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Wine Cellar Inspiration: Some Of Our Favorite Wood X Stain Combos

March 20th, 2019

We’ve always emphasized on the significant role stains and finishes play on a wine cellar project. They can certainly help you achieve the them you want. Moreover, they can help refresh the look of an existing wine cellar. You don’t even have to do a complete renovation. Naturally, they also increase the aesthetic appeal of a wine room. So today, we’re going to be sharing some of our favorite wood and stain combos. There are plenty of styles to choose from, but in our books, these stand out the most:

All-Heart Redwood x Whitewash Stain

All-Heart Redwood x Whitewash Stain

All-Heart Redwood is one of the most popular wood choices for custom wine cellar projects. Unstained, this beautiful wood ranges in color from pink to reddish-brown. However, it is usually cinnamon in color. Now the Whitewash stain is one of our newer selections and gives a whitish cast to the wood. It is a versatile stain that complements the clean, open themes of modern decor. The effect is that of the seaside appeal of old New England. This wood and stain combo adds a gorgeous definitive texture to the wood. The beautiful grain pattern of All-Heart Redwood is emphasized wonderfully.

Rustic Pine x Midnight Black Stain

Rustic Pine x Midnight Black Stain

Rustic Pine is one of our absolute favorite wood options. In its unstained state, it comes with varying degrees of small, medium, or large knots. It sports a pale yellow, varying from deep yellow to reddish-brown. One of its outstanding features is its affordability and ability to retain stains and finishes really well. But with darker stains, the wood exudes a bold and modern vibe. And Midnight Black Stain does the job with a dramatic flourish! The jet-black stain is a dramatic departure from traditional woodworking finishes. Wine racks and furniture look absolutely stunning with this combo. Now if you want to increase the elegance factor, we also recommend adding a coat of lacquer to the wood.

Grand Mahogany x Light Danish Stain

Grand Mahogany x Light Danish Stain

Grand Mahogany is a superior hardwood that is extremely attractive even when unstained. With it’s uniform color, it has a few slight variations that go from medium to pale pink. The hardwood has a moderately coarse grain pattern. We totally love dressing up Grand Mahogany racks in Light Danish Stain. In contrast with racks stained with Midnight Black Stain, this gives off a warm and soft ambiance. Light Danish Stain exudes a golden hue which accentuates the tones and grains of all woods. This combo is best for those who want a clean and uncomplicated style for their wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Inspirations: “Luxurious” Looking Wine Cellars For Less

March 13th, 2019

Can you build a luxurious looking wine cellar without having to stretch that budget thin? The answer is a definite yes! When you have enough information on your options, you can get what you want for less. Here are some very useful tips on how to narrow down those choices. Your final picks will be those that can boost your wine cellar’s aesthetic appeal at a price you can afford:

Study your wood options!

Study the various wood options for your racks

Obviously, your wine racks will take center stage in the wine cellar, next to your collection. Since they will be on of the major focal points, they have to stand out. By standing out, we do not mean that they have to be flashy. On the contrary, your racks should exude quality and style to amplify the elegance factor. That’s why it’s necessary to choose the right wood option. Just because a certain type of wood costs more doesn’t mean you have to go for it. There will be other more reasonable alternatives. In fact, wood options for your racking units are very flexible. Naturally, you’ll have to learn the features of these wood types so you can compare and contrast them. For example, Rustic Pine is a more affordable wood option than Grand Mahogany. But Rustic Pine racks can look super luxurious, especially when stained with certain stains and finishes.

Throw in some glass and metal elements!

Throw in some glass and metal elements

Nothing says classy better than glass. That’s why glass panels, windows, and doors are a very common presence in both residential and commercial construction projects. Glass is a material that accentuates the natural beauty of other materials. Metal is a prime example of this. You can never go wrong with a glass x metal combo. Incorporating this into your wine cellar will really elevate its elegant aura. You can see this in a lot of our Tech Tuesday features. Metal wine racks are usually framed by glass panels in a stunning glass-enclosed storage.

Experiment with black metal trim!

Experiment with glass and black metal trim accents

This goes to show just how versatile a material glass is. You can also try experimenting with it for your wine cellar accents. This time, mix it up with black metal trim for a modern yet sophisticated look. For example, instead of the standard French Doors, use black metal to edge out these doors into small windows. Your wine cellar entryways will look more dramatic with the black metal trim. You can do the same with a transom or with a door with sidelights. ^_^

Wine Cellar Innovations: Putting A Vintage Flair On Your Wine Cellar

March 6th, 2019

No, you don’t need to undergo an expensive reno to give your wine cellar a different theme. There are ways to achieve a whole new look without dipping into your retirement savings. We’re going to talk about that today! More specifically, we’re going to show you guys how to put a vintage flair on your wine cellar. The vintage vibe is super popular and is a great way to give a standard wine room more character.

Change up your wine cellar flooring!

Change up your wine cellar flooring…

The principle is actually a lot similar to renovating a house. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, then just change up a certain section that will have a significant style impact. The flooring is certainly one of these sections. Notice how a lot of home renos start with the flooring. It’s pretty much the same with a wine cellar. You just have to be a little more meticulous with your choice of materials. Your flooring has to help out with maintaining the ideal storage conditions of the wine cellar. That way, you get to save on overall cost, especially with your wine refrigeration system. So we recommend going for our Vintage Wine Barrel flooring for that perfect vintage touch! It’s made from reclaimed wood components from wine barrels. Your flooring will be a unique work of art, with no two planks exactly alike.

Give your racks and furniture a brand-new finish…

Never underestimate the power of newly stained and/or finished wine racks! It’s like dressing them up in brand new clothing to give your wine cellar a totally fresh look. Since we’re going the vintage route, there are specific finishes that can achieve this for us. One of our favorites is the Dusty Weathered Finish. This will make your wood achieve a timeworn look. This works particularly well with pine, redwood and oak. If you want a solid, darker color to your wood, then try the Dark Weathered Finish. Another wonderful option would be the Distressed Finish. The wood is strategically gouged, dented and scratch to give it the character of an old used pieces of furniture. The result is something very classic, very “antique” and reminiscent of “old-country.”

Add or replace tabletops/countertops!

Add or replace your wine cellar tabletops/countertops…

If you don’t have a tabletop/countertop, then it’s time to add one. You can create a nice tasting or prep station in your wine cellar. It will also be a terrific spot to showcase your beautiful stemware. WCI also carries the Vintage Wine Barrel option for our tabletops and countertops. They will make for the perfect pairing with your Vintage Wine Barrel flooring. But you can also go for full length wood tabletops. Select from our stock wood options, as well as select hardwoods from our non-stock wood inventory. ^_^

Key Points To A Successful Home Wine Cellar Transformation

March 4th, 2019

A home wine cellar project can either be a hit or a miss. It’s especially the case with a DIY one. If you’re experienced enough, then things should proceed at a smoother pace. But if you’re a total newbie, then you might want to equip yourself with the essentials before plunging in. Otherwise, you would be spending your good money without getting the results you want. But fear not! A home wine cellar transformation is not rocket science. By knowing some of the key points during the planning stages, you can definitely make it a success:

A "before" shot of the client's wine cellar project

Here we have some great before-and-after snapshots of a client’s home wine cellar project. We will use these to go over the important details that you should properly take into consideration before getting started. Let’s start with the designated space in your home. Obviously, you would have already chosen the area in your home where the wine cellar will be built. You can actually do it anywhere – the basement, the garage, the kitchen, the dining area, or even the living room. If space is tight, you also have alternatives such as a closet or under stairwell transformation. You can also make use of an unused broom or coat closet. However, there is one key point you should never forget. You should be able to create the right environment for your wine bottles in your wine cellar. That being said, a wine cellar should be placed in the coolest and most humid place in your home. This is the ideal scenario. The closer you are to the 55°-58° F temperature and 55-75% humidity that your wine will need, the smaller size cooling unit you will need. This means that the overall maintenance cost will be much lower.The completed wine cellar with double displays

Now that your space is all prepped, the next task would be to choose materials for your flooring and ceiling. Our client went for contrasting wooden elements that worked very well with the racks and furniture. A coffered style ceiling is accented by beautiful lighting fixtures. It made the cellar look a lot more open. This is another important thing to keep in mind. Your flooring and ceiling design should work to make your wine cellar look more spacious. It’s especially so if you have a compact space. Also, don’t forget that the flooring helps with maintaining ideal wine storage conditions. So choose the right type of materials such as wood, cork, or tile. Once the structure is complete, you can have fun assembling your wine racks. Check out the unique double displays that our client chose for theirs! ^_^

“My wine cellar turned out beautifully!”

~Kevin B.~