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New In: Check Out Our Vintner Locker Locking Cabinet!

June 11th, 2018

Keeping your collection under lock and key is always a good idea. It’s especially so if you own some rare or expensive labels. This is why wine lockers have become more popular in the recent years. If you follow the WCI blog closely, you’ll notice that we’ve been featuring more projects with secured wine storage. In particular, we’ve been showcasing a good number of Tech Tuesdays with our custom Wine Lockers. And today, we’re actually welcoming another addition to the wine locker family. Check out our newest Vintner Locker Locking Cabinet!

Safety, comfort, and space-efficiency all in one…

Vintner Locker Locking Cabinet

We’re never going to get tired of saying this: Vintner has done it again. This series is truly revolutionary which is why it remains our top-selling wine rack kit. Just a couple of years ago, it has expanded to cover commercial wine storage needs as well. WCI now carries a separate line of commercial wine displays and stackable units. The series also launched a line of high-quality cabinetry aptly called “Vintner Elite.” This is comprised of several uniquely crafted cabinets for storing bottles in bulk. Recently, Vintner Elite expanded its selection to include its very first secured wine storage – the Vintner Locker Locking Cabinet.

Design-wise, the cabinet sports a simple and understated appearance. But like all racking products under this series, the locker is fully customizable. It comes in 3-feet and 4-feet height configurations and is stackable. That means you can assemble the lockers to match any ceiling height. The 3-feet locker has a capacity of approximately 24 standard-sized bottles. The 4-feet one can store up to 36 bottles. Stacking them up to 9-feet can allow you to store around 72 bottles. Moreover, the wood, stains and finishes can also be customized to suit one’s style. Stain and finish options include the latest additions: Whitewash, Opaque White, and Graywash. And since this is Vintner, the lacquer option is available as well.

Now how about the price point? Keep in mind that even with all these “custom” amenities, the Locker Locking Cabinet is still part of WCI’s wine rack “kits.” As such, it is very reasonably priced. But here’s even better news! WCI is actually having a sale on these lockers at a whopping 50% off. Head on to the product page and check out the full details. Grab a Vintner Locker Locking Cabinet at half-price today and give your collection the safe and comfortable storage they deserve. ^_^

Top Reasons Why Vintner Is “The” Wine Rack Kit For You

June 4th, 2018

Vintner’s popularity with WCI’s clientele is nothing to scoff about. This series had satisfied customers for both residential and commercial wine cellar applications alike. It has also been aptly dubbed as the “next best thing to custom racking.” As far as that aspect is concerned, Vintner is really living up to the title. So what exactly are the top reasons why this wine rack kit is a huge success? We’ve carefully broken them down for you:

Stackable Vintner wine racks

The “stackable” nature of Vintner is unbeatable!

We’re not exaggerating on this one! Keep in mind that Vintner is part of WCI’s wine rack “kits” series. That means these are not custom wine racking units. Yet, they are able to deliver a degree of flexibility that can rival the custom ones. This is owing to the stackable configurations of the racks that are further amplified by extra options. With the 3-feet and 4-feet stackable units, you will be able to match practically any ceiling height. Plus, you can throw in crown and base moldings, a base platform, and center trim to your assembly. These add-ons will boost the racking height by a few more inches. Moreover, they will give your assembly a more completed and polished appearance.

Vintner Concave Racks

There is extensive variety in racking styles!

Among all of WCI’s wine rack kits, Vintner has the most variety when it comes to racking styles. The best part is that the series keeps on growing! It carries the standard Individual Bottle Storage units as well as Diamonds and Cases for bulk bottles. But it has tons of other choices such as having  Display Rows for the Individual Bottle Columns and Curved Corner racks. Vintner also offers several unique racking designs such as the Vintner Individual Concave, the Vintner Stacks, and the Vintner Elite. The latter is actually a collection of elegant cabinetry that are also perfect for commercial wine establishments.

There are further customization options to try out!

For a “kit,” this series sure has all the bases covered. You can even further customize your racking units so they can properly match your home’s decor. Vintner offers a pretty amazing selection of wood, stain and finish options, including lacquer. Dressing up your racks to your style preference has never been this convenient – or budget-friendly! You’ll find that with the stains and finishes, the series also carries WCI’s latest offerings: Opaque White, Whitewash, and Gray Wash. Now if Vintner isn’t the wine rack kit for you, we don’t know what is! ^_^

Metal Wine Racks For Your Commercial Wine Storage Needs

May 28th, 2018

If there’s one thing a commercial wine cellar needs, it’s more space to accommodate wine merchandise. The racking that one should choose for a commercial application should be flexible enough to do this. It certainly helps if the racks have clean and easy-to-work-with configurations. Quite fortunately, that’s exactly what you’ll find here at WCI! Let’s explore these selections of metal wine racks for your commercial wine storage needs:

Standard Metal Wine Racks

Standard Metal Wine Racks

Let’s start with our Standard Metal Wine Racks. Just from the name itself, you can tell that they are straightforward, no-fuss type of racking units. There are several styles available in this collection. All of them sport a unique, open wire design. This serves to minimize dust accumulation and allows for a free circulation of air. It also allows for greater visibility of stored retail wines. Moreover, the shelves are adjustable which contributes to even greater flexibility. Check them out for further details:

Conventional Metal Wine Racks

Conventional Metal Wine Racks

Up next are WCI’s Conventional Metal Wine Racks. These racks are so easy to mix and match in order to maximize bottle storage capacity. Moreover, there are units that come with wheels for better mobility. You can further accessorize these racks to keep your merchandise as neat and organized as possible. There’s the Shelf Liners Pack to provide a flat surface for storage. There’s also the Conventional Shelf Labels that are so handy when you have lots of merchandise to store.

Deluxe Metal Wine Racks

Deluxe Metal Wine Racks

Last but not the least, we have the Deluxe Metal Wine Racks. These are custom manufactured units that require some lead time to be completed for delivery. You will be able to order these racks in custom sizes in width, height, as well as bottle storage capacity. The aluminum material is of top-notch quality and will not rust. In addition, the shelves are extruded tube and flat stock – fully welded. Keep in mind that since these are custom orders, they are non-returnable. Cancellation fees will be applied once your order has been placed.

Ways To Give Your Wine Bottles A “Floating” Look

May 21st, 2018

Do you want to achieve an ethereal look to your wine cellar? Do you want to have your bottles look like they’re floating on air? We’re sure that THAT would be a real conversation starter! And the good news is this: yes, you can certainly do this. WCI can offer a number of ways to for you to create that wonderful illusion. Check out these racking selections that can help give a dreamy, “floating” appearance to your wine cellar project:

Acrylic Cube Series

The Invisible Wine Rack Series

The series name itself is a dead giveaway, don’t you think? This series utilizes acrylic wine racks in a riddling wine rack fashion. Essentially, large sections are taken and parsed out where neck holders give the elegant appearance of floating wine bottles. The specialized wine slots ensure that each bottle is safely tucked into the racks. Moreover, since the acrylic material is transparent, the labels can be clearly seen. This racking style will give a high-end, modern feel to any wine room. Another variation of this style is the Acrylic Cube Series.

Modern Wine Cellar Series

The Modern Wine Cellar Series

We’ve featured this series more than just a few times in the blog. It’s one of our newest products and was designed to appeal to the most discerning wine collector. It is gradually rising in popularity and for some very good reasons. For one thing, wood and metal supports are installed within platforms in a ceiling to floor configuration. This is what’s responsible for making the bottles look like they’re suspended in thin air. In addition, there are multiple wood, stain and finish options available with this series. But if you want a really dramatic effect, we also have the acrylic bottle supports as an additional option.

Vintage View Series

The Vintage View Metal Wine Rack Series

This is WCI’s oldest, and to date, still the most popular metal wine racking series. Vintage View is noted for its ability to provide easy to navigate, label-forward wine storage systems. The series comes in two configurations: the wall-mount units and the floor-to-ceiling displays. A Floor to Ceiling Frame needs to be purchased separately for the latter. This floor-to-ceiling display will give your wine cellar that beautiful “floating” look that is sure to be an attention-grabber. Vintage View is one of our most flexible metal racking products. When wall-mounted 7.5 inches apart, the racks can hold standard-sized bottles. However,  they can also easily hold split-sized bottles when mounted 5.5 inches apart.