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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Recycling Your Holiday “Leftovers”

January 6th, 2021

What’s the one thing that’s constant after the holiday festivities are over? If you are thinking “leftovers,” then you are absolutely correct. Whether it’s edible or not, there will always be leftovers at the start of the New Year. Our tendency is to just either throw them out or shove them into some dark corner. Well, that should definitely change! Here are some great ideas on recycling your holiday leftovers:

Recycle your holiday leftovers!

What to do with leftover food

Obviously, food will be the very first on the leftovers list. The initial step is to sort stuff out. Those that will easily go bad should be the first to be “recycled.” These include fruits and veggies. Making a salad with them is the best option. For fruits and/or veggies that are quite mushy, whip those up into a healthy smoothie. You can also use them as ingredients for dip (like guacamole) or coulis. For food that won’t easily go bad, separate them in ziplocks and put in the freezer. Some good examples are turkey, pork and chicken. You can use these to make stew or soup.

What to do with your “plastics”

For the non-edible items, plastics seem to be one of the things we always have plenty of after the festivities. From cups to plates, utensils, and containers, plastic items really reign supreme. Unfortunately, they’re also the least eco-friendly. Everyone should already be aware that these non-biodegradable items should be disposed of properly. But before doing so, go over your plastic items first. There might be some that cannot be recycled. One example is plastic wrap. It is usually not recyclable curbside. Another would be small plastic items. Those that are approximately 3 inches or smaller can cause problems for recycling equipment. They have to be disposed as trash. Lastly, some plastics, especially sturdy food containers, can still be reused after they are cleaned.

What to do with leftover paper

Paper is another item that we find ourselves having an excess of after the holidays. More often than not, we just shove paper into trash bags and that’s that. This year, we can afford to be a bit smarter and put some leftover paper to good use. Wrapping paper, for example, can be easily tucked away and reused. They can also make for excellent DIY materials. This website DIY Joy has lots of unique craft ideas you can try out.

Do you have other ideas for recycling holiday leftovers? Share them with us!

The Holidays, Movies, And Wine!

December 30th, 2013

Less than 2 days to go and 2013 will officially be over. Most of us are likely enjoying the much-needed downtime brought about by the holidays. The same is true for us here at WCI! Let’s take a break from the usual stuff and share some fun things to do while we count down the hours to the New Year. To be more specific, we’ve whipped up a list of must-see holiday movies. But while we’re going to be taking a break from wine cellar projects, this doesn’t mean we’re not going to be doing anything wine-inspired. On the contrary, this list STILL smells of all the goodness of our favorite drink all-year round: wine!

Kami no Shizuku (Drops of God)


We’ve mentioned more than just a few quotes from this Japanese drama time and again in our blog posts. This is technically not a movie because it’s a 9-episode Japanese drama series in renzoku format. But it’s definitely worth the watch since the manga (comics) is actually a New York Times bestseller. It tells of the journey of Kanzaki Shizuku, son of the world renowned wine critic Kanzaki Yutaka, and the challenges he had to face to take ownership of his legacy – Yutaka’s splendid European mansion hosting a vast and famous wine collection. He must correctly identify, and describe in the manner of his late father, thirteen wines: the first twelve known as the “Twelve Apostles” and the thirteenth known as the “Drops of God.” He also learns that he has a competitor in this, a renowned young wine critic called Toomine Issei, whom his father has apparently adopted as his other son.

Bottle Shock


True-blue wine connoisseurs might well be familiar with this fascinating movie. This follows the story of British wine critic and his passion to gather California’s best wines and put them up against France’s best wines in a blind tasting. For a wine movie, it’s anything but tame. Read steaming sexual rendezvous in the vineyard, female cellar intern, and fabulous tasting labels!

A Walk In The Clouds


This might be a fairly old one, but if you haven’t seen it yet, do spend time to do so. The film stars Keanu Reeves in his prime (forget about 47 Ronin for a while) and the plot revolves around a young soldier returning home from World War II who is looking to settle down and start a family with the woman he impulsively married just before enlisting. After learning she is not the woman he imagined her to be, he heads north alone to Sacramento in search of work. Along the way he meets a beautiful young woman who is heading home from college to her family vineyard to help with the grape harvest. When he learns she is pregnant and was abandoned by her boyfriend, he offers to stand in as her husband so she can face her Old World domineering father. During his stay at the family vineyard, they fall in love and face the angry rejection of her father together (summary courtesy of Wikipedia).

The Muppets Movie 1979


Who doesn’t love The Muppets? Don’t let the kiddie presentation throw you off this oldie but goodie, though. Kermit the Frog and Ms. Piggy’s dinner date is filled with so many interesting wine and wine drinking facts. A big plus is seeing Steve Martin’s short cameo as a waiter/sommelier!

Find your perfect holiday wine movie and toast the last days of 2013 together with the wine cellar team. Here’s to welcoming another year of fun and fab wine cellar transformations. Cheers!

Fun Thanksgiving Facts!

October 28th, 2013

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away! What will be on your tables and wineglasses on this very festive occasion? For sure, Thanksgiving dinner will be a sumptuous event to look forward to. But just how much do we really know about Thanksgiving given that we celebrate it every year? Let’s do a little exploration of some fun Thanksgiving facts today and find out if those traditions are still being observed at the dinner table ^_^.


First and foremost, let’s dig up a bit of history on this tasty occasion. Did you know it was actually the Plymouth Pilgrims that celebrated the first ever Thanksgiving? They journeyed to North America on board a ship called the “Mayflower.” The very first Thanksgiving was then celebrated at Plymouth, Massachusets.

So what comprised the first ever Thanksgiving meal? For the record, the first Thanksgiving feast lasted for three whole days with the pilgrims serving a variety of foods that were not the usual fare we see on our tables today. It was said that the dinner table was filled with dishes consisting of rabbit, eggs, goat cheese, carrots, chicken, fish, onions, dried fruits, hickory nuts, radishes, maple syrup, and honey. The ever popular turkey and pumpkin pie which usually grace our dinner tables were still non-existent.

Thanksgiving was officially declared a national holiday on October 3, 1863. The one who was instrumental in making this happen was actually the author of the famous nursery rhyme, “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” Sarah Josepha Hale started the campaign to have America recognize Thanksgiving as a National Holiday, campaigning for nearly 20 years to realize this goal. It was only towards the end of the Civil War that her wish was fulfilled, when her final letter to Abraham Lincoln on September 28, 1863 was answered positively on October 3 of the same year.


Source: Thanksgiving Meals in Pigeon Forge

After it was recognized as a national holiday, Hale continued with her campaign and circulated various recipes which eventually became the regular fare on dinner tables. It was during this time that stuffed turkey, pumpkin pies, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob became Thanksgiving dinner staples. At present, statistics show that around 280 million turkeys are being sold annually every Thanksgiving.

In addition, Americans have taken to turning this occasion into a wine tasting affair as well, whether formal and informal. Millions of bottles are being popped open each year as commercial wine establishments watched their sales soar. Still, the underlying theme for this celebration has remained unchanged ever since the pilgrims set foot in North America. It’s to literally “give thanks” to the gifts of freedom and plenty. So how about you? What will you be eating and toasting to this Thanksgiving? Celebrate with us and let’s say *cheers* to a bountiful season! ^_^

Learning About Redwood’s “Shelf Life”

June 17th, 2013

Just how long do these wood wine racks and furniture last? Or to put it in another way, what’s their estimated “shelf life?” Would it matter if you stain the wood so that it would become more durable and resilient? Well, we’d most likely answer the last query in the negative. Wood doesn’t really need to be stained or lacquered to give it a longer life span.

These custom stains, finishes, and lacquers perform a greater role in terms of aesthetics rather than functionality. Moreover, there are specific wood species that are naturally durable and resilient, so much so that if you utilize them for your wine cellar, the latter might still be standing while the rest of the house is rotting away. It’s not an exaggeration, folk! Redwood would be the best example.

Impressive longevity!

wood choice wine racks

If you guys check out our Wine Cellar Wood Choices section, you’ll find out there are two species falling under the Redwood family: Clear All-Heart Redwood and Premium Redwood. We always talk about them in our Tech Tuesdays as well as Testimonial Thursday posts as well. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to go a little more in-depth and explore the impressive qualities of this wood specie.

In terms of resistance to rot, mildew, and insects, Redwood is definitely top-notch. It’s a North American wood and usually grows in the cool, damp forests of Northern California. As the tree grows the heart takes on minerals which give it the reddish brown tones and resistance to decay. In fact, we’ve located a sample of the wood which was left buried for 2,000 years underground and it’s still just as good as the newly milled Redwood used in most wine cellars.

Both Clear All-Heart and Premium Redwood also exhibit amazing resistance to shrinking, warping, and checking. Plus, as it ages, the wood takes on a more beautiful and richer hue which can go from light pinkish brown to reddish brown to more luxurious reddish gold tones. This is why if you’ve checked into most of our Tech Tuesday projects, you guys would notice that a whole lot of them utilize Redwood as the main wood choice.

All these outstanding qualities notwithstanding, there’s still one more characteristic that Redwood possesses which really puts it in a whole different level compared to other species. And what would that be? It’s the SFI-Certification (Sustainable Forest Initiative) seal of approval which Redwood is so proudly stamped with. In fact, all Redwood products being manufactured and sold here at WCI are SFI-Certified, assuring end-users that the wood was harvested in a way that has no hazardous impact on the environment.

So basically, as far as “shelf-life” is concerned, you don’t even have to think about it! Redwood will definitely give you wine cellars which will last for lifetimes to come. ^_^

Happy Halloween, Wine Lovers!

October 31st, 2011

HalloweenOctober is the unofficial SPOOK month and what better way to end it with a super, scary BANG than celebrating what else? Halloween! How are you going to celebrate yours, fellow connoisseurs? Some blood red-wine and margaritas for the voracious vampires? Or strong malt beers for the growling ghouls to wash down raw meat? *shivers*

But Halloween is not all that spooky, it’s actually loads of fun and a total scare fest. The most fun part is donning on those awesome costumes and doing the traditional “trick or treat.” You know what that means, right? Chocolates and candies galore! Trick or treating is the most enjoyable part of Halloween and where I come from, we’ve recently developed a new trend called “cosplaying” to spice up the celebration even more.

“Cosplaying” or “cosplay” is an abbreviation of costume play which basically takes its roots from Japanese anime. Japan is the cosplay capital of the world but in the recent years, the fad has spread to a lot of countries all over the globe. There are really prominent cosplay conventions in the United States, Australia, Canada, and most Southeast Asian countries. So this Halloween, don’t you think it’ll be just amazingly unique to dress up cosplay style and hold a really spooky taste fest in your wine cellars or home bars? Invite friends over, mix up some outlandishly cool drinks, and spread a little Halloween fear and fun!

Custom Wine CellarWhile you’re at it, you may also want to spruce up those wine cellars a bit or take some inspiration from our photo and video galleries. It’ll be a good time to sit back and think on what you can improve on the existing layout and design or for those who haven’t started on their wine cellar projects yet, you can take advantage of our free design consultation services and take the first, easy, exciting steps to building your dream wine cellars.

You can also start by checking out our beautiful collection of versatile wine cellar rack kits and pair these up with a bevy of select wood choices. You can actually see how the swatches would look with custom stains and finishes, thanks to our Interactive Swatch Viewer and Stain and Finish Review. Also, take a leaf out of some of our Popular Ideas and see how amazing wine cellar transformations can be achieved even when you think there’s hardly any space for one!

Since we’re talking about dressing up this Halloween, you might also want to upgrade your wine cellars with custom accessories and décor that won’t stretch your wallets to the breaking point. Our delicious tabletop and countertop options, custom cabinetry, wine cellar art, and LED lighting packages are just some of the effortless upgrades you can incorporate.

It’ll also be certainly worth your time off this Halloween to check out our latest additions to our wine cellar family and see how these fantastic products can make such a classic difference to any wine cellar. Now before you get started on carving those pumpkins, take a little side trip to our online store and blog site because when it comes to realizing wine cellar dreams, we bring only the best of TREATS and no tricks! Have a mad and spooky Halloween, everyone!