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“Professional And Polished” Wine Room Wows Clients’ Guests

August 10th, 2017

Testimonial Thursdays are always a happy occasion and we probably don’t even need to explain why. When clients send in their heartwarming reviews about our products and services, we are thrilled beyond compare. After all, that is our ultimate purpose – to bring about 100% customer satisfaction. So when our client sent in this detailed review about her WCI experience, we knew we had share it ASAP:

WineMaker Series wine racks

Our client sent in for some of our WineMaker Series racking units. Owing to the rather compact dimensions of the space, they did well with their racking choice. Our WineMaker catalog is comprised of shallow-depth racks that are perfect for maximizing bottle storage capacity. As we can see from the snapshot of the completed assembly, the body of the wine bottles are fully supported within the wine racks, while the necks slightly stick out. Hence, the bottles are kept secure and comfy while allowing for more storage. Moreover, the shorter depth means these racks use less wood, making them more affordable. That’s why for entry-level wine cellar projects, we highly recommend our WineMaker Series.

“I’m very happy with my purchase.  Here is a picture of the wine room we built.  It is approximately 5’6” square.  , It turned out our measurements ended up being a little “off” when we were determining the number and size of racks to order. To make up for the extra space, my contractor built columns – they are a beautiful match and appear as if they were intended to be there!  He also built a base for the racks which is a really nice touch.  The racks have been attached to the wall since the area where we live is prone to earthquakes.  Our contractor utilized a nail gun to complete the job. I also purchased a wine refrigeration unit from CellarPro to maintain the temperature and humidity levels in the cellar.  The wine room is part of an addition that we put on the house, and extra insulation was installed to help keep the room cool.  People who come over to our home always want to see our wine room first! Everyone is SO impressed and numerous people have commented as to how professional and polished it looks.

The racks arrived in 13 boxes.  Ideally, I would have loved for them to arrive in fewer boxes. Still, I have no complaints as all of the boxes arrived on schedule, undamaged, and with all of the required pieces.  I also had free gifts but they were initially not included so I called your Custom Service number.  They were able to verify that the gifts hadn’t been shipped and were subsequently shipped immediately.”

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Tips For Caring For Your Wine Cellar

August 9th, 2017

Your wine cellar deserves just as much care as your wine bottles. It’s makes perfect sense, after all! If you don’t properly care for your wine cellar, your collection will suffer the consequences. Perhaps the worst thing that can happen to a wine collector is when his bottles won’t be able to age gracefully due to poor storage conditions. So in order to avoid that, we’ve thrown together some super helpful tips in caring for your wine cellar:

Care for your wine cellar

Keep your wine racks, wine cooling unit, and humidifier clean

Cleanliness in your wine cellar is essential to maintaining ideal storage conditions therein. Specifically, you’ll need to look after your wine racks, wine cooling unit, and humidifier. The last thing you’d want is for moisture to seep into your wine cellar. Moisture will be your greatest enemy, particularly for a wine room that has mostly wood elements. Making sure that your racks, wine cooling unit, and humidifier are kept clean, mold-free, and checked for maintenance purposes is imperative.

Repair or replace old or barely functional elements in your wine cellar

Everything will be affected by the wear and tear of everyday use. Over time, things such as appliances and furniture reach the end of their shelf life. The same is true with some elements in your wine cellar. Granted, if you choose quality wood for your wine racks like Redwood, they will last you for decades (or even more!). But other items might not be as durable. Or, it can also happen that because of force majeure or accident, significant elements in your wine cellar might break down. A good example would be your wine cellar cooling system. When this happens, you cannot just sit around and bid your sweet time. You have to have it either repaired or replaced. If it gets too costly to repair, you’re better off just replacing these items with brand-new, better quality ones.

Be careful in choosing plants for your wine cellar

Having greenery in a wine cellar is not uncommon. In fact, plants will really liven the atmosphere of your wine room. But just make sure you choose the right kind of plants. Some plants, especially those big potted varieties, contain lots of moisture in the soil that can be the breeding ground for termites and other pests. Be very careful of plants with lots of cellulose content in their stalks, branches, or barks. We recommend asking your local greenhouse expert about this. Succulents are good indoor plants and easy to care for. But just make sure to expose them to enough sunlight every day.

Technical Tuesday Episode #344: A “Storybook” Wine Cellar With Platinum x Vintner

August 8th, 2017

Who has seen Beauty and the Beast live action movie and not loved it? It was such a beautiful interpretation of the animated film. But how does it relate to today’s Tech Tuesday episode? If you’ve seen the Beast’s castle in the movie, you’d probably have a clue or two. There’s a scene where they recreated that fantastically huge library from the animated film. When Belle saw it, she was over the moon. It was a dream library that one could only read about in storybooks. And guess what? Our wine cellar feature today looks like it walked right out of a fairy tale as well:

Project # 267071
Wood: Platinum / Vintner / Prime Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 2552
Where: Fulton, GA

A "storybook" wine cellar

Check out this absolutely gorgeous creation that looks like it belongs to Beast’s castle as well. The design and details are so clean with the right amount of trimmings. Let’s try to chat more about these, starting with the wine racks. The Platinum and Vintner Series were used for this project, combining custom racking with our “kits.” The result is nothing less than satisfying, as you can very well see. The racking assembly is seamless with a very generous amount of bottle storage. The wood option is none other than Prime Mahogany, a high end hardwood that exudes luxury. Dressed up in Dark Walnut stain, you can see how the racks really pop out against the lighter-colored walls and flooring:

Platinum x Vintner wine racks

Now let’s focus on the “smaller” details that really make this racking assembly come together. With the custom crown, base, and center seam moldings, the entire set-up certainly looks professionally done, don’t you agree? We’ve said it lots of times before, but we’ll say it again: custom moldings can really make a huge difference in your wine cellar projects. These moldings help blend in any gaps between the wine racks and the ceiling & flooring. They also create that smooth transition from one racking unit to the other. In sum, they give those beautiful finishing details that your project needs. If you take a closer look at our storybook cellar here, you’d probably agree with us that it actually looks built-in:

Dark Walnut stain on the racks

The white-washed stone elements in this wine room also account for its storybook charm. And definitely, attention has to be paid as well to that adorable entryway. We’ve talked about how wine cellar doors can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a wine cellar project. This is certainly proof of that. We recommend checking out WCI’s full catalog of custom wine cellar doors and get to know the many options available to you.

Gorgeous wine cellar door

The 411 On Our Le Cache Refrigerated Wine Cabinets

August 7th, 2017

It’s the first Monday blog for the month of August! O-M-G! We’ve legit completed more than half of 2018 already. The summer season is still in full swing, but it’s pretty amazing how fast the seasons come and go. Luckily, we’ve also had so many fantastic projects and products to showcase on the blog – and still more to come. Today, we’re going to introduce (or rather, re-introduce) you guys to another member of our Wine Cabinets line: the Le Cache Wine Cabinets.

Le Cache Refrigerated Wine Cabinets

Refrigerated wine cabinets with so much variety…

Our Le Cache Wine Cabinets collection pretty versatile. There are actually several categories to choose from, depending on your wine storage needs. All of the wine cabinets are hand-crafted from premium materials. This means quality-wise, they are second to none. These refrigerated units are designed to maintain optimal conditions for the proper storage and aging of fine wine.

First up we have the Contemporary Wine Cabinets. These units sport clean, contemporary designs that work very well with modern, Craftsman, Deco or Asian decors. The wine cabinets feature beautiful hardwood doors and gently arched windows to showcase your finest bottles. In addition, sealed seams, premium insulation and tinted double-paned glass provide thermal and UV protection.

Next are the European Wine Cabinets. True to their name, these units exude a European-chic appeal. The wine cabinets were designed by acclaimed, Pinnacle Award-winning designer Martin de Blois. The elegant lines and superb craftsmanship of this series evoke the timelessness of European furnishings.

Now let’s talk about the Mission Series. These cabinets were designed by Berkeley Mills. Berkeley Mills is an acclaimed Bay-area designer of high-quality artisan furniture. This is why our Mission Series wine cabinets combine straight lines and beautiful wood grains to exude the classic beauty of fine arts and crafts furniture. Note that all of the wine cabinets in this series feature windows with engineered wood mullions, hardwood crown molding and hand-carved detailing.

For those who fancy a simple but modern style to their wine storage, our Loft Wine Cabinets would be the perfect choice. The bold but clean lines of the units are tailor-made for sophisticated wine collectors seeking simplicity and style. This series is certainly best suited for modern dwellings.

Lastly, we have the Wine Vault Wine Cabinets. The Wine Vault 3100 wine cabinet from Le Cache is specifically designed to cater to discriminating wine collectors. For those who desire stylish and high-quality wine storage in a tough storage environment, the Wine Vault can answer to all these.