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Clients Sing Praises To WCI Products And Customer Service

November 15th, 2018

Our client Chris declared that working with the WCI team was definitely the right decision on their part. So when their home wine bar was completed, we couldn’t wait to show it off. Here’s a terrific shot of the racking assembly using our Vintner Series racking units:

Gorgeous Vintner tasting center

Again, Vintner was able to deliver a flawless set-up that worked perfectly with the designated space in the client’s home. You will notice that this racking assembly is set up against the wall. Under ordinary circumstances, this wine storage would have to be fully customized. But thanks to the flexibility of Vintner wine racks, everything fit like a glove.

The anchoring point of this racking assembly is the Vintner Individual Tasting Center. It comes with tons of individual bottle storage, glassware storage, as well as a tabletop option. From there, the client was able to augment the tasting center with other pieces from the series. Solid Diamond Cubes were added and Quarter Round Displays on both ends. Lastly, crown and base moldings and center seam trim were incorporated to bring it all together. The end result is this beautiful wine storage that looks professionally done. There are no gaps between the racks, ceiling and floors. It certainly has a built-in feel to it!

Grand Mahogany was the wood choice for this project. If you’ve noticed, the client went for the unstained version of the wood. You can see how Grand Mahogany’s pinkish to almost white colors really standing out. This is why it’s one of our top wood options. Exceptional quality aside, Grand Mahogany is also very easy on the eyes. It has uniform color and a relatively straight grain pattern. It also takes stains and finishes extremely well, should you choose to go that route. Needless to say, the clients were 100% satisfied with the outcome. They were able to smoothly work with WCI products, as well as with our design consultants.

“Working with Wine Cellar Innovations was the right decision. Amy made the design process look easy and was in great communication with me the whole time. The product is so well made with robust instructions and videos to reference. I always knew that the Wine Cellar Innovations team would be there if we ran into problems or needed help along the way. We love the final product and would highly recommend Amy and the team at Wine Cellar Innovations to anyone looking to create a showpiece for their home!”

~Chris M.~

Client Impresses With Our Newest Concave Vintner Racking

November 8th, 2018

A few months back, we introduced this newest addition to the Vintner family: the Vintner Individual Concave Racks. We knew that it wouldn’t take long for its popularity to rise – and we’re absolutely right. We had a client whom purchased several of these units for their wine cellar project. After the assembly and installation, they got to work filling up the racks. They sent over several photos and we are just floored!

Vintner Individual Concave Racks

The Vintner Individual Concave racks are certainly not your conventional design and that’s exactly why they stand out. The curvy profile is super attractive and gives so much character to any wine cellar. Plus, like most collections from the Vintner Series, these concave racks are available in 3-feet and 4-feet height configurations. You can easily stack one on top of the other to accommodate your wine cellar’s ceiling height. Each wine bottle stored on the column individual bottle unit is cradled on customized rails. The rails are carefully manufactured with beveled ends and rounded edges to ensure wine labels will not tear when the bottles are removed.

Beautiful curvy profile

Here are more snaps of the client’s gorgeous wine room. Notice how the racks mesh perfectly with the flooring, walls, and other furniture and decor. Again, because this is the Vintner Series, you get opportunities to customize the racking units. These custom amenities are made available at a pretty amazing price point. It’s like going all the way custom without being burdened by the cost. With the Vintner Individual Concave, you get to choose from our top four wood options: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Grand Mahogany. Our full selection of stains and finishes are also available for this product. That includes the lacquer option. This means that you can really dress up those racks to get the style you want. And there’s more! You can also add center seam trim, like what our client did. Check out the concaves and how seamless they look. The center seam trim is an instrumental accessory to achieving that polished appearance. The center seam trim is available in straight or curved configurations. Since the clients chose a glass entryway for their wine cellar, the racks are really showcased in a beautiful way:

Glass entryways

“Everyone that has seen them think they are very cool. There was no problem with the delivery. The racks are great and my experience with the company has been too.”

~Joanne A.~

Client Transforms Rec Room Closet With Grand Mahogany Racks

November 1st, 2018

For someone with minimal DIY experience, our client Don did an awesome job with his wine cellar project. Moreover, he showed how convenient it is to assemble racking products from WCI. So for those of you who are still hesitant on undertaking a DIY wine cellar project, this is one post you need to check out.

This room was originally the client’s rec room that has outlived its usefulness. So as not to waste all that available space, he decided to transform it into a wine cellar. He also wanted to do the job himself since it was a pretty compact room to work with. So he purchased some custom racking units from the WCI website. Specifically, he sent for some Individual Wine Bottle racks. This style is actually the most popular one for our wood wine racks. The individual wine rack bottle slots lets each bottle of wine have a unique spot in one’s wine cellar. You can choose to have display rows or high reveal displays with these units as well. Having a high reveal lets you showcase your wine collection to maximum advantage. Plus, the wine labels are very visible, making your collection easier to organize and recognize.

For this project, the client chose to go with the standard Individual Wine Bottle racks in Grand Mahogany.  Because it’s custom, there is an array of wood, stain and finish options to choose from. That includes select hardwoods that are not usually requested by customers. However, Grand Mahogany is one of WCI’s stock wood options It is quite a heavy favorite for custom wine cellar projects because of its impeccable quality and appearance. Grand Mahogany is a plantation grown hardwood that is extremely attractive. It sports a uniform color with just a few slight variations that go from medium to pale pink. The grain pattern is mostly straight and becomes more pronounced with certain stains and finishes. The client went with a Light Stain option for his racks, as well as extra lacquer finish. The racks blended so well with the room’s walls and rustic style flooring. ^_^

Rec room turned wine cellar!

“I purchased several racks to transform a rec room closet into a wine cellar. I could not be more pleased with the overall quality of the racks. I upgraded the wood quality and also had mine finished. Don’t be intimidated by the package when it arrives. While there are many parts, it is very straightforward to put together. Definitely buy or rent a nail gun for best results. I had never before used one before, but it was easy to learn.”

~Don G.~

UnWined Boutique Struts Its Stuff With WCI Commercial Displays

October 25th, 2018

Our commercial wine racks are on a roll! This month has been pretty good, sales-wise, for our commercial racking collection. Today’s Testimonial Thursday feature is another addition to DIY projects utilizing our products. UnWined Boutique was nice enough to send in some photos of the assembled units. We loved how they set up their store with the use of WCI’s commercial display racks:

Islands with 4 Display Shelves

It bears noting that UnWined Boutique is a family owned and operated business. That’s why meticulous care is given to the selection of their wine merchandise.  The shop specializes in wines from small boutique vineyards that you might not normally see in bigger chain stores. This is the advantage of these smaller wine stores. The proprietors personally taste and hand pick the wines to better accommodate their customers’ needs and wants. It was the primary goal of UnWined to offer their wine, beer, and spirits in a smaller format. It makes wine buying experience more manageable and less intimidating for their customers. And in order to accomplish this goal, they wanted to create the most suitable wine displays in their store.

As you can see from these snaps, the clients purchased commercial racks in different styles. They bought several Islands with 4 Display Shelves and strategically set these in the center of the room. This way, customers will be able to see the most popular and/or newest labels easily. They also purchased some Islands with Display Rows, as well as some Wine Display Bins. Take note that WCI now offers all these units in both the Vintner and Classic collections. They all come with the same custom options, from the wood down to the stains and finishes. Moreover, you also have the option to add a vinyl covered base platform to your racks. This will raise the rack by about 4 inches off the ground. It will help prevent the accidental kicking of store merchandise and makes for convenient clean-up. Other accessories include plastic price tacks and casters. These can help make your store more organized and give customers a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Wine Display Bins

UnWined Boutique believes in offering its customers a less intimidating menu for wine, spirits and cigars compared to bigger chain stores. The accessible and straightforward set-up that these commercial displays bring has certainly accomplished that. We are really happy to have been a part of it! ^_^