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How To Utilize WCI’s Wine Cellar Design Request Services

September 17th, 2018

So you’ve most likely come across our blog posts highlighting our wine cellar design services. The big question is: have you tried them out? For potential clients, sending out a design request can present some uncertainties. What exactly do these design services cover? How much will it cost? How long does it take for the company to reply? Well, we’re here to put all those worries to rest. We’re going to give you all the necessary deets on our design services – so read on and find out!

Here’s what you can expect from WCI’s design services…

Once you’ve firmly decided to push through with your wine cellar project, the first step is to fill out WCI’s online design request form. We have three different types of request to accommodate the various needs of clients. You can choose from the Kit Racking, Custom Racking, and Retail Store Racking online forms. Kit Racking is for when the client wants to utilize products from our wine rack kits (Vintner, Designer, WineMaker, etc.). Use the Custom Racking if you wish to commission for custom units, and not the pre-designed ones from our kits. And for commercial wine establishments, we also have the Retail Store Racking form.

WCI Design Request services

The online form has three main sections: Room Specifications, Planning Your Wine Room, and Submit Form. Each section has detailed questions that will guide us in coming up with the design that will truly satisfy the client. These include specifications for the budget, wood and stain choices, and the option to submit existing floor plans/layouts.  After the form has been submitted, the client will receive a wine cellar design package that includes:

  • Unlimited fax, phone, or e-mail consultation in regards to the wine cellar design.
  • An initial design + 3 revisions (if required)
  • Quotation on all “Custom Cellar Products”
  • Wine Cellar Construction Manual & Wine Cellar Innovations Master Catalog (upon request)
  • Separate quote including cost for personalized optional cellar amenities

In addition, the client will also receive a free 2D design of the wine room. There is one hundred percent no strings attached to this! Receiving the 2D design doesn’t put one under the obligation of contracting out WCI’s professional services. You are free to decide whether you’d want to push through with the project or not. We believe in creating healthy and meaningful business relationships with potential clients. That’s why at WCI, we promote transparency in all our services. ^_^

Tips On How You Can Customize Your Wine Cellar Entryways

September 10th, 2018

A formal wine room will not be complete without an entryway. It’s not just about wine cellar doors. If you’re looking at a mid-sized to large wine cellar, your entryways should be designed with care as well. It will make such a huge difference, aesthetic-wise. It will also contribute to the preservation of ideal storage conditions in the cellar. WCI offers more than just two or three options to make your entryways look really amazing. Check these out and see which ones you’d want to go for:

Design your wine cellar doors

Design your wine cellar doors…

Let’s start with the wine cellar doors. Any formal wine room should have one that’s both functional and attractive. That’s why here at WCI, we offer quite an assortment of wine cellar door designs. But did you know that apart from the standard designs you can choose from, you still have other custom choices? For example, you can have the frame in either Arched Glass, Eyebrow Arch, or Full Arch. If you go for glass panels, you can have custom etchings on them. We have a terrific selection of gorgeous sandblasted etchings. But you can still have a customized design on your door if you desire. As for then wood, you can select not just your wood type but the stains and finishes as well. A lot of the door styles include our newest stain and finish offerings such as Graywash, Whitewash, & Opaque White. Plus, we also offer the lacquer finish on most of them.

Dreamy glass-enclosed spaces

Create dreamy glass-enclosed spaces…

This may not be something new to followers of our blog. But for new customers (and potential ones), we definitely want to pimp this out. You can create dreamy and elegant wine storage with our glass-enclosed entryways. Our glass panel doors and windows can be built to any specification and customized to suit you style preference. You will be delighted to know that this includes unique options such as etched and painted windows. As always, we have standard designs available, but you can definitely request for a custom one. Popular client requests include French Door entryways and sidelight panels.

Intricate, decorative applications

Go intricate with decorative applications…

Weave a little more intricacy into your wine cellar entryways with decorative applications. Apart from the etchings and painted glass, WCI also offers iron grills and gates. These doors made from quality material with a beautiful finish really give more character to any wine cellar project. The delicacy of the design such as flowers and grapevines make for a wonderful contrast with the solid material. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Why A Nail Gun Is Preferred For DIY Wine Cellars

August 29th, 2018

There is more than one way to assemble and install your wine racks. In fact, we put together a learning video outlining three different methods. But using the nail gun is the highly recommended one. Why so? Let’s delve into detail as to why this method is the most hassle-free one.

Nail gun with compressor

A nail gun is easy to use…

The very first reason why a nail gun will be the preferred assembly method is because it’s easy to use. We’re not pulling your leg here! You can be a complete novice at wine cellar construction and still put together  your wine storage using a nail gun. We have a slew of Testimonial Thursday DIY features to prove that. A lot of clients have narrated their experience with the nail gun – with very satisfying results. The ease of operation and accuracy cannot be compared to the hammer-and-nail method. The latter is archaic and only professionals should dabble in the same. Save yourself from the frustration of broken or bent nails and/or broken material with a nail gun.

A nail gun is cost-effective…

This should be pretty obvious. Imagine the time, effort, and money you will save by utilizing this more efficient assembly method. You won’t spend so many hours – or days – just putting together a simple racking arrangement. You will also need less manpower for a more complicated wine cellar project, thanks to the nail gun. Moreover, think of the money you will save on material. You won’t be dealing with a mess of bent or broken nails. There’s also a very slim to zero chance of damaging the material of your wine racks. Even skilled professionals in wine cellar construction prefer a a brad nailer to make their projects go smoothly.

A nail gun can give you several options…

Nail guns nowadays come in a variety of styles that can fit well with your wine cellar construction needs. For example, there’s the compact brad nailer package that we offer here at WCI. Its features include a full sequential safety mechanism. There is also a quick-release nose piece for easy jam clearing and 360 degree rotatable exhaust. We also carry a DIY Wine Rack Assembly Kit. This one is comprised of a nail gun with air compressor and air hose. There are also others that are battery-operated or use straight electricity. The kind you choose will depend on the complexity and size of your wine cellar project. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Exploring Other Wood Choices For Your Wine Cellar

August 1st, 2018

Hello there, August! The letter “A” for this month stands for only one thing: AWESOME. We’re ready and eager to roll out some fun and inspiring wine cellar concepts for you guys. And we’re going to get started by exploring other wood choices for your wine cellar projects:

Sapele Wood

The Supple Sapele

First on the list is Sapele. This is not a very common wood for custom wine cellar projects. However, Sapele lumber is a popular choice for furniture and cabinetry. The wood is “well-mannered” when it comes to machining and working it with hand tools. That’s why it’s quite a joy to work with it in woodworking projects. As far as appearance is concerned, it is highly attractive. The wood is generally characterized by flowing, stripey ribbons that range from golden to dark reddish brown hues. The wood also tends to take on a deeper color as it ages. Sapele finishes and glues very well.  The heartwood ranges from moderately durable to very durable in terms of resistance to decay. The only drawback is that machining the wood has a blunting effect on blades and drill bits.

Black Walnut Wood

The Bold Black Walnut

True to its namesake, Black Walnut is a wood that sports rich and bold colors. As far as appearance is concerned, it is a very elegant wood. That’s why it also comes highly recommended for custom wine cellar projects. This is especially so for those who do not want to stain their racks to achieve a darker color.  Even when unstained, Black Walnut takes on rich chocolate brown tones. These vary slightly vary from a “nutty” to a “dark brown” hue. In addition, if left unstained, the wood will develop a natural sheen over time. There is hardly any need for stains or finishes, including lacquer, to enhance the wood visually.

Knotty Adler Wood

The Unique Knotty Alder

Because of its appearance, Knotty Alder will be able to provide a really unique look for one’s wine cellar. The wood usually features a variety of different-sized knots. But there will also be some pieces with no knots at all. So basically, you’ll be getting a truly interesting grain pattern for your wine racks. When unstained, this wood is primarily light brown in color. However, the tones may also vary from a pale yellow to reddish-brown. It’s also wise to note that Knotty Alder takes to stains and finishes very well. You can add lacquer option as well, for a glossy and sophisticated finish. Knotty alder is a very unique wood, and adds a rustic feel to any application. ^_^