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Exploring Our Extensive Commercial Wine Racking Options

March 18th, 2019

How well are you acquainted with WCI’s collection of commercial racking units? If you are a proprietor of a wine establishment or are planning on building one, WCI has you covered. Whether it’s a wine store, bar, restaurant or other similar business, we can address all your storage needs. It’s time to explore your commercial wine racking options with our very extensive catalog:

Our commercial racking line

As far as retail wine storage is concerned, WCI has made it more convenient for clients by creating two major categories for our racking products. The first is our old “Classic” line which features our hand-built units. This is, naturally, our custom line which go for a significantly higher price. But just recently, we added the second category: the Vintner Commercial Wine Racks. Taking a cue from our wine rack kits, Vintner Commercial offers more affordable racking options. The products under this collection were crafted in true Vintner style. That means high quality racking units at a very reasonable price point.

Secured wine storage

Now as regards the racking styles, WCI offers quite an impressive line-up. We carry Island Display Racks, Merchandisers, and our newest offering: the Vintner Stackables. But these are not all that you get to choose from. We also carry secured stackable storage with our Wine Lockers. These lockers have become quite popular as of late, especially with country clubs and high-end restaurants. And it doesn’t end there! For a truly unique silhouette to your wine stores, we recommend our Curvy Wine Cubes. We have Popular Packages that come with the cubes consisting of wine cube “stackers.” There are also packages with display trays. The trays will help efficiently advertise wine merchandise in order to boost wine sales. The best thing about these cubes is that they are super flexible. You can either stack them or mount the units on the walls for maximum space-efficiency.

Beautiful and unique displays

Last but certainly not the least, we also carry commercial metal racking products. Our best seller is none other than the WineZone Wine Shelf System. These units can be utilized to store not just wine bottles, but a variety of other items as well. That includes other liquor such as beer, glassware, gift baskets, olive oil, and more. They are so flexible that you can choose to display your bottles in either cork-forward or label-forward manner. But take note – there are still several more commercial racking collections to check out! So head on over to this section of the website and start exploring. *Cheers*

The Big Advantages Of Customizing Your Wine Storage

March 11th, 2019

Some of you might ask, “Why go custom?” Why, indeed? After all, “customizing” is normally equated with additional expenses. Of course, most of us wouldn’t want to spend more on a wine cellar project. We’d want to keep things within, or hopefully, below budget. But there are big advantages of customizing your wine storage that will make every dollar worth it. Moreover, it’s a misconception that you will have to spend a fortune to get the look you want. Let’s explore in detail these advantages so you guys don’t miss out on anything:

Creating the “perfect fit” for your wine storage…

Think of it as Cinderella’s glass slipper! Remember how it perfectly fit her tiny feet and no one else’s? Well, the same thing can be applied to your wine cellar. If you want your racking assembly to have that totally seamless appearance, going custom is the answer. It’s especially the case if you’re constructing on an uneven space. Examples would be building wine storage under the stairs, converting an empty closet, or a pantry. But that’s not all. There will also be instances when wine storage has to be built into existing structures. One good example would be converting some kitchen cabinets to store your wine bottles. This usually happens when there’s not enough room for a formal wine cellar. You’d have to improvise by being creative with other sections of the home. In order to maximize bottle storage capacity, getting a “custom fit” is the key. Check out the gorgeous wine cabinet we completed for our client. It has this built-in look that is absolutely seamless:

Fully customized wine storage

Getting the theme or style you want…

If you want your wine cellar done a certain way and to conform to a specific theme, then you have to take the custom route. Like they say, you get exactly what you want when you’re not cutting corners. Customizing your wine storage according to your specifications leads to 100% client satisfaction. There will be no need to re-do anything in the future, save for standard maintenance work. In the long run, you’re actually saving a lot of money. In this project, our client chose to go with Grand Mahogany racking in blended stain option. The colors of the wood are precisely the way the client want them. Plus, this will help boost your home’s market appeal. These days, more and more house hunters are seeking for wine cellars in potential homes. A fully customized wine cellar might be what it takes to seal the deal!  ^_^

Grand Mahogany with Blended Stain option

Vintner Just Got Bigger: What Did You Miss Out On?

February 25th, 2019

Just like that, the month of love is already coming to a close! But we’re not going to just leave it at that without spreading a little more wine cellar love. Today, it’s all about our favorite wine rack kit: Vintner. If there’s a wine rack kit that deserves more love, this is definitely it. Our Vintner Series just keeps on evolving and bringing many impressive upgrades. In fact, it just got even bigger in the last couple of months. So just in case you missed out, here’s a rundown of all the latest goodies:

New Vintner additions!

New additions to the Elite Cabinetry

First up is the Elite Cabinetry line that was recently incorporated into the Vintner line. Taking a cue from the modern wine cellar series, Vintner also put out its own versions. We have the Acrylic 9 Column Individual which is a nod to the Acrylic Invisible Wine Racks. Acrylic has similar properties to glass. Essentially, it’s going to hold up as well as a glass door does in that type of environment. Also, because of its as transparent as glass, it gives that ethereal “floating” look to your bottles. And speaking of this “floating” look, this can also be achieved with the other two new units: the Cable Racking with 3 Display Rows and Cable Racking with 6 Column Individual & 1 Display Row.

Vintner Concaves

Introduction of the Individual Concave Wine Racks

These beautiful racking units were introduced early last year. It’s not everyday that you can find something this unique in just a wine rack kit. Vintner has really outdone itself with these Individual Concaves that can add so much character to any wine cellar project. The curved profile of the racks is both attractive and space-efficient. Moreover, the units can be stacked on top of each other, a feature that makes it truly Vintner. To make things even more flexible, we also introduced the Concave Curved Individual with this line.

Vintner Stacks

The launch of the Vintner Stacks

Even though Vintner already has the Tasting Centers, we still managed to include yet another space-saving racking product in the series. The Vintner Stacks consist of versatile racking that combine individual and bulk bottle storage in just one unit. There are several variations, such as the 7 Column Individual with Diamond Bin,  Magnum Rack with Rectangular Bin, and 5 Column Individual with Open Diamond Cube. These stacks can be utilized as stand-alones or worked into other racking elements to create generous wine storage. ^_^

Back To The Classics: Premium Redwood X Classic Mahogany Revisited

February 11th, 2019

Nothing beats the classics, as they would say. This also holds true with wine cellars. The modern wine cellar trend is indeed rapidly gaining popularity. But that doesn’t mean that styles and materials that define the traditional wine cellar are being cast aside. While there are those that love to mix contemporary and classic styles, there are also those who prefer just the latter. So today, we’re going back to the timeless charm of some tried but true combos. It’s Premium Redwood x Classic Mahogany stain revisited:

Classic Mahogany and Premium Redwood combo

As far as wood choices for custom wine cellars are concerned, you can never go wrong with Premium Redwood. From the quality of the wood itself down to the styling options, Premium Redwood checks all the boxes. There are several reasons why it is one of our top wood options for custom wine cellar projects. And one of them is the fact that this wood is highly durable and resistant. With or without stain, Redwood is well-suited to the humid, cool conditions of a wine cellar. The wood will endure extremely well in such conditions and age as beautifully as your wine. Moreover, it is a clear grade of wood with a more affordable price tag than its sibling Clear All-Heart Redwood. It includes wood from all part of the log which varies from white to pink to red and reddish brown. These variations in color make Premium Redwood a joy to work with in designing racking units. It’s also why there are those who prefer it over Clear All-Heart Redwood.

In this featured project, you can see just how attractive Premium Redwood is, particularly when stained and finished. The wood absorbs all types of stains and finishes very well. But the grain patterns are accentuated even more with darker colored stains. Classic Mahogany was used for these Premium Redwood wine racks. It is a rich, reddish-brown stain that gives the wood a dramatic finish. It also shows off its natural wood grain and inherent personality. The simplicity of the wine cellar’s layout combined with the wood and stain choices exudes traditional appeal. This is that classic elegance that defines wine cellars that withstood the test of time. In the years to come, the racks will age just as gracefully as the wine bottles. And it can’t get any better than that! ^_^

It's elegance revisited!