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Client Dresses Up Wine Racks In Various Stain Options

September 17th, 2020

Running out of ideas on how to make your wine racks stand out? Our client’s custom wine rack might be able to help inspire you with the awesome DIY wine storage rack he built.

As you can see below, our client decided to spice things up a bit by choosing various stains and finishes. He also cleverly added an unstained racking unit into the mix.  The result is this eye-catching wine storage with its contrasting color scheme. The finished project gives off a modern and unique aesthetic which is very pleasing to the eye.

Various stains and finishes on racks To achieve various contrasting hues like the pair you see in images, Wine Cellar Innovations offers an assortment of these contrasting colors. The classic choices include Light Danish, Classic Mahogany, and Dark Walnut. These will give your wine racks a traditional and elegant appearance. For a bolder statement, check out the Midnight Black Stain option. It is a jet black stain that exudes contemporary charm. It’s a dramatic departure from traditional woodworking finishes and works best with light-colored wood such as Premium Redwood and Rustic Pine.

Now if you wish to give your wine racks a look that veers from the “traditional” route, our newer stain and finish products are a must-try. Whitewash, for example, is a semi-transparent stain. It will give an off-white cast to your wood while still letting the grain show through. It adds a definitive “texture” to the wood, giving it more character.

Another popular stain one to try out is Graywash. You may have heard of this stain, especially with home renovation projects. It is also a semi-transparent stain, just like Whitewash. There is no texture that comes through.  What you get is a smooth finish that showcases the beauty of the wood beneath it. Lastly, there’s the Opaque White stain which is not semi-transparent. You will not be able to see through the stain to the grain on the wood. What you’ll get is a pristine white finish. ^_^

“I’m happy with my racks and would be happy to share my story!” 

~ Rick R. ~

Proud Client Shares Her Adorable WineMaker Wine Cellar

September 10th, 2020

A wine cellar that is spacious, stylish, and affordable? That sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But guess what – wine cellar dreams DO come true! Our client can vouch for this and gave solid proof to boot. Check out these snaps as our proud client shares with us her adorable wine cellar, all thanks to the WineMaker Series:

Proud client and her WineMaker racksThe bottle storage capacity of this compact wine storage is really quite impressive. See how our client has managed to store a few hundred bottles with some wiggle room left for more. Space-efficiency is indeed one of the best features of our WineMaker Series. The racking units from this collection are all manufactured with shallow-depth configurations. What does this mean? It simply means that less material is used to create the wine racks. You will notice in the photos that unlike the standard racking, the necks of the bottles are sticking out. This allows the racks to fit snugly into smaller and uneven spaces. But even with the narrow depth, the security of the wine bottles are not compromised at all. They are nestled safely and comfortably on the square-cut rails. Moreover, the necks of the bottles popping out make for an eye-catching display!

Small but spacious wine roomThe addition of the glass door is a smart move, given the compact size of the cellar. It makes it look much more spacious. So here we can see our client admiring the finished product – with her collection tucked into the racks. Notice that there is even enough space for a small tasting center. The client also has bulk bottle storage courtesy of the Open Diamond Bins.

Note that the WineMaker Series provides a pretty healthy selection of racking styles. That includes diamonds and cases for bulk bottles and the newest addition called WineMaker “stacks.” These “stacks” allow you to combine individual and bulk bottle storage in one racking arrangement. Naturally, as the term implies, you can easily stack the units to the desired height. Last but definitely not the least, WineMaker also offers a variety of stain and finish options. That includes WCI’s newest products like Graywash, Whitewash, Mocha, and lacquer. This wine rack kit is doing us proud and we highly recommend it, especially for entry-level projects. ^_^


Add A Little Drama With Waterfall Wine Racks

September 3rd, 2020

You’d be surprised at how the options vary nowadays when it comes to wine racks. Not only can you choose from different materials, but there are also a plethora of styles available. That’s why even when it’s a compact wine cellar project, you can still do so much with it. Case in point: our client from Burlington, NY, and their lovely little creation. They transformed a small space and added a little drama with some waterfall wine racks:

Add drama with waterfall wine displays!The rustic charm of this wine room is very inviting. It’s elegant and warm at the same time. We give credits to the clever use of earthy tones, such as the Dark Walnut Stain on the wine racks. Since this was a smallish project, the clients wanted to create as much bottle storage space as possible. However, they also wanted to give some flair to the racking arrangement. The Vintner Series provided all the solutions they needed! Vintner offers such an amazing selection of racking styles for just a wine rack “kit.” You can do so much with the individual and bulk bottle storage options it’s sometimes surprising that it’s not a custom job. Lots of WCI clients use either entirely Vintner racks in their projects, or in combination with custom units. The more affordable price point of Vintner makes it such a joy to work with!

Dark Walnut Stain on waterfall wine racksHere is a terrific shot of the completed racking assembly. It incorporates Vintner’s Archway with Tabletop option, Open Diamond Bins, Curved Corner Racks, and standard Individual Bottle Columns. But the clients wanted a bit more flair and decided to throw in some Waterfall Wine Racks as well. This was definitely a good move! Look at how the cascading lines of the racks give more character to the arrangement. When those rack will be filled, the wine bottles will be very eye-catching. The waterfall display is indeed the perfect showcase for those prized wine bottles one would like to show off. Note that this option is compatible with the Vintner 5 column individual rack. You can also combine the waterfall units to create a larger, more impressive cascade. For those with more space, you can have the waterfall display come out from a wall to the center of a room. This will be an really fancy touch that’s sure to make a memorable visual impact!  ^_^


Accents To Jazz Up Your Wine Cellar Project

August 27th, 2020

The racking assembly is not the “end-all and be-all” in a wine cellar project. There are other elements that can jazz up the look of your wine storage. Our clients incorporated some special touches in their wine cellar and we love the final product. What’s more, you can easily shop for these accents straight off our website. So let’s go ahead and check out these eye-catching details:

Clients jazz up their wine cellar with awesome accents!You can tell by their happy expressions that the clients are totally loving their completed wine room. The wine racks look really classy and you can see that there are no awkward gaps anywhere. Props to the crown and base moldings and center seam trim for making everything come together so seamlessly. Moldings, center seam trim, and base platforms are some of the best ways you can achieve a clean and very professional looking layout. Here are at WCI, we offer custom moldings, as well as molding packages with our wine rack kits.

Jazz it up with glass etchings  Now let’s move on to this beautiful wine cellar door. Our clients purchased the Saxony Etch from our standard wine cellar door collection. The Saxony Etch shows off an elegant flowering grape design that trails in the top right corner and bottom left corner. It is sandblasted on to the thermopane glass. This lends itself to seeing the wine cellar through the middle of the glass. The addition of glass etchings adds more character to the wine cellar entryway.

Molding and center seam trim Speaking of character, clients really did their homework with this project. In order to jazz up their wine room, they also took to adding some lighting accessories. It gave the wine cellar a fancy touch without overwhelming the “elegant” theme. Note that you can achieve something like this with the use of LED lighting accessories. You can also opt to utilize fluorescent slimlites. These are perfect for highlighting wine bottles in display shelves.

Jazz it up with lighting accessories

Last but not the least, check out the unique piece of wine cellar art clients put in the archway. WCI has a bevy of wine cellar art collections you can select from. But what’s even better is that you can have one entirely custom made as well. We even do on-site paintings/murals in accordance with public health guidelines. You can get in touch with us today to know more about your options! ^_^

“I just finished the wine cellar and began stocking it. I love it!!!”

~Sean W.~

Clients Love The Warm & Welcoming Ambiance Of Their Wine Cellar

August 20th, 2020

A home wine cellar should be exactly what it is – giving off the feeling of being “at home.” That translates to a warm and welcoming ambiance. This is what clients envisioned for their wine cellar project and that’s what they got:

We are very much into the wonderfully pleasant atmosphere of this wine cellar. It has everything you can possibly want: generous bottle storage, clean layout, and attractive design. The clients decided to go full-on custom and this decision certainly did not disappoint. The custom racks and shelving units are a beautiful and flawless fit. Not only is the bottle storage capacity maximized, but there’s even tons of counter space. Imagine how fun it is for clients when prepping their favorite wine and food pairings!

Now let’s talk about the design of this wine cellar. Apart from the seamless racking assembly, we also love the color scheme used on this project. The entire room was done in golden and creamy tones, giving it a warm and welcoming appeal. Even if this is a custom project, it’s not intimidating at all. But don’t underestimate the quality of the materials! All the racks were crafted from Grand Mahogany. This is one of our higher end wood options. Grand Mahogany is actually a favorite of furniture craftsmen. That goes to show how top-notch the quality of this wood is. It is a plantation grown hardwood that is second to none when it comes to visual appeal. It sports a generally uniform color, with a few slight variations that go from medium to pale pink. While it is eye-catching in its unstained state, it also adapts extremely well to stains and finishes. Our clients chose a beautiful Light Stain for the racks, enhancing the warmth of the wood’s natural colors.

Grand Mahogany has a moderately coarse grain pattern. For the most part, the grain pattern is straight but can be slightly interlocked in some cases. With the Light Stain option, you can easily see that straight grain pattern. It gives the wine cellar a tidy appearance which is really quite classy. Our clients did an awesome job adding some quirky decor to balance out the clean and crisp silhouettes. This wine cellar is indeed warm and welcoming, but also with its own brand of uniqueness. ^_^

Turn Your Closet Space Into A Wine Cellar With The Vintner Series

August 13th, 2020

Struggling to find a space in your home for storing your wine? See how easy it is to turn your closet into proper wine storage with the help of our Vintner Series. Our client’s closet wine cellar is compact yet packs quite a punch. Let’s dive into the details:
Turn your closet space into wine storage with VintnerAs you can see here, this is quite a narrow space that was cleverly utilized for client’s wine storage. Vintner’s extensive selection of racking units allows for meeting almost any bottle storage needs. Notice how the racking arrangement can accommodate both individual and bulk bottles even with the small space. One of the most impressive features of Vintner is its stackable qualities. It allows you to buy 3- or 4-foot racks and stack them to any height you desire. That’s why it’s absolutely possible to work even with narrow and even irregular spaces. You don’t need to force the budget to go custom when you’re not financially ready for it. Wine rack “kits” like Vintner  can give you what you need without compromising on both quality and style:

Vintner makes it easy to outfit small spacesSo how exactly do you work with Vintner? We are now making it much easier for you to purchase the exact racks and stacking equipment you need. You can now easily select a 3 foot, 4 foot, 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot or 9 foot foot wine rack at the purchase page. If you want to mix and match different racking styles, you can certainly do that as well. Vintner has a plethora of bottle storage options, including the Elite Cabinetry line and Concave Individual Racks. When combining racking styles, we recommend getting two of the three-foot wine rack option. Just make sure their widths match on where you will be stacking them together.

Now just because it’s a smaller project, it doesn’t mean you’ll skip on those details that can complete the look of your wine storage. Did you know that Vintner also comes with extra options to turn your wine storage into a really seamless arrangement? Check out the stylish molding packages, such as the base molding and base platforms. We also recommend adding a Center Seam Trim to hide the point where your two wine racks meet. ^_^


Clients Are Thrilled With WCI’s Products & Services

August 6th, 2020

One hundred percent client satisfaction is the best kind of satisfaction there is. It’s the oil that keeps our engines running here at WCI. Even during these difficult times, we are proud to say we are able to provide quality and safe wine cellar products and services to everyone. Our client James really gave us an ego boost with his testimonial of his WCI experience. The clients are thrilled with the final product and enjoyed the whole wine cellar construction process:

Clients are thrilled with our products & services

This is the custom project that was completed for the client. It’s all custom racking in Premium Redwood with beautiful Midnight Black stain option. The client worker closely with one of our experienced design consultants to bring this stunner to life. Basically, the so-called “WCI experience” starts from the consultation stage. Did you know that WCI actually offers free initial design consultation services? You read that right! We provide both short and long design request forms in our webpage. Once you get that filled up, you will receive a free 2D design of your future wine cellar. Just imagine how much easier it is when you already have the design you visualized actually laid out for you. You will be able to pick the right racking products and other accessories without going through the stress of second-guessing everything.

After the initial planning is completed, you will now receive the Wine Cellar Design package which includes the following:

  • Unlimited fax, phone, or email consultation.
  • An initial design + 3 revisions (if required).
  • Quotation on all Custom Cellar Products.
  • Quotation on Custom Installation.
  • Wine Cellar construction guide.
  • Wine Cellar Innovations Master Catalog (upon request).
  • Separate quote including cost for personalized selection of optional cellar amenities.
  • All postage costs involved with the design of your custom wine cellar.

Naturally, you can also consult with our experts on the other racking products and accessories we offer. Our wine rack kits are the affordable alternatives to custom units. We can make it work with your desired budget and help you meet your wine cellar goals. ^_^

“The whole process was a breeze and we are thrilled with the final product. We’ve got a long ways to go, but we’ve been working on filling it!”

~James H.~

Client Lauds Perfect Design & Fit Of Custom Wine Cellar

July 30th, 2020

Small spaces may present a challenge when it comes to wine storage. But if you work with the right people and products, it’s actually a very fulfilling project. Our client Philip really enjoyed his WCI experience. Our team was able provide him with the racking layout he both needed and wanted for his collection. It’s inspiring in a lot of ways, given the perfect fit and design:

Perfect design & fit on the wine racksThe first thing we should note with this wine cellar is that the client didn’t pull any punches with the materials and design. He chose to go with custom racking units, all in the Grand Mahogany wood option. It’s a wise move, seeing that this is a compact sized project. With the custom racks, bottle storage capacity has really been maximized. But this was done without sacrificing the client’s preferred design as well.

We especially love how the curved corner racks hug the room’s sharp corners while still offering more bottle storage. Also notice that there is even enough leg room to fit an archway with tabletop option. Just below the tabletop, you also get even more storage with the rectangular shelves. You can see from the photo how the client utilized the shelves not just for wine bottles and boxes. Indeed, this wine room has so much to offer, you’ll forget it’s actually “small.”

As earlier mentioned, the wood option for this project is Grand Mahogany. Grand Mahogany is a top tier product and a favorite of furniture makers. It is actually a plantation grown hardwood and is quite well know for its eye-catching appearance. The wood boasts of a uniform color, with a few slight variations ranging from medium to pale pink. It has a moderately coarse grain pattern, straight for the most part and slightly interlocked in some cases. Grand Mahogany easily matches up to Sapele, Hard Cherry, and Maple when it comes to stability and durability. Admittedly, these outstanding characteristics are reflected in the cost of the wood. Nonetheless, it definitely worth it and our client can attest to that! ^_^

“My cellar is small – 6 x 4 but the design and fit was perfect! I could not be happier with the whole process from beginning to end!”

~Philip S.~

Knockout Details On Client’s Fully Custom Wine Cellar

July 23rd, 2020

Our custom wine cellars can be designed in any size, with any budget. Finding the perfect place to store your wine can be anywhere from a small wine cellar closet design to the largest wine room design. When you decide to go custom all the way with your wine cellar project, there will definitely be no regrets. It’s especially so if you work with highly experienced design professionals, like our WCI team. And just to show you guys that we’re not all talk, check out the knockout details on this custom number:

Knockout details on the wine racksThis wine cellar is an absolute stunner from any angle. The racking assembly really stands out owing to the unique configurations. Instead of the standard individual bottle columns, these units sport a curvy profile. They lend a truly dramatic touch to the layout, softening the sharp corners of the otherwise very square and basic room.

Gorgeous concave profileHere’s a closet look at those racks. See how they fit perfectly, leaving no awkward gaps anywhere. With custom units, it doesn’t matter how large or small your wine cellar space is. We will be able to maximize bottle storage capacity while ensuring that the racking layout flows seamlessly. Moreover, we can bring whatever theme you want to life as the proverbial cherry on top!

Individual bottle columns plus shelvingJust look at how massive the storage capacity of this wine cellar is. Since custom wine racks were utilized, a lot of thought was put into variety and style. You will notice that the concave racks also have displays, as well as additional shelving at the bottom. See how wine boxes and crates can also be comfortably accommodated by this layout:

Knockout details on flooring and ceiling Now let’s check out the other details on this project. We are loving the Classic Mahogany stain option on the wine racks. It lends a really luxe feel and accentuated the concave silhouette quite nicely. We also like how the ceiling and flooring were done up in the same material. It ties up the design together and gives this wine cellar a truly traditional charm.
Luxurious results with custom wine racksFor those interested in this kind of racking style but can’t go the custom route, don’t fret. We understand that budget can at times be an issue in wine cellar projects. That’s why here at WCI, we keep coming up with more and more wine storage solutions to fulfill all your needs. So hop on over to our Vintner Series wine racks kit! You’ll find that the series carries stunning Concave Individual racking units. These can be easily stacked one on top of the other or arranged side by side, in usual versatile Vintner fashion. You can enjoy the knockout details on your wine cellar without having to go beyond what you can afford. ^_^

Under Stairwell Magic With The Vintage View Series

June 18th, 2020

Isn’t it super satisfying when a seemingly “wasted” space can be put to good use? With our Los Angeles clients, it was even more that. They turned a cramped little corner under the stairs into a stunning wine cellar! And how did they manage to do this? With nothing less than the Vintage View Series metal wine racks:

Under stairwell magic with Vintage ViewIsn’t it like magic how this tight space was transformed? Clients are indeed entitled to bragging rights over this wine storage. This small wine cellar can actually accommodate up to a little over 200 bottles. As you can see from the photos, they decided to go with the floor-to-ceiling configuration for the racks. This allowed the racking arrangement to fit into the uneven layout of the space. Note that with Vintage View, you have a choice between wall mounting the racks or assemble them in a floor-to-ceiling fashion. Naturally, you can also do both at the same time. This flexibility makes Vintage View very popular, especially with compact wine cellar projects.

Floor-to-ceiling configurationHere’s a really smart design move: the use of glass panels. Since the space is narrow, using glass elements gives the illusion of a much larger room in this under stairwell transformation. The glass also highlights the metal racking and gives the cellar a more luxurious appearance. Mixing these simple but different elements of metal and glass brings that added character to this project. Now check out the photo below. Notice that there are also Vino Pins added to the left side of the metal wine racks for good measure. These Vino Pins are able to mount directly to any wall surface with the proprietary anchor systems. This is the only metal wine rack peg system that can mount direct to drywall, masonry or wood. You don’t need even need a backer board!

The magic of Vintage View wine racksSo what about if you have more space to work with? Will the Vintage View also be able to provide for bulk bottle storage? Absolutely YES! Recently, the series has expanded to include a line of case, crate bins, and crate lockers. Check out more of Vintage View’s magic in with both small and large projects in our photo galleries. ^_^

Client Showcases DIY With The WineMaker Series

June 11th, 2020

DIY wine storage projects really bring out the creativity in our clients. Every Thursday, we look forward to the unique arrangements our clients come up with. It’s both inspiring and heartwarming to see how they worked with our products. For today’s Testimonial Thursday, our client Kim showcases this beautiful racking assembly using our WineMaker Series:

Client showcases DIY with WineMaker racksThis project did not utilize custom racking, but look at how the wine storage has been seamlessly built into the wall. You’d think that something like this could only be achieved with custom units and with professional assistance. But our client completed everything in proud DIY fashion. Not only that, they made use of our wine rack “kits,” specifically, the WineMaker Series.

The WineMaker Series is one of our most popular kits because it combines function and cost-efficiency. It is comprised of shallow depth wine racks that provide bottle storage solutions for projects of any size. Despite the shorter depth, there is no compromise when it come to security of the bottles. But thanks to this configuration, the racks can fir comfortably into tight spaces. That’s why WineMaker comes highly recommended for entry-level or small wine cellar projects, like closet or under stairwell transformations.

Owing to the shallow depth of the racks, WineMaker is also one of the most affordable racking around. It’s quality sans the expensive price tag! Clients also love the fact that they are also offered “customization” options. Indeed, you can select your wood type from either Premium Redwood or Rustic Pine. You also have a generous selection of stains and finishes to play with, including lacquer. Client in this case went with Rustic Pine with a bold Dark Walnut Stain. Moreover, just like the Vintner Series, you have flexibility in the height configurations. WineMaker is offered in 3-foot and 4-foot height options that you can conveniently rack and stack. That’s why our client is able to create this DIY arrangement with no awkward gaps between the racking and flooring. We also give a thumbs-up to the woodworking accents client threw in for added flair. ^_^

“I designed it myself and added some additional woodwork to the project.”

~Kim F.~

Get Perfect Fit Racking By Going Custom With WCI

June 4th, 2020

A good number of people shy away from anything “custom made” thinking that this just translates to “expensive.” There is indeed some truth in that. Something customized usually requires specific materials and/or specialized skills. This would explain the higher price tag. But it’s not all for nothing though. When you go the custom route, you expect to get top quality and 100% satisfaction. And here at WCI, these are the results you get and perhaps even more.

Perfect fit wine storage solutions!

Here at WCI, we can design wine cellars in any size and with any budget. That means you don’t need to be pressured into putting out a lot of money to have the wine cellar of your dreams. The perfect place to store your wine can be anywhere from a small wine cellar closet design to the largest room in your home. You also don’t need to have every aspect of your wine cellar customized. WCI carries a wide variety of racking products that can be mixed and matched with custom units. Our wine rack “kits” are cleverly crafted to be worked into racking assemblies. Moreover, we also carry wine cellar accessories designed to make smooth transitions between different racking styles. Check out our crown and base molding packages and center seam trim to see what we mean. Because of the bevy of options we provide, you can get the perfect fit for your wine cellar project. Best of all, you can do this within budget!

Now don’t forget that WCI offers a free wine cellar consultation to help you get started. This includes wine cellar design room plans to start the process on your new construction. You can start by browsing through our custom wine rack styles, wood options, cellar sizes, and living spaces. We also carry wine artwork, ceiling and flooring options, entryways, and so much more. You don’t need to spend a fortune – we have wine storage solutions to suit every need and budget. Our client Greg just got his beautiful custom racking unit, just enough for his favorite bottles. Big or small, WCI can do them all! ^_^

“Perfect fit!”

~ Greg C. ~

WineMaker Series Makes It A “Fun Project” For Client

May 28th, 2020

This month, our WineMaker Series has really been stealing the show! And we wouldn’t have it any other way. There are certain wine cellar needs that only this wine rack kit can fulfill. One of those is the need to maximize space. Our client Robert was kind enough to share his photos with us of his completed wine cellar. With the help of WineMaker racking units, he was able to create ample bottle storage in a tight space. He called it a “fun project” which made us very happy:

Fun project with WineMaker racksThis cozy little corner in the client’s house was transformed into a workspace and wine storage combo. Now that’s a genius idea if we’ve ever heard one! Working while having a glass or two of your favorite wine is living the good life. And in this pandemic season with most people working from home, it’s the ideal setup. Robert really did an awesome job of putting the wine racks together. He purchased some Individual Bottle Columns with Top Stack display and Open Diamond Bins in unstained Premium Redwood:

Cozy workplace and wine cellar comboThanks to WineMaker’s short depth configurations, the racks fit perfectly in the low ceilinged room. Note that like the Vintner Series, WineMaker racks also come in 3-foot and 4-foot height configurations. That makes for flexible stacking to match any ceiling height. But the one advantage of WineMaker is that the racking units are manufactured with shallow depth. This makes it more convenient to work them into compact spaces. You will notice from the photo below that the necks of the bottles slightly stick out. Nonetheless, each bottle is still securely cradled in the square-cut rails:

WineMaker racks made it a fun project for client!Naturally, the shorter depth of the racks also make them more affordable. For entry level wine cellar projects or small wine storage, this is the practical choice. You don’t need to have a big budget to create the bottle storage space you need and want. Our client certainly loved how his wine cellar turned out. I fact, he loved it enough to give WCI a thumbs-up to his friends as well! ^_^

“The racks arrived on time and were easy to assemble. Thank goodness I also purchased the nail gun through you. It was a fun project and I have already recommended WCI to friends.”

~Robert R.~

Happy Client Says WCI Comes Highly Recommended!

May 21st, 2020

Don’t you just love it when your week ends on a high note? In these challenging times, words of encouragement and kindness can really do so much. In our case, it’s heartwarming testimonials from our satisfied clients. Our client Jon did just that and we’re proud to share with you his WCI experience:

Our racks and services come highly recommended!Jon purchased racking units from our Vintner Series collection. He was building his home wine cellar and wanted to maximize the space he had. He chose to work with the Vintner racks for this particular project. But he did not go at it alone. He got in touch with one of our experienced design consultants. The professional guidance resulted in the right choices for Jon. After the assembly and installation phase, this is how his wine cellar turned out:

Client recommended our Vintner Series!The space was indeed cleverly utilized. The Vintner Series enabled the client to create a seamless floor-to ceiling racking assembly. Notice that there are no awkward gaps between the racks and ceiling, as well as between the racks and flooring. Vintner comes highly recommended because of its versatility. You can build racking arrangements to match almost any ceiling height. You also get tons of styles to choose from. Whether it’s individual or bulk bottle storage, Vintner will let you do it with flair.

Vintner may be a “kit,” but it has so many options to make the design your own. That’s why it’s called as the “next best thing” to custom wine racks. In our client’s case, he was able to customize his wood, stain and finish options to suit his style. He went for Premium Redwood In Dark Walnut stain for his wine racks. The dark, classy colors complemented the ceiling while contrasting with the white flooring. This accentuated the different textures of the materials used in the wine cellar as well.

“I love my wine racks! My consultant was fantastic. I have recommended Wine Cellar Innovations.”

~Jon H.~

Why Dark Walnut Stain Is The Epitome Of Elegance

May 14th, 2020

Achieving the style or theme that you want for your wine cellar project has never been easier. Thanks to stain and finish options, you don’t need to do a complete overhaul. There are a lot of choices and it all boils down to what really works for you. In the case of our clients for today’s feature, it’s all about a timeless style for their wine cellar project:

Dark Walnut stain is the epitome of eleganceOur clients were so lucky to have this space in their home for a formal wine cellar. The size and dimensions of the room are ideal to work with. They could have chosen just about any design for their wine cellar. But the clients wantes something simple, functional, yet classy. So what better combo to bring about such results than custom wine racking and Dark Walnut Stain. Dark Walnut stain option is the epitome of elegance. It is one of our most popular stain and finish products because you just can’t go wrong with it. It features a gorgeous golden-brown stain. Dark Walnut when applied will deepen almost all shades of wood. Light-colored woods such as Redwood and Rustic Pine take on beautiful, rich shades with this stain. In clients’ case, they chose Premium Redwood for their wine racks. Premium Redwood is lighter than All-Heart Redwood. Its colors range from pinkish to reddish brown. Now if you want a bit of a fancy touch to your wine racks, try adding some lacquer as well.

Seamless and the epitome of eleganceHere is a great full view shot of the racking assembly. Notice how the curved corner racks wrap around the room’s corners. This helps increase the bottle storage capacity of the wine cellar. It also makes the racking assembly flow seamlessly around the room. Center seam trim, as well a s crown and base moldings were also incorporated here. The end result is a polished project that is the epitome of elegance. The clients totally loved the finished product and proudly shared these photos with us. If you have used our racking products, we also hope to see them. Share your wine cellar or wine racking photos with us. We’d love to feature them here on the blog! ^_^


Clients’ Cellar Stands Out In Revue Series Wine Racks

May 7th, 2020

Nothing beats the feeling that comes from 1001% customer satisfaction. This recent testimonial from our clients really made our week and it’s definitely worth sharing. They sent us these snaps of their completed wine cellar with the help of the Revue Series:

Stand out in the Revue Series

We launched this new metal wine racks line just late last year. It has caught the eye of a lot of potential customers and these photos can show you why. The Revue Series is indeed a visual delight in wine storage. The units employ strong metal holders to create a label front wine bottle rack. The series is proudly made in the United States so there is no question as to the quality. It is currently offered in two finishes: black stain or silver metal. Any of these finishes can give your wine cellar that beautiful contemporary touch while keeping the design clean and neutral. Moreover, additional colors and configurations will soon be introduced. This makes the Revue Series a top contender when it comes to style as well.

Wall-mount Revue Series wine racks

So how does the series fare when it comes to assembly and installation? We can guarantee that the units are safe, secure, and easy to install. When purchasing them at a two or three bottle depth, there are gravity stops between bottles. This ensures that the wine bottles do not touch. The Revue metal wine racks are also naturally earthquake resistant. The unit has a 5 degree angle on the arms to keep the bottles angled back forward the wall in case of an earthquake. Each rack is mounted to the wall using brackets to create a floor to ceiling wine storage arrangement. With this, you can easily add more racks to grow your collection!

The Revue Series is up on our website and available for online purchase. It is currently offered in 3 and 4 foot increments and two finishes, as we earlier mentioned. And here’s a bonus! There is a “Buy More, Save More” option with affordable discounts. ^_^

Our clients can’t be happier with their wine cellar’s transformation. The Revue Series provided them generous bottle storage and stunning style to boot!

We love your wine racks!”
~Paul G.~

What You Can Do With Our Designer Series Wine Racks Kit

April 30th, 2020

Only two more days till the weekend, wine cellar buddies! And we all know what that means – the wine weekend. Lockdown or no lockdown, there will always be ways to enjoy a bottle of wine or two during the weekends. So let’s look forward to that by getting inspired with this Testimonial Thursday feature. We’ll show you guys what you can do with our Designer Series wine rack kits:

What you can do with our Designer SeriesOur clients’ wine cellar looks so much larger than actual. That is certainly a compliment because it means the cellar won’t look cramped even when it’s filled up. But don’t underestimate the bottle storage capacity either. This compact project can actually host up to a little over 600 bottles. Spacious and seamless, our Designer Series takes full credit for this one.

Unstained Premium Redwood racksYou guys have seen tons of blog posts about our Vintner and WineMaker Series. But our Designer Series also has a lot to offer and it’s time to shine the spotlight on it more. Our Designer Series is best characterized by it’s full depth racking units. A Designer wine rack holds the full body of the wine bottle, along with the 6-foot height configuration. The units do not have the extensive racking and stacking features of Vintner and WineMaker. Nonetheless, the new and improved add-ons will allow you to reach another 20 inches high on your racks. This is perfect for smaller sized wine cellars, just like today’s feature:

Simple yet classy wine cellar doorNaturally, Designer Series is more affordable compared to Vintner. That’s why it comes highly recommended for smaller or entry-level wine cellars. It doesn’t scrimp on style though! This project is proof of that. The series offers fantastic selections of individual and bulk bottle storage options. This includes Open Diamond Cubes and Bins, Rectangular Bins, Vertical Displays, and more. You can even have your choice of tasting centers and Wine Bottle Waterfalls. And of course, you also get to choose from a variety of wood, stain and finish options. That’s inclusive of our newest stain offerings, such as Graywash and Whitewash. Last but not the least, our Designer Series also has its own set of accessories and finishes. These will help complete the look of your racking arrangement seamlessly. From molding packages to wine glass racks and more, Designer really has you covered!

Rich Colors & Luxe Details With Black Walnut Wine Racks

April 23rd, 2020

If you were asked what type of wood you’d want for your wine racks, what would your choice be? A lot of our clients took their picks from the “big four.” These are our most popular wood options: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Grand Mahogany. But these are not the only choices you have. A wine cellar project only has your imagination as the limit. That means you can also explore your choice of materials. Our clients did just  and came up with a wonderful decision. They decided to go for the rich colors and luxe details of  Black Walnut:

Rich colors of Black WalnutThis is not the first time Black Walnut was featured in our blogs. But it does not make a frequent appearance as, say, All-Heart Redwood or Rustic Pine. However, the number of clients turning to this wood option has significantly increased. It’s not without good reasona though. Just check out the stunning colors of the wood. The rich brown tones with hints of red and gold lend a really luxe feel. And here’s something that will surprise you! These wine racks are unstained. What you are seeing is the natural, untouched beauty of the wood.

Luxe details on the racksCheck out the details of the racking arrangement. It’s a good mix of individual and bulk bottle storage. The use of the Open Diamond Bins is quite clever as it increases the bottle storage capacity. Moreover, it adds a fancy touch to the wine cellar, style-wise. Note that these racking units are all custom. That means they were built to the room’s specifications and, of course, the clients’ wishes. You can observe in the photos how seamless the racking arrangement is. There are no awkward gaps, particularly between the racks, flooring and ceiling. These may be little details, but they are essential in achieving the desired results. The clients wanted clean lines and rich colors. They also wanted the wine cellar to have something “special.” The combination of the non-standard wood choice and custom racking achieved that goal. ^_^

Beautiful and rich colors on the racksDid you like this wine cellar project as well? What would you change about it if ever? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below! ^_^

Clients’ Wine Tasting Center Has Everything They Need

April 16th, 2020

Never underestimate the capacity of a compact wine storage! Just because it occupies less space in the home doesn’t mean it can’t store more. Our clients were able to store everything and more in this wine tasting center purchased from our online store:

This Wine Tasting Center has everything!One of the best alternative solutions to a formal wine cellar is definitely a wine tasting center. You can build it anywhere in your home and customize it according to your storage needs. Here you can see that the client went for shorter depth racking units to conserve even more space. At WCI, we carry these shallow depth racks in our wine rack kits collection. Specifically, you can find them with our WineMaker Series .

But as far as wine tasting centers go, our other kits also have so much to offer, such as Vintner and Designer. Our top ranking Vintner Series offers several packages with further options to customize. Take note that these are “kits” and not even WCI’s custom line. That means they come at a very reasonable price point! Still, you have the option to select your wood, stain and finish options, including lacquer. You also get to choose the height of the racking units. In Vintner’s case, your tasting centers can go up to 9 feet. And that doesn’t end there. You can also add base platforms, as well as stacking and center trim. The base platforms are specifically designed and engineered to elevate each wine rack kit. The stacking and center trim help to get rid of those awkward gaps between racking styles, the flooring, and ceiling.

You may also have noticed in the photos that there is glassware storage as well. The tasting centers in our wine rack kits allow for this option. You can select either the Racking with Glass Rack Insert or Racking with Archway Insert. So even with limited space in your home, you can still have a complete wine storage for your collection. Our client Brian was certainly happy with how things turned out. ^_^

“Working great!”

~Brian M.~

Clients’ Wine Cellar Project Is “Amazingly Fun”

April 9th, 2020

With “shelter in place” or “stay at home” being the new normal, it pays to have a safe haven in your home. And what can be better than having a custom wine room to de-stress with your favorite wine bottles. We’re pretty sure a lockdown won’t seem too bad when you have a space like this to chill while doing your part to flatten the curve:

Clients enjoyed their amazingly fun wine cellar project!Our clients had the opportunity to work on their wine cellar using racking products our catalog.  They described the experience as an amazingly fun one. Judging by the results, we can also tell that they were highly satisfied. Their completed racking arrangement is so spacious and versatile. We especially love how the Quarter Round Shelves were incorporated into the assembly. They served as the perfect display corners for both wine bottles and accessories:

Beautiful details on amazingly fun wine cellar project Now the question you might ask is this: is it possible for WCI to help you build a custom wine cellar during these difficult times? Well, you’d be extremely pleased to know that we absolutely can! First off, our online store is chock full of racking units that are easy to configure and assemble. Our wine rack kits come highly recommended, especially for residential projects like this one. But if you want to go the custom route, that’s no problem as well. Our highly experienced design consultants can provide essential services remotely in all stages of the project.

Cozy and seamless wine room

We particularly like to highlight our design request services which you can complete online as well. Choose from either the short or long design form depending on your needs and design stage. Then our team will get in touch with you and assist you every step of the way. The products will be delivered straight to your doorstep and some even have the option to be shipped fully assembled. Everyone on our team, from our designers, sales reps and down to our office staff, are all fully trained to deliver remote services. Our clients can rest assured that they will get the results they want without having to leave their homes. After all, we provide wine cellar products and services on a global scale. There is no better time to start an “amazingly fun” wine cellar project than today. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you out! ^_^

“Thanks for all your help with this amazingly fun project!”

~Susan and Brent L.~

All The Luxe Details With Unstained All-Heart Redwood

April 2nd, 2020

Even if it’s a small wine cellar project, there are so many things you can do with it. Case in point: the luxe details on our client David’s wine cellar. This compact project is simple yet seamless. The client chose well by going for fully customized wine racking units. You can see from the photo that bottle storage capacity has really been maximized. We especially love the use of the Curved Corner Racks. Also notice that there is ample space for a tasting area and glassware storage. Custom crown and base moldings and center seam trim were also thrown into the racking assembly. Observe how there are no awkward gaps whatsoever between the racks and flooring, as well as the ceiling. The transition between different racking styles is flawless as well:

Luxe details with All-Heart Redwood
One of featured really worth highlighting in this wine cellar is the uniform color of the wine racks. Usually, this can be achieved by staining or finishing them in the same shade. But not with this project. What you’re seeing here are all unstained racking units. So how come they all sport that similar, beautiful golden brown color? This is all thanks to the wood option: All-Heart Redwood.

We can’t help but shine the spotlight on All-Heart Redwood again and again. This wood has so much to offer that it is really a solid investment. It’s worth noting that All-Heart Redwood is actually the most expensive part of the redwood tree. It comes exclusively from the center of the log. This is the reason for the uniformity in the wood’s reddish hues. It is also hailed as having amazing resistance to moisture, mildew and rot. That’s why it was used in subterranean wine cellars many, many years ago.

In sum, All-Heart Redwood’s most outstanding features include resistance to shrinking, warping, checking, and durability. These are what makes it such a highly recommended investment. Your wood wine racks will age beautifully in your wine cellar, along with your bottles. Certainly, the luxe details in your wine cellar are both inside and out! ^_^

“We love it. Lidia was great to work with!”

~ David B.~

It’s Time To Discover WCI’s Beautiful Blended Stain Option

March 26th, 2020

If you have the budget for it, custom wine racks are really a worthy investment. They can be designed to your specifications, both in function and form. Function is naturally a primary consideration. Every customer has different wine storage needs. But form is essential as well. If you’re spending a good amount of money, the results should show inside and out – and it’s time to discover that. For our clients in Alpheretta, GA, this is exactly what our racking products delivered:

Beautiful blended stain optionAll of these wine racks and shelving are customized for the clients’ wine cellar. And that includes the stain option. Instead of choosing from the available selections on WCI’s list, the clients went for something else. They went along with our beautiful blended stain option. This stain is very true to its namesake. For those who are not yet familiar with it, here’s how our blended stains work. Basically, we can blend any of our current stains together to create something totally custom for you. We can even take a custom match and match it up.

See how beautiful blended stains workFor example, you want a light stain, but not as thin in color as our Light Danish Stain option. You will be able to achieve this by going just one or two shades darker. The blended stain option will allow you to combine 90% Light Danish Stain with 10%  Midnight Black. Since you have the opportunity to play around with so many choices, the design possibilities are endless. Now is the time to discover such possibilities!

Wine tasting table with beautiful blended stainHere’s a nice snap of a custom wine tasting table. You can see how the beautiful blended stain works with wood of choice. Our clients went with All-Heart Redwood for all their racking units. All-Heart Redwood is one of our top ranked wood options for custom wine cellar projects. It absorbs stains and finishes really well, enhancing the wood’s gorgeous grain patterns. You can see here how a darker stain gives the wood a more luxe appeal. Use our Interactive Swatch Viewer to check out how different wood types will work with different stains and finishes. ^_^


Combining Your Living Space And Wine Cellar

March 12th, 2020

One of the biggest contributions of modernization in the wine cellar industry is giving us the opportunity to build wine cellars anywhere in our homes. The concept of a “home wine cellar” is no longer limited to the basement or that empty room in the house. These days, you can create suitable wine storage for your collection even in the most unusual of spaces. Some examples include under stairwell and closet transformations, pantry wine storage, and garage wine cellars.

Today, we’re going to walk you through this gorgeous project completed for one of our clients. This project shows how combining your living space and wine cellar can be done in a seamless fashion. It also illustrates how wine cellars play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the home. And if you do a bit more research, you’ll come to learn that wine cellars help with the market value as well. In more recent years, a wine cellar has contributed to improving the selling price of residential properties. Just take a look at these photos and you can certainly see why!

The layout in this living room wine cellar is one of the best that we have seen so far. The floor area is efficiently utilized to maximize two different spaces: the living area and the wine cellar. Notice that the living area itself has a rustic theme going on. The exposed beams on the ceiling, wooden posts, and other accents lend an old country feel to your space. Plus, the use of warm tones on both the furniture and wine racks creates really great symmetry.

To make the wine cellar blend in, Rustic Pine was used for the wine racks. The racking assembly features WineMaker Series with its shallow depth units. This definitely helped with maximizing on the cellar’s bottle storage capacity. Also, the racks were stained in Classic Mahogany. This helped bring out the beautiful, subtle streaks and knots on the wood. Rustic Pine exudes a natural “rustic vibe” when unstained. But with darker stains and finishes, the grain patterns become even more enhanced. With this project, the clients get two different spaces that complement each other! *Cheers* 🍷

The Undeniable “Wow” Factor Of Custom Wine Cellars

February 27th, 2020

Who would say no to something custom-made? A dress or suit, a pair of shoes, a bag, even a car – almost anything in this world can be tailor-made to one’s preferences. And of course, wine cellars are  no exception. The reality is that there is an undeniable “wow” factor surrounding anything custom-made.  With wine cellars, the end results really leave lasting impressions. Our Tech Tuesdays are living testaments to that. But not everyone can afford a full-blown custom wine cellar project. That’s why we offer the opportunity to customize in all aspects of the wine cellar process – starting with the wine racks.

The little “luxuries” you can afford…

WCI has developed an extensive selection of wine racking styles over the years. The options range from units that can cater to simple storage needs to extravagant designs that are limited only by imagination. The racking arrangement, after all, is the heart of the wine cellar layout. So if you don’t have the budget to customize from top to bottom, just focus on your wine racks. Even the simplest setup can be made special by tailoring the fit and bottle storage capacity. With this, you’ll get a seamless racking application that is sure to be eye-catching. Nothing is more attractive than a clean layout, with no awkward gaps or rough corners. It’s just like a beautifully tailored suit that hugs your body all the right places!

Now as far as these custom projects go, we often get asked the same questions.  “How big should my wine cellar be?” and “How much will it cost me?” are the most common ones. The answers will vary depending on the circumstances. But as far as cost is concerned, WCI can find ways to work with the client’s budget. This is all thanks to the wide variety of options we have to offer, from the raw materials down to the finished products. So for example, if you’re looking at a low-cost but racking assembly, we can start with the material for the racks. If you want to go with wood wine racks, there are affordable options such as Rustic Pine. If you prefer metal racking units, some series, like Vintage View, are very reasonably priced. This is like having your cake and eating it, too. You get that undeniable “wow” factor without spending a fortune. ^_^


The Claim To Fame Of Label-Forward Wine Storage

February 20th, 2020

Why has label-forward wine storage recently become the “it” thing with wine cellar projects? Well, it’s  definitely not something that happened overnight. This bottle storage style has actually been around for a while. But it’s only in the last few years or so that more wine cellar projects have been leaning towards it. So what’s the claim to fame of label-forward wine storage? Let’s talk more about it!

Claim to fame of label-forward wine storageWe have our clients to thank for this opportunity to show the fine points of label-forward bottle storage. They sent us these shots of their gorgeous racking assembly utilizing metal wine racks from our Vintage View Series. As you may have noticed, this is not a formal wine cellar, but more of an entertainment space. But the clients still wanted to have suitable storage for their wine bottles. And here we can see how a label-forward layout really delivers. See how the bottles are not just stored but displayed to maximum advantage. For a true wine lover, this method of wine storage comes highly recommended. You can showcase your best labels as well as organize your collection according to your preference:

Stunning Vintage View rackingNow while this is not a formal wine cellar, it still has quite an impressive bottle capacity. The clients can easily host a few hundred bottles with this kind of setup. This shows one of biggest claims to fame of a label-forward system: space-efficiency. And that’s not limited to compact spaces. Even larger cellars will come to appreciate the additional bottle storage this racking configuration can bring. Also, keep in mind that these metal wine racks are designed to hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart. But they can also be tweaked to hold split-sized bottles by mounting the units 5.5 inches apart. The versatility is not just appealing – it’s REAL.

Clean and classy arrangementThis final photo gives us a nice closeup of the racking assembly. See how the racks work so well against different materials such as wood and stone? More importantly, notice how the bottles are being highlighted by the racks? Since the label-forward configuration is straightforward and clean, your collection will be given the spotlight it deserves. Everything will always look neat and totally elegant – just like our client’s wine storage. ^_^