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Clients Build Their Private Cellar With The Urban Living Series

March 21st, 2018

It’s the second day of the Spring season and so far, things are looking brighter. And by that, we’re not just talking about the weather. Our wine cellar projects have been coming along beautifully this year, especially the DIY ones. We’ve noticed that our clients have become more creative in utilizing WCI racking products and accessories. This has made us really happy and inspired us to bring about even more improvements. Today’s Testimonial Thursday is one of those inspiring projects. It’s all about making the space available to you work. But it’s also all about bringing in personalized touches and making the wine cellar uniquely yours.

Our clients Carlos and Sherrie sent some terrific shots of their newly assembled racking arrangement. They purchased some racking units from WCI to complete their private wine cellar. They chose to go with our Urban Living Series. This series is comprised of modular wine storage packages designed specifically for apartment and condo living. In other words, these packages were carefully thought out taking into account space issues in these smaller residential places. The packages are made up of 85% Vintner Series racking units, 10% Designer, and 5% Custom. Moreover, the packages can be customized with 4 wood choices available, as well as 5 stain options, including Lacquer.

As you can see from the snapshots of the finished racking assembly, it fits cozily into the entire length of the room’s wall. The clients only had to make minor adjustments to the height of the racks. The width of the racking set-up, on the other hand, fit perfectly without need of any tweaking. However, if you’re not the DIY type like Carlos and Sherrie, take note of this! Our Urban Living Series provides the option to have your chosen package shipped fully assembled. That means all you need to do is get that space ready once the racks arrive at your doorstep. ^_^

The Urban Living Series Wrought-Iron Door

“We are very happy with the end result of our cellar.  Although we had to make some adjustments to the height it fit perfectly as far as the width as you can see.  Working on filling it up – that was the fun part! We had an issue with the delivery by FedEx, the delivery person dropped several boxes and they broke open. But we were fortunate in the fact that nothing was broken and the scratched pieces could be retained.  Overall we had a nice experience with you and are happy with our private cellar.  We designed the door and had it custom made of wrought iron.”

~Carlos and Sherrie M.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Start Bringing Spring To Your Wine Cellars!

March 14th, 2018

Who is excited for Spring? Can you tell we’re definitely one of them? We’ve been prepping since last week for the season to officially arrive. And it’s about time we help you guys prep as well. There’s only a few days left after all! So it’s time to start bringing Spring to your wine cellars. Here are some fun ideas to inspire you:

Change up your stains and finishes!

Gray Wash Stain

Now if you’re one of those wine cellar owners who’s thinking of doing a substantial makeover this year, consider doing this. Change up the stains and finishes in your wine racks and other wine cellar furniture. It’s actually a more cost-effective makeover method. You will be able to give your wine cellar a fresh, new look just in time for Spring. One of our highly recommended stain and finish option would be the Whitewash Stain. Why so? Whitewash is a versatile finish that complements the clean, open themes of modern décor. It also exudes a rustic, seaside appeal. Because it’s a semi-transparent stain, that gorgeous wood grain will still show through. Moreover, this stain adds a definitive ‘texture’ to the wood, resulting in a ‘rustic elegant’ character. But if you prefer the wood grain to be eclipsed by an all-white exterior, try Opaque White stain instead. Another option would be Gray Wash stain. The colors are absolutely stunning and unique, giving off a contemporary feel while retaining that traditional elegance.

Throw in some decorative wood accents!

Some whimsical touches in your wine cellar is in order for this season. You don’t have to go far or break the budget to accomplish that. Throwing in some decorative wood accents will give your wine cellar the aesthetic upgrade it needs for Spring. Some of our favorites include decorative moldings on your racking assembly. These 3-dimensional, architectural wood moldings will add detail and high relief to the interior trim of your wine cellar. Wood paneling and onlays, and wood corbels on your cabinets and shelves are another fantastic idea.

Wine cellar paintings and murals

Bring in pops of spring color!

What better way to welcome than season than with pops of vibrant colors in your wine cellar? And no, we’re not asking you guys to paint your walls or wine cellar furniture. But by adding some choice wine cellar art, things will certainly be more visually stimulating. Paintings or murals of wine country and other similar landscapes are fantastic choices. Nonetheless, you can also deviate and go for more modern, art-decoish type pieces. If your wine cellar has a contemporary theme to it, bolder colors are definitely in order.

Do you have some Spring wine cellar decor ideas to share? Leave a comment or two below because we’d love to hear them! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Try These Space-Efficient Racking Ideas

March 7th, 2018

Trying to either make or conserve space for your wine bottles? Yes, we understand it’s not always that easy. Not everyone has enough space for several dozen bottles, let alone a hundred or so. But that’s what makes it more challenging. When you are able to find the right solutions to your wine storage needs, it’s a very satisfying feeling. So we’re here to help you guys achieve that feeling of satisfaction! Try out these space-efficient racking ideas in your home and let us know which one worked for you:

Go small and stack ’em up!

Small Wine Racks

Some people avoid using smaller wine racking units thinking that they are a waste of valuable storage space. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. Going for smaller wine racks doesn’t mean you’ll have less bottle storage capacity. It’s all about knowing what small wine racks to use and how to use them. We recommend purchasing the stackable mini wine racks. Since they are compact, they will be easier to fit into those spaces that you once thought were pretty useless, like your coat or shoe closet. They will also fit in nicely into kitchen cabinets and pantries. By stacking these smaller racks, you can control the height configurations. You will be able to make adjustments depending on your home’s ceiling heights. And of course, as they are smaller, adding more units is possible when you have available space in the future.

Discover the power of wine rack pegs!

Wine Rack Pegs

So let’s say you already have a racking assembly but still need more space for more bottles. The problem is, there is no more available floor space to assemble more wine racks. But who says your wine racks have to occupy your floor area all the time? Get creative and utilize other areas in your home! Wine rack pegs will make you appreciate the beauty of wall wine racks. These pegs can go literally anywhere – your kitchen, the dining area, the living room, and yes, even in the hallways. Use your imagination and turn your wine bottles into pieces of artwork for your home. Not only will you have extra bottle storage space, you get some attractive home decor to boot.

Don’t forget about “wine shelves”!

Some people think that bottle storage are better off being done in an individual fashion. That’s definitely not the case. Bulk storage is a wonderful space-saving technique that wine lovers should utilize more. We’re not talking about just chucking loose bottles in wine racks such as open diamond bins and cubes. We’re talking about utilizing wine boxes or crates and putting these in wine shelves. You can get creative and incorporate these wine shelves with your other kitchen or home furniture. This will save so much space, like building the shelves under kitchen islands, countertops, or even converting bookshelves. You will be storing more bottles but occupying less space! ^_^

Knowing More About Our Full And Half-Height Wine Merchandisers

February 26th, 2018

What are the factors do you take into account when deciding on the racking arrangement for your wine store? Is the focus mainly on bottle storage capacity? Or is it on the strategic display of merchandise to help boost wine sales? Both factors are actually equally essential. You’d certainly want to maximize your space to accommodate your merchandise. And this will naturally include future acquisitions. But you’d also want to showcase the bottles so they’ll easily draw in customers. Now if there’s a racking unit that can achieve both goals and more, it’s definitely WCI’s commercial wine merchandisers.

Full Height Wine Merchandisers

You probably won’t see a healthier selection of full height wine merchandisers anywhere than here at WCI.  These display merchandisers come in so many styles and configurations. But although each has a distinct design and bottle storage capacity, there are three things these wine merchandisers have in common. First, since they are “full-height,” this means they allow for maximum bottle storage. You will be able to store more bottles with each racking unit compared to just standard wine racks. Second, these wine display merchandisers all have a variety of custom options. You are at liberty to select your wood, stains and finishes from a great set of options.

Lastly, you can also add a Vinyl Base option to your merchandiser. Note that a vinyl covered base platform serves to raise the wine racking off the ground by a good 4 inches.  This will help protect wine bottles from kicking and other accidents. It also makes for an easier clean-up for your wine establishment. The vinyl is usually applied only to the front of the base. However, you can also put in a request for it to be applied to the sides of the base as well. The Vinyl Base option for our wine display merchandisers come in brown or black colors.

Half-Height Wine Merchandisers

Now some of you may ask what purpose Half-Height Wine Merchandisers serve. After all, the Full-Height Wine Merchandisers have all of the bases covered. Not exactly! These half-height units deserve all the love in a commercial wine cellar project. They are a big wine in terms of space-efficiency. That’s because they can easily fit into tight and once useless spaces in a wine store. That’s not something your full-height ones can do. In addition, you can also conveniently incorporate them into existing racking arrangements. As far as maximizing space in a wine store goes, these half-height units are right up there with  wall wine racks. We guarantee you’ll love working them into either a brand new construction or just with your store’s existing layout. ^_^