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WCI Cigar Humidor Lends Something “Extra” To Client’s Wine Cellar

March 15th, 2018

Collecting both wine and cigars? Then why not keep them in the same place. Cigars in your wine cellar are totally do-able. Our client Ralph will show you guys how it’s done with this handsome wine cellar set-up. This is an awesome combo utilizing our Vintner Series wine racks and some custom racking units as well. But there are also other fantastic selling points in this project apart from just the wine racks. Let’s check them out!

Wine cellar with Cigar Humidor

First off, we have to say that we are so on board with the color scheme for this wine cellar. The racks are all crafted from Premium Redwood and dressed up in our Dark Walnut Stain option. The stain deepened the natural shades of the wood, resulting in this beautiful bold color that is really quite luxurious. The colors also worked very well with the tiled walls and floors of the wine room.

Now let’s focus a bit more on the racking assembly itself. As we mentioned earlier, this is a mix of Vintner and custom wine racking units. That means while the wine cellar is sporting this super elegant, custom appearance, the cost is actually within budget. This is the beauty of working with wine rack kits, like our Vintner Series. Also, thanks to the crown and base moldings and center seam moldings, the racking assembly has taken on a very polished appearance. You can’t even tell that this is a combo and not an all-out custom creation!

Last but certainly not the least, we’ll have to shine the spotlight on the wine cooler and Cigar Humidor as well. Wine coolers are a clever way to insert additional bottle storage space in your wine cellar. Moreover, they will preserve opened and unfinished bottles for future consumption. The Cigar Humidor, on the other hand, is really the icing on top of the cake in a wine cellar project. If you’re planning your man-cave, then this add-on is a must!

The Cigar Humidor will let you store your cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco. The humidor is also kept to a certain degree of humidity to help keep your cigars in perfect condition. Since a wine cellar is already, as a necessity, maintained at specific temperature and humidity levels, pairing it with a humidor is a wise investment. It will save you the extra cost of having to maintain two separate storage spaces. And as the cherry on top of the proverbial icing on top of the cake, read what our client has to say about WCI’s customer service! ^_^

Dark Walnut stained racks

“Very accommodating! The company was very responsive to replacing two pieces damaged during shipping. I couldn’t have asked for better customer service. The quality of the racking is outstanding and I love the design they helped me create. I recommend adding their humidor feature if you like cigars.”

~Ralph S.~

Cozy Under Stairwell Wine Cellar Brings Great Joy To Client

March 8th, 2018

When it comes to organizing a wine collection, each wine lover has his or her own approach to it. Some like to do it by regions or by estates. Others prefer to organize their bottles according to varietals. And there are also those who like to do it by liquor type: reds, whites, champagne, and so on. Our customer Cam intimated that he organizes his collection by year or vintage. He treasures the memories that come with drinking from a bottle of a certain year that is special to him. This only goes to show that wine lovers are quite sensitive and passionate. That’s why wine storage is not just merely putting bottles on wine racks.

In Cam’s case, we’re very happy to learn that our racking products have helped him properly organize his collection. He purchased some units from our WineMaker Series wine rack kits, all in Rustic Pine. He assembled and installed his racks in the unused space under his stairwell. Doesn’t it look so cozy? It was the perfect spot to store his collection and even keep it growing. Check out his wine cellar selfie below. We love that bowtie as much as we do the completed wine racks:

The next image below is a terrific close-up shot of the assembled WineMaker racking units. It clearly shows how space-efficient they are, given the limited area that the client was working with. Indeed, the WineMaker Series was the best choice, given that these are shallow-depth racks. You can see from the image below how the necks of the wine bottles are sticking out from their respective cradles. However, the body of the bottle is still fully supported by the square rails. The shorter depth makes these racks a lot more affordable than the standard-sized ones. That’s because less material is utilized. Nonetheless, this doesn’t diminish the quality and functionality of the racking units at all. Also take note that with the new upgrades, you can have these Individual Bottle Storage racks with display rows. There are also lots of customization options that come with the WineMaker Series. These include wood, stain and finish options, as well as lacquer.

“I am quite happy with my wine racks which are under my stairs. My cellar is organized not by estates or regions or grape varietals. It is organized by the year/vintage. I feel quite emotional drinking a bottle from a particular year that is special to me.” 

~Cam U. ~

Satisfied Client Fills Custom Wine Cellar To The Brim!

March 1st, 2018

You know how the saying, “If the shoe fits” goes, right? Well, let’s translate that to wine cellar projects. When the wine bottles fit, then take full advantage of it! Our client Michael certainly did and he’s very satisfied that he did. Take a nice, long look at his beautiful wine tasting bar and wine cellar combo:

Glass-enclosed wine cellar

He opted for a glass-enclosed cellar which was not only super elegant, but wonderfully space-efficient, too. The glass panels served to separate the wine cellar from the bar area but at the same time, highlighted Michael’s collection. Custom racking units purchased from WCI helped equip his cellar with varied and spacious bottle storage. In fact, he got so excited that despite filling the cellar about two-thirds of the way, he still couldn’t help being a little extra. And by “extra,” he meant purchasing more bottles in Bordeaux to fill the extra space. Indeed, the racks will be filled to the brim when his bottles arrived – something the client is simply ecstatic about.

Below is a terrific snapshot of the home bar and wine cellar. This will certainly be an ideal spot for tasting parties or other similar gatherings. The client’s collection is wonderfully displayed while guests can converge at the bar area and get the conversation going. For those of you who wish to have a more or less similar set-up but don’t want to take the custom wine racking route, we also have the perfect alternative. Check out the Tasting Centers offered by our Vintner Series! You can mix and match other racking accessories with these tasting centers to create your desired set-up. It’s space-efficient, easy to assembly, and best of all – affordable.

Home bar and wine cellar combo

“My wine racks turned out great, largely due to a professional contractor helping me with the installation. Here is a picture…stunning when finished. There is floor to ceiling glass in front of the racks so that the cellar can be kept air conditioned at 58 degrees. You supplied the HVAC too, which was also professionally installed. There’s also a funny story that goes with this wine cellar. I filled it about 2/3 with California Cabs and S.A. Malbec as well as some Italian Borolos and Brunellos. But then, I flew to Bordeaux for a week to tour the great Medoc wineries and purchased wine to fill the balance of the space. In a few weeks, when the wine clears customs, the cellar will be full = about 800 bottles. I’m certainly very happy with it!”
~Michael M.~

Vintner Packs It Neatly Into Client’s DIY Wine Cellar

February 22nd, 2018

Equipping tight spaces with the right wine racking units can be quite the challenge. If you’re working with custom wine racks, that shouldn’t be an issue. But what if the budget doesn’t permit? Then you’d have to settle for what you can afford, obviously. With WCI’s wine rack “kits,” however, there is no such thing as having to “settle” for less. These kits offer pretty amazing racking choices that are so versatile, you’d almost forget you’re not working with anything custom. Watch how our Vintner Series packs things neatly into this DIY project:

Vintner Series wine racks

For those who are still in the dark about Vintner, allow us to shed the much-needed light. Vintner is one of WCI’s wine rack kits, but it’s not just any kit. It’s actually our most flexible collection of racking units, dubbed as “the next best thing to custom.” From individual to bulk bottle storage units, down to wine cellar accents and add-ons, Vintner has you covered. Louis’ DIY wine room is certainly proof of that. Look at how this compact room was fitted out with Individual Bottle Storage racks and Open Diamond Cubes. Thanks to the various height configurations Vintner has to offer, one can work with the racks to accommodate almost any ceiling height. Also, while these were not utilized in this project, Vintner offers crown and base molding packages. These can help close awkward gaps between and among the racks, the flooring, and ceilings. We recommend taking the time to carefully browse through the Vintner section in the website. There’s even a separate one just for commercial racking!

Tung-stained wine racks

One other thing we also loved about this DIY job is the stain option on the racks. The client actually chose to do it himself, using tung oil. Of course, if you are seeking a different look for your wine cellars, WCI has an extensive selection of stains and finishes you can explore.

“The cellar racks are certainly working out great. I get lots of compliments on how great they look. I did not use a nail gun in the assembly because I am pretty handy. I was confident that I would be just as fast with a hammer and finish nails. All in all, the assembly was easy since everything was well packaged. I’d say that overall, it was a breeze to install. I chose to stain the racks with tung oil. That process was fairly time consuming given all the rails that needed to be done. The end result was satisfying though. The wood took the oil nicely and it looks great – well worth the effort.”

~Louis B.~