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Get To Know More About WCI’s Multi-Use Storage Racks

November 5th, 2018

November greetings, wine cellar buddies! We are quickly moving into the holiday rush – just like that. That’s why starting your holiday shopping list early is a must. For commercial wine establishments, it’s recommended to prepare their merchandise to accommodate the busiest shopping season. And we want to help you guys out with that! So we’d like you to get to know more about our multi-use storage racks. These versatile units can accommodate anything – from beer to soda, to other kinds of liquor and even accessories. Check them out:

Vintner Stackable 2 Column Adjustable Shelf Cabinet

Vintner Stackable 2 Column Adjustable Shelf Cabinet

First up is this super space saver from the Vintner Series. The Stackable 2 Column Adjustable Shelf Cabinet is the perfect solution for ever changing wine store displays. The holidays require that you should showcase popular merchandise and restock them as soon as possible. The shelf cabinet can help wine stores accomplish both tasks with ease. It comes in 3-feet and 4-feet height configurations, allowing you to stack up to 12 feet. You can store wine bottles, beer, soda, spirits, and other liquors. That also includes wine or liquor boxes, cases, and other accessories for a versatile mix and match. Naturally, you can customize the wood, stain and finish options to match your store’s other racks and furniture. Take note that there is also the 3-Column Adjustable Shelf available with this line.

Vintner Beer Storage Rack

Vintner Beer Storage Rack

We have launched this product a while back and it has received glowing reviews from customers. The rack itself is well-crafted and sturdy and can accommodate bulk storage.  The posts on either side, as well as the backing provided, give this rack stability. You can display and store beer bottles and cans with ease in your store. The Beer Storage Rack also coordinates with our other retail wine racking, for an easy mix and match. Like all the units from Vintner, the unit comes in all the popular matching wood and stain options. Just take note that while the rack is free-standing, it is not stackable.

WineZone Wine Shelf System

WineZone Wine Shelf System

Those who are not yet familiar with our WineZone Wine Shelf System will be in for a pleasant surprise with this product. This is one of our most versatile wine racks that can be utilized in both residential and commercial applications. The shelf can be installed two ways to allow for either cork-forward or label-forward storage. In addition, you can integrate a black melamine shelf for other merchandising or storage options. With this, the shelf can be used to store glassware, olive oil, gift baskets, case storage, and so much more.


They’re Here: The Vintner Series Bins And Tables (Part II)

October 29th, 2018

Last Monday’s blog introduced these fantastic new additions to the Vintner Series line. But we also told you guys that was just half of the collection. So today we bring you the rest of the goodies! These bins and tables are sure to have a home in your home or store wine cellar:

108 Bottle Tasting Table

The Designer Series actually carries this tasting table and racking combination. And now you can purchase this from the Vintner Series as well. Tasting tables are one of the most space-efficient wine storage solutions you can have. You get a prep station plus additional bottle storage in just one racking unit. This unit in particular is very versatile. It can be a stand-alone or you can incorporate it easily into your existing racking arrangement. You will find that the 108 Bottle Tasting Table can give you the perfect spot for decanting wine, taking inventory of your collection, and more. Note that the wooden wine tasting table is 6 columns wide x 9 rows high and is 2 deep. As a bonus, the base trim molding is included with the purchase price.

180 Individual Bottle Tasting Table

This product can be considered as the upgraded version of the 108 Bottle Tasting Table, capacity-wise. As it’s name indicates, it allows for storage of up to 180 standard-sized bottles. But it can also accommodate split-sized bottles, as well as small champagne ones. The racks at the bottom feature beveled ends and rounded edges – a custom amenity unique to the Vintner Series. This allows for safe and comfortable bottle storage and replacement, without tearing off the labels. Just like the 108 Bottle Tasting Table, this unit also comes in several wood options, as well as stains and finishes. That includes our latest stain offerings: Whitewash, Opaque White, and Graywash.

216 Bottle Bin Table

Last but definitely not the least, check out the 216 Bottle Bin Table. This is perfect for bulk bottle storage. It can certainly be utilized in both residential and commercial wine cellar projects. The 18 bins below the table provide a variety of storage options. Apart from loose bottles, you can also store wood cases, cardboard cases, and bins. Approximately 12 standard bottles per bin can be accommodated, or even magnums and other larger- format bottles. And of course, you still get the tabletop space to serve as a work station The space is also well suited for placement of fine wine accessories. ^_^

They’re Here: The Vintner Series Bins And Tables (Part I)!

October 22nd, 2018

We’ve been keeping it under wraps, but now they’re finally ready to launch! Check out the newest offering by the Vintner Series: the Vintner Bins and Tables collection. They made it just in time for the start of the early holiday shopping season, too. You guys will absolutely love these newest additions to WCI’s most popular wine racks kit:

Magnum Wine Bottle Rack

The Magnum Wine Bottle Rack

Taking a cue from the custom magnum racking units, Vintner now has its own version. This versatile magnum storage wine rack allows for a variety of different-sized bottles to be stored together in the same wine rack. The rack can accommodate wine bottles ranging from a standard 750 ml size all the way up to a double magnum.  Thanks to the larger bin format design of the rack, it affords more versatile storage. But take note that only a case of wine can be stored on top of rack. In addition, it is not recommended to store loose wine bottles on top.

Individual Diamond Bin

Individual Diamond Bin Wine Rack

Next up, we have the Individual Diamond Bin wine rack.  This also used to be available as a custom product. But not anymore! The enhanced design of this rack allows each wine bottle to be stored in an individual cradle.Plus, the diagonal pattern creates a very dramatic storage display for your most valuable labels. This unit is of course, stackable, and can be conveniently installed in any part of the home.

10 Column Bottle Grid

10 Column Bottle Grid

Bottle storage has never been more secure courtesy of the Vintner 10 Column Bottle Grid. This wine rack can be utilized both in residential and commercial projects. It is available in several height configurations – a trademark of the Vintner Series. Naturally, you purchase several units and stack them to accommodate just about any ceiling height. They are also easy to incorporate into any existing racking arrangement.

Adjustable Shelf Cabinet

The Adjustable Shelf Cabinet is already one of the more popular products in our commercial racking line. But now we expect it to be even more in-demand by becoming part of the Vintner “kit.” Owing to its highly flexible “adjustable” configurations, the shelf can store not just wine bottles, but other liquor as well. That’s why it’s also a great option for commercial wine establishments. There is also another version available called the Stackable 2 Column Adjustable Shelf Cabinet.

But hold up, wine cellar buddies! This is only half of the goodies. The Vintner Bins and Tables collection has quite a selection, indeed. So stay tuned next week for Part 2! ^_^


All The Deets On WCI’s Newest Vintner Acrylic Racks!

October 15th, 2018

A few blog posts ago, we talked about how Vintner has added more members to it’s ever growing family. One of these new additions was the Vintner Acrylic wine racks. There is much to appreciate about this super unique racking unit, from space-efficiency down to design. So join us in checking out all the deets on these babies:

Vintner Acrylic 9 Column Individual

The acrylic material is not entirely a new concept here at WCI. We introduced our Invisible Wine Rack Series and Acrylic Cube Series a few years back. Both are part of our Modern Wine Cellar Series, designed to cater to customers seeking that clean, minimalistic, and contemporary appeal. The Vintner Acrylic 9 Column Individual Racking was modeled after the Invisible Wine Rack Series. The latter takes large sections and parses them out like a riddling wine rack concept. You can see that the neck holders give the elegant appearance of floating wine bottles. The bottles are securely held via the specialized wine slots. The overall effect is a high-end modern feel to your wine cellar.

Taking its cue from that series, the Vintner Acrylic 9 Column Individual Racking comes in a variety of height configurations. By working with the 3-feet and 4-feet units, you can stack your assembly all the way up to 9 feet. You also get custom options from the wood, down to the stains and finishes, and even additional trim.  As far as the stain and finish options are concerned, these include the newest offerings: Whitewash, Graywash, and Opaque White. Lacquer is also an available finish for this racking style. But here’s the best part: this acrylic beauty ships fully assembled! That means all you need to do is pop in your wine bottles and you’re wine storage is good to go:

An ethereal "floating" look

Naturally, the greatest appeal of this repurposed concept is the “floating” effect it can give your wine bottles. Because of the transparent material, this effect is actually even more dramatic compared to the Vintage View Series. If you’re after that modern vibe with a traditional touch, this is the racking style to consider. You can create a focal point of floating wine racks encased in wood to mix and match with your other units. And since this is Vintner, you can customize the wood choice, along with the stains and finishes. The design possibilities are limitless! ^_^