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DIY Under Stairwell Transformation With Our Traditional Series

November 16th, 2017

What’s pouring, fellow wine and wine cellar lovers? It’s that time of the week again – our Testimonial Thursday feature. It’s been quite a while since we featured a DIY under stairwell transformation project on the blog. So we’re pretty lucky that our client Jeff sent us snaps of his completed wine cellar:

Jeff and his DIY wine under stairwell wine cellar

Jeff definitely looks happy and proud of his handiwork in this picture. And who can blame him? He put together this cozy little nook under the stairs in his basement. It’s the perfect spot for his small collection, with some added perks. We liked how he accessorized the space and how everything works with the rough-hewn stone walls and wooden floors. Naturally, we also give a big thumbs-up to his wine racking choice. He purchased Individual Bottle Column racks with Display Row from our Traditional Series wine racks kit.

Our Traditional Series is one of those kits carrying our shallow-depth racking units. Just like the WineMaker Series, these racks are manufactured with shorter depth, making the neck of the bottles slightly stick out. This configuration doesn’t compromise the safety and comfort of the bottles though. In fact, the body of the bottle is fully supported, as you can clearly see from the great shots of Jeff’s assembled racks here:

Traditional Series in Premium Redwood

Unlike the Winemaker Series, however, the Traditional Series wine racks are available in 6-feet height options only. Nonetheless, you can still easily mix and match them with other racking styles in the series, as well as with other racking elements. They are very versatile, with lots of options for both individual and bulk bottle storage. The series also carries a wonderful selection of of Tasting Centers, perfect for compact wine storage.

Our client Jeff ordered the racks in Premium Redwood, but they are also available in Rustic Pine. The latter wood choice is even more affordable. Moreover, all our stain and finish options are also available with this series. Your budget will certainly love the Traditional Series and all the fringe benefits that come with it.

“The rack was not too difficult to build.  I used a brad gun and a hammer.  The wood split a couple times but is still structurally sound. I built this wine cellar with my own bare hands – tiled the floor, put stone on the walls, and put up the rack. This is the space in the basement under the stairs.  I hope my photos are competitive!”

~Jeff L.~

Our Contemporary Murals And Wine Racks Had Clients Swooning

November 2nd, 2017

Remember how we talked about adding a pop of color to your wine cellars last Tech Tuesday? Well, today’s Testimonial Thursday just got to it one better! We have some real eye-candy shots here, courtesy of our clients, Mary and Joe, from Marietta, OH. Let’s check out this fantastic and super spacious wine cellar with a storage capacity of over 1600 bottles:

Contemporary Moments wine cellar art

Without a doubt, the standout feature of this wine cellar is the wine cellar art. The client purchased two pieces from our Contemporary Murals collection. In particular, they picked the artworks from our Contemporary Moments gallery. Since they were working on a relatively large project, they decided to have two archways for their racking arrangement. It was definitely a smart move! The archways framed the wine cellar art pieces perfectly and really enhanced the gorgeous colors of the murals.

Now all the racks utilized in this project are from our Vintner Series wine racks kit. That should explain the variety in bottle storage options, the seamless flow of the racking assembly in the room, and the professional appearance. Vintner always delivers in all aspects of a wine cellar project and this one was no exception. It’s also worthy to note that with the Vintner Series, you have a slew of custom stains and finishes to choose from. In this case, the Premium Redwood racks were dressed up in Dark Walnut stain:

Vintner Series wine racks

Needless to say, Dark Walnut was the perfect choice to make the racks work well with the floors while creating the perfect contrast for the vibrant art pieces. The final result is a racking assembly that is so well put together, who’d think it was assembled from “kits”? This wine cellar is actually like a perfect stage for the clients’ collection, as well as their wine cellar art. Their very generous testimonial had us giddy with a sense of accomplishment and so much more!

Gorgeous Dark Walnut Stain option

“Truly a work of art, a beautiful job, your crew was amazing, efficient, courteous and clean. Everything came out perfect! We thank you once again for a great design, coordination and installation on our wine cellar. We highly recommend you and your company to anyone. It was indeed a pleasure!”

~Mary & Joe D. Z.~

Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellar Is Selling Point In Client’s Home

October 12th, 2017

Wine cellars have really secured their spot as the next home icon. Did you know that in the recent years, a home with a wine cellar can fetch a really good price in the real estate market? Not only that, there are actually more and more potential buyers requesting for this particular feature. The hit HGTV series House Hunters and Vacation Homes are great proofs of that. “Wine cellar” pops up in a potential buyer’s wishlist more often than it used to. It’s actually easy to see why, especially when the wine cellar is constructed beautifully:

Beautiful glass-enclosed wine cellar

We have here a terrific example of a home with a wine cellar that’s recently been listed. It’s not just any wine cellar, though! We’re proud to say that this elegant, glass-enclosed number is a WCI product, from the racks down to the assembly and installation. This is also the very first wine cellar we did for this client. Yup, that’s right! While they’re putting up this property for sale, they’ve also recently requested us to design another one for their new home. They definitely know the value of a quality wine cellar and we’re happy to be a part of the new build.

But right now, let’s focus on this glass-enclosed project that features WCI’s Vintage View Wine Racks. As we’ve talked in a lot of our blogs, the glass x metal combo is always a no-fail one. You just can’t go wrong with this, particularly for a compact wine cellar like the client’s. Since our Vintage View metal wine racks can be wall-mounted, they can really help maximize the limited space. Moreover, while the racking units are designed to hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart, they can also store split-sized bottles. All that is needed is to play around with the configurations and mount that units at 5.5 inches apart.

Style-wise, the VintageView Series also provides for some pretty neat customization options. You can choose from four different finishes for your racks. The units are also available in single deep, double deep, and triple deep storage options. And here’s the fun part! You can also opt to deviate from the wall-mounting installation and choose to have your bottles displayed floor-to-ceiling. All you need to do is purchase a Floor to Ceiling Frame separately and voila! You can get that ethereal “floating” effect for your wine bottles.

No doubt about it, this wine cellar is indeed a selling point in our client’s home. Why not make it for yours as well! Chat with our experienced design consultants and find out how you can make that happen. ^_^

Client Whips Up A Stunner With Our Designer Wine Racks

October 5th, 2017

First Testimonial Thursday for the October month is up, wine cellar guys and gals! Let’s check out this pretty amazing DIY that our client Roy whipped up with the use of our Designer Series wine racks. Here we have some “before” snaps of the wine room:

"Before" photos of the wine room

As you can see, the client had the essentials all covered: insulation, vapor barrier, flooring and ceiling. In addition, they also put in a beautiful entryway. Take note that wine cellar doors play quite a significant role in a wine cellar project. Not only do they help boost the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar, but they also help maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels. This is especially true for glass-enclosed wine cellars.

Moving on, let’s check out the wine racking assembly. Here are a some really great shots of the completed project. It’s quite a versatile set-up with very good use of the individual and bulk storage racks from the Designer Series. Note that the Designer Series has also recently upgraded with the addition of High Reveal Display Rows. But in general, the series also carries a versatile racking selection, including Curved Corner Racks that we can see in this cellar:

Open Diamond Bins with with Solid Front Trim also form part of this very functional arrangement. But what we really appreciate here is the use of the finish options from the series, in particular, the crown and base moldings. The Designer Series offers molding packages in both straight and curved profiles. These help immensely in closing awkward gaps between the racks and the floors. They also make the topmost portion of the racking assembly flow seamlessly around the room. These snaps of the completed layout certainly speaks for itself:

Lastly, client also purchased an Archway and Quarter Round Shelf. These accents were quite instrumental in pulling together the entire racking layout. And of course, props to the client for the tasteful touches with the lighting accessories, wine cellar art, and other wine cellar knick-knacks. The end result is definitely a stunner:

“Everything worked out great. I did use a nail gun, which of course made things very easy, and the wine room is finally finished. I am attaching a few pictures, including a ‘before’ picture, since I built the entire room.”

~Roy U.~