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Wine Cellar Inspirations: How To Style Your Metal Wine Racks

June 20th, 2018

Metal wine racks aren’t that cookie-cutter as some people make them out to be. There are those who tend to shy away from metal wine racks thinking they can’t do much design-wise. But that’s definitely not the case! Here are some inspirational tips to help you style yours:

Discover metal wine racks

Discover racking styles for various storage needs…

There are actually quite a number of designs you can explore for your metal racking units. Here at WCI in particular, we carry an assortment of options. Take for example our WineZone Wine Shelf system. This is probably our most versatile line. The shelves can store not just wine bottles, but a variety of other items as well, including glassware and olive oils. You can achieve this by integrating a black melamine shelf for other merchandising or storage options. Then there’s our Vintage View Series which has two configurations. You can either wall-mount the racks or display them in a floor-to-ceiling fashion. WCI also carries the STACT Aluminum Racks that are basically wall-mounted units. The panels, aluminum bottle supports, and wall brackets work together to create modern and sophisticated layout.

Space-efficient metal wine racks

Combine metal wine racks with other elements…

One of the strongest features of metal racking is it’s compatibility with a lot of other material. A classic example is a glass-enclosed wine cellar. For this type of wine cellar, metal racking units come highly recommended. They will showcase one’s collection beautifully, especially if you throw in lighting accessories as well. Metal wine racks also work extremely well with their wood counterparts. In fact, a wood and metal combo brings a unique charm to any wine cellar project. We have lots of great examples of these in our photo gallery so do check them out for inspiration!

Wall-mount STACT wine racks

When there is room for customizing, go for it…

Remember that there will always be room to customize. Just because these are metal racking units doesn’t mean you’re without any options. You can actually choose different finishes or if not, accessorize your racks to give them more character. Our STACT Aluminum Racks are probably the best examples for this. The panels come in ten different finishes, including some really vibrant shades like Electric Orange and Citrus Green. For those that cannot be customized with finishes, you can accentuate the racks instead. Custom lighting is one of the most popular ways of enhancing them. Another is by wall-mounting the racks into an artistically designed wall or surface. ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine Cellar Items You Should Splurge On

June 13th, 2018

Some wine cellar items are really worth spending your hard-earned cash on. They might cost a little more than your intended budget. But their “return on investment” value makes them smart purchases. Here are some of these products that you should carefully consider:

Wine Refrigeration and Wine Cellar Cooling Units

First off, a wine cellar cooling system is an absolute necessity in wine cellar construction. You cannot build a formal wine room without taking this into account. It is your wine cellar cooling unit that will be primarily responsible in maintaining ideal storage conditions. This is why you should budget for the most suitable unit. There are many different types and brands available in the market. In selecting your unit, some essential factors come into play. The location and size of your wine cellar is one of them. The bottle storage capacity is another. For example, the wine room is built in the coolest and most humid place in your home. This makes it closer to the 55°-58° F temperature and 55-75% humidity needed for wine storage. You will just need a smaller size cooling unit and the overall maintenance cost will be lower. But let’s say you want a large wine cellar in the garage or a converted extra room. A much bigger and powerful cooling system will have to be installed.

Wine cellar cooling system

Insulation and Vapor Barrier

For a new wine cellar construction, insulation and vapor barrier are indispensable requirements. Without these two, maintaining ideal wine storage conditions will be a futile effort. That’s why we highly recommend being generous on the budget for these. There are two common methods for wine cellar insulation and vapor barriers. You can choose between using spray foam or 6 mil vapor barrier and fiberglass batts. Spray foam is the more expensive method. Nonetheless, it will prevent the possibility of a puncture mark in your vapor barrier. You will not need a 6 mil vapor barrier is not necessary when using spray foam.

Wine cellar door

Wine Cellar Door

We have mentioned this in a couple of blogs, but it needs to emphasized every now and then. Your wine cellar door serves more than just an aesthetic purpose. It has an important role in helping maintain ideal storage conditions for your collection. Our personal favorite is a glass-enclosed wine room. Glass doors are absolutely stunning. WCI, in particular, carries a product called Glass Wall with 1/-inch thick glass. This is designed to maximize refrigeration and humidification benefits. It is tightly sealed from all sides and joined using a clear silicone bead. For our etched glass doors, we use double-paned units. These consist of two 3/16-inch thick tempered panes. There is a 3/16-inch air gap for a 9/16-inch total thickness. Check out our full catalog of wine cellar door styles and go ahead and splurge! ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: The 3 Essential Wine Cellar Construction Questions

June 6th, 2018

Building a wine cellar can be very motivating and fulfilling. This is especially so if you are clear about your project’s goals. It’s quite exciting to take an active role in the planning stages and all the way down to the construction and completion of the project. But to get the desired results, you’ll need to do your homework! That means being aware of the important details in a wine cellar construction. The knowledge you gain will help you make the right decisions. So make sure you carefully tackle these three essential questions:

Constructing your custom wine cellar

How should you budget for your wine cellar?

This is obviously one of the most – if not the most – important questions you’ll have to consider. During the initial planning stages, you will need to set your budget and ascertain that it is a workable one. It’s not just about throwing in an approximate amount. You will have to take into account the expenses as a whole, including contingencies. Consider the things that you will really need to spend for and those that are open to compromises. For example, do you need professional services for the whole wine cellar project? Or are there portions that you can do by yourself or with the help of a friend? Are the materials you are planning on using too pricey? What other alternatives do you have that will not compromise on the quality of the materials? Also, never forget to do your research when it comes to the services that you can avail for free. WCI, for example, offers free initial consultation and design services.

When should you start your wine cellar project?

A well thought-out timeline is highly recommended in building a wine cellar. This is particularly the case if you’re undertaking a medium or large-sized project. Like any other construction project, delays are also the bane of a wine cellar construction. Why so? For one thing, delays might prevent you from securing the proper materials. Worse, delays might also affect the pricing of certain products. This means it will affect your budget as well. Keep in mind that delays can come in so many forms, from product manufacturing to shipping and so on. So make sure that you set your timelines and leave some wiggle room for contingencies.

Choose the best location for your wine cellar

Where is the best location for your wine cellar?

Ideally, you should build your wine cellar in the coolest and most humid place in your home. Remember that the ideal wine storage conditions are at 55°-58° F temperature and 55-75% humidity. The closer you are to these conditions, the lower the overall cost of maintaining your wine cellar will be.  This is especially true when it comes to purchasing your wine cellar cooling unit. You will not need a large, energy guzzler if your wine cellar location is in a cool and humid place. ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: The “Little” Details Of Wine Cellar Construction

May 30th, 2018

We’re about to say goodbye to the merry month of May! Warmer days are upon us as the Summer season makes its grand entrance. We’re expecting more wine cellar construction projects to be popping up around this time of the year. So we’ve come up with another round of useful and inspirational tips! This time, it’s all about the little details of wine cellar construction. These may be “little” details, but should definitely be taken into consideration. Why so? Because they will elevate the look of your wine cellar and bring you utmost satisfaction:

Custom cabinetry

Custom cabinetry for your wine cellar…

First up is adding custom cabinetry to your wine room. Cabinets are fantastic for creating additional storage for items other than your wine bottles. We’re talking about your stemware, other glassware, cutlery, and other similar stuff. There a good number of ways that you can customize these cabinets to give your wine cellar more character. For example, you can have them with clear glass panels, hard carved doors, or mesh panels. Decorative hand carvings come highly recommended, especially if you have the budget for it. You will notice that some high-end cellars utilize 3-dimensional carved architectural cabinet door panels. These give more detail and high relief to the interior trim of the wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Fountains

Splurge on a Wine Cellar Fountain…

If you’re building a wine cellar, you should of course know the requirements of proper wine storage condition. A wine cellar should maintain around 55-75% relative humidity. This should be coupled with the right temperature range of 55-58 degrees. A Wine Cellar Fountain is one of those accessories that can help maintain humidity levels, along with your wine cooling system. Moreover, these fountains are super attractive. They can bring a touch of elegance to any wine room. If you have a smaller construction, you can also consider purchasing the tabletop versions as well. WCI has a pretty good selection of these wine cellar wall and tabletop fountains that you should check out!

Cigar Humidors

Make space for a Cigar Humidor…

A good number of winos also enjoy the taste of quality tobacco. If you’re one of them, then you’ll need to make space for a Cigar Humidor in your wine cellar. A Cigar Humidor makes for a unique addition to your custom racking assembly. But the most important reason for getting is one is to obviously protect your cigar and tobacco collection. The humidor will maintain the right storage conditions for your collection, usually at humidity levels of around 60%-70%. WCI can also design your custom Cigar Humidor to your style preference. ^_^