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Opening Your Wine Cellar Space With Wall Wine Racks

August 19th, 2019

Nothing can open up a wine cellar space quite like wall wine racks. There is a reason why this racking style has rapidly grown in popularity over the years. And that reason is the undeniable fact that it is the most space-efficient racking style there is. This gorgeous wine room designed for a client certainly gets that point across:

Wall wine racks are super space-efficient!See how open the floor area is, thanks to the racking assembly which is mounted on the walls. This gives you room for other furniture to accent your cellar. In clients’ case, they chose an elegant tasting table and some wooden crates and boxes as decor. These work really well with the wooden flooring, as well as the wine-colored ceiling.

Now let’s talk about the wall wine racking units. Here at WCI, we carry a healthy selection of this racking style.  One of our oldest lines is the Vintage View Series. The racks are available in four different finishes. They also come in single deep, double deep, and triple deep storage options. These units can hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart. You can also configure them to hold split-sized bottles by mounting them at 5.5 inches apart. This is one of our super versatile series.

Talking about versatility, our WineZone Wine Shelf System definitely takes the top spot. This unit was designed with maximum storage flexibility in mind.  This system creates a beautiful variation of metal and wood wine racks that are able to fit a variety of wine, spirits, as well as wine accessories to fit your needs. Moreover, you can even use the shelf as a table top option. You will have a second shelf with glass rack attachment above that can function as a tasting station.

Stylish space savers that can open up your wine cellars!We also have the Curvy Wine Cube collection for those who prefer something with a little more flair. These wall-mounted beauties are  available in several wood types and stain options. Their unique profile will give any wine cellar that added touch of fancy without compromising on space.

Take note that you can display your bottles in either the traditional cork-forward format the more contemporary label-forward format. You can also mix and match wood and metal racking elements. Enjoy coming up with your personal style while having tons of bottle storage space. It is certainly space-efficiency racking done right! ^_^

Fun Tips On Designing A Dining Room Wine Storage

August 12th, 2019

One of our favorite spots in the home for wine storage is the dining room. Why so? Well, first off, just imagine the level of convenience you get when it comes to accessing your wine bottles. Anytime you need to pour a glass or two, your favorites will just be at an arm’s reach. Secondly, what better way is there to spice up your dining area than with an elegant racking arrangement? Even a simple meal will always feel special with the ambiance created by the presence of wine bottles.  And there are a number of ways you can accomplish this! We’ve put together some fun tips on designing a dining room wine storage. You can make any space, even a compact one, truly your own:

Dining room wine storage

These photos were sent by clients how have completed their own dining room wine storage. We’re going to take a leaf out of some of the style concepts incorporated here. The first one would be the racking assembly itself. Our clients chose to go with custom racking units for this project.  This is a clever tip, particularly for those with limited space in their dining area. Custom racking will allow you to really maximize the available space. Notice in the photos that the racks tuck nicely into the walls in a seamless manner. Quarter Round Shelves were added on both ends to give the arrangement a finished look. The shelves also provide an opportunity for the clients to showcase some of their best labels.

The next thing to consider would be the wood, stain and finish options of the racks. You’d want your wine storage to complement the style and decor of your dining room. If you want to create a contrasting look, that’s also entirely up to you. What is important is that there should be balance and symmetry in the colors, textures, and overall theme. You wouldn’t want the end result to be bland or overpowering, or worse, tacky. As an example, check out the clients’ choices: beautiful Premium Redwood for the wood option and unstained. Since the interior of the dining area featured light colored walls, flooring and ceiling, this was a smart move. The unstained racks worked well with the wooden flooring and the darker-hued furniture.

Fun wine barrel table accents

Last but not the least, choose accessories that will highlight your racking assembly. You want the wine bottles to be the focal point of the dining area. Per the photos, you can see that the clients picks were quite tasteful. We love the matching wine barrel accent tables, bar stools, and subdued paintings. ^_^

Secured Wine Lockers: Why They Are Worth The Investment

August 5th, 2019

How secure is your wine collection? Do you own rare vintages that you wouldn’t even want to put a price tag on? Or are you a proprietor of a wine establishment trying to keep your merchandise safe and sound? Well as far as wine storage security is concerned, nothing does the job better than our Secured Wine Lockers. They are definitely a worthy investment and a must-have in any wine cellar. Let us go into further detail to show you guys why.Why wine lockers are a worthy investmentWe have here some great photos of our assembled wine lockers for a custom project for a client. They had the units installed in their home’s living area. We are pretty sure you will agree with us when we say that these lockers look very elegant and fit perfectly with the room’s layout. They are aesthetically pleasing while being highly functional. This killer combination of form and function is one of the biggest reasons why these wine lockers are worth it.

Lots of customization optionsAnother fantastic feature that sets the lockers apart is their ability to be customized. We can start creating from a one column wine locker that you can use anywhere. You can easily stack it upon other levels of wine lockers to create your desired bottle storage capacity. Then you can move on to other customization options, such as your door panels. You can choose between metal lattice for open air circulation, a glass panel to see through, or a regular flat or raised wood panel.

Customize the doors, locks, wood and stains and finishesNext up will be the locks. You have the option for locks that can be keyed in numerous configurations, or as one single key. Lastly, you also get to select your wood, stains and finishes, as well as the base of the locker. You can even choose to have casters installed for greater flexibility. All in all, it’s pretty amazing how these lockers can give you multiple options to personalize to your liking. Take note that the secured wine storage lockers are now offered standard, by the column. This was done to match the existing height of our other commercial wine display racks. ^_^

How The WCI Wine Cellar Construction Process Works

July 29th, 2019

The month of July has come and gone! We’ve shared some pretty awesome wine cellar projects with everyone this month. We’ve also featured some of the wonderful reviews our clients gave for both our products and services. That being said, we’d like to talk a bit more on the WCI wine cellar construction process. How does it actually work and what are the steps involved? We have the details for you and hopefully, your wine cellar will be the next one we’ll be working on!

First stage – initial design consultation

For a new wine cellar project, the first stage involves initial design consultation and planning. Here at WCI, we can bring to fruition wine cellars in any size and with any budget. But in order to do so, we must be able to properly identify the client’s wine storage needs. This is why we offer free wine cellar consultation services. Clients will fill out a design request form with all the particulars that can help in achieving the project goals. Once that’s done, the client will receive wine cellar design room plans. The design package includes further consultation services. If there are still details that need to be ironed out, our experts will make sure they are all addressed.

Second stage – assembly and installation

Once the design plans are in place, the next step is to assemble and install the wine racks and other accessories. Full wine cellar installation with WCI involves our extensively experienced installation team. Our team has completed countless installations from residential to commercial all over the globe. Note that ab average wine cellar installation takes 4-5 days. Our installers actually stay on-site until the project has been completed. We help out with wine cooler installation, stainless steel wine racks, LED lights, and other wine cellar accessories. As part of the process, we engage in consultations with the homeowner, architect, or builder on any question concerning the installation.

Final stage – post-construction clean-up

When construction is finally completed, our installers don’t just leave the site. They will conduct post-construction inspections to ensure that everything is in place. They will also ensure that the site is cleaned. The client’s satisfaction is the topmost priority. So our team will still endorse the completed wine cellar for the client’s approval. Should there still be some issues that need to be addressed, we make sure to get those resolved ASAP. ^_^

Custom wine cellar construction process

“WCI was great to work with, from initial design concept to delivering the final product. They gave suggestions that improved the cellar functionality, provided professional schematics and easy-to-follow assembly directions. My cellar turned out better than I ever imagined.”

~Eric S.~

Clients Share Stunning Results From WCI Experience

July 25th, 2019

Testimonial Thursdays are the best times to share client feedback from their WCI experience. We always look forward to what they have to say as they greatly help pinpoint areas of improvement. And of course, we find it highly motivating to hear their opinions on our products and services. Today, our client Eddy shares this detailed testimonial on their WCI experience. The photos below show the results of their newly constructed wine cellar which is nothing short of stunning. We are proud to say that our racking units  helped achieve their wine cellar goals. But we are even happier with the fact that they gave such high praise to our professional services:

Stunning results from using WCI custom racksThe clients took advantage of our wine cellar design and consultation services. This is a very smart move as we offer these initial services for free. The design of their wine cellar involved several changes and they worked with one of our experienced consultants. Owing to our team’s level of expertise, the clients were able to finally complete the final layout. They ordered the racking units, again with the assistance of our design consultant. Because they worked closely with our team, the actual construction process proceeded smoothly. Only minor adjustments were needed and the racking assembly:

Grand Mahogany wine racksThe racking units in Grand Mahogany are just gorgeous! These were dressed up in Dark Walnut stain and work so well against the neutral hues of the room.

Beautiful rustic flavor of the design

“We started working with Amy with an initial design. It was great. We made at least 20 changes from what we originally sent in and she got back to us in a very timely manner. After we ordered, the racking arrived and we put it in the locations we had. It all fit in really nicely with minimal adjustments. Amy also helped us quite a bit on addressing certain things in our layout. Our customer is so happy with how the project finished up. Once again, Amy, thank you for all of your help and we will be in contact with you when we have another wine cellar or wine room we need.”

~ Eddy M.~

The Wonderful World Of WCI’s WineMaker Wine Racks

July 22nd, 2019

A very happy Monday to all of you wine cellar fans out there! We hope you guys had a relaxing weekend and a good start for the workweek. We’re going to make things even better by letting you explore the wonderful world of WineMaker wine racks with us. Our clients sent us the loveliest photos featuring these racks and we just had to share them:

Our WineMaker racks

The clients utilized the WineMaker racks for a charity event. We think that this is such an awesome and unique way of showcasing them. We loved how the units were set up to really be the center of attention (along with the wine bottles, of course!). The guests loved the racks and were introduced to the impressive features of our WineMaker Series. Let’s go a bit more into detail about them. The first would definitely be the shallow-depth configuration of the racking units. Unlike your standard wine racks, WineMaker units are manufactured with short depth. The body of the wine bottle is fully supported within the wine racks while the neck of the bottle slightly sticks out If you notice in the close-up photos below, the wine bottles pop out a bit more from their storage. This creates an attractive aesthetic. It also allows for convenient organization of the bottles, particularly with the bottle tags. You can see how the clients did just that here:

Popping displays with the short-depth racks

Since the racks have shorter depth, that means these units use less wood during manufacturing. So it only makes sense that they are also more affordable compared to custom racks or other wine rack kits. WineMaker is a heavy favorite with entry-level wine cellar projects because of this feature. First-time wine cellar builders can sometimes be a bit anxious of the overall construction cost. The fact that they can have quality racking at an affordable price point greatly helps ease those worries.

The series is also super popular with smaller and more compact projects. The reason is pretty obvious! The shallow-depth units are very space-efficient. You can built them in smaller spaces in the home. You can even create wine storage with them in unusual spots such as under stairwells or by converting closets or pantries. And last but not the least, you still get the ability to customize the appearance of your racks. In this case, the clients went with Rustic Pine in a gorgeous Dark Walnut stain option. WineMaker lets you choose from either Rustic Pine or Premium Redwood for your wood. Plus, it offers WCI’s complete line of stains and finishes, including the lacquer option. ^_^

Easy assembly from the wine rack kits

“The wine racks turned out wonderfully – our team was able to assemble using a nail gun. We utilized them for a charitable event here and they were a big hit!”

~Kiley M.~

Shutters On The Beach’s Perfectly Compact Wine Storage

July 18th, 2019

It’s always a pleasure to feature wine storage from clients who find unique ways to use our products. Today, we have this perfectly compact beauty, courtesy of Shutters on The Beach! Shutters on The Beach is a seaside haven located in Santa Monica beach hotel, California. The hotel itself is reminiscent of the quintessential cottages of Cape Cod, adorned with white sand beaches. The Lobby Lounge Bar of Shutters is one of the busiest areas in the resort. It is tastefully decorated to warmly welcome hotel guests from all over the country – and the globe. Recently, the hotel made a clever decision to add some wine storage to The Lobby Lounge and this is the result:

Shutters on The Beach's adorable wine storage unit!

This adorable unit was from an actual column in the hotel’s lobby. The clients decided to transform it into a custom wine storage by incorporating the racking units. The wood choice is Rustic Pine, unstained, and customized to fit inside the column’s frame. The natural light and creamy colors of the wood worked excellently with the off-white paint job on the column. We really like how it all came together and stayed consistent with the coastal yet luxurious theme of the hotel. But we loved most of all is the ingenuity of this wine storage concept. It just goes to show you that wine storage can be done in any size and shape. Imagination and creativity are the only limits! But of course, it does pay to have the right racking products and tools to work with. Here at WCI, we are proud to say that “variety” is a staple in all our wine cellar products. That includes not just our wine racks, but also our other wine cellar accessories. ^_^

“Previously just a column in our lobby, we turned it into a small wine storage for the Lobby Lounge Bar of Shutters on The Beach in Santa Monica, CA. It worked out really great.”

~ Matt C.~


Technical Tuesday Episode #435: Strong Statements With Dark Walnut Stain

July 16th, 2019

Sunny July greetings, Tech Tuesday buddies! It’s such a wonderful time to be visiting some wine destinations, don’t you think? But you can also bring old wine country charm to your homes as well, just like our client from Atlanta, GA. Their custom home wine cellar is a beauty and we want to share the deets with you:

Project # 312363
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1504
Where: Atlanta, GA

Strong statements in Dark Walnut stainThis wine cellar project is quite a generous one with a storage capacity for over 1500 bottles. Our clients had ample space for a full blown wine cellar and wanted to really maximize the same. So our design team was smart enough to decide on going the custom route. Custom racking units made it very convenient in designing the cellar to the clients’ exact specifications. As you may notice from these photos, there is tons of bottle storage in a variety of racking styles:

Gorgeous bold colors on the racksNow what really defines this wine cellar is actually the wood and stain option combination. The racking assembly presents strong statements with the darker hues, accentuated by the lighting accessories. Our team chose Premium Redwood for the wood and stained the racks in beautiful Dark Walnut. Dark Walnut is a rich golden-brown stain that deepens almost all shades of wood. Since Premium Redwood retains stains and finishes extremely well, it worked perfectly with this stain option:

Custom Premium Redwood racksHere are a few more great shots from different angles of the wine room. It looks really elegant and the racking layout is so seamless. One of the big advantages of custom racking is that you can create racking arrangements to fit any space. Everything will be streamlined to fit the desired specifications. The result is a clean arrangement, devoid of awkward gaps. Moreover, it also helps that the racks are dressed up in a uniform stain or finish. WCI provides an Interactive Wood Swatch Viewer that allows you to see samples of various wood and stain/finish combinations. This is a very handy tool that can help clients decide which look they really want for their wine cellar projects. *Cheers*

Quarter Round Displays Standard glass door

Technical Tuesday Episode #434: The Perfect Fit Wine Tasting Center

July 9th, 2019

If you don’t have enough space in your home for a formal wine cellar, what would be a suitable alternative? Today’s Tech Tuesday feature can give you some great inspiration on that. Give a look at this simple but elegant wine tasting center:

Project # 309413
Wood: Custom / Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 248
Where: North Bend, OH

Perfect fit wine tasting centerSee how it fits perfectly into the wall space? Even when you have a relatively small space, you can still make it work. The trick is to utilize the right racking products. In this case, WCI’s design team chose a mix of custom and Vintner units to create this beautiful wine tasting center. Notice how it was built in such a seamless manner. There are no awkward gaps at all between the racks and the flooring and ceiling.

Even if this is just a compact wine storage, it is enough to host the client’s collection. The assembly can in fact store up to just a little under 250 bottles. That is definitely not too shabby considering the spatial constraints. And there are quite a few gems here that really help complete the look of this wine storage. The first one is the wood option. The racks are all manufactured from Premium Redwood. That is a smart choice for a smaller sized wine cellar project. Premium Redwood is a top quality, clear grade of wood.  It includes wood from all part of the log which varies from white to pink to red and reddish brown. Premium Redwood has no knots and is sometimes preferred over All-Heart Redwood for its variety of colors.

The second key element in this project is the stain option. Notice how the racks pop out against the light-colored walls and flooring? The units were dressed up in rich Classic Mahogany stain. It is one our more popular stains owing to the beautiful, reddish-brown hues that give the wood a dramatic finish. It also shows off the wood’s natural wood grain and inherent personality. Since Premium Redwood’s natural colors range from the whites and pinks to reddish browns, this stain works perfectly. We love how the racks actually look like the color of aged red wine.

The last key element in this wine tasting center is the use of custom moldings and center seam trim. Thanks to these accessories, there are also no gaps between the different racking styles. You can’t even tell that this is not a full-on custom job. It certainly is the perfect fit wine tasting center! *Cheers*


Learning The Benefits Of Shallow-Depth Racking Systems

July 8th, 2019

We’ve had a really good run of projects using short-depth racking this year. We’re also confident that there will be more of those coming! So why did this type of racking become really popular? Let’s delve into it and learn the benefits of shallow-depth wine racking systems:

Shallow-depth wine racking systemsHere at WCI, we carry two series in our kits collection that feature this kind of racking: the WineMaker and Traditional Series. If you explore their respective product catalogs, you will see that even bulk storage racks are configured in shallow depth. Now what are the benefits of utilizing this type of racking as opposed to standard depth ones?

The first advantage it can give is in terms of space-efficiency. The shorter depth makes it easier to create racking arrangements in compact spaces. That is why the WineMaker and Traditional Series are pretty popular with smaller sized wine cellar projects. You can really maximize on bottle storage capacity thanks to this kind of racking. Moreover, you will be able to transform relatively tight spaces in your home into proper storage for your collection. A good example would be under-stairwell transformations, dining room wine displays, and home wine bars.

WineMaker Series with popping displaysAnother wonderful benefit of these shorter depth racks is their affordability. Less material is used in manufacturing the racking units. That obviously means that cost is kept low as well. This is why this is one of the most recommended racks for entry level wine cellars. First time builders usually want to stay within budget. But sometimes, it can prove to be quite a challenge. Working with cost-efficient racking products can make a huge difference in your wine cellar project.

Last but certainly not the least, shallow-depth wine racks also bring a very unique aesthetic to wine storage. Since the bottles are not stored in standard full-depth fashion, their necks will slightly stick out from the racks. The bottles pop out from the rails, making for a really attractive display. It even makes it convenient to remove or replace the bottles! You can check out more designs using shorter depth racking in our photo gallery. Be inspired and don’t forget to share the results with us! ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine Rack Choices For Uneven Spaces

July 3rd, 2019

Not all spaces for wine cellar projects will be your straightforward four corners. Some may be a bit compact, others may have sharp corners or awkward angles. But isn’t it reassuring to know that there are wine racks that can work with these uneven spaces. We have compiled this helpful selection just for you guys:

The Mini Stacks

The small wine racks or “mini stacks”

Small wine racking units are absolute miracle workers. They can fit into almost any space and give you sufficient bottle storage. WCI has its own line of these small wine racks which we call our “Mini Stack Series.” These babies are stackable which can allow you to expand your wine storage. They also come in several storage styles: Individual Bottle Storage, Bin Storage, Diamond Slat, and Open Bin units. As a bonus, the series also carries glass rack storage. Mix and match these different options to come up with a versatile racking arrangement. The Mini Stacks are crafted from beautiful Premium Redwood and available in four different stain options. And here’s the cherry on top: the racks can be shipped fully assembled!

The Vertical Displays

The vertical display cabinets

Vertical displays are sometimes a bit underrated. These units provide the perfect showcase for the jewels of ones collection. Moreover, they are designed to complete the end of a waterfall wine storage. This creates a beautiful and continuous display of your finest wines. But there is more to these wine racks than their “accessory” value. Here at WCI, our Designer Series Vertical Displays can also be utilized for shallow spots where there is not enough room for a standard depth wine rack. They are perfect for bars, wine rooms, and even in the home. The Wine Bottle WaterfallOur units stand at 6 rows high and will accommodate two standard wine bottles or one magnum bottle per shelf.


The wine bottle waterfall units

Sure, they are aesthetically pleasing, but that’s not all that you get with these waterfall wine racks. The individual bottle storage configuration allows for the hosting of a good number of bottles. Moreover, you can also utilize the top portion of the racks to showcase your wines. This style of racking is available with WCI’s wine rack kits such as Vintner and Designer. They can be combined with other racking styles to create unique arrangements. The cascading silhouette is very eye-catching and can be utilized in different ways. For example, you can have a waterfall display come out from a wall to the center of a room. You may also choose to line a waterfall wine display along a wall. ^_^

Following The Growth Of WCI’s Vintage View Series

July 1st, 2019

Welcome, July! We are living for this summer season because who doesn’t love soaking up the heat? And one other thing we’re soaking in is the influx of custom wine cellar projects. We’ve noticed a sharp increase in the use of metal wine racks in these projects. Moreover, a lot of them have been utilizing our Vintage View series. The series has really come into its own in the last few years. So let’s take the time to follow its growth and what it now has to offer for us.

The growth of the Vintage View SeriesVintage View is best known for its wall-mount racking units. These units come in four different finishes, as well as single deep, double deep, and triple deep storage options. The racks were configured to hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart. But they also allow for storage of split-sized bottles when mounted 5.5 inches apart. Although these racks are designed to be attached to a wall, they can displayed floor to ceiling when a Floor to Ceiling Frame is purchased. This flexibility is the one that catapulted the series’ popularity.

But over the last few years, the Vintage View family welcomed more additions. One is the Vintage View Displays for commercial wine cellars. They come in several height configurations, up to 7 feet. There are also half-heights available. These point-of-purchase racks allow for both label-forward storage and showcasing of the wine merchandise.

Another great addition are the Vino Pins and Rails. The pins are special metal wine pegs that can be mounted directly to any wall surface with the proprietary anchor systems. The pegs offer a stylish and minimalist approach to wine storage for both private and commercial collections of any size. Note that  is the only metal wine rack peg system that can mount direct to drywall, masonry or wood. Then we have the Vino Rails. They provide a different wine label display style from the wine rack pegs. The rails allow your wine bottles to come out perpendicular to give your bottles a floating appearance. It’s a minimalistic and elegant look from the VintageView line.

Lastly, we have the newest offering from the series: the Grain + Rod panels. The ultimate in modular wine walls, the unit combines Vintage View’s  award-wining design with a simple, elegant American wood mounting system. It comes available in two configurations: the Grain + Rod Cork Forward Panel and the Grain + Rod Label Forward Panel. ^_^


Exploring The Designer Series: Wine Cases, Tables, And Displays

June 24th, 2019

The month of June is nearly over and we’re officially in the first week of summer! This is definitely music to our ears. That’s because a lot of home construction projects usually take place during this season. In our case, that translates to wine cellar projects. In fact, we’ve been getting more custom design requests in the last few weeks. Our design teams have also been super busy with both residential and commercial projects. So today, w’re going to keep the momentum going. We’re going to go exploring more racking design options, particularly with our Designer Series. There is more to this wine rack kit than meets the eye, so let’s go and find out:

Designer Series wine cases, tables and displays

We were lucky enough to pull photos from this completed wine cellar featuring units from the wine cases, tables and displays category. Take note that the Designer Series offers tons of bottle storage options, from individual to bulk storage. There are even bottle storage add-ons that can help increase the height and storage of the standard racking units. The kit also includes tasting centers and waterfall bottle displays. While the kit does not have the 3-foot and 4-foot options like Vintner, it has its own brand of flexibility. The racks in this series sport full depth racking. This holds the full body of the wine bottle, along with the 6 foot tall height. Moreover, as earlier mentioned, you can now purchase extra individual racking to stack on top of the racking units. The add-ons allow for an additional 20 inches of height.

Speaking of flexibility, this wine room designed for a client illustrates that feature. We have here Vertical Display cabinets from the series which have been wall-mounted. The units were actually designed to finish off the end of a waterfall wine storage. This is to help create a continuous display of your finest wines. The Vertical Displays can also be utilized for shallow spots where there is not enough room for a standard depth wine rack. But in this case, the displays were mounted on the walls instead. They certainly enhanced the charm of the circular room while showcasing those magnums. As an FYI, the displays are 6 rows high and can accommodate two standard wine bottles or one magnum bottle per shelf. ^_^

Tips On How To Create A Fairytale Wine Cellar Theme

June 17th, 2019

A late but warm Father’s Day greetings to all the wine dads out there! We hope your weekend Father’s Day celebration was a very happy one. Today, we have something that will make you dads prepare for that big Frozen 2 moment this 2019. Yes, that’s right! Frozen 2 will be on its way to the theaters this Fall. Naturally,  you just HAVE to take your little princesses to see Anna and Elsa on the big screen. So why not bring that fairytale touch to your wine cellars as well? We’ve put together some tips on how to create a fairytale wine cellar theme:

Fairytale themed wine cellar!

This wine cellar project for one of our clients is a wonderful example of how you can achieve a magical charm for your wine cellar. The secret is actually lies in incorporating the right details here and there. Let’s start with the wine racks. The racking arrangement has a great variety of bottle storage options and very cleanly assembled. We love the use of the Curved Corner Racks to wrap the assembly around the entire room in a seamless manner. But what we love most of all is the stain option. These are Rustic Pine racks coated with our Graywash Stain. Graywash is one of our newest stain offerings. It’s a semi-transparent stain, so no texture that comes through. The final product is a smooth finish while showing the beauty of the wood beneath it. When applied to Rustic Pine, you get a dusty hue with blush undertones. It is the perfect color for that whimsical atmosphere in the wine cellar! That goes to show how the right wood x stain or finish combo can create the theme you want for your project.

Graywash Stain on Rustic Pine racks

Now the next tip would be to put in some fanciful touches to your wine cellar. You can easily do this by selecting the right accessories. Take a leaf out of this project, starting with the wine cellar door. If you’ll notice from the first image up top, the client installed a beautiful glass door with wrought iron. The design is both delicate and intricate. It certainly matched the theme of the entire cellar. Then of course, you have the gorgeous artwork on the wine cellar archway. This is further augmented by more artwork on the walls on top of the racking assembly. They even created an illusion of more archways. These are the little details that gave this project that magical touch! ^_^

Whimsical, artistic details on the racking assembly

Working With Stains And Finishes In Your Wine Cellar

June 10th, 2019

There is much to love about stains and finishes in one wine cellar projects. Choosing the right stain or finish can really bring it in your wine cellar game. It’s also a clever way to refresh the look of your wine cellar without having to spend a fortune. But working with stains and finishes can also be a bit tricky. It’s like choosing the most suitable outfit to wear to a special occasion. There are details that you should carefully think through. We’ll help you out with that, using this gorgeous project we completed for a client as an example:

Grand Mahogany wine racks

When choosing your stain or finish, the first thing you need to consider is your theme. Are you going for a traditional look for your wine room? Or are you going down the contemporary route? Or perhaps you want something clean and open to create an illusion of a bigger space. You might also be a huge fan of the rustic, weather-beaten look. Once you have decided on a theme, select stains or finishes that can bring that out. Here at WCI, we actually have a very handy tool that can help you do that. Our Wood Swatch Simulator allows one to see the swatches of various wood species with our extensive selection of stains and finishes.

Dark Walnut Stain option on the racksAfter you decide on a theme, the next thing to think about is the number of coats you want for your stains or finishes. Will one coat be enough or will you need at least two or even three coats to really bring out the colors you want. Also take note that there are wood types that do really well with darker stains and finishes. Their grains patterns become more visible and attractive. One good example of this is Grand Mahogany. These beautiful racks on our client’s custom wine cellar is proof of that. The wood choice is Grand Mahogany, dressed up in Dark Walnut Stain. As an added option, a triple coat lacquer was also applied to the racks. We love the glossy and elegant finish that gives the entire wine cellar a truly luxurious look. Below are more snaps of the completed wine room. It is definitely a show-stopper! ^_^
Fixed shelving units Various wine displays

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Best Locations For Home Wine Cellars

June 5th, 2019

The legendary question in the wine cellar community is whether or not you can build a wine cellar anywhere in your home. We talk about this on the blog every now and then as well. Over the years, developments in technology and other accessories has made it possible to build a wine cellar just about anywhere in the home. Even so, there are still “best” locations that will prove to be more beneficial, especially in terms of cost. Let’s get to know what these best locations are:

The basement location

The basement location…

We’d rate this area of the home as top-notch in terms of a wine cellar project. Why so? For one thing, basements emulate environmental conditions that are closest to the underground caves in Europe where early wine storage began. It has the right humidity and temperature levels that will allow your wines to age at a graceful pace. That means you do not need to spend that much on creating the proper “wine storage environment.” You will also not be needing a larger and/or more energy consuming wine cellar cooling system. This will save you tons in terms of your energy usage (yay for lower electric bills!).

The garage location

The garage location…

While not as ideal as the basement, the garage is still another “best location” for a wine cellar project. It’s especially the case for those with large or fast-growing collections. If you have a spacious garage, it will be easy to section it off for your wine cellar project. It will also be relatively easy to build since the garage is separate from the house. You will not have to deal with the inconveniences during the construction stages.

The spare room location

The “spare room” location…

Transforming an empty section of your home into a wine cellar has become even more popular in the recent years. It can be a spare room, a coat or shoe closet, or even an unused kitchen pantry. If it’s a full room, the benefits are pretty obvious. You get tons of space to work with and you will be able to host a large collection. Moreover, you can even set up a tasting area and make that wine room a place for wine tasting parties. For smaller spaces, the big advantage is that maintenance cost will be low. Nonetheless, you will have proper storage for your wine collection. ^_^

The Art Of Mixing And Matching Your Racking Styles

June 3rd, 2019

Wine cellar styles really have evolved over the last decade or so. It’s no longer those cookie cutter racking arrangements that are kind of like the equivalent of your IKEA shelving. These days, there are so many racking styles to choose from. There are also various materials you can work with, not just wood. All these changes have helped develop more creative and beautiful wine cellar projects. And the magic formula involved here is quite simple! It’ all about learning the art of mixing and matching your wine rack styles.

Learn the art of mixing and matching your wine racks!

“It turned out nice!” ~Eric M.~

There are a few essential points to keep in mind when combining your wine racks to achieve your wine cellar goals. These points will really help you especially if you are not working with a professional design consultant. For a DIY project, particularly if you’re a newbie, gathering as much input during the planning stages is highly recommended.

Now the first thing to consider before selecting your racks is definitely the size of your wine cellar. You will obviously have more freedom with a more generous space. But that doesn’t mean that you should disregard maximizing on bottle storage capacity. With smaller wine cellars, you will need to choose more space-efficient racking. For example, utilizing wall-mount units is highly recommended for compact cellars. That includes wine pegs and rails. Mix and match them with standard racking to get the most out of your space.

The next thing to think about would be the theme of your wine cellar. If you want to go for a modern one,    we recommend mixing and matching traditional wood racks with metal racking units. Our Modern Wine Cellar series can give you lots of wonderful design insights. Apart from metal, there are also other materials that you can incorporate to really bring out that contemporary feel. One of our favorites is the Acrylic Invisible Wine Racks that make your bottles look like they’re floating. We also love the unique silhouettes of the STACT racking.

Last but not the least, always take into account balance and symmetry with your racking arrangement. When mixing and matching various styles, make sure that there is still a good flow from one type of rack to the other. Remove awkward gaps by using the right accessories such as center seam trim and crown and base moldings. Also don’t forget that stains and finishes can greatly help in keeping your racking transition as smooth as possible. ^_^


It’s The Ultra Wall Mounted Metal Wine Racks Launch!

May 27th, 2019

The modern wine cellar trend is really going strong this year! WCI proudly welcomes another fantastic addition to this line-up as we introduce the Ultra Wine Racks collection. We are thrilled that the Ultra Wine Racks collection is now part of the WCI racking products catalogue. There are several reasons why these wine racks are becoming game changers in the wine cellar construction game. So let’s get to know more about them and find out why they SHOULD be on your wine cellars:

Ultra Wine Racks collection

Now it’s pretty much accepted that traditional wood racking is the bread and butter of the wine cellar industry for many years. However, over the years, wine cellar themes have taken on a more modern style. This gave rise to a noticeable décor shift from traditional wood racking to contemporary metal racking systems. Metal wine racks rapidly grew in popularity and naturally, the demand for more modern racking designs grew as well. Here at WCI, we have diligently kept up with this demand by launching our Modern Wine Cellar series. Apart from our own products, we have also taken to marketing top quality wine racks that can deliver the contemporary vibe. And this why we’re bringing the Ultra Wine Racks to you, wine cellar fans!

The collection is comprised of several uniquely crafted racking styles that will really bring a lot of character to any wine cellar project. You have the Ultra Horizontal Series which offers display appeal and maximum storage capacity. Then there’s the Ultra Straight Peg with its endless design configurations. This is a racking unit that can be utilized virtually anywhere to create proper storage for your wine bottles. You can even install it inside or underneath cabinets, over countertops, or on any wall. The racking arrangements that you can create with the straight pegs are absolutely amazing. We will, of course, be making future blogs of that so stay tuned!

Ultra Straight Pegs

The collection further offers a floating display system that’s quite similar to our Vintage View series. You’ll have to check out the Ultra Cradle Series with its earthquake-resistant racking units. The cradle display system allows wine labels to be viewed at an optimal angle. Last but definitely not the least, there’s also the Ultra Floor To Ceiling racks. This is one of the best ways to achieve an elegant bottle showcase while maximizing storage capacity. The racks can be used anywhere: home cellars, restaurants, bars, country clubs, and more! ^_^

Ultra Cradle Series

Basement Wine Cellar With WineMaker Wine Racks

May 23rd, 2019

DIY wine cellars can be a hit and miss when you’re a total newbie to the whole process. Fortunately, WCI has been studying the construction process for decades and we have identified these wine storage needs and wants. Moreover, we believe there is always room for improvement and we never stop working on upgrading our wine cellar products and services. That’s why for most first-time wine cellar DIY-ers, their WCI experience is a pleasant one. Our client Mitchell is no exception – and we’re super happy about that! There might have been some bumps along the way, but the overall journey to create their basement wine cellar was an enjoyable one.

Basement wine cellar with WineMaker racks

The client purchased several kits from our WineMaker Series to complete their basement wine cellar. Not only did the racks fit their budget, but they also worked extremely well with the designated space. They opted for Rustic Pine for the wood which brought in some added savings. Rustic Pine is the most affordable among the top four stock wood options. But it is also no slouch when it comes to quality. In fact, the creamy colors with structurally sound knots of the wood have made it a super popular choice for custom projects. To finish off their basement wine cellar, the racks were then stained in beautiful Dark Walnut.

“My wife and I took our unfinished basement, and built a wine cellar. So once the walls went up, we took some rough measurements, and ordered a whole bunch of stuff from your organization. Ordering was a little tricky but after a call in to someone, we figured it out. The shipping process was great, one day I came home and there were like 100 boxes on my doorstep!!! We tried to keep all the boxes in separate locations, not to mix them up. This process took a long, long, time (weeks) to get all the wood stained. So then came the puzzle, of how all the racks go together, we were fortunate that we had our contractor here to help. We did use the provided nail gun, and that worked fine. We do love this room, and think it came out amazing.”

~Mitchell P.~

Level Up On Your Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellar Game

May 20th, 2019

Glass-enclosed wine cellars are, no doubt, inherently elegant. You can’t go wrong with a glass-enclosed design, that’s for sure. But there are still ways that you can improve on that design and make your wine cellar even more turnkey. Here are some terrific concepts on how to level up on your glass-enclosed wine cellar game:

Metal wine rackingLet’s start with the choice of wine racks. Metal wine racks have always been a popular combo with glass elements in wine cellar projects. But while metal wine racks are indeed timeless, they can also be a bit predictable. So why not explore another option that will add an extra layer or two of character to your wine storage? Our recommendation: Arcylic Wine Racks. Acrylic is a beautiful material that is just as transparent as glass. Just imagine the result when you work these two together. If the bottles will seem like they’re floating on the metal wine racks, what more when they are nestled in transparent acrylic ones.

But let’s say you’re the type who really favors metal racking over anything else. What you can do in this case is explore the various finish options. A top favorite of ours is the Satin Black finish from the Vintage View series. Pair it up with glass-enclosed panels with black trim to get a show-stopping design with a modern flair. Another terrific option would be to go for custom colors. Did you know that you can have custom finishes on your metal racking units? Our Vintage View racks can be dressed up with bold pops of color such as Copper, Lime, and Rustic Red.

Glass-enclosed wine cellar ideasLighting and flooring accents on glass-enclosed wine cellars is another clever way to bring them to another level. Recessed lighting can highlight your collection, as well as your wine racks. LED Downlights, on the other hand, work extremely well with wine displays.  As for the flooring, experimenting with different materials can do wonders. Some of them really shine when incorporated into glass elements. One example is Mosaic flooring. Mosaic is made entirely by hand with a unique blend of antique fine china, stained glass, and porcelain tiles. This type of flooring will add a beautiful artistic touch to your glass-enclosed wine storage. Hand-painted tile is another flooring material that is super attractive. Glass panels will be able to showcase these tiles and turn your wine cellar into a real showstopper. ^_^

Wall-Mount Wine Racks Deliver Contemporary Charm

May 13th, 2019

Our love for wall-mount wine racks will never fade away. We’re glad that more of our clients have been feeling the same way, too. We’ve been witnessing more DIY wine cellar projects utilizing these babies. And there are plenty of good reasons for that! These racking units deliver a contemporary charm that has recently grown very popular. But that’s not all. Wall-mount units are absolutely worth every dollar you spend. With the help of our client Adam, we’re going to show you guys why.

“Luis, thanks for your help! Everything turned out well with the cooling unit and Vino pins.”

~Adam C.~

Vino Pins in glass-enclosed cabinets Clever use of wine storage

Our client sent us photos of this stunning wine storage that they completed for their home. They created glass-enclosed cabinets that also serve as the entryway to the dining area. Not only is this functional, but it is also a unique design concept. It will allow for convenient access to the wine bottles, especially when our clients will have guests dropping by. Since the glass-enclosed wine storage units are quite compact, maximizing the space was important. Our Vino Pins from the Vintage View Metal Wine Racks collection were the perfect solution to this.

The Vino Pins offered a stylish, contemporary racking that allowed for a good amount of bottle storage inside the cabinets. These pins can go anywhere: the kitchen, living room or any other social area in the home. As far as space-efficiency is concerned, these pins are second to none. Moreover, they allow for a label-forward storage which works perfectly with the glass-enclosed space. This makes it so easy for the clients to organize their wine bottles. But here’s the best part: the pins can be mounted on just about any surface. Upon purchase, you can customize your pins to your desired mounting configurations. The options are dry wall, masonry, and wood. You can also choose between the elegant milled aluminum finish or the modern anodized black finish.

At WCI, we provide a range of wall-mount racking products for clients to work into their wine cellar projects. Our Vino Pins is actually just a small part of that! We invite you to check them all out and see what fits your wine storage needs best. From our Vintage View line, we have the Vino Rails and Grain + Rod panels. For medium-sized to large wine cellars, check out our WineZone Wine Shelf System. And for those who want a little more flair, explore our Curvy Cubes and STACT metal wine racks. ^_^


Modern Wine Cellar Series Welcomes The Vintner Modern Racks

May 6th, 2019

The popularity of modern-themed wine cellars is not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it’s gaining more more momentum as time goes by. This is something we have anticipated at WCI. The positive feedback of clients with our Modern Wine Cellar Series is certainly proof of that. Because of this, we’ve continued to expand our modern racks. This time, it’s more new additions to the Vintner Series. But before the big reveal, let’s first recall the recent additions that were introduced in the last couple of months.

Taking a leaf from the Cable Racking System in our contemporary wine rack collection, we also launched cable racking units for Vintner. These are the Cable Racking with 3 Display Rows and the Cable Racking with 6 Column Individual and 1 Display Row. And that’s not all! We also introduced a Vintner version of our Acrylic wine racks. These invisible units have become such a hit with newer wine cellar projects. That’s why we presented clients with a more affordable option: the Acrylic 9 Column Individual. But now we have two more wonderful products to add to the Vintner roster. First up, the Modern Style Vintner Kit with 3 Column Display:

Modern Style Vintner Kit with 3 Column Display

As a nod to our Modern Wine Cellar Series, the Modern Style Vintner Kit with 3 Column Display embraces both elegance and space-efficiency. The racks are installed within wood platforms ranging from the ceiling to the floor. There are metal supports that keep the wood platforms upright for maximum security. This means that your collection is really kept safe from any accidents or injuries. Moreover, this display configuration will really highlight the wine bottles. Notice that it is a label-forward display configuration. This is a nice departure from the usual cork-forward display. Plus, thanks to the metal supports, wine bottles give off a “floating” appearance. This is one of the attractive design features of the Modern Wine Cellar Series that was emulated in this Vintner kit.

Now let’s talk about the customization options. Since this is Vintner, you get several custom amenities that can pretty much rival custom racking. First up is the height configurations. This particular unit is available in 3-foot and 4-foot height configurations. Like the rest of the Vintner products, it’s also stackable. That means you can select your racking height up to 9-feet high and stack the racks to as high as 12 feet. As for the wood for the platforms, these come in our four most popular choices. These are All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Grand Mahogany. Then you can stain and/or finish the wood platforms to suit your design preference. The best thing about Vintner is that all of our stains offerings are available with the kits. That includes a gorgeous lacquer finish on your racks!

Modern Style with 6 Standard Columns and 1 Center Display Column

The second addition to Vintner’s modern wine racks line is this beautiful Modern Style with 6 Standard Columns and 1 Center Display Column. It is quite a unique racking style since it combines two display configurations. You can store your bottles both in cork-forward and label-forward manner. The center platforms allow you to display the bottles in a label-forward style. Then you have additional racking on both sides that allow for a cork-forward display. The layout is clean and minimalist, but edgy as well. It definitely exudes that “modern” appeal. Naturally, you also get all the design options that you can get from the 3 Column Display! ^_^

Our Vintner Series Wine Racks Kit Is A Hit In Florida!

May 2nd, 2019

WCI’s wine cellar services are getting lots of rave reviews all over the country. This is something we’ve worked so hard for and the results are showing. Note that clients can seek out our custom wine cellar design services no matter what state they are located in. This is our way of providing really versatile and reliable services. If you check out our Consultant Locator section in our webpage, you’ll be able to see the breadth of our projects. We’ve done a lot of work for customers in major cities in a lot of the states. But we’re definitely not stopping there! We want to do so much more and let more people have the WCI experience with their wine cellar projects. That’s why today, we’re featuring this gorgeous DIY wine cellar, courtesy of our Florida client Lydell. Our Vintner Series was chosen for the job and it definitely delivered:

A wine cellar in the fitness room!

As you can see from the photo above, this room was equipped as a workout room for the client. However, they added a twist to it! Beyond those wooden barn doors is voila – their custom wine cellar! So remember how we always point out that you can create wine storage anywhere in your home? Chalk this up as another addition to our ever expanding list. We are all for combining physical fitness with enjoying good wine. Our clients had a little stroke of genius here when they did just that. The extra space in this workout room was just right for their collection. With the help of racking units from the Vintner Series, they were able to put together wine storage that can hold around 446 bottles. The racks were assembled with the use of the nail gun that was included with their purchase. Don’t forget that our nail gun kit actually comes free when you purchase at least $2000 worth of wood racking products. Naturally, this sped up the assembly time significantly, much to our client’s satisfaction.

Beautiful Vintner racking

Dark Walnut stain on Premium Redwood racks

“Everything was as expected and that included the shipping, racking, and assembly. We used the nail gun kit that was included with our order and it was all straightforward. I have already shared my experience with some friends who live down in Florida who are really thinking about buying a wine cellar. We were very pleased with the Vintner racking which was part of our entire project.”

~Lydell S.~

Stained Vs. Unstained Wine Racks: Which Side Are You On?

April 29th, 2019

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to wine cellar design is whether or not wine racks should be stained. If you are asked that question, what would be your answer? Which side are you on? Let’s compare unstained versus stained versions and see which one gets the big thumbs-up:

We have here a beautiful wine cellar that was completed utilizing custom racking units. The wood option is Premium Redwood. The client chose to go with unstained racks for this project. So here we can point out some of the advantages of going for the unstained version of the wood. First off, the natural colors of Premium Redwood become the star of the show here. Since it is a clear grade of wood, the pinkish gold hues really come through. Take note that it basically includes wood from all parts of the log. This is responsible for the variety of colors ranging from white to pink to red and reddish brown. There are those who prefer Premium Redwood specifically because of this color variety. When you stain the wood, you run the risk of giving it a uniform appearance. If that is not the direction your wine cellar design is headed, then you need to keep the wood unstained. Another advantage of not staining the wood is that it retains a more natural look. For those who want to keep that old-country charm in their wine cellars, this is the way to do it.

Now let’s talk about stained wine racks. When you are seeking to achieve a specific theme for your wine cellar, stains and finishes can certainly do that for you. For example, if you want a more modern appeal, you can go for much darker stain options. WCI’s Midnight Black Stain is one of the popular choices for that. If you prefer something really clean but distinct, try the Whitewash or Opaque White Stain. And if you’re the traditional type, the Classic Mahogany or Light Danish Stain can deliver just that. Another great thing about staining your racks is that it can refresh the look of your entire wine cellar. You won’t need a full-blown renovation. Just changing up the stain and/or finish can do wonders. Last but not the least, this is the best way to achieve a uniform look for your wine racks.

This brings us back to our earlier question: stained or unstained, which side are you on? It really all boils down to style preference! It’s a win-win situation, no matter what side you’re on. ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Why “Second-Hand” Racks Are A-Okay

April 24th, 2019

The word “preloved” has become quite iconic in the fashion industry. From clothes to shoes, and of course, designer bags, owning something preloved has become the “in” thing. But when it comes to wine cellars, is this concept also acceptable? Are owning second-hand racks okay? Our answer: yes, it’s a-okay! We can give you several really good reasons why:

Second-hand racks are money savers!

One, second-hand racks are huge money savers…

This goes without saying. In fact, here at WCI, we have a specific product catalogue for what we call our “factory seconds.” This happens occasionally when a rack is manufactured with an extra knot in the wood or was stained a wrong color. It can also be that the order was cancelled half way through production or becomes discontinued due to lack of popularity. Essentially, the racks are still brand new. There is certainly nothing wrong with them, especially in terms of quality. It’s just purely due to these unavoidable circumstances that they cannot be sold at their regular prices. The units are all very attractive and sturdy pieces of wood wine storage, but marked down to move out at a quicker rate. When we say marked down, we mean like a really deep discount!

You can get custom racks from these factory seconds!

Two, some second-hand racks are actually custom orders…

If you desire custom racking but cannot afford that hefty price tag, checking out the factory seconds catalogue comes highly recommended. There is a great chance you’ll stumble on custom orders that have been abandoned. The reasons can range from minimal mistakes in the stain or finish option, racking dimensions, or something similar. Since the original client isn’t up to it anymore, the racks need to be sold at a lower price. Otherwise, they will eat up the storage space meant for other product orders. Here at WCI, we’ve had lucky customers who were able to snag these custom wine racks. Like they say, one man’s trash (and don’t take this literally!) is another man’s treasure.

Build a brand new wine cellar with second-hand racks!

Three, you can build a brand new cellar with second-hand racks…

This is especially beneficial for first-time wine cellar owners. You can have a spanking new wine cellar while saving tons of dollars, thanks to these discounted racks. Take note that they are not even “used” wine racks at all. They are in perfectly mint condition that will last for years and years to come. If you are a newbie with a relatively small but growing collection, this is one of the best alternatives to avoid spending big bucks. You’ll also be pleased to know that WCI actually has an entire showroom stocked with our factory seconds. If you live locally or are in the Cincinnati area, all you need to do is set up an appointment to check our stuff out. ^_^