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Most Popular Ways To Assemble Your Wine Racks

October 12th, 2015

Putting together wine racking products purchased here at WCI is not exactly rocket science. While things may indeed go a lot more smoothly if you’re an experienced builder, it doesn’t mean that a complete novice won’t be able to get the hang of things. It’s especially the case with our wine rack kits. We spent years developing wine racks that would address any and all kinds of storage needs and that includes ensuring that these racks can be assembled and installed with ease. Spell DIY!

Get acquainted with our three convenient assembly options!

Our Professional DIY Installation Kit

Newbies will be quite delighted to learn that there is actually more than just one way to put together a wine rack – in fact, there are three. Note that all these three assembly options can be utilized in all of our wine racking products, unless we indicated otherwise. We’ll take the Individual Bottle Columns from our wine rack kits as an example since they are unofficially the most in demand racking style for both residential and commercial wine cellar projects.

First off, it helps to keep in mind that our Individual Bottle Columns from all our kit series are equipped with spacer bars sent with a dado that snugly fits each column of the racking. This configuration enables faster assembly and makes for the sturdier composition of the racks.

Now the first assembly option is using a regular hammer and nails. This is probably the crudest method among the three although it can definitely be done on our wine racks. It’s highly recommended that you possess adequate experience handling a hammer with other more or less similar types of construction work before deciding on this method.

The second option is to screw the racks together. For this method, you will need to pre-drill and countersink the holes to ensure you do not split the material of your racks. You’ll also need to change your drill once you put in the screws. While this is a more advanced way of putting together your racks, there are still a few kinks that need to be ironed out. For example the pre-drilling requires you to be at least adequately experienced with similar type of construction work in your home, much like when you assemble other furniture like cabinets, cupboards, and so on.

The third and what we definitely consider as the most convenient assembly method is using a brad nailer or “nail gun.” With a brad nailer, you don’t need to do any additional prep work unlike the other two methods. The brad nailer lets you get the job done in fraction of the time nails or screws will take. More importantly, you can rest assured that your nails are attached securely which then translates to a properly built and durable wine rack. And here’s something pretty awesome: WCI actually offers a DIY Installation Kit that comes complete with a nail gun, compressor, and brad nails. Plus, if you make a wood wine racking purchase of $2000 or more, you get it 100% free!

Check out this learning video and get cracking on your DIY wine racking projects today!

Large Custom Wine Cellar In Amber Blaze Mahogany With Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletop

April 5th, 2012

They say that a hero is born, not made. Well, we have a different take when it comes to luxurious wine cellars. Luxurious wine cellars are anything but born – they are CREATED and crafted with a passion. This huge and magnificent wine cellar we’re featuring today is the perfect example. Allow us to take you on the grand tour!

What we have here is a super spacious custom wine cellar showcasing the timeless beauty of Amber Blaze Mahogany wine racks in Dark Walnut stain.  The entire cellar can easily hold over 3,000 wine bottles in individual and bulk storage options. It features the Platinum Series as can be gleaned from the extensive variety in wine racking system as showcased in the image.

In checking out the video walkthrough for the cellar, you will come to find an elegant combination of Diamond Bins below and solid Vertical Display Racks. Note that the Display Racks are a great location to store and display oversize bottles, bottles with unique shapes, or the best place to highlight the jewels of your collection.

Smack at the center of the wine cellar is a gorgeous Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletop to complement the tabletops on the wine racking system made from 1 3/8″ thick Amber Blaze Mahogany.  It further features   a Pull out wood case storage with a concealed drawer for added functionality. Curved corners and high display reveals add to the drama, complemented by a Solid Archway that strategically displays a classic piece of wine cellar art.

Completing the lavish set-up are custom LED Downlights which are a perfect choice since they are low heat, energy efficient, and with over 50,000 hours of running time in them. We’d also like to call attention to the ingenious installation of Puck lights in the archway. These Puck lights re likewise made of LED and match the light frequency of the other accent lists in the racking. Keep in mind that when you put in custom lighting to your cellar, you need to ensure that different light wave lengths do not detract from its overall look and feel.

Did you get an eyeful of that beautiful cork flooring in the video? Cork is a natural and durable material as well as a rapidly renewable resource. Utilizing it as part of your wine cellar is a highly commendable, eco-friendly choice! The final touch to this opulent wine cellar tour  is one of our Standard Doors with etching on the arched glass. The stone work that was added around the door looks exquisite and blends in with the home’s existing decor.

Did the tour inspire you? We certainly hope so! If you dream of owning a luxurious wine cellar as this, all you have to do is consult our experienced design specialists. We exert all possible efforts to realize any and all wine cellar dreams – while working within your budget!

Doing Quality Control on the Harrison’s Custom Wine Cellar

August 17th, 2011

Here we are looking at the Harrison project again, our Wine Cellar winner. Remember, the wood that is being used for their cellar is a custom Black Walnut with no stain. In the video, we are measuring out the wood so we have all the materials ready to go as we put together some of the bigger wine racks.

The wood shown here is from our high-tech CNC machine that produces incredible precision and beautiful cuts with Diamond Tooling.

Our Ohio factory is located in Cincinnati and we employ a combination of high-tech machines and handcrafted techniques to create our different products.

Now it’s time to get these beauties prepped for shipping! Along with instructions for the installers.

Another item we are doing quality control on is the diamond bins. Here are the instructions all laid out.

Even technology can be unpredictable though which is why we have those strict quality control guidelines that have each piece of wood inspected before it’s shipped out.

A person from that team is doing a quick test run of the product to make sure it all the parts are correct and ready to be installed.

Our Wine Cellar Winner’s Home is Almost Done

August 4th, 2011

Our winners of the 2011 Dream Wine Cellar Givewaway continue to be hard at work on the new construction of their wine cellar. Take a look at how close we are getting to installation day!

The room is getting prepped and the wood is being cut and getting ready for it’s new home. The cellar will be made of our gorgeous Black Walnut wood with no stain. It was ordered in our Platinum Series of Custom Wine cellars. We are going for a maximum capacity of over 1,000 wine bottles.

You can see from the video that it’s going to be a large area. The completed wine cellar will have 5 different elevations with wine racks. With the ceiling on a few different levels, you can see the areas where the lighting will be installed to highlight the cellar. It’s going to be gorgeous.  Mostly filled up with individual bottles, along with some solid diamond bins, a beautiful display row, case storage, and some vertical display bottles so show off some of their favorite wine labels.

We snuck a peek into our Ohio wine cellar factory where we are constructing the racks. We have the Black Walnut wood we are using to create their individual bottle storage. It’s pre-cut and sanded already. Each rack is reinforced on each rung to make it secure and stable for each wine bottle. This particular rack we are working on is a display row. You can see the section on top to hold the wood down at a perfect angle. Once he’s finished, you can see that it’s one half of the rack used to hold the wine bottles. It looks great! We have to finish all the rest.

We had already prepped the wood and you can see the individual storage racks are all completed. They are now getting ready for shipment while we continue to work on the other aspects of the cellar like the diamond bins and case storage.

We will be sure to update you as we continue to take steps to complete this wine cellar.