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Testimony To Artistic Excellence: Beautiful Fence Painting by Augustina

May 17th, 2012

 “A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.”

~Oscar Wilde~

Nothing can compare to the heartwarming compliments given by a happy and satisfied client. We’re proud to say that here at WCI, we’ve been fortunate enough to experience quite a number of these. Now here’s another chance for us to show proof of such customer satisfaction!

“We are extremely pleased with Augustina’s work at our house, which definitely exceeded expectations. The real surprise was Augustina herself who was both charming and professional. We hope to use her again in the future.”

Simon H.

These were the generous words of the client who commissioned one of WCI’s most talented wine cellar artists for an onsite mural project. Augustina is best known for her work on WCI’s Classical Moments Painting collection. Her art is greatly influenced by her Spanish and Mexican heritage, drawing inspiration from timeless geniuses such as Picasso, Rivera, and de Goya.

A couple of months ago, she was commissioned by the client to work on an onsite mural project for their home. Residential and commercial murals happen to be Augustina’s forte, having even worked on homes of royal families. Needless to say, the client was all praises with the finished product! She basically faux trim on their door as you can see from the image above which she hoped added visual interest to the existing home decor.

Here are the stunning images of Augustina’s main work in the clients’ residence. Since a fence was separating the clients’ yard from their neighbor, they are denied of any stimulating visual treats when they look out the window. The fence is too close to their house so it blocks most of the view from outside hence, they decided to put in a mural.

If you took a tour through our Classical Moments Painting collection, you will certainly see the marked similarities of this gorgeous mural to the elegant pieces of fine wine cellar art by Augustina’s hand. She has an exceptional talent for bringing out the best elements of color, contrast, and dramatic light as can be gleaned from this superb masterpiece. Most of these murals are done with acrylics or oils, depending on the client’s preference.

Certainly, art is the reflection of one’s soul. With her truly captivating works, even the clients bore witness not just to Augustina’s skill but also to her beautiful spirit and personality. That’s what makes her a true WCI artist and no doubt, that’s what makes us especially proud of her and her masterpieces. Another feather in our cap and we’re happy to share it with you! ^_^

Just One Artistic Rendezvous

February 27th, 2012

It has been said that art is a tryst, for in the joy of it maker and beholder meet. 

~Kojiro Tomita~

An affair with art is simply a magical and memorable one. It is an expression of one’s honest feelings, a lot like how wine is! Which is probably why putting a bit of artistic touch in your wine cellars can turn them from ordinary storage facilities to a wine tasting wonderland.

At Wine Cellar Innovations, We Heart Art as much as any true blue connoisseur. This is why we always find ways to explore artistic possibilities in the creation of custom wine cellars. We make it a point to encourage our wine cellar artists to grow and innovate in their respective genres, all in the name of excellent art and grand wine cellars.

Hand-painted wonders…                         

One of our most popular wine cellar art pieces is definitely our hand-painted murals. It’s a fairly common thing to see wine cellar paintings and murals in most wine cellars, particularly wine cellar rooms. However, it’s not always that you can get custom wine cellar art pieces that are created to your preference and dimensions. But here at WCI, we bring you stunning custom themed wine art collections done with acrylics or oils by the hands of professional and superbly gifted wine cellar artists.

As far as hand-painted murals and paintings are concerned, we carry a very exquisite line of artistic masterpieces from our Classical Moments Collection, Contemporary Moments Collection, Wallpaper Canvas Paintings, to Onsite Murals. And one of the geniuses behind these ethereal creations is our in-house artist Augustina.

Augustina hails fromDetroitand has studied a plethora of artistic styles in various prestigious universities. Her work is heavily inspired by the styles of Spanish and Mexican artists and she has produced so many stunning works for both commercial and residential wine cellars over the years. Her ability to play with color and light and bring a dramatic flair to every artistic creation makes her a frontrunner in putting together our Classical Moments Painting Collection.

That inspire the imagination!

Recently, Augustina undertook a huge commission for consisting of a gorgeous collection of onsite murals. Onsite murals are artworks that are painted directly on the walls or ceilings of wine cellar owners. Since there have been more and more clients who prefer to have accents done in their wine cellars in a personal manner, we catered to this need by providing them with artists who can travel and paint for them in actual.


This method allows for a more detailed customization of the style and design of the wine cellar art to perfectly match the theme of the entire wine cellar. It also allows for the wine cellar owner to input his personal preferences and witness just how talented the artist really is. All in all, having the art done on-site is a truly awe-inspiring experience that feeds the imagination of both the artist and the client.


The samples shown of Augustina’s superb on-site creations, done in accordance with the client’s specifications. You can actually put in a design request and get a pricing quote for certain artistic projects you might want for your wine cellar in the future. These are just one of the ways that WCI makes it possible for wine cellar dreams to be realized in the most efficient manner possible.

So are you also ready to add in a little magic to your wine cellars today? Explore the world and infinite design possibilities of wine cellar art only here at WCI – where custom wine cellars and great art bring true happiness to the heart!

A Moment With Art

June 22nd, 2011

I consider art to be one of the highest forms of self-expression. Whether you perform, create, impart, or influence, the result that you bring out shows the inner you. Let’s talk about our wine cellars, for example. The kind of wine cellar we build (or want to create), the kind of theme or mood we’d want to set, actually reflects and tells a lot about our personalities.

One of the wine cellar accessories I find most accurate in capturing the overall theme or design of a wine cellar would be the kind of wine cellar art and décor that adorn it. For example, a wine cellar that leans towards soft, romantic murals and paintings or furniture in muted tones or pastels would probably reveal a feminine touch or the feminine side of the wine enthusiast. Solid, bold, and luxurious colors would lean towards a more assertive and austere personality whereas abstracts, bold splashes of color, and unconventional art forms would illustrate an adventurous, carefree spirit.

So today, we’d like to re-introduce you to WCI’s wine cellar art collection by taking a different tune on things. We’d like you to get to know a little better the talented hands behind each stunning work of art we are so proud of here at WCI:


Augustina spearheads the Classical Moments Painting Collection comprised of hand-painted art murals created on canvas. Her medium is acrylics or oil and her style is heavily influenced by Spanish and Mexican artists such as Pablo Picasso, Diego Rivera, and Francisco de Goya. Her years of experience has brought her to the peak of her art career and her amazing concept of color and contrast as well as playing with light and hues have resulted into several awe-inspiring collections.



Joanne redefines classic fine art with her Contemporary Moments Collection. With the palette knife or brush work as her primary mediums, Joanne brings to life scenic landscapes and vineyards that exude energy, color, and vintage beauty. She is responsible for the birth of a new and unique style of textured painting utilizing a succession of layered and overlapping gradations of transparency and varying thickness. Her palette-knife paintings and brushwork are truly spectacular and can bring so much life and vibrance to a wine cellar.


Etched glass and mirrors have rapidly become a style-setter in wine cellars, whether residential or commercial. This is not without good reason since the use of etched glass and mirrors can indeed emphasize the focal points of a wine cellar by playing up to its strengths such as one’s prized collection of wine bottles. In this area, Jeff is nothing short of a master. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning, and has over twenty years worth of experience in creating art glass pieces to back up his reputation. His designs take roost in many private and public locations, nationwide, including museums, hotels, malls, restaurants, and even hospitals.


Mosaic art also comes in a variety of forms and Jennifer does beautiful work with unique blend of antique fine china, stained glass, and porcelain tiles.  Find out how she makes her beautiful creations to blend with your wine cellar. Jennifer’s exquisite creations have reached the doorsteps of private homes, businesses, churches, and even schools.



Glass art is arguably one of the most popular and our stained glass murals can easily enliven a wine cellar, especially when proper lighting is installed. WCI’s Stained Glass Artist Cathy makes wine cellar dreams a reality with her collection of custom stained glass murals. Choose from her collection or request for a uniquely custom piece designed especially for you. Like any of our other custom pieces, Cathy can take a photograph, postcard, or any other image to use as inspiration. See some of our favorites of the Stained Glass Wine Cellar Art.





Last and certainly not the least, we have WCI’s resident Hand-Painted Tile Artist, Denise. She had spent 18 years perfecting her craft and the end result is the plethora of highly impressive, custom designs for the hand painted tile industry. She is one of WCI’s assets when it comes to the development of versatility as well as flexibility in our wine cellar art collection what with her splendid collection of custom hand painted tiles that can be used almost anywhere, from floors to walls of your wine cellar and even down to your tabletops and counters.


The great minds and hands behind every wine cellar art are indeed worthy of appreciation. So take a little time, have a “moment” with art and express who you are with only the best of wine cellar art at WCI. Contact us if you would like to have some of these very special works of art in your own wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Art: Little Details Make a Big Difference

March 2nd, 2011

What’s the first thing you look at in a wine cellar?

For most people it’s usually the wine racks of course, then the wine collection. Maybe you have at thing for fabulous wine cellar doors, and look at those first. Or maybe you’re more drawn to wine accessories, or that lovely artwork in the archway.

So what makes a wine cellar beautiful? Is it the design and functionality of the cellar? Is it the contents within?

Wine Cellar Art: Little Details Make a Big Difference

Just like the other fine things in life, it’s all in the details.

And in this case, the details are in the beauty of wine cellar art in a custom wine cellar. The racks in this delightful residential wine cellar are gorgeous, but what we’d really like you to look at are the pieces of art from Wine Cellar Innovations that are found in this wine room: it has our mosaic flooring, a mosaic wall art piece, our porcelain tile flooring and our wine cellar door!

Wine Cellar Art: Little Details Make a Big Difference

This mosaic wall art piece in the lovely archway below is called Touch Of Fine Wine — created entirely by hand with a unique blend of antique fine china, stained glass, and porcelain tiles.

If you’re thinking of wine cellar art for your archway too, WCI has plenty of options for you. We have a number of enticing collections for you to choose from such aside from mosaic art — paintings and murals, tumbled stone and stained glass.

Wine Cellar Art: Little Details Make a Big Difference

This wine cellar’s tile flooring is also decorated with grape mosaic art that matches the archway art piece. Notice how it’s placed at the center of the floor as one of the main attractions of this wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Art: Little Details Make a Big Difference

Aside from mosaic flooring, you can also go for painted tiles, cork flooring, and even one that uses vintage wine barrels! These exciting selections allows you to play around with colors and textures that suit your personal style.

Wine Cellar Art: Little Details Make a Big Difference

And finally, take a look at this pretty etched glass door. Consistent with the grape design accents of the wall art and the flooring, this door adds a welcoming feel to a wine cellar that showcases how art pieces can liven up any wine room!

Wine Cellar Art: Little Details Make a Big Difference

Indeed, adding touches of art to your wine cellar can enhance the beauty of your wine cellar, and make it a more welcoming place. Explore our wine cellar art collection today for your wine cellar and take inspiration from the works of our talented and skilled artists.