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Custom Wine Lockers Deliver Exactly What Clients Envisioned

January 17th, 2019

When a client wants a “custom” project done, it can only mean one thing. They want something truly unique – a wine cellar designed to their specifications. As a company campaigning to provide such services, we have one primary goal. This is to address those “wants” of the client and ultimately deliver the product to their 100% satisfaction. We have to admit, things get pretty challenging every now and then. But whenever we meet the customer’s expectations, it’s all worth it!

Custom wine shelves

Today’s feature is a nice reminder of that wonderful feeling when a client is truly happy with the results. This particular wine cellar project consisted of all custom racking units. The clients wanted wine racks that would securely store their collection. For this purpose, our team designed these individual bottle lockers to their specifications.  Wine lockers have become quite a popular racking option as of late. They are especially in-demand with country clubs, wine stores, restaurants, bars, and public storage areas. More and more restaurants have been investing in these “restaurant wine lockers.” They present a very practical storage solution, particularly for one’s best vintages.

Customized wine lockers

WCI has designed these lockers to keep your collection under lock and key 24/7. The units come in flexible rack-and-stack configurations. This allows you to add more lockers as the need arises. The lockers come in by the column to match the existing height of other commercial racking units. Basically, each column sports metal lattice panels for open air circulation. It also has 5 locker compartments with locks that can be keyed in numerous configurations, or as one, single key.

Custom blended stain on the lockers

But take note that these lockers are also fully customizable. In the client’s case, we utilized glass instead of the metal lattice panels. You can also have solid panel sides and solid back panels for a more seamless look. The inside racking can also be styled according to one’s preference. That includes having wine rack pegs put inside the lockers as well! ^_^Beautiful and secure wine storage

“From my perspective, we are very pleased with the quality of work, expedition of delivery, and the installation experience. The lockers are exactly what we had envisioned. The product is very high quality. Your installers were a pleasure to have on site and were extremely professional. Our contractor is still working on balancing the air in the units, but that should be worked out in the coming days. A+ – Thank you very much!”

~Chris C.~

A Very Pleased Client Shares His All-Vintner Wine Cellar

January 10th, 2019

Our Vintner Series is really racking up the popularity points as early as the start of the year. This goes to show that the series possesses the features clients need for their wine cellar projects. Today’s DIY feature is another all-Vintner showcase. This completed wine cellar is a great example to let us delve into further detail on Vintner’s strengths:

All-Vintner wine cellar

We can see from these photos that the client has a pretty sizeable collection. They also needed room to accommodate future acquisitions. The variety of racking styles in the Vintner kits helped them achieve just that. One of the best features of this series is that it has the greatest variety of wine rack designs. This allows one to create really unique racking arrangements that will suit both bottle storage needs and style preference. By learning how Vintner actually works, one can create a wine cellar sporting a custom look sans the expensive cost.

The most important thing to remember about this series is that it has amazing stackable qualities. Vintner offers 3-foot and 4-foot racking units that can be easily stacked to any height you desire. At WCI’s purchase page for this product, we have included the option to select the desired racking height. This makes it more convenient for customers to purchase the right racks and stacking equipment needed. The latter refers to the extra options you can add to really complete your wine racks. These “extras” also give your racks even more additional inches, height-wise. Those extras have been utilized in this project, giving the assembly a seamless appearance.

Lots of bottle storage space

So what exactly are these add-ons? These are the molding packages, center seam trim, base molding packages, and base platforms. The crown and base moldings help close any awkward gaps between your racks and the ceiling and/or flooring. As for the Center Seam Trim, this helps hide the point where your two wine racks meet. The base platforms serve to elevate these racking units. By wisely utilizing these options, your wine cellar will sport a truly professional, custom-built look. The last bit would be to throw in the finishing touches by selecting your stains and finishes. In the client’s case, they went for a Dark Walnut Stain to give their wine cellar a classy appeal:

Beautifully stained in Dark Walnut

“I love the racks and am very pleased. I am also very pleased with service and support that I received from Fabian Sanchez at Wine Cellar Innovations.” 

~John M.~

Etched Glass Wall Is Client’s Wine Cellar Statement Piece

January 3rd, 2019

First Testimonial Thursday for 2019 is up, wine cellar buddies! You are in for a visual feast on this one. This wine room was very tastefully designed and has its very own statement piece. By looking at the pictures, we think you can tell what it is. But if not, then we’ll definitely let you in on it – so read on and find out:

Etched glass wall

From these terrific snaps of the completed project, you can see just how generous the wine cellar is, space-wise. There is a spacious tasting area with custom cabinetry, shelving, and tabletops. The client utilized this well and you can see how wine bottles of various formats are being nicely displayed. But of course, that’s not the client’s entire collection. They do have a growing one that necessitates proper storage. That’s why off to the corner of the room, a glass-enclosed wine storage was created:

Delicate grapevine etching on glass wall

The racking units have a super elegant and custom look to them, don’t you agree? But surprise, surprise – these aren’t custom wine racks! This is once again the magic of our Vintner Series wine rack kits. Right at the beginning of the year Vintner is dominating the scene. Its extensive selection of racking styles is very impressive for a “kit.” Added to that, the series also carries a variety of custom amenities. These include wood, stain and finish options, and molding packages. Thanks to these, you can come up with designs to really suit your style preference. Today’s feature, for example, has the racks crafted from All-Heart Redwood in Light Danish Stain option. They matched the cabinets and other furniture in the wine room perfectly.

All-Heart Redwood in Light Danish Stain

However, there is one more thing that really makes this wine room eye-catching. Check out the glass-enclosed wine storage once more! If that etched glass wall didn’t catch your attention from the first picture, we don’t know what can. The intricate design has been painstakingly sandblasted onto the double-paned glass units. They make for a delicate addition to the solid, all-wood elements of the room. Here at WCI, we offer these decorative applications for your entryways to give them more character. We can do these etched glass designs not only on your doors, but on your windows as well. You can even have it on your ceilings, like our Etched Lightbox Ceiling. This is definitely a statement piece that will bump your wine cellar project to the next level. Curious to know more about these decorative applications? Then get in touch with our experienced design consultants today! ^_^

Client’s Lovely Tasting Center Created With The WineMaker Series

December 20th, 2018

We’re down to our second to the last Testimonial Thursday feature for the year – and we’re going to make it a great one. Today’s project features the WineMaker Series wine racking units. This is one of the series from our wine rack kits and it deserves a lot of love. Check out the client’s completed wine cellar below and you’ll see why:

The WineMaker Series

The client said he loved everything about his wine racks and not by any coincidence, so do we. There is tons of bottle storage for his growing collection. The layout is clean and space-efficient with more than enough room for future acquisitions. The term “space-efficient” is key here because we’re talking about the WineMaker Series. It’s one of the kits that offers shallow-depth racking units. The other would be the Traditional Series kit. Both series have shallow-depth configurations which makes the necks of the bottles stick out when stored. However, this does not compromise the safety of the bottles in any way. The well-crafted, square cut rails cradle the bottles beautifully, as one can see from these photos.

WineMaker has a lot more up its sleeve though. The racks come in 3-foot and 4-foot height options, enhancing their stackable qualities. Much like Vintner, you can stack these racks to any height you desire. Plus, we’ve made it easier for customers by allowing them to purchase exactly the racks and stacking equipment they want. You can shop by height option (up to 8-foot) then throw in some add-ons. These include stylish moldings, base platforms, and center seam trim. Mix and match them up to create the racking height you desire! And don’t forget – these racks come at a more affordable price tag. That’s all thanks to the shallow-depth configurations. As you can see from the photos of our client’s finished product, WineMaker can certainly give Vintner some tough competition:

WineMaker Series tasting center

The variety of racking styles WineMaker offers is also pretty impressive. Recently, we added bottom and top stack options with display rows to the Individual Bottle Storage racks. These allow for both convenient storing and showcasing of one’s best labels. Moreover, WineMaker also carries tasting centers which is what our client here purchased. It’s so easy to build and expand your racking arrangement with them. And of course, you also get all the stain and finish options at your disposal to suit your style preference. ^_^

I just received my order. Everything is here and intact. Love it. Looks great. I just love this thing.”

~Joe S.~