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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Full Depth Or Short Depth Wine Racks?

September 19th, 2018

There are a quite a number of decisions one has to make in a wine cellar project. One of these is to decide on the type of wine racks to be used. While it’s a lot of fun browsing the different styles and sizes, it can also be confusing. There is so much variety out there. If you’re inexperienced in the wine cellar construction game, you can get influenced by shrewd advertising. So we’re here to help you against drowning in all that information overload. Let’s focus on straightforward facts to help you decide on the most suitable racking units for your wine cellar.

Full depth vs. short depth wine racks

Comparing full depth vs. short depth wine racks

Not everyone engaged in wine cellar construction is aware of the various racking configurations. There are terms such as single deep, double deep, and even triple deep, short or full depth bottle coverage, and so on. Knowing what these terms mean will greatly assist you in picking out the right kind of racks for your wine storage needs. We’ll start by comparing full depth against short short depth racks.

“Depth” refers to the bottle coverage of the wine rack. We will use WCI’s Vintner Series as an example to explain this. The individual bottle racks from Vintner all have full depth coverage at 13 and 1/2 inches deep. This means that when you store your bottle, the whole body is nestled inside the rack. That includes the neck of the bottle which will not jut out. Standard-sized bottles will usually fit nicely into our Vintner Racks. The same is true with the Designer Series, with full depth units. Most wine cellar projects use this type of racking since it offers both safe and comfortable storage for one’s collection.

Now let’s compare this with the short depth units. We also call them “shallow depth” racks. Here at WCI, we carry this type of racking in two of our wine rack kits: the WineMaker Series and the Traditional Series. As opposed to the full depth, short depth racks cannot afford full bottle coverage. That means when you store your bottles, the necks will be sticking out. Nonetheless, the bottles are still securely stored in square-cut rails. The main advantage of short depth racks is in terms of space-efficiency. If you have a compact space for your wine cellar project, this kind of racking is ideal. Plus, it also comes at a very good value. Manufacturing cost is significantly lower for shallow depth wine racks. It only makes sense that they are more affordable than the full depth ones. For entry-level or beginner DIY wine cellars, this racking style comes highly recommended. ^_^

Client Expresses 100% Satisfaction Over WCI’s Professional Services!

August 30th, 2018

If we could hand out a “Testimonial Of The Year” award, today’s Testimonial Thursday would most likely win it down pat. Tim gave this amazing narrative of his WCI experience and it just had to be given the proper spotlight. They worked with one of our very experienced design consultants and purchased  units from the Vintner Series. From the consultation down to the design planning, product purchase and delivery, assembly and installation – everything came together perfectly. It was 100% satisfaction for Tim – and maybe more!

Vintner Series wine racks

Premium Redwood in Dark Walnut stain

“I wanted to write a review of the experience I had with Wine Cellar Innovations. My wife and I were looking for a substantial upgrade to our current, “wine in the pantry”, storage method. I started to look online and found Wine Cellar Innovations through some random searching. Originally, I debated building my own wine rack, but after researching I decided this was way over my head. Our plan was to turn a wall in our dining room into a large wine rack. I had this, do it yourself mentality, and spent time on websites, looking to place several individual sections as close together as possible to and fit the 12 foot by 10 foot space I was looking to occupy with bottles.

I forgot if I reached out to Wine Cellars or if Amy reached out to me, but I think it was the latter. She asked if she could help and I asked what is would cost, Amy replied there is no cost for planning and design, only when you order the products. I gave her measurements and she came back with the something way better than I have ever imagined. Here I was struggling for a few months to design this thing and all I had to do was call. I was ecstatic with the design and that I could create something like this in my own home. The design was perfect. Amy walked me through the process. Followed up along the way to update on shipping and offered extra parts if something was needed. Even after the original order came, she was there to send videos and replacements when a piece split or was missing. Like all construction projection, creating the rack system was not an easy undertaking, but Amy made the process as simple as possible. I enjoyed having a contact who could answers questions and not force me into calling a random 800#. Amy was great in her follow up and never questioned a request I made along the way. The finished product looks better than I had ever imagined and I am confident the upgrade will add years of enjoyment and a significant return on investment when we showcase our home in the future.”

~Tim K.~


Welcome WCI’s Newest Steel Rod And Wood Wine Cellar Series

August 20th, 2018

It was just last week that we were talking about incorporating modern twists to wine cellar projects. Pretty good timing, if we do say so ourselves. Because today, we’re introducing another addition to our modern wine cellars family. It’s our Steel Rod and Wood wine cellar series – and i’ts quite awesome!

Steel Rod & Wood wine cellar

Steel Rod & Wood equals contemporary perfection!

Remember how we keep mentioning in our blogs that wood and metal elements work exceedingly well together? We’ve done something to follow up on that concept! Our Steel Rod and Wood wine cellar series can deliver a contemporary vibe that will satisfy any discerning wine collector. The steel rods serve as terrific bottle storage because you can display your collection in a number of ways. For example, you can go with the usual cork-forward storage. You can also do a 15-degree display with the bottle neck facing in. If you wish to customize the steel rods for a label-forward display, that’s possible as well. The rods offer secure and visible storage, making it easy to organize one’s collection. And of course, it presents a very elegant look, thanks to the stainless material.

Space-efficient wine bottle storage

Now let’s talk about the wood elements. Again, because this is a series that can be customized, you can tailor your wood to your liking. You can choose from the four popular wood options: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, or Grand Mahogany. But you can also go the unconventional route and select other wood types. Sapele and Black Walnut are also favorites with a good number of our clients. For something really unique and rustic, you can also try Knotty Adler. Don’t forget that here at WCI, we have an extensive Select Hardwoods collection. You can choose which wood type will suit the desired theme of your wine cellar project.

Here’s one of our most recent installations utilizing our Steel Rod and Wood series. It was for a client in North Carolina who wanted a modern take on their wine cellar. We love how the elegant stainless steel rods meshed with the beautiful Grand Mahogany wood framing. The racking arrangement is simple yet eye-catching. Plus, this wine cellar is able to provide maximum bottle storage for the client. Are you also interested in this design for your custom wine cellar? Chat with our professional team of design consultants today! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Adding Modern Twists To Your Wine Cellar

August 15th, 2018

Modern accents to your wine cellar can give it a fresh and unique look. You don’t even need to do a full-on renovation just to achieve this. These days, there are tons of terrific wine cellar accessories that will fit nicely into your budget. And we’re ready to give you some great concepts to get you started!

Cable Racking System

Add or switch to a Cable Wine Racking system

The cable wine racking system is a minimalistic way to show off your wine bottles. After all, what screams “contemporary” more than a minimalist design? A cable wine system made out of stainless steel. That’s why it’s perfect for high humidity environments. There is no need to worry about your racks accumulating rust. Also, for the wood panels, you can choose from a variety of woods, stains and lacquer. Here at WCI, you can even opt for a “blended stain” to go with the decor or theme of your entire home. It’s also easy to incorporate a cable racking system into an existing racking arrangement. So you can either just switch your racks out completely or add to them.

Aluminum Bottle Supports

Try some trendy Aluminum Bottle Supports

Metal wine racks will definitely give your wine cellar a modern vibe. The great thing about them is that you can mix and match them with other materials. That includes wood, glass, tile, and more. Here at WCI, we launched our Aluminum Bottle Supports with Finished Panels as part of our modern wine cellar line. These units can offer tons of bottle storage even in really tight spaces. Plus, the installation process is super easy – think DIY!  The units come with finished panels that give them that sleek, contemporary charm. Set these bottle supports against any background and you’re good to go!

Colored LED lighting

Throw in some fancy wine cellar lighting

You can do this two ways. One, you can shop for a modern lighting fixture and install it smack in the center of the wine room. Think of of those modern looking chandeliers with a mixture of metal, acrylic, and crystal elements. Two, you can install colorful LED lighting accessories instead. This is a super fun way to really change up the mood of your wine cellar. If you check out the WCI photo gallery, we actually have several projects that feature these colored LED lights. You will also find that this is a less expensive alternative compared to doing a complete makeover of your wine cellar.

Do you have some more great ideas on adding modern twists to wine cellar projects? We’d love to hear them! ^_^