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We Make It Happen With White Wine Sparkler Recipe

December 9th, 2015

Whip up something sweet yet elegant for your holiday Christmas parties! This white wine sparkler recipe is perfect for toasting the holidays with your family and wine buddies. Good ‘ol Martha Stewart has whipped up a pretty awesome grapefruit-sparkler combo, but we also took liberties in modifying it a bit. Try it out and let us know what you think of our white wine sparkler recipe:



1 cup gin
4 teaspoons honey (you can use sugar as well if you prefer)
1/4 cup fresh grapefruit juice (or you can also used freshly squeezed Persian limes)
1 bottle dry sparkling white wine or champagne (Prosecco is a good choice since it’s budget-friendly as well)
Lots of ice
6 lemon slices cut thinly


Grab your punch bowl or large pitcher and combine gin and honey (or sugar). Stir until the honey is well-blended or the sugar completely dissolves. We recommend around 1-2 minutes stirring time. Add the grapefruit juice or freshly squeezed Persian limes and the bottle of sparkling white wine or champagne. Stir again for a few minutes to combine. Fill your wineglasses with ice and the white wine sparkler mixture and top off with thin lemon slices. *Cheers*

Sensorist, “Make your bottles mature perfectly”

October 23rd, 2015

Today, we have a guest post from Sensorist. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Amazing things can come from laying down good bottles of wine for later consumption.

Nothing is more exciting than opening a bottle with a special story from your own stock. And it doesn’t matter if its from the cellar, kitchen wine rack or fridge. But nothing is more disappointing than opening this special bottle just to find out that non-optimal storage has impacted it in a bad way or even totally ruined it.

With Sensorist Wine Pack Solution you can keep track of the exact conditions and spot those harmful conditions before your bottles mature too early. You will be able to spot both the all destroying rapid changes in temperature, but also wrong humidity which can lead to cork dry-out or moulding. And it doesn’t matter if you are laying down your bottles in a passive or active cooled wine cellar or using a wine fridge. The Sensorist system gives you the possibility keeping an eye on the storage conditions of your wine no matter if they are in a cellar or wine fridge.

Sensoist Wine Pack Solution

The system consists of a Sensorist gateway that is connected to the internet and one or more wireless sensors that are placed in your fridge or cellar. The sensor can be connected to the Sensorist bottle probe, which are then placed in an wine bottle filled with water and placed in storage with the real wine bottles. The system will now record the fridge or room temperature/humidity as well as an actual bottle temperature every 15 minutes and send this data to the Cloud.

From here the user can view the both the historic development in temperature and humidity for the cellar or fridge as well as the impact on a single bottle. The reason why it is so interesting to also be able to keep an eye on actual bottle temperature is that even though the room temperature may fluctuate from continuous start and stop of the cooling compressor the bottle temperature should remain as constant and non-changing as possible.

Below are two examples on just how different apparently similar spec’ed cooling solutions can actually operate when doing the measurements. More information,

The graphs are taken from the Sensorist portal where every customer has access to live data:

Senorist Data


Actual Cloud Data from Sensorist

Creating The Perfect Wine Cellar Environment

February 6th, 2012

Kami no ShizukuI finished this jdorama (Japanese drama) called Kami no Shizuku or “God of Wine” in loose English translation. By the very title, you can tell that it’s all about wine. But watching the soulful drama consisting of 9 amazing episodes, I learned that there is indeed more to wine than just building a nice-looking wine cellar and keeping all those bottles in. If you’re a true connoisseur, you have to “nurture” your wines, just like a parent does his child.

Starting from the basics…

The protagonist in Kami no Shizuku is the child of a really famous wine critic. Before he turned 20 years old, he got into a fight with his dad and left their opulent home to pursue his own path. He didn’t want to have anything to do with wine. He couldn’t understand why his father seemed to treat wine more importantly than people. Then his dad died a year after his 20th birthday.

In a battle for the inheritance with another wine critic who was supposedly the “adopted” son of his father, the protagonist uncovered the truth why his father was so attached to wine. The truth was, he was living life and teaching life through wine as he wanted his son to see how much he loved the latter, comparing his beloved son to his precious wine collection. It was touching, very beautiful, and makes us think of how we should treat our own wine collection as well.

In uncovering the last of the wine varieties or the Kami no Shizuku, the protagonist came to realize that his dad wanted him to “start from scratch” or live his life like he was just “beginning” every day to appreciate each day he lives even more. “Just like every bottle of wine should be nurtured, everyone should start at the beginning. I built this wine cellar with my own hands. I built it starting from scratch, making sure every corner, every angle is designed to create a perfect wine storage room for every bottle I bring in. Just like parents start from the very beginning to make sure that every step towards their children’s future is a step towards total fulfillment.”

And building more than just a “wine cellar”

Custom Wine Racks

As far as wine and wine cellars are concerned, these words couldn’t be phrased any better. Creating the perfect wine cellar environment for your precious collection requires not just mere technical knowledge of the basics of wine storage but more importantly, you should care for your wines. Care in choosing the right wood for your wine racks, the right refrigeration system, the right wine cellar accents and accessories and so on and so forth doesn’t just mean choosing the most expensive or sophisticated products. It means taking enough time to learn and review all these aspects of wine cellar building so that the desired end result is achieved.

Free-2D-designFor example, here at WCI, we give you a complete wine cellar design consultation package which allows every client to talk with a highly experienced design specialist. Starting from the basics, we go over your desired wine cellar project, analyze and assess every angle thereof, and provide you with free 2D design to help you visualize your dream wine cellar. Moreover, we also integrate Architectural Design Services, allowing you the chance to integrate architectural elements into your project for a totally “completed” look. Last but not the least, we put in a review process which would ensure that all specifications will be addressed.

Kanzaki Shizuku, the protagonist, has this to say upon unearthing the God of Wine: “It’s really amazing isn’t it? Wine, that is. It can teach us all about life by uncorking our true feelings. I want to learn more about wine, because in doing so, I’m beginning to understand Dad more and more.” As connoisseurs, we should also remember that we also need to understand our wines and create the best environment to “nurture” them in ^_^.

Residential Wine Cellars Making Waves In China

January 12th, 2012

China and WinesWine cellars have indeed become a worldwide trend come this Year of the Water Dragon. Recently, word over the grapevine has spread relating to the increase in the number of “private” wine cellars inChina. Now China, as we may be probably aware, is one of the fastest rising industrial giants at present. As such, commercial activities are actually very much varied in the country, even encompassing the wine industry.

Basically, most Asian countries are not really that noted for what we would term as “fine” wines, unless you’d count Japanese “sake” as a version of that. But surprisingly, the wine industry has become really big over the last decade inJapan,South Korea,Taiwan, and of course, the former sleeping giant,China.

The Shanghai Wine Exchange which was launched only in July of 2011 has showcased some pretty impressive figures. The daily turnover was reported to be around ten million yuan (Chinese currency). Moreover, it was also predicted that possibly by the end of this New Year, there will be around 590,000 people in the country with disposable assets amounting to at least ten million yuan.

Shanghai International Wine Exchange

But as far as “private” or residential wine cellars are concerned, the same have also made their mark in the country as the next home fashion icons. More and more wealthy Chinese homes have gotten into the bandwagon and started building luxurious private wine cellars to host their opulent collections. Indeed, Chinese wine enthusiasts have been recently more drawn towards the appeal of a gorgeous, custom wine cellar to showcase their fine wines and spirits.

Interestingly enough, creating custom wine cellars in China have taken on rapid popularity since the Chinese have become more fascinated with the taste and history of wine. Hence, it’s no longer a matter of wine collection or wine cellars inChinabeing a status symbol as much as it is really developing a true affection for the hobby.

Get the Best for Your Wine with WCISo how does this recent international development in the wine industry tie up with us here at Wine Cellar Innovations? Well, for one thing, note that our products and services are available on an international scale. Yes, we ship internationally and that includes providing for wine cellar installation services anywhere in the globe.

A number of our finest and stylish wine racks and other wine cellar products have actually found their way to more than just a few wine cellars inChina, as well. Plus, thanks to our online store, connoisseurs all over the globe are given easy and fast access to ordering our wine cellar rack kits and other custom wine cellar products, accessories, and services.

Needless to say, the rise of “Chinawine cellars” is a significant sign that the creation of custom wine cellars has really become a worldwide pursuit. And this is just one of the better reasons why every day, we strive to become as globally competitive as possible. After all, the heart of a true connoisseur knows no sex, age, race, or creed. Check out our online store and start building yours today!