy Wine Cube Packages:


Curvy Wine Cubes

As you can see from the snapshot above, the client purchased our Curvy Wine Cube Popular Packages with Display Trays. In particular, they chose the Convex Individual and Convex Diamond Wine Cube Stacker, both with Display Trays. Note how eye-catching the curvy profile of the racking arrangement is and how it fits neatly into that corner of the room without wasting the floor space. This is one of the biggest advantages of the Curvy Cubes with their ergonomic configurations. They can just be easily stacked one on top of the other to create a flowing arrangement or you can have them wall-mounted for increased space-efficiency.

Of course, if you’re going to opt to wall-mount them, you’ll have to purchase a Wall Mount Kit separately. But there’s no need for concern because you’ll find that assembling and installing the cubes is a totally stress-free experience. All you actually need is a nail gun to get things going! As you may have noticed from the picture our client sent, they made good use of both methods – by stacking the cubes and wall-mounting them.

Now as far as our Popular Packages is concerned, there are two available wood choices for the cubes: Rustic Pine and Premium Redwood. Plus, you also get multiple stain and finish options so you can really customize your wine racks to your desired look. Here are just a few of the packages we recommend you check out:

“Everything came ok and the project is completed as you can see in the attached photo. You gained a happy and loyal client for sure.”

~Uri Argov~

WCI Inspirations: Luxurious Wine Cellars Sans Luxurious Cost

October 12th, 2016

Why spend a fortune on a wine cellar project to achieve a luxurious look when you can do it at a reasonable cost? Sounds daunting? We anticipated that reaction! That’s why we’ve come up with today’s WCI Inspirations to shed light on the matter – because luxurious-looking wine cellars don’t require you to rob the bank.

Let's start with your wine cellar space...

Let’s start with your wine cellar space…

Naturally, we’ll have to start with the space in your home where you’ll actually be building your “luxury” wine cellar. Does it have to be a huge space? Definitely not! If you don’t have enough floor area in your home for a formal wine room, there are so many alternatives available as we’ve discussed in several blog posts in the pasts. Perhaps the most popular one would be to undergo a closet transformation. That’s right! Just because you’re going for a wine cellar closet doesn’t mean you can’t make it elegant. Just take a look at the number of closet transformations at our photo gallery, each one more stunning than the next.

Then move on to the wine racks...

Then move on to the wine racks…

These days, there are a whole lot more wine racking options to choose from. If you want to go with wood wine racks, there are actually wood options that can give you better value per bottle. This is especially convenient when you’re working on a budget. For example, you should check out Rustic Pine as a wood option because it offers not just quality material but an amazing price point as well. Rustic Pine will give your cellar that beautiful, old-country feel that so vintage and elegant. But, if you’re keen on spending just a very specific amount on your wine cellar project, you can also choose to go with metal wine racks or other materials such as acrylic. These wine racks are sturdy, easy to assemble, and can go anywhere in your home, not just your wine cellars. Wine pegs and wine rails are one of our favorites from this category because they add a contemporary but  classy feel to any wine cellar project, particularly when combined with glass elements.

And work on the wine cellar accessories...

And work on the wine cellar accessories…

Last but certainly not the least, you have your wine cellar accessories. These can be your floors, ceilings, lighting, stain and finish options, cabinet hardware, windows, doors, and so on. If you want to accomplish a luxurious look for your wine cellar without having to spend a fortune, the key to this is diligent research. Compare various materials and products and see how they measure up in terms of quality and cost. For example, cork floors won’t cost as much as marble-tiled ones, but they exude a classy vintage feel. Glass-enclosed wine cellars for small projects won’t actually cost as much, but the elegance factor is definitely an A+.


Technical Tuesday Episode #303: Super Space Savers With Traditional Wine Racks

October 11th, 2016

More bottle storage space means only one thing – space for more wine! And who wouldn’t want that? If you own a wine cellar, extra bottle storage space will always be a welcome bonus. So why not go for wine racks that can give you double the value of your $$$ in terms of storage capacity, just like our latest Tech Tuesday showcase:

Project #: 284589
Series: Traditional Series
Wood: Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity:n/a

Traditional Series Wine Racks

Check out this uber spacious wine cellar! The client clearly has an ample and still growing collection so it only makes sense that they should make allowances for future acquisitions. Thanks to the Traditional Series, this has been definitely made possible. Perhaps the most distinct feature of the wine racking units from the Traditional Series is their “shallow-depth.” This simply means that the neck of the wine bottle will slightly stick out but the body is still fully supported within the wine racks. The shorter depth allows for a lot of liberties in terms of both space usage and manufacturing cost. That’s why the Traditional Series is priced reasonably below the cost of other wine rack kits. Nonetheless, a lower price tag does not deter from the quality craftsmanship and materials used for these racks.

Shallow-depth wine racks

So here we see a really great close-up shot of the filled-up wine racks. Notice how the necks of the bottles stick out but they are still securely and comfortably tucked away by the square-cut rails. There is no compromise when it comes to the provision of proper bottle storage, but the shallow depth certainly allows for more legroom. That’s why this series is a popular choice with compact wine cellar projects such as closet transformations. But of course, even if you have a decent-sized wine room but you wish to make the most of the available space, then the Traditional Series is the way to go.

Traditional Wine Racks in Premium Redwood

Generous bottle storage space notwithstanding, another impressive feature about this series is that it also offers amazing racking variety. In fact, we recently upgraded the Individual Bottle Columns to include Individual Bottle Storage with Display Rows. This recent addition to the Traditional Series collection allows one to both store and showcase their collection in an organized and visually appealing fashion. And of course, the Traditional Series also has lots of options for bulk and large format bottle storage. So if you’re just starting out on your very first wine cellar, you certainly need to check these awesome space savers out! *Cheers*

Square cut rails

The Traditional Series


Some Great Ways To “Beautify” Your Wine Cellar Project

October 10th, 2016

So you own a wine cellar or are planning on building one. Live a little and don’t settle for the “usual stuff.” There are great ways you can do to give your wine cellar that “wow” factor and they aren’t that complicated – or as expensive as you thought they would be. We’re going to share with you guys some of those ways to beautify your wine cellar project at a cost your budget can definitely afford. Just read on!

Platinum Series wine racks

We we’re absolutely lucky that one of our designers recently completed this stunning wine cellar project that we can use as an example. It’s a medium-sized wine room outfitted in our very best – the Platinum Series custom wine racking. The racking assembly itself is impeccable as the photos can easily show you. There is great variety in bottle storage options, from the Individual Bottle Columns with High Reveals, Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim, Standard Archway with Countertop, and custom cabinetry. But the wine racks, as top-quality as they are, are not the only ones giving this wine cellar its visual appeal. Here are some of the ways you can achieve this kind of flair in your wine cellar project as well:

1. Choose unique material for your wine cellar ceilings.

Your ceilings can really bring a dramatic effect to your wine cellar when you take a bit of a risk and invest in some unique material for it. The client in this case chose to go with a patterned ceiling that stands out against the solid colors of the racking assembly without overshadowing it. We urge you to take the time to browse our selection of custom wine cellar ceilings and get inspired by the array of choices. One of our absolute favorites is the Raised Panel Ceilings which is also quite popular with a lot of our Tech Tuesday projects.

Stained wine racks

2. Stain, finish, lacquer!

Do one, two, or all of these – it doesn’t matter! Staining and/or lacquering your wine racks and other wine cellar furniture will certainly give it that dramatic flair you’re looking for. There are tons of stain and finish options you can choose from, depending on the wine cellar theme you’re going for. In this example, the client chose to go with a simple Light Stain than beautifully enhanced the colors of the All-Heart Redwood wine racks. You can also choose to just go with the lacquer option to give your wine cellar that polished and luxurious effect.


3. Don’t forget your wine cellar floors!

That’s right! We’ve talked about wine cellar flooring so many times on the blog, but it’s still worth emphasizing from time to time. That’s because if you want that added pop of color or a touch of fancy to your wine cellar project, working on your wine cellar floors will do the trick. Check out what the client did on theirs – that vintage-inspired flooring is certainly eye-catching. And speaking of vintage, WCI offers Vintage Wine Barrel Flooring as well, with authentic reclaimed wood components from wine barrels that give your cellar the feel of being right in the heart of wine country.

Unique wine cellar flooring

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