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Client Adds Dramatic Touch With LED Lights To Rustic Pine Racks

March 21st, 2019

Creativity is where it’s at here at WCI’s Testimonial Thursdays! Today, we bring you this wonderful DIY wine storage from our client Nick. He was pretty proud of how everything turned out and didn’t miss the chance to showcase the results:

Nick proudly showcasing his wine storage

Here’s Nick striking a pose with his stunning wine racking arrangement. His project is another inspiring example of how you can build wine storage anywhere in your home. In his case, he transformed a section of his IKEA cabinets into a spot to host his collection. He purchased some individual bottle column racks from WCI in Rustic Pine. He then went for a Midnight Black Stain option for the wood. It was definitely the perfect choice! The jet black stain matched the dark shades of the IKEA cabinet. It seems like the racks were completely built-in! That is one of the biggest benefits of staining your wine racks. You can get it to match your existing furniture or decor. Midnight Black Stain has become quite a popular option for custom and DIY wine cellar projects. It’s a dramatic departure from traditional woodworking finishes with a contemporary appeal.

Voila! Electric blue LED lights!

But this is not all that the client has accomplished. To add a fanciful touch to his racks, he also integrated some LED lighting accessories. Check out the snap above! The electric blue LED lights are certainly eye-catching, aren’t they? Lighting accents are a clever way to bring more focus to your wine collection. They accentuate both the wine bottles and your racking units as well. The client did really well in choosing bright colors for the lighting. They create a great contrast with the dark shades of the racks and cabinet. And get this! Our client also informed us that he made it so the lights can change in a fade set to multi-colors. What else can we say but “Bravo, Nick”!

Elegant Rustic Pine racks in Midnight Black Stain

“The racks arrived as ordered and yes, I used a nail gun to put the together. Attached are three photos of the racks. I placed them in the center of an IKEA cabinet arrangement which form a square with the racks in the center. I also put LED rope lights behind the racks as you will see in one of the photos. I can change the light colors or have them change in a fade set up to multi colors. We are very pleased with the results.”

~Nick G.~


Joshua Creek Ranch Racks Up More Wine Storage With WineMaker

March 14th, 2019

A wine storage system that lets you organize your collection the way you want it is certainly what we call “goals.” This week, our happy customer from Joshua Creek Ranch was able to meet those goals. The best part is this: it’s with the help of our WineMaker Series wine racks kit!

Beaming client with her wine racks

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and the photos client sent us showed us all we need to know. That beaming smile on Rebecca really made our week! So let’s have a bit of background on Joshua Creek and how they made use of our wine racking products. Joshua Creek Ranch opened for guests in 1990 on some of the finest hunt country in America. Over the last 28 years, it has been developed into a sportsmen’s paradise. Along with the hunting opportunities, it also offers luxury lodging and gourmet dining. Naturally, that includes indulging in fine wine. In fact, the ranch has a pretty impressive collection in their inventory. So they purchased some WineMaker racks in Rustic Pine and the rest was pretty much DIY. Thanks to the ease of assembly afforded by WCI’s wine rack kits, everything came together smoothly. Our clients used a brad nailer for the assembly and installation of the racks. This was, without a doubt, the best method. They were able to assemble their wine storage in record time:

WineMaker Series short-depth racks

As you can see from the close-up photos, the necks of wine bottles are slightly sticking out from the racks. This is the most distinct feature of our WineMaker Series. The racks are created in short-depth, using less wood in the process. That’s why these “shallow depth” units are a lot more affordable. Nonetheless, quality is never compromised. The racks are finely crafted and can store your bottles securely, which you can see from these snaps. Moreover, because of the shallow depth, the racks are super space-efficient. You can utilize them in compact spaces. Or, you can create more bottle storage in a bigger space compared to standard-sized wine racks. As with most of our wine rack kits, the WineMaker units are also fully stackable. These flexible configurations allowed our clients to organize their collection exactly the way they want it.

WineMaker in Rustic Pine

“We clear coated them with a sealer and used the brad nailer as suggested. They are working great! They gave us the opportunity to store even more wine than before at Joshua Creek Ranch and the ability to organize the wine in the same order as our inventory list. Easy peasy! Now all we need is a bigger wine closet.”

~Rebecca M.~

Designer Series Wine Cellar Is Newest Addition To Client’s Home

March 7th, 2019

Having a new addition to your home is always an exciting moment. It doesn’t have to be anything major. But when it is a project that involves time and effort, it is always worth it. Our client Jack can certainly attest to this. They embarked on a wine cellar construction journey, with very satisfying results. We’re quite proud to have been a part of that, courtesy of our Designer Series wine racks kit.

Simple and elegant Designer Series racks

The client had a really great space in their home to create proper wine storage for their collection. They wasted no time in putting that space to good use. They sent in for several racking units from our Designer Series wine racks kit. The 6-feet Individual Bottle Storage racks suited their storage needs perfectly. Note that the Designer Series offers 6-feet and 8-feet units in full depth configurations. But just recently, we’ve upgraded the kit to increase its flexibility. With new and improved add-ons, you can purchase extra individual racking to stack on top of your racks. This will provide another 20-inch height boost to your racking assembly. And that’s not all! You also have the option to add high reveal display rows. These will enable you to showcase your bottles to maximum advantage. Plus, the add-on is also available for the Curved Corner wine racks. Because of this, even wine establishments have taken a great liking to the Designer Series.

Tons of wine bottle storage!

Here you can see how the racks fit together in a seamless manner, making good use of the available space. The client chose a simple and functional layout for their racking arrangement. But if you want something with a bit more flair, you can certainly achieve that as well. The series allows for lots of “mix and match” opportunities. You will have an enjoyable time building your racking with the new extensions offered in this kit. Take for example the Diamond Bin with Front Trim and Solid Diamond Cube. These are the same width and will match up with our five-column add-on extension rack. You can also choose to go with Rectangular Bins or Waterfall Displays to create a beautiful tasting center. To top it all off, throw in a Center Seam Trim to give your assembly a really clean and professional appearance. And of course, don’t forget about your stains and finishes! The client opted for Light Stain on their Premium Redwood racks. We love how the lighter colors stand out against the much darker walls:

Premium Redwood with Light Stain

“What a wonderful addition to our home, everything worked out well.”

~Jack K. ~

Wine Sentinel Cabinets And Wine Lockers Rated A+ By Clients

February 28th, 2019

Wine cabinets have become one of the more popular alternatives to formal wine cellars. But if you have the space for it, who says you can’t have both? Our client Chris was blessed enough to have such generous space to work with. So he made sure that the wine cellar will be both functional and attractive. Going the custom route was definitely the best decision. Check out these super elegant wine cabinets, customized to a T:

Wine Sentinel customized cabinets

These refrigerated wine cabinets are from our Wine Sentinel line. They are specifically designed to maximize wine storage bottle capacity, while minimizing the overall space of the cabinet and storage area. But functionality is not the only thing that Wine Sentinel has to offer. Take note that these units are all fully customizable. We have been working with different clients with varying storage and style preferences for decades. So in order to accommodate all these, the ability to fully customize a wine storage unit was key. For the Wine Sentinel, these include being able to adjust the height, width, and inside configurations. Moreover, units also feature an attractive French door entry system. You can choose from either wood or full glass doors, as well as custom moldings for your entryways.

Custom wine lockers

As you can see from these beautiful snaps, our client decided on a combination of refrigerated wine cabinets and wine lockers. It was a smart move because the locks can be keyed in numerous configurations, or as one single key. Plus, you can throw in more add-ons to really make the lockers have a personal touch. Below is a terrific example of how adding name plates can help you organize your collection:

Cute labels on wine lockers

Now just like the wine cabinets, these lockers are also quite versatile when it comes to design. You can select your wood option from our four most popular products: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Grand Mahogany. Moreover, you also have the full selection of our stains and finishes, including lacquer. Lastly, you can also customize the door panels. Select from mesh, flat, glass, or raised panels to suit your style. Our client went for the glass ones with lighting accents and they turned out fantastic:

Beautiful detail on the wine lockers

“From my perspective, we are very pleased with the quality of work, expedition of delivery, and the installation experience. The lockers are exactly what we had envisioned. The product is very high quality. Your installers were a pleasure to have on site and were extremely professional. Our contractor is still working on balancing the air in the units, but that should be worked out in the coming days. A+! Thank you very much!”

~ Chris C.~