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Should You Keep Your Wine Cellar or Wine Closet Organized?

October 17th, 2010

This is a Guest Post from Gary Peterson:

A Wine To Die ForOk, I am one of the “Wine Guys” that finally figured out that he needed a wine cellar. I had a modest collection, which I was continuing to re-locate to cooler sections of my home, depending on the current weather. One day, a few years ago when I decided to get into the wine business, I realized it was time, and I built my wine cellar. It’s nothing spectacular, but it does have the insulation and cooling / humidity control needed to keep my collection properly. I have a capacity of about 1200 bottles, and presently, it contains roughly 500. I say “roughly” because I really don’t know exactly! That brings me to the point of this blog.

A couple of weeks ago, while entertaining a few friends, my lovely wife brought up the subject of what an excellent job I had done constructing our wine cellar, and how I had used a “free” program on the internet to categorize, and keep track of all our wines. She asked me to explain my system, and tell them about this program. So I, being the “willing partner”, explained to everyone how I had discovered “Cellar Tracker” and how it worked, keeping track of my wines, when I added them to my cellar, and subtracted them when I consumed them. It also kept track of the age of the wine, and suggested “drink by” dates. A very excellent system, very much like the one offered by Wine Spectator. She went on to tell them about the plastic tags that I used to identify each bottle, including specially marking the ones that were the “expensive” ones, which were over $100 per bottle and she told them she was “not allowed to touch”! Actually, I clarified that those were specially marked, so they wouldn’t end up out on the deck, being consumed by “The Ladies” on a Friday afternoon “Happy Hour”.

Now, let’s get to the point of this. I was afraid, very afraid, that she would invite them all into the wine cellar. Why you ask? Because over the last few months, I had let it go, opening many bottles, leaving multiple stacks of ID tabs in the wooden racks, and not canceling them in the computer program. I also had many new bottles of wine in the racks, and had not entered them in the program. My wine cellar was a mess!

I know that it is important to have a wine cellar, with controlled conditions, if you are keeping good quality wines for any length of time. If you have a good size collection of “drink now” and “drink later” it is a necessity. If you have bottles in closets, garages, under your bed and worse? You are being unfair to your wines, your wallet, and your palate. But, just as bad is the one who has the wine cellar, and the means to control it and its inventory, and doesn’t. I know I have some nice wines in there that I should have already consumed, and are probably past their time, shame on me. So, what am I doing this weekend? You guessed it: inventory control. Cheers,

Gary Peterson,  A Wine To Die For

Found A Wine Management Software Yet?

October 6th, 2010

Wine Management of Wine BottlesIt doesn’t matter whether your wine collection is big or small. Wine cellar management software can help you get organized!

Yes, it can be daunting to remember every single wine bottle is, what vintages you have in your collection, and where they’re located! Without consistent, up to date information about quantity and location, finding a specific bottle can become increasingly difficult.

Fortunately, there are many wine inventory software programs out there that can help you manage your wine collection and create a perfect wine inventory system. These nifty wine cellar management software and wine cellar organization software programs allow you to:

  • create a database of wines you own – even those that you would like to own!
  • know exactly where bottles are stored
  • know the many brands and flavors of wine you have in stock
  • know which bottles have been used and which ones need to be re-stocked
  • map where each bottle is in your wine cellar
  • keep tasting notes
  • note wine auction information

Indeed, for the serious wine collector, a wine inventory management system helps keep your collection manageable and organized. If you’re new to wine collecting, know that keeping track of your wine inventory doesn’t have to be difficult! Tracking your inventory and its location may sound complicated, but wine management programs offer areas for you to keep those valuable tasting notes, market prices, winery information and so much more. We have even found some software that have portable pocket buying guides to help you find retail prices and ratings on thousands of wines! So, no, you obviously don’t need to have excellent memory to remember what’s in your wine racks!

Here are some programs to check out: Wine Cellar Tracker, VinCellar designed by Alder of Vinography blogWinebanq, and The Wine Curators.

You have many choices out there, so just go ahead and try a software program that works for you. Enjoy your wine, and take time to update your database by storing the bottle tags of those wines you have drunk. Speaking of bottle tags, to help you organize your wines, we recommend you use this cool wine accessory! They’re a must-have for every home wine cellar software novices and experts. Check out our wine bottle tags — they provide an excellent method for organizing and collating your fine wines!

Coppola’s Wine Wonderland

September 22nd, 2010

“To me, wine is an element that takes part in the family gathering.” – Francis Ford Coppola

How would you like to experience fabulous wine, nature’s beauty, movie nostalgia, excellent food and family bonding all at the same time?

Then head on over to film director Francis Ford Coppola’s newly renovated winery in Sonoma Country, home of some of the best rated wines in the world.  Winemag talks about the director’s stunning winery and its offers, and we are absolutely impressed and entertained. Whenever we think wineries, we naturally think of beautiful sprawling vineyards, wine cellars, and wine tastings, but Coppola’ latest creation is all about family gathering and bonding. His belief? “Whenever people take a meal, wine or something like it is part of it, and it’s a blessing, a sacrament, a unifier.” Where else can you find a winery that puts family as the main concern in its creation?

More than wine tastings, tours, festive events and movie memorabilia, Coppola’s winery is meant to be fun for the entire family to visit. Here’s what we (and Winemag!) love about Coppola’s concept: making the winery a place where not only adults can enjoy wine tastings, but also a place where kids can have fun! And what better way for kids to have fun than providing a huge swimming pool with loads of animal floaties created by The Floatys. The Floatys sells a large range of inflatables and they are a blast for the kids. We can see it now – moms and dads sampling Coppola wines in the chateau tasting room, enjoying stunning vineyard views, while the kids splash around in the pool!

Even in his winery, Coppola still plays meticulous director, with families playing the starring role. True to director form, Coppola involved himself in every element of the winery’s renovation, from fixtures selection to taste-testing recipes. And speaking of recipes, the winery boasts of 4 fabulous restaurants – Rustic, Café Zoetrope, Mammarella’s Café and Mammarella’s Foods.

Every single part of the winery has Coppola written all over it – large, amazing vision and scrupulous attention to detail. According to Winemag, one of the most intriguing wine offerings in the winery is the Director’s Cut 2007 Cinema, a “spicy, full-bodied red wine layered with dark berry fruit impressions and an edge of earthiness”. While you’re at it, also check out their >Diamond Collection, their Cabernet Sauvignon and look around their store for gifts, books, movie memorabilia and more.

Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind for a while and head to the beautiful Sonoma Francis Coppola Winery for a fun family day.

It truly is a wine wonderland!