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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Designing A Contemporary Wine Cellar

January 16th, 2019

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again (and again!) – contemporary wine cellars are the way to go. Last year was a particularly eventful one. We’ve featured a good number of wine cellar projects embracing a modern theme. Plus, we also launched several racking products geared towards creating modern, high-end looks. It will be no surprise that the trend will continue to rise from here. So if you’re one of those planning your wine cellar construction this year, read on! We put together some concepts on designing your contemporary wine cellar.

Wine racks in a unique layout

Choose wine racks with unique finishes…

Obviously, one of the focal points of your wine cellar will be your wine racks. In order to bring out an authentic modern vibe, the kind of finish for your racks will seal the deal. Wood wine racks are pretty much the standard fare. Some woods look lovely even when unstained. But they do not exude a contemporary appeal. With the help of stains and finishes, you can make this happen. Deep and dark shades, such as Midnight Black Stain, are a popular option. One example is black and granite with glass walls. This spells sleek and is the very definition of modern.  Also consider a clean, Whitewash stain option. Whitewash is a versatile finish that works well with open themes of modern decor.

Whitewash Stain on racks

Consider materials other than just wood…

Most people gravitate towards wood racking units. But for a contemporary wine cellar, other materials should be considered. Metal is definitely among them. We recommend trying out aluminum for this purpose. WCI carries  Aluminum Bottle Supports with Finished Panels that are perfect for the job. The finished panels give the supports a nice, sleek, and definitely modern touch. Glass is another material that should be on the list. Glass can give off both traditional and contemporary vibes, depending on how you use it. Pairing it with metal wine racks is one of the top choices. However, you can combine it with other elements, like acrylic, stone, and mirrors. And speaking of acrylic, this is another material worth trying out. It has the transparency of glass and the modern appeal of metal.

Cable racking system spells "modern"

Go for a minimalist design and layout…

A contemporary style is often characterized by stark lines, neutral elements, and bold colors. It focuses mostly on the basics of line, shape and form. Each element should work together and create balance. Nothing should stand out too much or overpower other elements. In a wine cellar, this translates to straightforward racking arrangements. Seamless transitions from the racks to the floor and/or ceiling are in order. The space should be utilized in such a way that it doesn’t appear cramped or busy. ^_^

Custom Wine Cellar With All The Bells And Whistles

January 7th, 2019

It’s a brand new year and definitely the best time for a fresh start. With us, that translates to staring your wine cellar projects from scratch. If you’re determined to achieve your wine cellar goals for 2019, then we’re sure that today’s blog will help you lots. This custom wine cellar has all the bells and whistles and should be the perfect inspiration:

Vintage Wine Barrel tabletops

The snaps of this completed wine room really dazzled us. From the racking assembly down to the accents and other details, it was just a dream. The usual two or three photos were not enough to do the project justice. So we decided to capture all the beautiful features of the wine room to share with you wine cellar fans. Let’s take the visual tour, starting with the luxuriously designed racking units. This is obviously a custom project, designed to accommodate all the whims of the client. So apart from bottle storage, custom cabinets were also created to host glassware and other accessories. These were further augmented by a Vintage Wine Barrel tabletop with adjustable shelves at the bottom. The shelves allowed for convenient case storage. You will notice from the first photo above that a half-height Quarter Round Shelf capped off the tabletop nicely. This gave the client even more room to display other knick-knacks:

Custom glass storage

Now check out the wine cellar door below. It’s just our standard full glass door, but accentuated with delicate glass etchings. Note that here at WCI, we offer a bevy of decorative applications for wine cellar entryways. We have lots of pre-made designs to choose from. But if you want something totally custom, we can definitely do that for you as well. Here you can see that apart from the cellar door, the accent wall mirror was also customized with painted grape clusters:

Etched glass door and painted glass mirror

Below are gorgeous shots of the racking assembly. This wine cellar also features a built-in Cigar Humidor. It’s a great addition to have, especially if you’re into collecting cigars or tobacco. WCI usually makes the humidor to the client’s specifications. The cabinet is kept to a certain degree of humidity, keeping your cigars in peak condition. Keep in mind that your wine cellar is already kept at a certain temperature and humidity level. The addition of a custom cigar humidor will help keep all of your investments safe and sound. Also, take a closer look at what’s above the humidor, slightly obscured by the intricate chandelier. It’s actually a WineZone Ductless Split wine refrigeration system! The Wood Grille Covers were also crafted from unstained All-Heart Redwood to match the racks:

Custom Cigar Humidor

Here are some more snaps of the other angles of this wine room. That wine cellar art in the archway is definitely a statement piece, don’t you think? The racking assembly also sports a full height Quarter Round Shelf, Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim, and a metal bar up top for the Red Oak Rolling ladder. This wine cellar certainly set the bar high and we’ve barely begun our 2019 journey. So don’t forget to bookmark our blog and expect more amazing things to come! *Cheers*

Wine cellar artwork

Archway with Open Diamond Cubes below


Wine Cellar Inspirations: “Must-Haves” For Your Custom Wine Cellar

January 2nd, 2019

Happy 2019, wine cellar fans! We have this super good feeling that this year will be very memorable for wine cellar projects. So if you’re planning to embark on one this year, we say go for it. And if you’re taking the custom route, here are some of the must-haves you should be eyeing:

Custom wine cellar art

A standout piece of wine cellar art…

If you must invest in something “extra” for your wine cellar, a choice piece of wine cellar art is the way to go. Even just one artwork can make a lasting impression. Our favorite are custom hand-painted paintings and murals. They can make your wine cellar look picture-perfect and bring gorgeous pops of color. But there are other materials you can try out, too. Mosaic Art is one very unique medium often used in archways or glass rack openings. Tumbled Stone is another beautiful material worth trying out. And one of our favorites is Stained Glass which can really enhance the ambiance of any wine cellar.

Custom cigar humidor

A custom crafted built-in Cigar Humidor…

It’s not much of a surprise that a lot of wine collectors are cigar collectors as well. If you’re on of them, then a built-in cigar humidor is a must-have addition to your wine cellar project. This customized cabinet is especially for holding your cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco. Note that unlike standard cabinets, this one needs to maintain a certain degree of humidity to keep cigars in perfect condition. A custom wine cellar is usually built to maintain a certain temperature and humidity level. Pairing it with the cigar humidor is a smart way of ensuring your investments are kept safe.

Custom wine cellar door

A stunning, customized wine cellar door…

We’ve always maintained that wine cellar entryways should be carefully considered in a wine cellar project. It’s should even be more so with a custom construction. A beautifully designed door can do wonders, both in terms of function and aesthetic. This is why here at WCI, we have such a wide range of wine cellar door styles to choose from. From wood to glass to metal – we try our best to work with materials that will make your wine cellar door stand out. There are plenty of customization options to boot. These include wood, stain and finish options for wood doors; etched and painted glass for glass doors; and intricate designs for wrought iron gates. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Our Best Wine Cellar Designs For 2018 (Part 3)

December 26th, 2018

We’re down to our last installment for our best wine cellar designs for 2018! If you missed the first two parts, check them out here and here and let us know what you think. Now moving on, let’s begin the countdown for our last batch of wine cellar projects. These are the designs that round off our list:

Clear Alder Racks with Dark Weathered Stain

This was a custom project completed for a client in Powell’s Point NC. It’s a fairly large wine room, with a bottle capacity of over 2300. That alone is impressive, don’t you think? But the way the racking styles were mixed and matched is pretty amazing as well. These are all custom wine racks, carefully planned to accommodate the sharp and irregular corners of the designated space. See how the units fit perfectly. This built-in look for irregular spaces is always best achieved with custom racking products. Our favorite feature though, is the timeworn appearance of the wine racks. To achieve this aged look, a Dark Weathered finish was chosen. And instead of the standard wood options such as Redwood or Pine, the client chose Clear Alder.

Glenville Wine Cellars Debuts Steel & Wood Series

We launched our newest addition to the modern wine cellar series late this year: the Steel & Wood Series. We were fortunate enough to have our client Glenville Wine Cellars send us photos of their completed project. They wanted a clean and minimalist design for their wine storage. But they also wanted the wine cellar to retain some traditional touches. The Steel Rod and Wood Wine Cellar Series provided for the perfect solution to this design request. The racking units in this series combine wood and steel elements. The stainless steel rods are the epitome of understated elegance. Paired with the wood frames, the racking assembly still exudes a traditional appeal.

Modern Melange of Space and Style

This modern melange of space and style was designed for a client in Panama. The clean layout features our Modern Wine Cellar series, as well as our Vino Pins. As you can see from the photos, the Modern Wine Cellar racks were installed at the very center. This makes them a focal point of this wine cellar. The wooden platforms are done in Midnight Black Stain, complementing the Anodized Black finish on the Vino Pins. It’s definitely one of the best features of these modern racking units. They are fully customizable to suit your style or existing decor. With the flexible configurations of the racks, you also have options in storing your bottles. You can store them in the standard cork-forward manner. You can also opt for a label-forward storage. Whatever you choose, your bottles will look like they’re floating on air!