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Technical Tuesday Episode #280: Passive Wine Cellar Built With WineMaker Racks

April 26th, 2016 by

So we’re down to the last Tech Tuesday for the month of April! A quarter of the year has gone by pretty quickly and fortunately for us, quite productively, too. We’re all pumped up and ready to bring more inspiring wine cellar projects for the next coming months. But let’s end the first month of Spring on a high note with this generous wine room, all the way from Nebraska:

Project # 273458
Series: WineMaker 
Bottle Capacity: n/a

WineMaker Series wine racks WineMaker Series

Our client Matthew decided to turn a room in the basement of their home into a custom wine cellar with the help of WCI’s wine rack kits. Since he had a pretty sizeable collection going and certainly wanted to move forward with future acquisitions, he made sure to maximize the room’s storage capacity. He wisely chose our WineMaker Series wine racks for the job. Our WineMaker Series is our most popular line for shallow-depth racking units. It comes in a healthy variety of individual and bulk bottle storage options – all at shallow-depth that you can mix and match to fit your space. That’s why WineMaker wine racks come highly recommended for entry-level wine cellar projects and for those battling with compact or uneven spaces. But these racking units are also ideal when you want to really maximize on bottle storage capacity.

Recently, our WineMaker line has received several upgrades, with the addition of 3- and 4-feet stackable units to rival Vintner. Moreover, the series now also carries Individual Bottle Columns with Bottom Stack with Display Row and Top Stack with Display Row options. And as you can see from the beautiful shots the client sent us, WineMaker also offers Curved Corner racks, along with crown and base molding packages. Thanks to these options, outfitting a room with awkward corners can be done with ease – and without losing valuable bottle storage space.

Now here’s a great little Wine Cellar 101 for everyone: This wine cellar is actually a “passive” wine cellar, being located in a subterranean basement. Passive wine cellars use ground temperature to moderate the temperature swings and make the temperature swings seasonal instead of daily. As opposed to this, refrigerated wine cellars can go anywhere in your house.


“They are working great! The nail gun was a blessing. I installed them in a room in the basement here in Nebraska. It’s a mostly passive cellar. I added a ceiling with illumination and a wall with a stained-glass door taken from an old Nebraska farmhouse. But I also put in a small vent from the HVAC for use in the summer to keep the temperature fluctuation down.”

– Matthew C.-

For The “Wino” Mom: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

April 25th, 2016 by

You may think that a little over two weeks to Mother’s Day is still lots of time to do some gift shopping – but think again. Time flies by so fast, especially when we get busier, and it’s not an uncommon tale for people to end up empty-handed right before the special occasion. This is why online shopping is so convenient! You don’t need to leave your work desks to hunt for the perfect gift for mom. And if it’s a “wino” mom we’re talking about, then the WCI Mother’s Day Gift Guide has you covered:

Wine Gifts for Mom

Hot wine racking units!

What better gift can you get for your wino mom than more space for more wine bottles! Of course, you also have the option to fill the rack up for here ^_^. But we’re pretty sure that she’ll be just as thrilled when you wrap up some of of these compact wine racking units for her:

Unique wine cellar accessories!

If you want to deviate from the usual wine rack gifts, you can also go a different root and make mom smile with some unique wine cellar accessories. We have quite a healthy selection of useful and stylish accessories that will really make the “wino” in mom very happy. Our personal favorite is a set of 4 of these French Wine Label Coasters made from beautiful Italian marble. We also highly recommend the Quake Guardian Bottle Leash and our stylish Wine Bottle Tags to help mom organize her bottles. If you’re looking for something a little more special, then the charming Wine Barrel Table is the way to go. Mom will surely squeal over this vintage-chic addition to her cozy wine nook.

Better than cash -WCI Gift Certificates!

Giving mom cash on Mother’s Day seems a tad cold and impersonal. She’ll take the cash, for sure (who wouldn’t), but it’s still much better to give a gift that has a more personal touch. So why not treat her to a WCI gift certificate this Mother’s Day! You can get them in several denominations – $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, and even more, depending on your budget. She can use it to purchase not just WCI products, but avail of exclusive WCI wine cellar services as well. Plus, you can actually purchase the gift certificate online as well and receive an automated email with a link to download a printable template. Fast, no-fuss, and a wonderfully personalized wine gift for mom on Mother’s Day!

Need more options? Head on over to this section of the website and shop for Mom today. ^_^

Delightful Surprises With The Designer Series

April 21st, 2016 by

Wine cellar transformations are always exciting to witness. As time passes by, each one becomes even more unique than the next. This is particularly true with DIY wine cellar projects. People are getting more and more innovative and we’re only too happy to be an integral part of the process. When clients like Michael send in these awesome photos of their completed DIY wine cellars using our products, it’s a crime not to give them the spotlight they deserve:


Waterfall Wine Rack from the Designer Series

Now here we have an inspiring little number that the client managed to achieve with the help of the WCI Designer Series wine racks kit. It’s an under-stairwell transformation, utilizing the empty space under the stairs that the client initially thought was pretty much “wasted space.” But lo and behold! By installing the Waterfall Individual Display racks from the Designer Series, they have managed to create more than enough bottle space for their collection. Moreover, the cascading configurations of the racks enabled them to outfit that awkward corner under the stairs perfectly. While the client admitted that he was initially apprehensive to undertake such a project on his own, the wine racking products here at WCI definitely made him sing a different tune. To us, this is such a wonderful revelation because it’s one of the proofs that our products are not only capable of providing proper wine bottle storage, but “user-friendly” to boot. Michael also got a nice surprise when he discovered these versatile wine racks can store more than just his wine bottles ^_^.

“We’re finishing our basement and what better thing to do than use the “wasted” space under the stairs. I didn’t want to try and build my own wine rack and thankfully I found Wine Cellar Innovations. Pretty obvious what their cascading wine rack should be used for, LOL.

So in finishing the basement and this under stair storage, I ordered the wine rack, put it together and took final measurements with one of the 1.5L bottles on the top, finished the understair build, doors with glass, SOSS hidden hinges and in went the rack. This rack is so well built. It’s better to build with two people just to hold the racks pieces in place while you nail it, but I did it myself with not a lot of trouble.

We still have flooring and trim to finish in this basement kitchen area but the wine storage gets a lot of use. Did you know these racks also store scotch, LOL?” 

~Michael M.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Smart Wood Choices

April 20th, 2016 by

Life is all about making choices. But that’s also where the problem begins because making choices can be quite the task – especially if you have many options. It’s not always a straight and pothole-free path getting to the “best” choice. That’s why it always helps to keep in the know – to be a little bit more informed on your options before you make your decision. Take the case of wood choices for your wine cellar projects.

“Smart” wood choices are the best ones!

As far as your wood choices for wine cellar construction are concerned, there are certainly a bevy of them to consider. Just imagine the numerous species of wood that are being commercially offered these days. This is where the adage, “Knowledge is power,” becomes really significant. By gaining proper information on the various wood species available in the market, you’ll be able to easily narrow down which ones are the most suitable for your wine cellar project. And to give you a head start, we’ve put together this “wood knowledge” corner for you!

In general, we’ve whittled down four wood species that have all the bases covered – quality, resiliency, aesthetics, and affordability. These are All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Prime Mahogany. These are the wood options that are often used in a lot of our Tech Tuesdays and DIY projects. That’s because they offer the best value for your money – and your wine bottles, of course.

All-Heart vs. Premium Redwood

Let’s start off with All-Heart Redwood. There’s not much difference between All-Heart Redwood and its sibling Premium Redwood, except maybe for the wood’s colors and manufacturing cost. All-Heart Redwood is slightly more popular, with its beautiful pink to dark brown with reddish overlay hues. The wood’s colors take on a darker depth of color as it ages, making it even more attractive. It’s second to none in terms of resiliency and there is no other North American wood that has as much resistance to rot, mildew and insects. Case in point: this sample of the wood was buried for 2,000 years which is still as good today as the Clear All Heart Redwood used to build our wine cellars.

Rustic Pine wine racks

Then there’s Rustic Pine. The supply of Rustic Pine is abundant all throughout North America, making it have the best value by price per bottle space. It is wonderfully durable and resilient as well and is no slouch when it comes to appearance. In fact, you can’t find a better wood that will give you that “rustic,” old-country charm than this. The wood is characterized by a soft creamy color combined with subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. It comes in a nice variety of grain patterns that become more beautifully prominent with darker stains and finishes.

Prime Mahogany wine cellar

Lastly, there’s Prime Mahogany. It’s generally the popular wood choice for furniture, high-end interior finishing and cabinet-making. While it’s a little on the pricier end, it’s worth every dollar you spend since it has amazing resistance to shrinking, warping, checking and is highly durable. The wood sports a gorgeous tight grain pattern and there’s no characteristic odor associated with it.

Get inspired and make the “smart” wood choices for your wine cellar projects by checking out more wood facts on the WCI website. ^_^

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