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Clients Enjoy The Perks Of Their Vintner Wine Storage Racks

June 21st, 2018

A lot of the DIY projects featured on our Testimonial Thursdays have been achieved using our wine rack kits. This is something really significant to us here at WCI? Why so? Well for one thing, our wine rack kits were created exactly for that purpose. They are a perfect solution for those who want to undertake wine cellar projects on their own. It’s especially so with residential ones. For another, it means we’re helping customers work within their desired budgets.

Wine rack kits are a lot more affordable than custom units. They give customers the opportunity to create suitable storage for their collections. But they also allow customers to innovate and get creative, design-wise. Our Vintner Series is, naturally, the best example of this. In today’s Testimonial Thursday, Vintner demonstrates once again why it remains WCI’s most popular wine rack kit:

Vintner wine storage

This cozy set-up was put together utilizing nothing but racking units from the Vintner line. You can see there is a nice variety of storage options in this arrangement. The clients actually purchased one of Vintner’s newer additions: the Vintner Bottom Stack with Display Row and Vintner Top Stack with Display Row. They combined these with Open Diamond Cubes for bulk bottle storage. Capping off the assembly are the glass storage and tabletops, as well as a wine cooler. We love the versatility of this racking assembly. Not only does it have tons of bottle storage space, there’s also ample counter space as well. Plus, props of the clients for putting up the lovely wine artwork! It certainly added a lovely pop of color against the dark-hued racks.

Speaking of the racks, notice how elegant and polished they all look. That’s owing to the stain and finish option chosen for the racks. The client went with the Classic Mahogany stain and also decided to dress the racks up further with lacquer. That lacquer is responsible for giving the units a gleaming and sophisticated appearance. Last but not the least, see how the entire arrangement fits snugly in that corner of the client’s home. For a DIY job, it certainly looks like a custom, built-in creation. Our clients are definitely enjoying the perks of their Vintner wine racks – and so are we!

“We are really enjoying our wine racks. I’m up to about 304 bottles now. 40 are in the cooler. Thanks again for helping us get this designed and installed.”

~Bob J.~

Vintner Vertical Wine Display Bins Complete Client’s Tasting Room

June 14th, 2018

When your client’s business is called “Ancestry Cellars,” there are some very specific terms that come to mind. For us, we immediately thought of “connections” or “establishing connections.” And it’s not just about any connection either. It also has a lot to do with family – with bonds between people. Turns out we were right on the money (or the wine, if you prefer)!

Today’s Testimonial Thursday focuses on our client Ancestry Cellars and how they made use of our Vintner wine racks. Ancestry Cellars was founded and proudly owned by the Morin family. Jason and Erin valued family and tradition above all else and this served as the inspiration for their wine establishment. Per the Morins, each of their wines hold a special place in their hearts. Their wines have individual backstories that tie in with their family’s history. That’s why the winery is not just a business to them. It’s their way of helping create lifelong friendships and memorable experiences. And this is done with their genuine wines rooted in family tradition.

Ancestry Cellars second tasting room

The hard work and sincerity of these entrepreneurs paid off as they recently opened a second tasting room. Their original location is in their Woodinville production facility and tasting room in the warehouse district in WA. But they have expanded to a new location in the heart of downtown Manson. WCI is very happy to have taken part in the growth of the Ancestry Cellars, thanks to our wine rack kits. As mentioned earlier, the client sent for some of our Vintner Series racking units, specifically, for the Vertical Wine Display Bins.

The versatility of these bins is perfect for any commercial wine cellar application (and residential, too!). The units are stackable, just like most of the Vintner wine racks. They are available in 3-feet and 4-feet height configurations. That means you can stack them to accommodate any ceiling height. Moreover, since it’s our Vintner line, there are plenty of customization options. In the client’s case, they ordered their bins in Rustic Pine for the wood and Midnight Black Stain for the stain option. Note that you can further customize your bins’ base options as well. You can select from a base with either brown or black vinyl, or just go for a “no base” platform. Last but definitely not the least, you can also add in custom moldings. We love how clean and spacious the new tasting room looks:

Our Wine Display Bins

“They are working out great in our second tasting room. ”

~Jason M.~

Client Takes Pride In Gorgeous Vintner Racking Assembly

June 7th, 2018
Who says a home wine cellar can’t be “extra”? And who says that being “extra” means you have to go over the budget? Certainly not when you’re working with us here at WCI! Today’s very first Testimonial Thursday for the month of June will show us how it’s done. Check out this gorgeous Vintner racking assembly in our client’s humble abode:

Amazing Vintner racking arrangement

We won’t be surprised if guests who sneaked a peek at this wine room are enamored by it. Both the appearance and layout of the racking units are absolutely eye-catching. This project looks like it is a custom job from top to bottom. It also looks like the client spent a considerable amount getting that “custom fit” on the racking assembly. And this is where the fun starts because this wine cellar was put together utilizing nothing but wine rack kits. But it’s not just any wine rack kit at work here! It’s our top-of-the line Vintner Series that made this happen.

Vintner carries the widest variety of racking styles among all our wine rack kits. You get so many options from individual to bulk bottle storage, even including cabinetry. In this particular project, Apart from the standard Individual Bottle Storage units, the client also purchased some Wine Bottle Waterfall racks, Curved Corners, and a Tasting Center. In addition, the crown and base molding packages, as well as center seam trim helped tie everything together. The end product looks so professionally done and picture-perfect – without breaking the client’s budget.

Light Stain option with lacquer

Now if you think that the assortment of designs with the Vintner wine rack kits is pretty incredible, we’ve still got more up our sleeve. This series also features bevy of customization options. That’s right! You can customize the wood type for your racks, as well as the stains and finishes. For this featured wine cellar, our client Joe chose Premium Redwood in a Light Stain option for his racks. He also opted to have everything lacquered. That’s why the racks sport a beautiful, gleaming appearance that screams top dollar. The best part, though, is that this didn’t cost top dollar but the quality of the products sure is! ^_^

“I wanted to thank you for the help in getting my wine cellar designed and ordered. I have finally completed the installation and all went together well. Wine Cellar Innovations has a good product and will recommend to those looking for a home cellar.” 

~Joe M.~

Client’s Wine Cellar Is The Favorite Room In The House!

May 31st, 2018

When our client declared his completed wine cellar to be his favorite room in the house, we were just stoked. It goes to show that a wine cellar is indeed the next home icon. Our client, Bob, made initial plans to transform an empty room in his home into a proper storage space for his collection. He worked closely with our design team in order to yield these fantastic results:

Flawless assembly

The size and bottle storage capacity of this wine room is quite impressive. You can see from the photos just how versatile and spacious the racking set-up is. Wine racking units were cleverly chosen to host individual and bulk bottles in a variety of styles. We are all for the Individual Bottle Columns with High Reveal Displays accentuated by LED lighting elements. They provide for so much bottle storage, combined with the Open Vertical Displays. The latter units will be perfect for storing loose bottles, wine cases and bins. Speaking of bulk bottle storage, this assembly also showcases some Solid Diamond Cubes, as well as Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim. Diamond-style racks are highly popular, particularly with larger wine cellar projects. That’s because they provide not just a good amount of storage space, but increased aesthetic appeal as well.

Spacious wine room

So this wine cellar was also designed with an archway with solid wood countertops. These add-ons are simple, very elegant, and really give the racking arrangement a polished look. With the archway, one can showcase some stunning wine cellar artwork, like what our client did here. And speaking of custom wine cellar art, WCI has an impressive selection of these. We offer not just wine paintings and murals, but other unique materials. These include Mosaic Art, Tumbled Stone, Hand-Painted Tiles, Stained Glass, and Etched Mirrors.

Archway with wine cellar art

This project is a fully custom one. The wine racks were crafted from unstained All-Heart Redwood and designed to fit perfectly into the entire perimeter of the room. Custom crown and base moldings were utilized to seal off any awkward gaps between the racks and the ceiling and floors. The end result is a seamless layout which is professionally done and elegant in every angle. Needless to say, our client was a hundred percent satisfied – and so are we!

Seamless racking assembly

“Wine Cellar Innovations team transformed this room from an empty space into a beautiful wine cellar.  The design ideas are fantastic! This is my favorite room on the house.  Everyone who sees it just says wow!”

~Bob R. ~