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Happy New Year, Wine Cellar Fans!

January 1st, 2018

Welcome, 2018! It’s going to be an absolutely exciting year for us and of course, for you wine cellar fans. There is so much in store for this year and we can’t wait to get started. But patience is a virtue! So before we get down and awesome on all the new stuff the WCI team has in store for this year, here are some food for thought you might want to chew on. They’ll definitely get your year off to a wonderful start:

1. Pour in the love this year as you would your wine.

2017 was an amazing year but we could not do away with controversies and negative concepts, especially in politics. So let’s try even harder this year to focus on positive things and make #lovewins a reality. A more positive and caring attitude towards each other, towards our work, and towards the world in general will change things immensely. Even in the smallest actions such as a smile or a helping hand, great things are bound to happen.

2. Be more “social media responsible.”

No doubt about it, social media has really become the ultimate game changer in 2017. Social media platforms have become so powerful in communicating people’s opinions and ideas. Moreover, they have become so influential that people rely on them so much to make their decisions. Unfortunately, the negativity also starts from there. That’s because people abuse social media and use it to achieve less than desirable goals. Also, a lot of us have become so dependent in social media that we forget to establish meaningful personal communication with others. This year, let’s make it a goal to use social media responsibly to foster positivity and healthy relationships with others.

3. Pursue and realize your goals.

It’s not enough that you set goals this year. You have to actually act on them and bring them to fruition – like your wine cellar goals. WCI has made the wine cellar construction process even more convenient last year and there are even better changes this year. So let us help you bring to life your dream wine cellar this 2018! ^_^


Merry Christmas From All Of Us At WCI!

December 25th, 2017


My Christmas Wish To YOU
By Catherine Pulsifer

If I could wish a wish for you,
it would be for peace faith, and happiness
not only at Christmas,
but for the whole year through!

I wish that there always be food on your table.
That you always give to those less fortunate.
May you always take time to share,
and thank those who have blessed you.

I wish for time, so you may reflect
on the blessings that you have,
and that you express your love
to those who are dear to you.

May you never feel lonely,
because there are those who care.
That you realize: you are special,
you are unique, you make a difference,
not only at Christmas, but all year!

I wish for your thoughts to be positive ones,
that you never quit, that you never give up,
and that you continue to learn.

I wish for the love, and peace of God
to be yours always.

Merry Christmas!

Merry, Merry Christmas from all of us here at WCI! We’ve had such a delightful year and we hope you had one, too. It is indeed the season to share our blessings and we hope to achieve that by passing on these warm wishes and prayers. Thank you for being a part of our year and our holidays and may the wine, food, and most importantly LOVE be abundant in your home! ^_^

WCI At A Glance: Our Best Wine Cellar Moments This 2017

December 18th, 2017

As much as we are proud of what Wine Cellar Innovations has achieved this year, we are also truly grateful. We have been blessed with so many amazing opportunities to grow and improve our products and services. We have continued to gain the trust and loyalty of wonderful clients. Also, we have become more inspired each year to improve and bring bigger and better wine storage solutions for everyone. It’s only a week left before Christmas and two before the New Year. Before we officially bring 2017 to a close, we invite you guys to recapture WCI’s best wine cellar moments this year.

Growth of the Modern Wine Cellar

The growth of the “Modern Wine Cellar”

We can definitely say that one of the greatest achievements WCI had this year was the launching of the “modern wine cellar” concept. Our website has been revamped to accommodate an entire section dedicated to contemporary and modern wine cellar products. The trend towards high end and modern wine cellars was really going strong this year. WCI rose to the occasion with the introduction of our Invisible Wine Rack Series, the Classic Riddling Racking Series, the Cable Wine Racking System, and the Acrylic Cube Series. Coupled with these, we also launched several new stain and finish options to complement the contemporary appeal of the wine cellar. This includes the beautiful Whitewash Stain, Opaque White Stain, and our Blended Stain options.

Metal Wine Racks' rise in popularity

The rise in popularity of “Metal Wine Racks”

2017 is also a turning point for our metal wine racking units. We have featured more Tech Tuesdays and DIY projects in our Testimonial Thursdays utilizing our metal wine racks. Owing to their growing popularity, this also inspired us to trot out more metal racking units that can address any and all bottle storage needs. Our WineZone Wine Shelf System leads the pack on this one. But very notable additions to the metal racking family are the STACT Aluminum Wine Racks, our Echelon Wave Wine Racks and our Deluxe Commercial racks for commercial applications.

Upgrading our wine rack kits

The evolution of our “Wine Rack Kits”

One of our major goals this year was to provide more affordable products sporting “custom” amenities to our clientele. This is why we focused a lot on elevating the functionality of our wine rack “kits.” Vintner was especially impressive as it grew at a fantastic pace. Apart from the upgrades to the regular racking units, Vintner expanded its reach to commercial applications. It also added an “Elite Cabinetry” collection to its product line-up, as well as the Vintner Stacks.

Now it’s our turn to ask: what do you consider as your best Wine Cellar Innovation moment this 2017? We’d love to hear from you! ^_^


The WCI Superior Price Match Policy And Other Guarantees

December 11th, 2017

In this season of frenzied holiday shopping, you cannot afford to lose your head. Or to put in more succinctly, your hard-earned money. So you’ll be thrilled to learn that when you do your shopping at WCI, we’ve got you covered – in more ways than one. Allow us to spell them out for you!

Our Superior Price Match Policy

When you purchase qualifying WCI products, you’re immediately covered by our “Superior Price Match Policy.” Take note – it’s not just any price match policy. It’s a notch above the rest. How so? If you buy a qualifying item from us and later on find the identical item for sale at a lower price, we will credit you back with the difference upon request. There’s no catch! You just have to make sure you found the identical item within 14 days of purchase online.

Now let’s say you found the item/s somewhere else. What happens then? We’ve actually got that covered as well! Here’s how it works: For any racks you see advertised that are 12″ in depth or greater, we will match any legitimate advertised offer to that price, plus 5% lower for your choice of either our Designer Series or Vintner Series. But from your end, we will need you to provide us with proof of advertised pricing. This must show that it is one our stock material of Rustic Pine, Premium Redwood, Prime Mahogany, or All Heart-Redwood.

For any racks you see advertised that are less than 12″ in depth, we will match any legitimate advertised offer to that price, plus 5% lower for your choice of either our Winemaker or Traditional Series. You will need to provide proof of advertised pricing and it must be of one our stock material of Rustic Pine or Premium Redwood.

Our Residential Racking Warranty

WCI really values the quality and craftsmanship of our products. We will never shortchange our customers and we work hard to give that assurance. Our residential racking warranty assures them that the wine racking products they purchase are free from defects due to workmanship or material under normal use and service. The duration is throughout the lifetime that the owner remains in the residence. In the event that the product is defective due to workmanship or materials, WCI will, at its option, repair or replace the product free of charge. Moreover, the mechanical components utilized in the wine cellar will have a one year warranty. This includes components like the hinges or magnetic catches.

And take note – our guarantees don’t stop here! Yes, there is definitely more and you definitely need to know them. Tune in next wMonday for part 2. *Cheers*