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What Is The “Wine Cellar Innovations Advantage”?

October 30th, 2017

Why is shopping with Wine Cellar Innovations different from the rest? What exactly do you get when you purchase our products? What comprises our wine cellar services? If it’s your first time or you’re relatively new to the wine cellar construction experience, then we’d want you to know about the “Wine Cellar Innovations advantage.” Read on and find out!

Be a part of the WCI experience…

The WCI Advantage

Wine cellar construction involves a number of considerations. It’s not just about buying your wine racks or hiring a design professional and installers to do the work for you. You definitely have some responsibilities to ensure you get the results you want. And one of these is to do your comparative shopping in the industry with due diligence. In other works, you do your homework: look around and weigh the pros and cons carefully of both the products and services.

WCI’s thrust is to constantly improve in our industry to bring about 100% client satisfaction. We try our best not just to accommodate but also anticipate the client’s wine storage needs. We take into account all significant factors that come into play in a wine cellar construction project. And for this reason, we introduced our Superior Price Match Policy as part of the WCI “advantage.” WCI will match the price if you buy a qualifying item and find the identical item for sale at a lower price within 14 days of purchase online. We will credit you back the difference upon request. Our Price Match guarantee also covers qualifying items you see advertised elsewhere.

Live the WCI experience!

That’s only the beginning though! The WCI “advantage” campaign further extends to the manufacturing and quality of our products. We take extra time to ensure all of our premium and custom racking lines have beveled, eased edging on racking rails and spacer bars. We also send out optional secure racking back braces with most of our racks to ensure their sturdiness. Finally, all our racks are built to last by using solid wood, edge glued construction. We do not utilize MDF with strip edging and paper thin veneer. You can check our full residential and commercial guarantees on our website.

Now as far as services are concerned, we work really hard to cover all the bases as well. We provide initial free design consultation, an extensive range of shipping options, including free shipping for qualifying products, and complimentary installation quotes among others. Being in the business for over 30 years, we make it a point to always listen to clients needs – and address them.

Over the last three decades, clients have been happy and proud to share their WCI experience with us. With the WCI “advantage,” we hope you guys will be the next! ^_^

WCI’s Pumpkin Decoration Contest 2017!

October 26th, 2017

Halloween is still a few days away, but we’re can’t wait for the fright festivities to get started. That’s why we decided to hold our office pumpkin decoration contest last Friday the 13th. No coincidence there! Our awesome Operations Team had its very first pumpkin carving contest – with results that ranged from ghastly to genuinely adorable:

WCI Pumpkin Decoration Contest

Creativity really runs in the WCI family. We totally enjoyed the way the participants transformed their pumpkins into unique artworks. The glittery pink “disco ball” pumpkin was definitely a show-stopper, don’t you think? And the pretty white, spring-themed one was also very creative. But of course, even when it’s Halloween, WCI staff won’t be WCI staff if they can’t incorporate any wine theme into their work.

So you can see from the snapshots that there’s actually a wine barrel pumpkin and a witch who kind of overdosed on her Halloween wine. The pumpkin witch was the brainchild of Todd WCI’s IT Manager, Todd! Who says his talents lie only with the digital kind? Nonetheless, the big winner of our carving and decorating competition is the awesome Cookie Monster pumpkin. Check out how realistic it looks! The way Cookie Monster’s mouth was carved really deserves some special attention. And there’s no skimping on the props either – see that plate of cookies? That’s definitely Cookie Monster all the way!

It was a very fun contest and expect that those who didn’t bring home the bacon (or wine!) this year will be back for revenge next year. We can’t wait to see what concepts the team will be bringing to the table. After all, “innovation” is everyone’s middle name here at WCI. Have a happy Halloween, everyone! ^_^

The Wine Cellar Innovations Website Gets A Major Makeover!

September 4th, 2017

We’re about to change seasons again and welcome Fall in just a couple of weeks. But that’s not all that’s changing. We’ve also undergone a major makeover with the WCI website to showcase all our brand-new additions. If you have browsed around recently, you’d definitely notice these changes. Nonetheless, a proper tour is in order so you guys will know exactly what’s what!

Custom wine cellars

Our new custom wine cellar services…

We’ve our custom wine cellar services even more flexible to accommodate any and all wine storage needs. First off, our custom wine cellars can be designed in any size, with any budget. If it’s not that clear with the previous layout of the website, it’s definitely there in black and white now. This section of the website lets you see all the options available, from the wine racks down to the design of the entryways, cabinets, and other finishes. As always, WCI offers free wine cellar consultation. We will provide you with wine cellar design room plans to start the process on your project.

Custom wood wine racks

Our new custom wooden wine rack styles…

WCI has always offered two major racking options to our clients: our custom wine racks and our wine rack kits. Custom racking will give you all the flexibility you need in terms of both function and design. But if you’re working on a budget, our wine rack kit series will be able to offer you more affordable choices. Check out our wide array of racking styles, from individual to diamond racking, curved corners, wine bottle displays, bulk bottle storage, and so much more. To make things more convenient, we’ve also put together the custom amenities on the same section as the racking options. These include wine cellar moldings, decorative accents, and custom cabinetry.

Our new wine cellar wood options…

Custom wood options

We’ve also revamped our wine cellar wood options section to make it even more responsive to our customers. You will now find our 4 Stock Wood options in one place in the website. This makes it easier to compare one against the other and decide on the most suitable wood for your project. We also put in a more detailed line-up of our Non-Stock Woods as well, specifically, the more popular ones such as Black Walnut, Knotty Alder, and White Oak.

And of course, this doesn’t stop here. Our makeover is still ongoing and there will be many more exciting changes to be revealed. So don’t forget to bookmark the WCI blog so you don’t miss out on anything! ^_^

Learning The Full Scope Of WCI’s Wine Cellar Services

June 19th, 2017

What can WCI do for you and your wine cellar projects? You’d be pleasantly surprised to find out that our services are just as varied and all-encompassing as our products. WCI is not limited to just providing you with racking products to meet your wine storage needs. We are actually so much more than that and we want you guys to know more about what we can offer.

Wine cellar design services

Our full consultation services…

First off, let’s talk about WCI’s consultation services. You most likely have read in a lot of our blogs that we provide free initial consultation services, including a free design for those who fill out our Design Request Form. But that doesn’t cover the full scope of our consultation services. We have augmented these services with our Architectural Design Services as well as a complete review process. Architectural Design Services are being made available to those seeking to integrate architectural elements such as stone or advanced paneling work, into their custom wine cellar project. As for the review process, it involves a professional wine cellar consultant spending time with you to review your custom wine cellar design and related room specification details.

Racking assembly and installation services

Our full assembly and installation services…

WCI boasts of an amazing team of factory-certified installers who can provide assembly and installation services worldwide. But this isn’t all that we do! Apart from putting your wine cellar together, our installers also offer initial free consultation on construction requirements for the racking units you purchased. And get this – the work area is cleaned after job completion! That means you get the necessary clean-up job without having to shell out some precious extra dollars.

Our full shipping/delivery services…

Always one of the biggest concerns, we’ve made our shipping and delivery services as responsive as possible to the needs of our valued clientele. We offer free shipping every day on all our online wine rack kits, but we also have the Quick Ship Program to accommodate customers with tight deadlines. Note that upgrading to this program is 100% free! Depending on the material, stain, quantity, and items selected we can ship your order in as little as 1 day from date of receipt for no additional fees. Moreover, we utilize various shipping methods to ensure that your racking and other purchases arrive to you when you need it, and free from damage.

Need more details on all these amazing services? We’re just an e-mail or chat away! ^_^