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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Accessories To Help Organize Your Wine Cellar

October 31st, 2018

Happy Hallo-wine! That’s the way the pumpkin rolls for us wine lovers, don’t you agree? That’s why we prefer the treats instead of the tricks. But today, we’re going to show you a few simple tricks to help organize your wine cellar. These accessories are easy on the budget but can really do a lot for your collection – especially for commercial wine establishments. Check them out:

Commercial Display Rack Price Tags

Commercial Display Rack Price Tags

This accessory was created to work with commercial wine displays, particularly the Island Display Racks and Wine Merchandisers. The Commercial Display Rack Price Tags are largely requested by many retailers. That’s why we now have specially designed rack labels that fit perfectly in our commercial display price tracks. A great feature of the price tags is that each label has three sections. These three sections hold essential information for grading, describing and pricing your wine. That makes for more convenient classification of one’s wine merchandise.
Island Sign Caddy with Cardboard Insert
Island Sign Caddy with Cardboard Insert
Wine sales and promotions are pretty much the main focus of any wine store. Any proprietor would be keen on picking up the most effective methods of selling the merchandise. This is why the Commercial Island Wine Display Sign Caddy will definitely be a useful item. The sign caddy is a quick and easy way for wine stores to keep the focus where it belongs- on special wines and promotions. The wood frame is available in two styles: glass or cardboard inserts. You will just create an 8.5″ x 11″ sign on your choice of paper and insert it into the Sign Caddy. Just take note that it is designed in landscape layout. Then you can easily switch the signs to accommodate new sales and promotions. Here’s the best part! The Sign Caddy comes in four different woods and stains are also available for certain wood types. Moreover, you can even go custom with your wood choices. Custom wood is available for those seeking a unique look or desiring a perfect match for their store’s existing wine racks.
Wine Bottle Tags
Wine Bottle Tags
Here’s an accessory that is a must for any type of wine cellar. If you have a pretty sizeable collection in your home, these Wine Bottle Tags will be a lifesaver. They provide an excellent method for organizing and identifying your fine wines. The Wine Bottle Tags are made from Mylar and include a permanent marker to label the wines. To make it even more accommodating, a set of bottle tags includes 50 Red wine markers and 50 White wine markers. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Alternatives To A Formal Wine Cellar

October 17th, 2018

All of us love wine, but for sure, not all of us are keen on building a formal wine cellar. The reasons are also quite different. Some don’t have the budget for it. Others are not ready for  the responsibilities that come with the wine cellar construction process. There are also those who do not have the luxury of time to spend on a formal wine cellar project. These reasons shouldn’t stop one from creating the proper storage for one’s collection. There are other alternatives to a formal wine cellar – let’s explore them!

No need for formal wine rooms!

Try out a Wine Tasting Center!

One of the most practical alternatives to a formal wine room is a wine tasting center. It can be assembled anywhere in your home and won’t take up a lot of space. Since there are so many designs to choose from, you also get a good variety of bottle storage styles. Moreover, it’s a lot easier on the budget. The compact nature of a wine tasting center makes it super easy to maintain as well. And don’t forget this: you can easily expand it to a bigger racking arrangement. If you feel like switching to a formal wine room in the future, your tasting center will be a terrific starting point.

Try a wine tasting center!

Explore Modular Wine Storage packages!

Nowadays, wine racking “packages” are becoming more and more popular. They cater mostly to clients living in smaller residential units, such as apartments and condos. They are also the perfect fit for an urban lifestyle. Here at WCI, we actually launched this type of racking product a couple of years ago. It was aptly named the Urban Living Series. It consists of modular wine storage packages, with functional and elite options to boot. The packages combine WIC’s wine rack “kits” with some custom units to fit clients’ storage needs at an affordable price point.

Go for custom refrigerated wine cabinets!

Invest in Refrigerated Wine Cabinets!

Wine cabinets are not an entirely new concept. But custom refrigerated wine cabinets are a totally different thing. Instead of just a standard wine cabinet, you can now have one completely customized. That includes selecting the wine cooling unit that can properly maintain bottle storage conditions for your collection. If you’re not into overhauling or adding an entire room to store your wines, you will love this alternative. A wine cabinet is compact yet spacious and can be built to match any space in your home. It’s especially so with the updated Wine Sentinel Cabinet line here at WCI! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Terms To Learn In Wine Cellar Construction

October 3rd, 2018

Embarking on your very first wine cellar project? Then there are terms that you will encounter that might not make a lot of sense. So it’s definitely a good idea to enrich your wine cellar construction vocabulary. Here some terms that you need to get acquainted with. They will shed a lot of light on the construction process. The added knowledge will let you arrive at the best decisions concerning your wine cellar.

Build your wine cellar the right way!

Studs and Soffits

Studs need to be installed if it is a newly built wine cellar. You will need to “stud the space” in order to frame out your wine cellar project. You usually start by sealing the concrete foundation walls prior to installing studs. Soffits are basically used to cover ducting, piping, or other obstructions. Take note that the lighting installed in the soffit should be placed far enough away. This is so that it will not interfere with the finished racking and/or ducting depth. That includes the depth of crown molding. A good rule of thumb to follow is to leave a 1-inch gap from the front of the crown molding to the closest edge of the ring on the can light. It is recommended to use IC can lights so you can insulate around them.

Make sure you pick the right kind of wood for your racks!

Plain Sawn vs Quarter Sawn Lumber

When choosing wood for your wine racks, these two terminologies can come in handy. Plain sawn lumber is one that is sawed parallel to the annual growth rings. This practice makes the wood visually appealing. Moreover, it makes it easier to produce from a log and gives it a varied grain appearance. Here at WCI, plain sawn lumber is the standard offering for our wood options. In contrast, quarter sawn lumber is one that is sawed perpendicular to the annual growth rings. In doing this, the wood really can really showcase its grain patterns. That’s why this method is sometimes requested in hardwoods. Keep in mind that material costs are higher for woods sawn in this technique. This is also part of the “customization” that WCI can do for clients upon request.

There are various rail options to choose from!

SB Rail, Beveled Rail, and Molding Rail

It is important to know how a wine racking unit is structured to ensure the safety of your bottles. Naturally, it should also be aesthetically pleasing. The various racking “series” here at WCI also have different kinds of rails to support the wine bottles. Learning more about these will aid you in selecting the most suitable one for your collection. The SB Rail is one that is used at all locations where a spacer bar will be placed. It is square-cut and recessed to create a snug fit. The Beveled Rail is tops in aesthetics and helps keep label tearing to a minimum. Our Vintner Series utilizes this type of rail. Lastly, there’s the Molding Rail. This is flush mounted to the front of a rack, leaving no gaps when molding is applied.


How To Utilize WCI’s Wine Cellar Design Request Services

September 17th, 2018

So you’ve most likely come across our blog posts highlighting our wine cellar design services. The big question is: have you tried them out? For potential clients, sending out a design request can present some uncertainties. What exactly do these design services cover? How much will it cost? How long does it take for the company to reply? Well, we’re here to put all those worries to rest. We’re going to give you all the necessary deets on our design services – so read on and find out!

Here’s what you can expect from WCI’s design services…

Once you’ve firmly decided to push through with your wine cellar project, the first step is to fill out WCI’s online design request form. We have three different types of request to accommodate the various needs of clients. You can choose from the Kit Racking, Custom Racking, and Retail Store Racking online forms. Kit Racking is for when the client wants to utilize products from our wine rack kits (Vintner, Designer, WineMaker, etc.). Use the Custom Racking if you wish to commission for custom units, and not the pre-designed ones from our kits. And for commercial wine establishments, we also have the Retail Store Racking form.

WCI Design Request services

The online form has three main sections: Room Specifications, Planning Your Wine Room, and Submit Form. Each section has detailed questions that will guide us in coming up with the design that will truly satisfy the client. These include specifications for the budget, wood and stain choices, and the option to submit existing floor plans/layouts.  After the form has been submitted, the client will receive a wine cellar design package that includes:

  • Unlimited fax, phone, or e-mail consultation in regards to the wine cellar design.
  • An initial design + 3 revisions (if required)
  • Quotation on all “Custom Cellar Products”
  • Wine Cellar Construction Manual & Wine Cellar Innovations Master Catalog (upon request)
  • Separate quote including cost for personalized optional cellar amenities

In addition, the client will also receive a free 2D design of the wine room. There is one hundred percent no strings attached to this! Receiving the 2D design doesn’t put one under the obligation of contracting out WCI’s professional services. You are free to decide whether you’d want to push through with the project or not. We believe in creating healthy and meaningful business relationships with potential clients. That’s why at WCI, we promote transparency in all our services. ^_^