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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Accessorizing Your Refrigerated Wine Cabinets

November 14th, 2018

Time and again, we’ve shared on the blog the reasons why refrigerated wine cabinets are pretty amazing. They are able to provide proper wine storage even in limited spaces. Moreover, they can be tailored according to one’s budget. And not only that! It’s also easy and enjoyable to customize them. By accessorizing, you can make these wine cabinets truly your own. We’re going to share some of these ideas with you today and get you inspired with them:

Add a French Door entry!

Adding in a classy French Door entry

First up is probably our most favorite add-on: the French Door entry. You can actually choose this custom option with our Wine Sentinel refrigerated wine cabinets. A French Door adds a lot of class and character to the wine cabinet. It also lends the illusion of having a much bigger storage. Here at WCI, our doors are equipped with proper insulation values and weather-stripping. You can also have your windows tinted. This will minimize light exposure to protect your bottles.

Embellish with Quarter Round Displays!

Embellish with Quarter Round Displays

The great thing about refrigerated wine cabinets is their storage versatility. What do we mean by this? It means that you can keep more than just your wine bottles in them. That’s why they’re the best alternative to a formal wine cellar when you can’t have one. For example, you can also store wineglasses, decanters, and other glassware in your wine cabinet. That also includes decor and other odds and ends. Embellishing your cabinet with display shelves is the way to go. Our favorite is definitely the Quarter Round Displays. These can be installed one one or both ends of the cabinet. They will also help give your cabinet a truly finished appearance.

Stain, paint, or finish your wine cabinets!

Stain, paint, or finish for a unique look

Since wine cabinets are mostly comprised of wood materials, you can actually do so much with them, style-wise. Wood is a versatile material to work with, particularly those of impeccable quality. Our top picks would be All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Grand Mahogany. We also have a soft spot for Sapele and Cherry. These wood species absorb stains and finishes extremely well. They also transform beautifully when painted. By dressing up your wine cabinet, you can match it with any existing interior furniture or decor. This is also how you can make that cabinet sport that “built-in” look.

Do you have more ideas for accessorizing your wine cabinets? We’d love to hear them, so comment down below! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Designing Your Refrigerated Wine Cabinet

May 23rd, 2018

No doubt about it, the refrigerated wine cabinet is one of the best solutions you can have to wine storage issues. Not everyone will have the space, the budget, or the time for a formal wine cellar project. But it’s good to know that there are alternatives that can deliver equally satisfying results. A refrigerated wine cabinet is one of them – particularly a custom one. So how do you go about designing your very own? Here are some examples to inspire you:

Custom Refrigerated Wine Cabinet

Incorporate versatile racking units!

Just because it’s not a formal wine room doesn’t mean you can’t have a variety of racking styles. Customizing your wine cabinet also means customizing your wine racks. Mixing and matching bottle storage options is definitely the way to go. One of our favorite combos is the Individual Bottle Columns and Open Diamond Bins. But to add a little more pizzazz, throw in some High Reveal Displays. They will showcase your favorite labels to maximum advantage. You can also throw in some Magnum Wine Racks for larger-format bottles. If you want something different from the Open Diamond Bins, we recommend some Vertical Displays or Rectangular Bins. For more character to your cabinets, go for unconventional racks like the Curvy Cubes or metal wine racks.

Explore a world of accents and accessories!

One of the most fun things you can do with your wine cabinet is dressing it up. There are lots of wine cellar accents and accessories you can play around with. One of these is the elegant Quarter Round Display. You can use this to give your cabinet a more polished appearance. Plus, you can use it to showcase choice stemware, tableware, and other interesting items. Another great accent to consider is lighting elements. Custom LED lighting can accentuate your wine racks and showcase your bottles in a very attractive manner. And of course, don’t forget your wine cabinet doors. Apart from the racks, these doors will be the focal point of your refrigerated wine cabinet. Our favorite are the glass panel doors, but you can have variations of these. The elegant French-Door entry is one of them. You can also go with painted doors! We have a soft spot for off-white or cream-colored doors with their clean, classy charm.

Custom racks and entryways

Never forget your stain and finish options!

Never underestimate the power of stains and finishes when it comes to achieving a unique look for your refrigerated wine cabinets. This is also one of the ways where you can achieve a truly built-in look for them. You can choose to match your cabinet with existing decor in your home. Or you can go the unconventional route and do some contrasting details. Needles to say, setting the theme for your wine cabinet can conveniently be done by these stains and finishes. ^_^

We Make It Happen With Space-Efficient, Custom Wine Cabinets

July 8th, 2014

Our refrigerated wine cabinets are not exactly the newest products to roll off our production line, but they come with essential features that will certainly be “news” to those who may have overlooked them. First off, consider the reality that not everyone can have decent space for a formal wine room in their homes. Plus, also think about those who’d want to have ample bottle storage space in their offices or other similar venues.

A full-blown racking assembly is out of the question, so how do you go about creating the proper storage environment for your bottles? This is where WCI’s space-efficient custom refrigerated wine cabinets can make it happen for you!

All-In-One Storage Solution!

racking assembly

The Wine Sentinel is the carrier brand in our line of these unique refrigerated bottle storage wonders. Since it’s a custom-built unit, it’s tailored to suit your specific space AND storage needs. That means you don’t have to worry about actually “making space” for it in your home or office. It will work itself out for you!

And here are some essential things you’ll need to know about these all-in-one storage solutions. One, it’s reasonably priced with the complete package pricing starting out at $8,344.90. Two, at such an affordable price range, you get to fully customize the units in any design and color to suit your needs and preferences. There is a ton of wood and stain options available to help you achieve whatever style you desire. Three, the highly important wine cooling unit is actually included in the cabinet which is definitely a huge cost-cutter. Keep in mind that quality wine cooling units are not exactly cheap, but they’re also something one should never scrimp on in a wine cellar project.

Last but not the least, the Wine Sentinel model comes with a beautiful French Door entry for a truly elegant look to your custom wine cabinet. You can also choose to add custom moldings and other decorative accents like the base, crown, casing and door handles to match other existing décor. That way, your wine cabinet will look really built-in!

Want to know more about how we can make this all-in-one storage solution happen for you? Chat with our professional consultants today and fill out the Design Request Form to get things going! ^_^

We Make It Happen With Custom Refrigerated Wine Cabinets

March 19th, 2014

Who here is so NOT ready for a formal wine cellar in their homes? Who here is struggling with budget matters when it comes to this little project? If you’re yelling out a huge YES out there, then you came to the right place because today, we’re going to make your wine cellar wishes come true even though space and budget constraints tell you the opposite.

Now there are basically three major reasons why some people can’t just plunge into the construction for a formal wine cellar. One is because they don’t have enough or the right kind of space in their homes for it. The second reason is of course, due to the unfortunate fact that they are not financially prepared for it. The third and final reason is simply because some people are not too keen on maintaining an actual wine room, especially if they just have a small collection.

While these reasons prove reasonable enough, that doesn’t deter from the fact that you’ll still need to create the right storage conditions for your bottles. Moreover, these reasons shouldn’t stop you as well from realizing a dream cellar for your collection. Fortunately, WCI has come up with what may possibly be some of the best solutions to this dilemma. One of these is custom refrigerated wine cabinets which is exactly what we’ll be talking about today!

Refrigerated wine cabinets are compact wonders that can keep your bottles at their peak taste for years and years to come. They can be customized to suit your storage, space, and even design needs. The customization feature extends to the wine racks, wood choice, cabinet frames, and stains and finishes as well which allows so much room for spicing the style element. Plus, here’s something to keep in mind when ordering your custom wine cabinet: you can use your base, crown, casing, and door handles to match your home’s existing decor and make it appear like it’s truly built in.

Wine Sentinel is the line you’d want to look into if you’re seeking fully customizable units. However, WCI also offers a delicious array of pre-built structures any of which can certainly be an attractive addition to your home:

Wine Cabinets

Vinotheque Wine Cabinets

Note that these wine cabinets come complete with a wine cooling unit (usually from the WineZone series) as well. This simply means that everything is a “package deal” and you don’t have to bother juggling the numbers for the other essentials for your wine storage system. Contact a professional WCI design specialist today and make it happen with custom refrigerated wine cabinets! ^_^