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WCI’s Nebraska Clients Just Love Their Vintner Wine Cellar

September 20th, 2018

No matter which part of the country you’re from, WCI’s wine cellar services are available for you. Our clients from Elkhorn, Nebraska can attest to that! Katie sent us some wonderful snaps of their completed wine cellar and it looks fantastic:

Vintner racks in Midnight Black stain

They sent in for some units from our Vintner Series wine racks kit. Specifically, they purchased some Individual Bottle Columns, the Vintner Bottom Stack with Display Row, and Open Diamond Bins with Face Trim. They also added some Rectangular Bins for convenient storing of wine boxes and creates. The clients wanted to have everything set up for their wine party, so prompt delivery and assembly of the racks were essential. This is where WCI really stepped it up. Katie was extremely happy with the professional delivery services that got the racks their home in record time. And once again, Vintner proved why it has nearly a 5-star rating on all categories. The racking units were easy to assemble, provided secure storage for the wine bottles, of top-notch quality, and worth every dollar spent.

Individual and bulk bottle storage

Here are some more great pictures of the racking arrangement. The racks came together in a really clean and organized fashion. The clients chose Grand Mahogany for the wood option, with Midnight Black Stain. The bold hues gave the entire set-up a luxurious appeal. We love how the colors worked so well with the room’s wood-paneled interior. Also, these units are all from our “kits,” this project was well within the “affordable” price range. That goes to show just how versatile the WCI wine rack kits are! Once the racks were in place, some finishing touches were in order. We give two thumbs-up to that gorgeous lighting fixture and wine cellar artwork. These added just the right amount of flair to the finished product. Of course, the best part was that the client expressed just how much they love their new wine cellar!

Beautiful Grand Mahogany wood option in Midnight Black stain

“I want to thank you again for rushing to get my racks here in time for my wine party! The nail gun was key to get it out together and up in the cellar in time. I wanted to share some pictures of the final look. It is beautiful and I love all the racks I chose for the room!”

~Katie H~

Bag And String Wine Delivers The Goods With Our Commercial Display Racks

September 13th, 2018
Bag and String Wine Merchants is a boutique wine and liquor store located in the historic downtown area of Lakewood NY. It is just blocks from the beautiful Chautauqua Lake. The store has made it a long-term goal to gather unique wines from around the globe. Bag and String Wine aims to provide unparalleled service, wine education and a selection that meets the customers’ needs and budget. That’s why they have worked hard on growing their collection to reflect the widest variety of wines possible. And WCI was only too happy to learn that our commercial racking units have provided this client with the bottle storage they need:

Wine Display Islands

These lovely photos of the assembled racks really made our day! As you can see, there is quite a nice variety of storage options going on here. The Wine Display Islands and Wall Merchandisers, in particular, have featured prominently in the store. They have also purchased several racks from our Vintner commercial line. As you can see from the photos, the freestanding units are comfortably housing the merchandise – with room to spare:Bag & String Wine Merchants store

The client made a smart move in selecting some of our most popular racking styles. Take for example the Wine Display Islands. The standard unit from our Classic line can provide full bottle capacity of up to 240 wine bottles. But you can also choose the Island with 2 Display Rows to showcase more of your best-selling labels. These are point-of-purchase racks, designed specifically to drum up wine sales. Customers can easily browse and view the labels of the wines they are looking to purchase. Moreover, we have actually upgraded the design of these islands in our Vintner commercial line. Each wine bottle has a bottle slot to rest in so the bottles don’t rest against each other. This makes for very secure storage and prevents the merchandise from accidental breaking.

Our happy customers from Bag & String Wine!

Then you have the Wall Merchandisers. WCI has a pretty extensive selection of these. There are so many racking styles to choose from, including those with half-height configurations and adjustable shelving. Take note that they can all be customized with different woods, stains, and lacquer. The client purchased all their units in Rustic Pine, with a Dark Walnut stain option.  Bag & String Wine made use of a good number of these merchandisers. They mixed and matched the units up to yield a generous bottle storage capacity. These racks serve the store’s purpose well, since their goal is to continuously expand their collection. That way, they will be able to cater to even the most discerning customers. ^_^

Wall Merchandisers

North Babylon Wine & Spirits Go All Out In WCI Commercial Wine Racks

September 6th, 2018

We get extra stoked when wine cellar establishments showcase our commercial racking products. We’ve been having more and more of them this year on our Testimonial Thursdays. And today’s feature is another addition to our growing gallery:
Happy clients at North Babylon Wines

Photos like these really boost our confidence on both our products and services. This is a very good thing because it inspires us to work harder to meet all the wine storage needs of our clients. These snaps are from the newly completed wine store of North Babylon Wine & Spirits. They purchased our Pine 5 Column Bin Displays in Classic Mahogany stain option, a circular merchandiser, some adjustable shelf cabinets, as well as island displays. We especially like the way the bin displays were arranged in a space-efficient fashion to maximize the available wall space:Pine 5 Column Bin Displays
The bins allow for lots of storage for loose bottles, or in the alternative, wine boxes and crates. Plus, the display trays lets the store put their most popular or newest labels forward to make it easier to catch the eye of potential customers.

Below you have a great close-up shot of the Circular Wine Merchandiser. It comes with a circular tabletop display which is perfect for showcasing popular labels. The storage below lets one stock up on more bottles to the customers’ convenience. Note that these merchandisers also have a bevy of wood, stain and finish options to match your store’s other decor.

Circular Wine MerchandiserAnd here is a snap of the adjustable shelves. See how much bottle storage these can accommodate. It’s also easy to organize the merhandise to make wine shopping a stress-free experience for the customers. Also, because these are adjustable shelves, you can tweak them around to accommodate larger-format wine bottles, as well as other types of liquor. This type of racking is one of our more popular ones, especially with larger establishments. They can easily rearrange the shelves to accommodate more merchandise.

Notice how all the racking units mesh together, color-wise. This is a big advantage of WCI’s commercial wine racks because they can be customized in terms of wood option, as well as stains and finishes. In addition, you can choose to have vinyl bases to elevate the racks a good few inches off the floor. This will make cleaning easier and prevent the accidental kicking of the merchandise, particularly during peak hours. ^_^

Adjustable Shelves

Client Expresses 100% Satisfaction Over WCI’s Professional Services!

August 30th, 2018

If we could hand out a “Testimonial Of The Year” award, today’s Testimonial Thursday would most likely win it down pat. Tim gave this amazing narrative of his WCI experience and it just had to be given the proper spotlight. They worked with one of our very experienced design consultants and purchased  units from the Vintner Series. From the consultation down to the design planning, product purchase and delivery, assembly and installation – everything came together perfectly. It was 100% satisfaction for Tim – and maybe more!

Vintner Series wine racks

Premium Redwood in Dark Walnut stain

“I wanted to write a review of the experience I had with Wine Cellar Innovations. My wife and I were looking for a substantial upgrade to our current, “wine in the pantry”, storage method. I started to look online and found Wine Cellar Innovations through some random searching. Originally, I debated building my own wine rack, but after researching I decided this was way over my head. Our plan was to turn a wall in our dining room into a large wine rack. I had this, do it yourself mentality, and spent time on websites, looking to place several individual sections as close together as possible to and fit the 12 foot by 10 foot space I was looking to occupy with bottles.

I forgot if I reached out to Wine Cellars or if Amy reached out to me, but I think it was the latter. She asked if she could help and I asked what is would cost, Amy replied there is no cost for planning and design, only when you order the products. I gave her measurements and she came back with the something way better than I have ever imagined. Here I was struggling for a few months to design this thing and all I had to do was call. I was ecstatic with the design and that I could create something like this in my own home. The design was perfect. Amy walked me through the process. Followed up along the way to update on shipping and offered extra parts if something was needed. Even after the original order came, she was there to send videos and replacements when a piece split or was missing. Like all construction projection, creating the rack system was not an easy undertaking, but Amy made the process as simple as possible. I enjoyed having a contact who could answers questions and not force me into calling a random 800#. Amy was great in her follow up and never questioned a request I made along the way. The finished product looks better than I had ever imagined and I am confident the upgrade will add years of enjoyment and a significant return on investment when we showcase our home in the future.”

~Tim K.~