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Let’s Talk About Wine Tasting Tables!

November 23rd, 2015

Why should one invest in a wine tasting table? Well, we can give you more than just one reason for that! Essentially, a wine table provides functional working space and extra bottle storage to boot. But that’s not all. Wine tables can also enhance the look and mood of your entertainment area. If you set one up in the center of your wine cellar, it actually transforms into a wine tasting table where you and your guests can gather round and share your tasting experiences and more.

Check these babies out!

Naturally, we wouldn’t be broaching the topic of wine tasting tables if we have nothing to show for it. But it so happens that we’re called “Wine Cellar Innovations” and we live for providing wine storage solutions in all forms, shapes and sizes – including incidental storage solutions in the form of wine tasting tables. In other words, the extra bottle storage these tables provide are added perks that really make them worth every dollar you shell out.

Our multi-functional tasting tables

So first off, we have two awesome options from the Designer Series – the 108 Bottle Tasting Table and the Wood Case Storage Tasting Table. Both come in our top four wood choices – All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Prime Mahogany as well as a variety of stain and finish options, including lacquer. Apart from providing the perfect spot for prepping your wine and other beverages, these tasting tables let you store tons of bottles. Moreover, you can easily mix and match them with other racking elements in your wine cellar.

Redwood Tasting Tables

Next up is the Vintner 180 Bottle Wine Tasting Table. This product can store even more bottles while providing the necessary space for decanting your wine and even displaying your fine wine accessories. The racks below offer full bottle coverage as well as beveled rails and eased edges for safe and comfortable storage. Want a bulk bottle storage version of it? Then check out the Vintner 216 Storage Wine Tasting Table.

Elegant Wine Barrel Tasting Table

Our next item on the list is this uber unique Wine Barrel Table. It’s crafted from authentic aged wine barrels that have been used many times by wine makers. So apart from being eco-friendly, you get an authentic vintage decor for your wine cellar or any room in your home. Plus, the beautiful glass table top can be done up with customized etchings for a reasonable up-charge.

Lastly, we have the Oak Wine Bar. This is definitely one of our favorite products because it doubles as a home wine bar that can hold up to 28 wine glasses, 48 bottles of wine and a collection of cognacs and ports on top with space to spare. Made from Red Oak with a dark stain finish, this wine table is both a classy and functional addition to your home.


We Make It Happen With New Lacquer Options For Your Wine Racks

October 14th, 2015

We believe that there’s always room for improvement, whether it involves our wine racking products or our services. After all, the needs of wine lovers everywhere evolve over time so it makes perfect sense that we should do our best to address those changing needs as well.

That being said, we’re quite excited to introduce our newest brainchild. We’ve continued to “innovate” at our Cincinnati, Ohio wine cellar factory in line with our primary goal to bring our clients (including potential ones!) only the best product offerings coupled with the most affordable price tags. This time around, we’ve decided to upgrade our stain and finish options for our wine racks, or to be more specific, our lacquer option.

Elegant lacquered wine racks

Now it’s to be noted that custom lacquer options do not exactly come cheap. This is one of the biggest reasons why lacquer was utilized mostly on projects such as high-end custom wine rooms and the like. For the total novice, it bears to keep in mind that applying lacquer basically requires a certain level of of manpower in order to properly add several coats to every nook and cranny of the wine room. But thankfully, developments in technology over time has enabled us to come up with more efficient and – get this – more affordable methods to utilize lacquer options in wine cellar projects, starting with WCI’s Designer Series wine rack kits.

Things have just gotten better!

Our popular Designer Series kit

Our Designer Series wine rack kits have always been pretty popular, but we just went on ahead and raised the bar a tad more with the new lacquer option for the series. Stains and lacquers are a practical add-on to your wine racks and not just for aesthetic reasons. That’s because apart from providing your racks with a glossy and elegant finish, it also makes them durable and scratch resistant.

Why you need lacquer on your racks

You guys will be extremely pleased to learn that our 6-Foot Full Depth Designer Wine Racks now come with water-based stain and lacquer option. The fact that they are “water-based” should be a heads-up that here at WCI, we take into consideration all the essential aspects in manufacturing wine racking products, including caring for the environment. Because they are water-based, they contain little to no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are very detrimental not just to the wines but to one’s health and to the health of the planet as well.

Moreover, the water-based stains that WCI offers online take on the pristine look of unfinished wood and give your wine racks a more dramatic flair. With our Glossy Standard Finish lacquer, your racks will take on an extra level of intense shine. And don’t forget – since this option comes with the Designer “kits,” that means the cost is not as heavy as when you work that option out into our custom lines.

Why Our Redwood Gets The Ravest Reviews

October 8th, 2015

Redwood has held on to the title of our “most popular wood option” when it comes to wine cellar projects for quite a long time now. It also seems that it’s not going to give up the crown any time soon. We can certainly understand why that’s the case, but it’s also only fair that everyone else knows the reasons why this wood specie is a champ in the books of most wine cellar enthusiasts.

A class all on its own…

Gorgeous Redwood wine racks

Needless to say, Redwood is really a class all on its own because this softwood specie has somehow managed to combine all the essential elements of a top-grade wine cellar wood option: quality, durability, cost-efficiency, and even eco-friendliness. Note that Redwood is actually classed as a “softwood” instead of hardwood, earning for itself another title, “The Prince of Softwoods.” Nonetheless, even though it’s considered as the lightest of softwoods, Redwood has established a solid reputation of providing sufficient strength and resilience for a wide variety of uses. There are basically two types of Redwood: Clear All-Heart Redwood and Premium Redwood, both of which we carry here at WCI.

Except for some slight variations in color, grain patterns, and performance characteristics, both types of Redwood are at par when it comes to quality and value. In general, Redwood boasts amazing resistance to shrinking, warping, and checking in addition to durability. This would explain why the wood ages beautifully, particularly in unstained wine racking projects. You will be able to witness how the wood takes on an increasing darker depth of color as it oxidizes, giving it a more elegant vintage appearance.

Beautiful unstained All-Heart Redwood

Now all these features notwithstanding, there’s another factor that makes this wood specie really stand out from among the rest on our product list – it comes with the SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) stamp of approval. That means that the Redwood manufactured here at WCI is being harvested in an environmentally sound manner. Below are just some of the snippets from our highly satisfied clients who have experienced just how outstanding Redwood is as a wood choice for their wine cellar projects:

“”We made the best choice eight years ago in choosing Wine Cellar Innovations! Our basement wine cellar recently flooded and our All Heart Redwood wine racks became water stained. Instead of WCI taking our order to replace the damaged parts, they recommended we sand the damage away. Guess what? It WORKED! THANK YOU to Wine Cellar Innovations for your superior All Heart Redwood wine racks!”

~Adam and Theresa Burick~

“We LOVE our wine cellar.  We renovated a 1926 basement into a wine cave and it was really a seamless process thanks to Wine Cellar Innovations. The only problem is that we never want to leave the basement. The design and sales team was great with their communication of details and the installer had the skill of a surgeon.”

~Pam & Scott Drew~

We Make It Happen With Smart Wine Racking Wood Choices

October 7th, 2015

Selecting the most appropriate wood specie for your wine racking project is actually a much bigger deal than you think. It’s not always about choosing the most affordable or the best “quality” wood. Of course, these are essential factors you’d need to consider, but your wood choice should be based on the total package, a balance of all the essentials and not just one or two of them.

That being said, WCI took the time to actually provide you guys with the answers to the classic question: “What is the best wood for my wine cellar?” Indeed, there is a wide variation in wood species and of course, personal preferences are varied as well. So what we did was put together a broad spectrum of wood choices in a healthy assortment of colors, grain patterns, and finishes to accommodate our customers’ needs and tastes as we as that ever pressing factor – the budget.

We make it happen with extensive wood selections!

Wide variation in wood species

In a nutshell, WCI has put together the top five quality woods based on their inherent characteristics such as durability, resistance to rot, mildew and insects as well as warping, checking, and shrinking, variety in grain patterns,  manufacturing cost, and so on. These are: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, Prime Mahogany, and a fifth choice which we’ve dubbed as Your Choice of Wood. The latter was aptly categorized because it’s basically a collection of all the commercially available wood species WCI is able to provide to its clients. As far as the top four wood options are concerned, we actually purchase them in quantity and pass the savings on to our clients. That means the “affordability” factor is taken into great consideration as well!

Prime Mahogany & Rustic Pine

So how are we able to provide such an extensive selection of wood choices in the Your Choice of Wood category? The answer is quite simple. WCI actually has a fully integrated mill which takes lumber from a rough-sawn stage all the way through the finishing details. Thanks to these capabilities, we can manufacture wine cellars in any wood commercially available. Check out the list of wood species we have manufactured in. Note as well that we base the prices on the current market value of the wood, ensuring our clientele a fair price tag on our products all the way.

Select Wood Samples

And here’s something everyone should also keep in mind: our select woods list is not exclusive. If you don’t see the type of wood you want for your wine cellar project on the list, all you need to do is contact us and we’ll do our best to secure the best pricing on it for you. For example, if you’re looking for fire-retardant-treated wood for your wine cellar, we can easily advise that our Redwood fits the bill quite well. The superior performance of redwood lumber under fire exposure has been known for decades. “Recent testing by numerous laboratories in response to new standards for decks in California’s wildland-urban interface has reaffirmed redwood’s reputation as a fire-safe decking product,” as reported by the California Redwood Association.

In other words, you name it and we’ll make your wood choice happen for you! Get in touch with us today and we’ll definitely help you find your answer to the best wood option for your wine cellar. ^_^

Why Clients Can’t Get Enough Of WCI Factory Seconds

September 17th, 2015

“Factory Seconds.” You’ve heard us talk about them on the blog. You’ve come across several wine cellar projects featuring them. But did you guys know what our clients really have to say about our “factory seconds“? They’ve been actually coming back for more which just goes to show they can’t get enough of these discounted babies.

Trade Show Factory Seconds

“If the name wasn’t given to the racks I wouldn’t know these were factory seconds. I put the 4th rack in recently after the first 3, and they all look great. The racks were a breeze to assemble with a brad nailer, very simple. They are installed in my basement wine cellar. I guess the ultimate compliment to your racks is when I had a chance to show my kids (ages 18, 21, 23 and 24) the set up they each independently reacted the same identical way: Awesome!”

~Disandro Ambler, PA~

For the record, Disandro was not the only one who attested to the impressive quality of our so-called “second-hand racks.” That’s because these units are not  in any way used or even pre-owned. Essentially, what happens is that from time to time, a rack is manufactured with an extra knot in the wood, or was stained a wrong color, or it can also happen that the order was cancelled half way through production. It may also be that a certain style becomes discontinued due to lack of popularity. So these units are all actually brand-new! These wine racks are all very attractive and sturdy pieces of wood wine storage that are marked down to move out at a quicker rate for the afore-quoted reasons. And when we say “marked down,” we do mean a whopping price drop.

Factory Seconds Metal Lattice Wine Racks

“I did purchase one of your factory second wine racks for a DIY project at my home in Tucson Arizona. It was a simple wire rack that was easy to put together with the instructions provided. After close examination I couldn’t find any flaws in the product to classify it as a “second”. No need for a nail gun to assemble this- just a power drill to attach it to the wall. It arrived fine- no shipping problems at all. Thanks for a great product!”

~Bruce G.~

Now just last year, we also launched the formal opening of our “factory seconds” showroom located at 4575 Eastern Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio. That means potential (and returning!) customers can see the actual products up for grabs in all their discounted glory instead of just getting online visuals on the WCI website. We strongly recommend you guys check the showroom out and see for yourselves why our clients can’t get enough of our “factory seconds!” ^_^

We Make It Happen With Unique Wine Gifts For Dad

June 17th, 2015

This weekend will be Dad’s special day so have you finished wrapping up something awesome for the pretty awesome guy in your life? If you’re still in a shopping dilemma as to what to get your dad for Father’s Day, we’ve got you covered! We can make Father’s Day extra memorable for you and dad with these selection of unique wine gifts:

1. The DIY Wine Rack Assembly Kit

Sure, most dads if not all will have that handy nail gun lying around in the garage or basement somewhere. But let’s take it to another level and give him something even more functional to “play around” with and channel all that creative energy. The DIY Wine Rack Assembly Kit will be just what he needs to put together his very own “man-cave” (which you and the entire fam-bam can crash once in a while, too!) from scratch.

2. Discounted “Factory Seconds” Racks

There’s no need for pinching pennies especially when it’s for your dad. If you’re working on a tight budget, that doesn’t mean you don’t have that many options because WCI can make it happen for you with our discounted “factory seconds.” These gorgeous, quality wine racks are 100% new and unused and have been marked down to move them out at a quicker rate. The catch? There’s none! It just so happens that the rack was manufactured with an extra knot in the wood, was stained a wrong color, the order was cancelled half way through production, or it becomes discontinued due to lack of popularity. Our loss is your savings and dad’s gain!

3. The Mini Stack Series

Now what if dad is too busy to build that perfect storage space for his wine bottles? This is your chance to blow his mind (and score major brownie points haha!) with the Mini Stack Series. These racking beauties are affordable, space-efficient, and best of all – ship fully assembled. All that dad will need to do is pop his wine bottles in!

4. The WCI Gift Certificate

Still undecided as to what dad actually wants or needs for his wine cellar project? Then grab a WCI gift certificate today and send him on a shopping spree he definitely won’t forget. There are several denominations to choose from to suit your budget. Plus, you can make your purchase/s at the very last minute and receive an automated email with a link to download a printable template you can give right away.

Make this Father’s Day extra special and show dad that he’ll always be tops on your list with unique wine gifts from WCI! ^_^

We Make It Happen With Custom Cabinetry And Hardware

June 10th, 2015

“Accentuating” your wine cellars is actually one of the keys to giving it a totally unique look. Think of it along the lines of customizing a dress, a bag, or even a pair of shoes to make it truly yours. For example, you take just a basic little black dress, sew a few accents here and there like beads and voila – it becomes YOUR little black dress.

Now did you know that kind of “customizing” can be done to your wine cellars as well? By putting in some unique details, your wine cellar will gain a truly memorable appearance. And WCI can make that happen – with our custom cabinetry and hardware!

Extra storage with a flourish…

Wine Racks and Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry will add that right amount of flair to your wine racking assembly while conveniently providing you with extra storage space for stuff other than your bottles. Your glassware, corkscrews, decanters, serving platters, coasters and other accessories also need to be properly stored. You wouldn’t want to place these too far away from your wine bottles or just cram them together with your regular kitchenware and utensils.

WCI offers a great selection of handsomely crafted cabinetry that can let you put away your wine accessories in a secure and convenient fashion. But even better, they add these charming decorative touches that can really make your wine racking assembly stand out. From simple raised panel designs to more intricate glass panels with etchings and hand-carved panels, WCI gives you more choices to dress up those wine cellars.

And keep in mind, there are even more options for you when you click this section of the website! We’re pretty sure you’ll also be interested in accentuating those cabinets with these custom cabinet hardware and drawer pulls. There are lots of gorgeous, intricate designs to choose from and they are all covered by our Return and Cancellation policy with the exception of the Handmade Pewter Grape Knobs and/or any knobs that were stained.

Contact us for a quote today and start “dressing up” those wine cellars in your signature style! ^_^

We Make It Happen With Eco-Friendly Wine Cellar Options

May 27th, 2015

It’s not everyday that you can find eco-friendly products for your residential or commercial construction projects. And even if you do, it’s also not everyday that you can find reasonably priced ones. Taking all these into consideration, we at WCI have worked hard towards improving our “green campaign” by providing wine cellar enthusiasts with eco-friendly options for their wine cellar projects.

Eco Friendly Wine Cellars

Did you know…

Let’s start off with these products that we’re quite sure not all of our clientele, regular or potential, are aware of in terms of their environment-friendly options. It’s time to get acquainted with WCI’s water-based stains, lacquers, and finishes. That’s right – water-based! But water-based instead of oil-based ones?

Well, first off, oil-based stains typically have six times the VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) of water-borne stains and finishes. These VOCs combine with nitrogen oxides in the air to form ozone. Some VOCs are carcinogenic or neurotoxic. The health effects of exposure to VOCs vary greatly by the type of chemical and the concentration. Exposure to high levels of VOCs, especially those that are neurotoxic, can cause nausea, confusion, headaches, difficulty of breathing or worse, tremors, seizures, and even death.

Water borne Stains and Finishes

Worse, oil-based stains and finishes dry or cure very slowly so the risk of exposure is at an all-time high. On the other hand, water-based ones typically dry quickly since the actual finish is suspended in water and not “thinned” by it. The drying time is only a fraction of that to oil-based products which means you can apply multiple coats and not worry about the risk of long-time exposure.

In addition, water-based stains and finishes are more UV resistant than solvent products that will get hazy and lose their color clarity. Your wood wine racks will keep their color and sheen for years and years to come. Plus, with minimum concentration of VOCs, your wine bottles are not exposed to such toxic substances. Keep in mind that your wines breath through the corks as part of the natural aging process. Nobody would want to drink a contaminated bottle!


Last but definitely not the least, water-based products make for easy clean-up. Soap and water get the job done and in record time, too! There’s no need for paint thinner or other potent solvents that will harm you and your wine cellar in more ways than one. Note that paint thinner needs to be disposed of in a specific manner less it contaminates your water supply – or that of your neighbors.

And this is just a portion of our “green campaign,” folks. Watch out for more eco-friendly wine cellar options on the blog so bookmark us now. Also take the time to subscribe to the mailing list for awesome discounts on these products. ^_^

Wow It Up With Our Wooden Bench Seat

May 25th, 2015

Here at WCI, we’re all about “innovating” wine cellar design concepts. So while you can get your usual standard racking fare, expect as well to unearth some pretty unique products that will really give your wine cellars that “wow” factor. Case in point: our Wooden Bench Seat:


This product is custom-built to meet your specific design requirements. That means we can easily adjust the dimensions to literally fit your racking arrangement. This gorgeous bench features solid wood components and hidden storage to tuck away wine bottles, accessories, and other odds and ends. In fact, you can have the dimensions configured to be as spacious as possible depending on your cellar’s available floor area.

Of course, the fact that we call this a “wooden bench” should be pretty obvious. The product also allows for extra seating room which would certainly be a welcome addition to a wine cellar, particularly one that doubles up as a function room or dining hall. Note, too, that the bench can be worked into an existing racking assembly. We have a very professional team of installers who can do the job to your satisfaction.

But in the event that the client runs into some issues with the product, we still have everything covered with our Custom Wine Racking Return and Cancellation Policy. Since custom wine racks and accessories are manufactured per customer to their own specific requirements, neither the individual components nor the completed product can be placed back into inventory and used for another customer. The product/s cannot be returned. However, if modifications need to be made after the agreement is signed, the Purchaser will be charged a redesign fee of $262.50 plus the cost of any materials that have been cut that cannot be utilized in the redesigned product.

If The Purchaser would like to cancel the cellar before it is shipped, the Purchaser will be refunded the deposit amount less a design fee and less the cost of any material that has been manufactured/cut. In the event that the amount of material that has been cut exceeds the deposit on hand, The Purchaser agrees to pay WCI the remainder due to cover the costs of said material. The Purchaser will have the option to have the finished material shipped to the address of their choice at their expense or simply request Wine Cellar Innovations to discard material at no additional charge to The Purchaser.

For more details on our custom wine cellar items, check out this section of the website. ^_^

Mini Stack Wine Racks Now Available in Light Stain – The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

May 7th, 2015

“Moms are life’s number one cheerleaders without uniforms.”

~R.E. Goodrich~

What would life be without our mothers? We can’ even imagine how that would be! Just think of all the things our moms do for us each and every day and the infinite roles they play – housekeeper, chef, seamstress, glorified chauffeur, teacher, guidance counselor, financial consultant, wingman – and so on. And as cliche as it may sound, moms don’t get thanked enough for everything that they do for their families, especially their kids. So once in a while, it’s definitely recommended to pamper mom and make her feel that she’s number one in our books.

Mini Stack Series Wine Racks

Mother’s Day is just two days away and if you’re still racking your brains for that “perfect” gift, we just MAY have the answer. For your wine-loving mom, what better present to give her than our Mini-Stack Series! We even set a bar a little bit higher just in time for Mother’s Day because these awesome racks are now available in Light Stain option:

Mini Stackable Wine Racks Mini Stack Series in Light Stain

Now Mom can have some real quality downtime and take a break every now and then from “Mommy duties” with a well-deserved glass of wine or two. The Mini-Stacks will help store those bottles safely and comfortably. Plus, keep in mind that these compact wine racks ship fully assembled! So when you give your Mother’s Day gift, all that your mom has to do is tuck her bottles in. It also helps a whole lot that the Mini-Stacks are super space-efficient and can go into just about any space in the home. Also don’t forget that like any other WCI wine racking product, you can “grow” these racks along with your collection. So you can add more as time flies and create some pretty unique racking assemblies!

Check out this section of the website for more details on our Mini Stack wine racks Series and load up those shopping carts ASAP. Give mom a gift that will show just how grateful you are that she is always, always cheering for you all the way! ^_^

Wine Racks and Wine Storage

We Make It Happen With BIG Spring Savings!

April 29th, 2015

Spring has indeed officially sprung, wine chaps! It’s quite exciting to engage in Spring makeovers in our homes and gardens, isn’t it? Bringing out old lawn and patio furniture and remodeling them, buying new ones, getting those barbecue grills in shape, prepping the garden and so on – there’s so much to be done and a good amount of decisions to make. It’s especially so when you’re working on a  budget (after all, who doesn’t these days) AND a strict one at that.

Spring Savings at Wine Cellar Innovations

But staying within or even under budget has never been more fulfilling when you don’t even have to compromise on the items you need (or want!) to purchase. That’s what we’re here for at WCI and this season, we plan on making it more memorable for you guys with our huge spring sales and promos.

Racks at up to 50% off!

Wine racks sale

Starting with our wine rack kits, we’ve got some pretty deep discounts that you certainly don’t want to miss out. Our wine rack kits are already affordable enough since they were specifically designed to be cost-efficient as opposed to the pricier custom lines. But if you check out our current deals, you’ll be blown away with the 35-50% off on our Vintner, Designer, Winemaker and Traditional Series wine racks kit.

That’s not all! Apart from the kits, our other small wine rack series are also up for you bargain hunters out there. The Curvy Wine Cubes are at a whopping 35% off while the Pine Cubes and Scallop Racks are discounted at 40%. Plus, our Commercial Wine Racks are not to be left out of the game. Get a super 40-45% on some of our best commercial racking pieces for your wine establishments now!

Wine Cellar sale

Speaking of deeply discounted racks, those of you who are seeking to purchase fully assembled units will totally love this one. Our in-demand Mini Stack Series is also now being sold at half-price AND still ships fully assembled to your homes. The same goes for our Urban Living Series with its variety of assembly styles and pre-assembled component option. The Urban Living Series was launched to meet the storage needs of those living in compact residential spaces like condos and apartments for apartment wine storage. At 40% off, it can’t get any better than this.

Wine Storage sale

Last but definitely not the least, our uber versatile Winezone Wine Shelf System with its sleek, modern, and multi-functional features is currently a very *hot* item on the sales list. We’ve cut the price down to half, folks! That’s right – these universal racking babies are at 50% off and only for this Spring season.

Browse this section of the website today and discover more amazing promos. We’re making it happen less the pricey tags for you guys this season, so don’t miss out! ^_^

We Make It Happen With The Upgraded Mini-Stack Series

April 22nd, 2015

We’re all about “evolving” our products to meet the needs of our customers. This is something we really take to heart in pursuit of the goal of achieving 100% customer satisfaction in the products we deliver and services we provide. So we take the necessary time to study the needs of our clients and how we can adapt our racking products to address them. Case in point: our Mini-Stack Series!

More options to enjoy!

Just to refresh our memories a bit, the Mini-Stack Series is the first product to roll off our racking catalogue that ships fully assembled. We take great pride in catering to our customers’ evolving needs and this line of pre-assembled racks is certainly one of our better solutions to those who do not have the time or patience to engage in full-blown DIY wine cellar projects.

Mini Stack Wine Storage

When we first launched the Mini-Stack Series, we started off with five (5) racks in various configurations:

The flexibility of these racking options allowed our clients to create their customized wine storage stations. Even better, the racks are so space-efficient that they also offered proper wine storage solutions for compact living spaces like condos and apartments. Initially, these solid wood stackable wine racks boast a contemporary Dark Walnut Stain finish. Nonetheless, customers could also order the unstained versions of the racks.

Light Stain Wine Racks

Recently, however, we’ve decided to expand the racks’ style options a bit more. Now, clients can purchase the Mini-Stack Series in a gorgeous Light Stain option. The softer hues of this stain option serve to really accentuate the natural colors of whatever wood choice one may decide to go with. We’re well aware that not everyone is into dark-colored wood when it comes to their wine cellar projects so this new addition will definitely be a welcome one.

Again, we’d like to emphasize that the Mini-Stacks are designed to be stacked side by side and/or on top of one another for up to ten feet in height. So keep in mind that you will need to leave a 13 1/2″ gap where you want these stackable wine racks to come together in a corner.  For more assistance concerning the racks’ configurations, just shoot our professional design consultants an e-mail or chat with us online. We’ll make it happen for you and your wine cellars because that’s what we do best here at WCI! ^_^

We Make It Happen With Proper Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

January 28th, 2015

When we talk of “wine cellar cooling,” it’s not just about buying a wine refrigeration system and installing it in your cellar. It doesn’t matter if you buy the most expensive unit or most popular wine cellar cooling brand out there. If it does not match the needs of your cellar, you’re pretty much throwing away your hard-earned money.

Let’s take the case of an entry-level wine cellar. Most mistakes in choosing a wine refrigeration system occur with entry-level wine cellars simply because first-time builders are not informed enough. There are actually several essential factors to consider before purchasing your wine cellar cooling system such as the location, size, and bottle storage capacity, among others.

Entry-level wine cellars are generally small to medium-sized. So basically, you’ll need a unit that will match the size and storage capacity of the same. It would be a total waste of money if you buy a very expensive unit that will not create the proper storage conditions for your collection.

Keep in mind that nothing can be more detrimental to your wine that extreme heat or cold or sudden fluctuations in wine cellar temperature and humidity. The ideal wine cellar temperature range is 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity. It only makes perfect sense that your wine cellar refrigeration system should be able to maintain these ideal conditions, gracefully aging your wines, then keeping them at their peak for years to come.

Wine Cellar Cooling

That’s why here at WCI, we can make proper wine storage happen, no matter the size, storage capacity, and even location of your cellar. We have a bevy of brands to choose from and each one carrying a slew of options to match every wine cellar refrigeration need. For entry-level wine cellars (or “starter” wine cellars), we have actually put up a new section in our website to make it even easier for you guys to select the most suitable unit for your cellar’s needs:

And that’s not all! If you’re still confused as to what unit would be most appropriate for your wine cellar project, you can easily contact our professional consultants. You can request for a complimentary BTU analysis for your cellar. That’s right, it’s completely, 100% FREE! So why go guessing as to what your wine cellar needs when WCI can determine it for you. Chat with us today because we’ll definitely make proper wine storage happen for you! ^_^

We Make It Happen With Eco-Friendly Products

November 5th, 2014

It’s not every day that you can purchase wine cellar products that are not just of exceptional quality but reasonably priced as well. Moreover, it’s really not every day that you can get these products and find out that they’re eco-friendly as well. But when you do your wine cellar shopping at WCI, you’re bound to get more than just a few pleasant surprises. For example, did you know that you can actually build an eco-friendly wine cellar from start to finish thanks to specific WCI products? We CAN make that happen, so read on and find out!

First, the wood…


Let’s start with your wood choice for your wine racks. There are tons of wood species that you can consider, but some are just several notches above the rest, like our Redwood. There are two wood choices to Redwood family: Clear All-Heart and Premium Redwood. But whichever you choose to go with, know that ALL Redwood products we manufacture bear the SFI-Certification stamp. And just what does SFI stand for? It’s “Sustainable Forest Initiative” and with this certification, purchasers of our Redwood products are assured that the materials utilized have been harvested in an environmentally sound manner.

Second, the stains, lacquers, and finishes…

Stain and Lacquer

Our eco-friendly options extend even as far as the “little” details in your project. Case in point: the stains, lacquers, and finishes to dress up your racks. Did you know that here at WCI, we use only water-based stains, lacquers, and finishes? This is because we value everyone’s health – our clients’, their collection, and of course, our planet’s. Water-based stains have at least 6 times less the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) oil-based ones. They are odor-free and dry so much faster compared to oil-based stains. Clean-up and touch-up is a breeze! Water-borne stains and top coats clean up with just soap and water, so there’s no need to use those toxic paint thinners or other potent solvents.

Third, the floors, ceilings, and more!

Cork Flooring

Like we said, you can build an eco-friendly wine cellar from scratch utilizing only WCI products and we’re not joshing you at all. Not just your racks, but even your floors, ceilings, and other accents to your wine cellar can be a “go green” project. We the have materials to make that happen, like our Cork and Vintage Wine Barrel Flooring for your floors. Cork is a rapidly renewable resource and a very durable material that is harvested with minimal impact on the environment. Cork floors are not only resilient, but fire-resistant and thermally and acoustically insulated as well. On the other hand, Vintage Wine Barrel Flooring is crafted from genuine reclaimed wood components from wine barrels. So apart from being eco-friendly, each piece is, in itself, a unique work of art, with no two planks exactly alike.

We love to keep giving you guys more reasons to start and complete your wine cellar goals with us. So give our products and services a try today because we CAN make it happen for you!

We Make It Happen With Platinum Custom Moldings

September 17th, 2014

Are you also stumped with the question as to how some racking assemblies are put together so seamlessly compared to others? Sometimes, it’s all about the “little things” in assembling and installing your racks that make all the difference. It’s these little things that can make it happen for your wine cellar projects which is why WCI takes them into careful consideration. Case in point – the custom crown and base moldings for your wine racks.

Are you also stumped with the question as to how some racking assemblies are put together so seamlessly compared to others? Sometimes, it’s all about the “little things” in assembling and installing your racks that make all the difference. It’s these little things that can make it happen for your wine cellar projects which is why WCI takes them into careful consideration. Case in point – the custom crown and base moldings for your wine racks.

Trimming your racks with style!

You’ll find that nothing can complete your racking arrangement quite like custom designed crown and base moldings. They help blend in any gaps between the wine racks and the ceiling and flooring so your racks flow around the room seamlessly. Plus, since you can have them customized, it’s easy to get them to match the design of your racks or complement the same.

Note that here at WCI, you have just about as many wood and stain and finish options, including lacquer, with your racks as with these moldings. Even better, you can also go for a fancier look with Decorative Carved Moldings that can really add a dramatic touch to your assembly. So basically, you kill two birds with one stone here. You get that flawless look for your racking arrangement while being able to play around with the style factor as well. Here are a few select styles that can certainly add detail and high relief to the interior trim of your racks. These 3-dimensional architectural wood carvings on your moldings can be installed even in your archway, top corner alcoves, or even the entire wine cellar entryway.






 That’s not all! The moldings are also available in curved profiles to match your Curved Corner Racks. This makes it possible to trim those uneven nooks and crannies, particularly in projects where you don’t have much of a choice but to work with irregular spaces. With these curved crown and base moldings, your racks will be able to blend with the ceilings and floors and literally wrap around the room.

Trim those racks the right way and make it happen with WCI Platinum Custom Moldings. You can’t beat that flawless AND fabulous result! ^_^

We Make It Happen With Amazing Wine Rack Sales

May 7th, 2014

We’re just a few days shy from Mothers’ Day! Have you decided what to give the most special woman in your life? When all is said and done, we can’t really deny the reality that there will be no other woman in this world quite like our moms. That’s why we look for partners who will be good moms in the future, don’t you agree? So instead of just popping her favorite bottle of wine with her over the weekend, why not go the extra mile and get her something extra special? We can make THAT happen with our amazing wine rack sales!

Get it on with WCI current specials!

Who says you can’t splurge and save at the same time? With the WCI discount catalogue, you’ll be simply blown away at how quality racking products can have the right prices as well. Our regular prices never stray beyond the straight and affordable, but how would you like it when you get deep discounts on top of that? For the record, all our wine rack kits are currently at a huge 35% off, with an extra 10% off on All-Heart Redwood products on our Vintner and Designer Series line. But our commercial Wood Wine Displays got to it even one better at a whopping 40% of. Note that you don’t need promo codes on these purchases, so that makes for a way hassle-free shopping.

Wine Racks Sale

But that’s not all the discounted racking goodness that’s on the WCI menu. For those craving something really custom-made, sneak a peek our Factory Seconds section. It’s a bevy of customized racks that have been priced so low you’ll definitely wonder why we’re even bothering to call them second-hand stuff. The thing is, they’re not really “second-hand” in that sense because they’re practically brand new. It just so happens that some of them might contain an extra knot or two in the wood, part of a discontinued series, stained with the wrong color, or cancelled out at the last minute by a client who didn’t dig the design specifications. So our loss is literally your savings! Don’t forget, too, that our Factory Seconds Showroom is now open for your personal viewing pleasure.

Wine Racks Sale

There are still TONS of discounted racking goodies out there, from our Mini-Stack Series, down to our Metal Lattice Wine Racks, and even our wine cellar accessories. The team has even put up a Mother’s Day Gift Giving Guide with specific wine gift selections to suit both your taste and budget. So get those shopping carts ready and make it happen just in time for Mother’s Day! ^_^

We Make It Happen With Custom Wine Cellar Lighting!

April 23rd, 2014

Enhancing your wine cellar in all the right places is a must. How else will you able to properly showcase your collection if you didn’t? And this is where creating an appealing ambiance to your wine cellar really matters, regardless of the size. It doesn’t take much to do this at all because all you need are the right elements to make it happen. So today, we’ll show you guys how to illuminate your prized collection by making things happen with custom wine cellar lighting.

Turn on the spotlight!

Just because you literally turned on the lights in your wine cellar project doesn’t mean that the job is done. The objective is to highlight your collection and not just throw in some either weak or harsh lighting in the process. Lighting should be strategically done in places where both your bottles and racks can be enhanced beautifully. This is why knowing about custom options is such a huge advantage. Let’s browse through these selections WCI can offer:

1) LED Downlights

Led LightsRecessed LED Downlights are perfect for illuminating the dark, shadowy corners of your wine cellar and highlighting accents such as a piece of wine cellar art or your decorative ceilings and moldings. The WCI LED Downlights package consists of quality power LED source, durable aluminum housing, and perfect thermal management. The light produced appears to give as much as 40 watts of light due to tight range of the beam, plus, no UV rays are generated.

2. LED Display Lighting

Led Lights

LED Display Lights are certainly true to their namesake. When placed in strategic locations in your wine cellar, they can bring out the best elements therein such as the color of your wood wine racks, the gleam of the metal ones, the elegance of glass accessories, and so much more. They are typically used as backlighting in crown molding, for archways and in high reveal display racking. Moreover, LED Display Lights are very environment-friendly, with over seven times the life expectancy of incandescent bulbs. Note that WCI LED Display Lights  are certified with the RoHs directive and Pb (lead) free.

3.  Fluorescent Slimlites

Fluorescent Lights

When it comes to enhancing accent pieces in your wine cellar, Fluorescent Slimlites are one of the best choices. They are usually utilized to backlight stained glass such as those mounted in archways or to illuminate light boxes such in our popular Etched Light Box ceilings. Standout features of the Slimlites are their easy installation and maintenance and extremely long bulb life, rated 10,000 hour.

Make your collection bask in that dramatic glow today and make it happen only with WCI custom wine cellar lighting packages! ^_^

We Make It Happen With Commercial Wine Gondola Shelves

April 2nd, 2014

You guys may have noticed that we’ve been focusing more on commercial wine cellar projects these past few weeks. It’s definitely a welcome change since that would mean more and more establishments are showing their eagerness in working with our products. That being the case, we felt like we should extend our professional helping hand a bit more and show retailers how we can make it happen with our Commercial Wine Gondola Shelves.

Why Commercial Wine Gondola Shelves?

It’s no secret that when you run a wine establishment, your primary focus is to pump up those wine sales. In order to do that, you need to work with the right tools, like a wine racking assembly that can properly showcase your merchandise. This is where WCI’s Commercial Wine Gondola Shelves fit the bill. We have a healthy selection of racks styled to achieve two essential goals: to display your merchandise and drum up your sales. In particular, these are the options you’d want to sneak a peek at:




Industry Exclusive Vinyl Base Options

Functionality is a given with our commercial wine racking products. But what really brings them up a notch is the fact that they provide extra protection for your collection as well. This is all thanks to the ingenious concept of adding Vinyl Base Options to all of our commercial wine racks. With the vinyl base added to your rack or display, it’s actually elevated a good 4 inches off the ground. Thus, your precious merchandise is protected against accidental kicking and other similar damage.

You’ll come to realize the real value of these vinyl bases particularly during the mad rush hours in your store. Just think of the risk you’re exposing your merchandise to, especially during special occasions. Think about those shopping carts, buffers, sweepers, and kicking which both the racks and bottles are often subjected to. Now if you throw in the vinyl-covered platform base, your bottles are safely elevated from all these stressful scenarios. And that’s not all! Cleaning up will also be a more enjoyable task because all you need to do is literally sweep under the elevated racks. It’s less the hassle, double the profit, and triple the style!

So go and make good things happen to your establishment with our Commercial Wine Gondola Shelves. Catch you all next Wednesday! ^_^

We Make It Happen With Custom Wine Cellar Doors

February 26th, 2014

Hello, Wine Wednesday! What’ll you be pouring today, folks? Well, count on us to be toasting with you as we bring you another exciting We Make It Happen episode. Consider this as some sort of spinoff from where we left off two Wednesdays ago when we we’re talking about making your custom wine cellars “happen.”

We discussed how other components in a wine cellar project apart from the racks and wine cooling system are also very essential, to wit: floors, ceilings, and doors. So today, we’re going to give you guys an eyeful on how to turn those entryways into iconic additions to your wine storage hubs.

One of the most important things to remember is that wine cellar doors can be crafted from all sorts of materials: wood, glass, etched glass, and metal to name a few. This means there are various elements to work with. This also means you have to be able to properly choose the materials that would work best for your wine cellar taking into account both the functionality and aesthetic factors.

Note that a wine cellar door contributes significantly to the proper insulation of your wine cellar.  So you have to be careful in making your selection, particularly when it comes to the materials being utilized. For example, if you’re going for purely wooden options, then go for species that are known for their durability and resiliency, like Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Mahogany. If you prefer glass, make sure it’s the type that can maximize refrigeration and humidification benefits, like the ones we use here at WCI. Of course, combining two or even more materials is highly recommended as well, like going for wood and glass.

So how exactly can we make all these happen for you? Well, ask no more because all these functionality and style factors CAN be found in our plethora of gorgeous wine cellar entryways, including glass-enclosed numbers:

Custom Panel Doors

* Wood Doors

Traditional Redwood
* Glass Panel Doors

Traditional Redwood
* Iron Doors & Gates

Glass Enclosed Cellars
* Glass Enclosed Cellars

That’s not all! If you’re in a hurry to make that wine cellar project come together, we also have our Same Day Door Store exactly for that purpose. The main purpose of the  “Same Day Door Store” there is to offer high quality custom wine cellar doors for those who need them ASAP. That’s why these babies are ready for shipping the moment you click on that purchase button! Naturally, we recommend you contact us for shipping transit times so you’ll have a clean and clear idea on exactly when your door will arrive, pardon the pun, on your doorstep.

Stay tuned for more custom wine cellar goodies on our next episodes and don’t forget that design consultation here at WCI is 100% free. Have a fab week, wine buddies! ^_^

Why The Right Wood Choice Really Matters

January 13th, 2014

When choosing your wood for wine racks, what are the most important characteristics should you consider? There are so many choices out there, but that doesn’t mean you can make random decisions. After all, we’re talking about racks that will store your prized bottles, whether they’re personal collections or merchandise.

At WCI, we offer an extensive range of options as far as wood choices for custom wine cellar projects are concerned. But apart from that, we also have our top species which are a cut above the rest, given their unique features. We’ll take as an example one of most popular species that had been in the spotlight in so many Tech Tuesday and Testimonial Thursday episodes just last 2013 – Premium Redwood.


Premium Redwood possesses all (and probably even more!) of the  characteristics necessary to create quality racking for custom wine cellar projects. In a nutshell, these would be durability, resiliency, cost-effectivity, as well as being a very eco-friendly wood choice. Premium Redwood hails from the Redwood family which is most prevalent in he cool, damp forests of Northern California. Thus, the wood has developed a natural resistance to the cool, humid atmosphere desired for long-term wine storage. In addition, it has amazing grain variation along with an open-celled structure containing little or no pitch resins. This enables it to absorb and retain all types of finishes extremely well.

Mike Shilko found out exactly how right a choice Premium Redwood was when sent for these Individual Bottle Column racks in the said wood choice. He was equally satisfied with the way the racks came together in such an effortless manner during the installation process:

“The wine rack in working well. Assembling was easy; did not use a nail gun.”

~Mike Shilko~

There are actually several ways to assemble your wine racks and our learning videos are just what you need to get to know each one. But it is highly recommended for newbies to go for the most practical and easiest installation method which is with the use of a nail gun. Our customer Mike was quite an old hand at home renovation projects and did things the old-fashioned hammer-and-nails way. Nonetheless, first-timers are urged to equip themselves with the proper tools, like the WCI Professional Assembly Kit. A quick tour of our video galleries will show just how quick and smooth-sailing putting the racks together can be with the use of the assembly kit.

Now going back to the wood choice, another standout feature of Premium Redwood is the fact that it bears the SFI seal of approval, along with ALL Redwood products here at WCI. This SFI certification is proof that our Redwood is harvested in a environmentally friendly manner, making Mother Nature a happy customer as well ^_^.

Need more information and advice on selecting the right wood for your wine cellar project? Just shoot us an e-mail or chat with us today! We’ll be more than glad to show you guys the ropes. Have a fun, wine-filled week ahead, wine chaps!

How To Ace Your DIY Wine Racking Project

December 18th, 2013

Happy Holidays, wine cellar fans! It’s less than a week to the big ho, ho, ho! It’s also the last How To Wednesday episode here at the WCI blog. But don’t think it’s only because we’re moving on to bigger and better things for the New Year. Last week, we gave a little intro on the newest project on the WCI blog: We Can Make It Happen Wednesdays. These features will definitely be something to look forward to. Still, we’re not going to say goodbye without our final How To episode and possibly, one of the most useful yet. Today, we’re going to show you guys how to ace that DIY wine racking project and at little to no cost, too.

Now normally, those who are newbies when it comes to putting together wine racking arrangements are pretty unsure how to go about it. Some think it’s easy enough while others get cold feet at the thought of making a mistake and wasting their good money. The deal is, it’s indeed really simple because all you need are two things: common sense and the right tools for the job. The former is a given, but WCI supplies you with the latter. That’s right! You can actually secure a professional DIY Wine Rack Assembly kit at the WCI online store. Even better, the kit comes free with wood wine racking purchases of $2000 or more.

DIY Wine Project

So what can the install kit do for you in terms of acing your wine cellar project? First off, take note that the kit includes a compact brad nailer, 1 3-gallon air compressor, and 5000 brad nails. With these, you will be able to put together any racking assembly, whether it’s from our custom line or our wine rack kits. The nail gun makes it super fast and efficient to assemble the racks and mix and match it with other products as well for really unique arrangements. Our Assembly Video will give you a nice, visual walkthrough of the entire process. So whenever you guys see all these seemingly elaborate racking projects on our Technical Tuesday and Testimonial Thursday episodes, THINK! You can actually create one yourself ^_^. Grab the WCI Install kit today (especially since it’s on SALE!) and ace that DIY wine racking project. Have a wonderful Christmas season, everyone and don’t forget to watch out for We Make It Happen Wednesdays this coming 2014. Cheers!

WCI Professionalism And Experience Give Clients 100% Satisfaction

December 2nd, 2013

When we do a custom wine cellar project at WCI, we go the extra mile to make sure it’s done right. But what’s even better is the fact that we have living proof of the professional services we extend to our clients. Here’s probably one of the highest praises we got from a client who shared her awesome experience with WCI’s design consultation and installation process:

WCI“I ordered custom wine cellar racks this past year. From the beginning it was a great experience. Brett was very knowledgeable and very accessible. He made sure that I did everything correctly on my end BEFORE allowing the racks to be built. From measurements to insulation he was very helpful to my builder. The racks are beautiful and very sturdy. IF you decide to self install I would highly recommend an experienced carpenter as the racks came in 26 boxes with only a finished drawing of each component and no details about install steps. All in all a worthy experience and I STILL stop and stare at my cellar regularly.”

~Jody Plaisance~

The client had a pretty broad collection and you can actually see from the images she sent in that she also had bottles in larger formats and even irregularly shaped ones. That’s why it was decided that the Gold Series would be the perfect choice for her custom wine cellar since it is able to provide full-depth racking along with a good variety of racking options. Notice that apart from the Individual Bottle Racks and Diamond Bins for bulk storage purposes, the assembly also incorporated wine cabinets and shelves. This set-up has an impressive storage capacity of over a thousand bottles!

Also take note that this is a glass-enclosed project which means that installation shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s exactly what the client emphasized when she commenced ordering her racks. She was able to experience the step-by-step procedure WCI provides to each and every valued customer, including the essential “review process.” This is the stage where your professional consultant will spend ample time to review your wine cellar design and related room specification details.

Basically, assembly and installation will be done to meet YOUR expectations and will be modified accordingly to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Check out this section of our website for a complete guide on our custom wine cellar consultation process and witness how professionalism and experience work together to give you the results you’ve always wanted. This week will be filled with more inspiring transformations to celebrate the holidays! So better bookmark the blog ASAP to get first dibs on super generous holiday discounts as well as fantastic promos on the best racking products WCI has to offer. ^_^


Fancy Vintage Assembly With WCI’s Factory Seconds

November 28th, 2013

 The term “second-hand Sally” has a negative connotation, but not when it comes to wine cellar projects. “Secondhand” doesn’t translate to something used or old, especially if you’re talking about WCI’s factory “second” racks. This Testimonial Thursday feature will show us the beauty of discounted factory second racking, not just in terms of the awesome price tag!

229947-photo01The client this time around only had a small collection but they still wanted to create a proper storage set-up for their select bottles. A small corner in their home offered the right space for a compact racking arrangement. However, they also wanted to get the best deal possible, price-wise since they didn’t need anything really fancy. Imagine their delight when they managed to hit two birds with one stone after stumbling into this gorgeous Factory Second Designer Series. It’s comprised of a Half-Height Individual Bottle Rack with Tabletop and dressed up in Mahogany Stain. The style and color of the rack meshed perfectly with the vintage-inspired decor of the home!

As it was a “factory second,” the client was also a bit apprehensive of the purchase at first. Nonetheless, when the racks arrived and were accordingly assembled, they had THIS to say about the finished product:

“We love the wine rack,  it was easy to assemble and fit perfectly where we wanted it to go. Great prompt shipping and for a factory second you would never know.  Just perfect for us!!!”

~Beth G~

It’s worthy to note that when we talk of “factory seconds” here at WCI, they are usually classified as such under specific circumstances. For example, a rack is manufactured with an extra knot in the wood, was stained a wrong color, the order was cancelled half way through production, or it becomes discontinued due to lack of popularity. Nothing is diminished in terms of quality and craftsmanship of the product. That’s why our loss is your savings!

WCI needs to mark down these racks to almost rock-bottom prices since they need to be disposed of quickly to make room for items we regularly manufacture. In other words, “It’s a steal!” and you’d be crazy to pass it up. The client definitely recognized a bargain when they saw one and the result is a vintage masterpiece at a cost they totally loved. Check out this section of our page for more fantastic deals and load up those shopping carts ASAP! ^_^

How To Spend Wisely On Holiday Wine Cellar Projects

November 13th, 2013

There are two huge advantages about the holidays as far as holiday wine cellar projects are concerned. One, there’s enough free time to actually start on and complete the project, whether it’s building from scratch or just renovating. Two, there’s enough funds to finance the project. But just because we have the time and the resources doesn’t mean we should go about it frivolously. Don’t forget that it will still require you to spend some serious bucks! Here are some very useful tips on how you can really get your money’s worth with your holiday wine cellar project:

1. First off, broaden your range of options.

Do not be hasty in completing your project. Even if it’s just renovation work, you need to be careful. Otherwise, you will end up incurring more expenses in the long run. Before you actually commence anything, consider all available options, particularly on the major purchases. These will include your wine racks, wine cooling unit, wine cellar floors, doors, ceilings, and other accessories. Never jump the gun and make sure you consider all your choices and narrow them down carefully. For example, WCI has a very extensive selection of wine racks classified into two main categories: the custom racks and our wine rack kits. Hence, even when budget is a bit tight, you will still be able to construct a quality racking assembly to suit your storage needs!

2. Second, consider your splurges as against what you need to tighten your belt for.

There are elements in a wine cellar project that one really has to spend for. One good example would be the installation of a very good vapor barrier particularly for a new construction. Another one would be choosing quality wine cooling units, flooring, and of course racking. If you’re working on a rather tight budget, you have to learn where to put most of your money on. Don’t waste it on accessories which can compromise the quality of your major considerations. For example, even if you really fancy custom moldings or stain and finish options, note that you can go for more affordable alternatives. Or, you can even choose to have unstained racks and furniture. Some woods like Redwood look fabulous even when unstained!

3. Third, don’t pass up golden opportunities to score discounts or freebies!

Even if you have the funds for your project, that doesn’t mean you should pass up on awesome discounts and freebies. There are PLENTY of them out there, especially in the WCI website. We’re talking about amazing stuff like free consultation, design, and revisions for your project, free shipping on specific products, bonus wine rack gifts, and whopping discounts of up to 50% off even on custom items. So why spend more dollars when you can build the wine cellar of your dreams for less!

And hey, we’re just getting started! Watch out for more uber helpful holiday gift, shopping, and design ideas for all your wine cellar activities this season. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page for the latest visual treats. ^_^

How To Start Your Holiday Wine Shopping List

November 6th, 2013

Let’s begin the holiday countdown! Have you guys started your shopping lists yet? Well, it’s time to get cracking because the rush will just come barging in. Working out a list is essential because one: you don’t want to forget those special people whom you should be bringing the holiday cheer to. Two: you have to work out the right budget for each present. And third: you’ll need to sort out your options so you’ll end with the best (not necessarily the perfect) gift. So how do you go about starting your holiday wine shopping list? Here are some very important things to factor in:

1. One, get to know your “giftees” a bit more.

Even if it’s your dad or mom or best friend, don’t get too comfortable. You might think that getting them the stuff they use or “like” on a regular basis is enough, but it actually isn’t. It’s actually better to focus on the “need,” particularly if you can afford it. Take for example if your dad has a growing wine collection. Instead of buying him another bottle of wine, why not give him something to put those bottles in. WCI’s Mini-Stack Series, Curvy Cubes, and Vintage View racks make for fantastic gifts because they are easy to work with any existing racking assembly. Of course, you can also go for our more extensive wine rack kits if the budget permits!

2. Two, stay within your budget and be a sharp consumer.

Wine gifts don’t exactly come cheap. If you want quality items, you’ll have to pay the right price. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find stuff that are within your budget and more importantly, worth every dollar you shell out for. This is where you’ll need to be a sharp consumer and keep an eye out for discounts and bargains. For example, WCI runs weekly specials on our racking products and you can even get as much as 50% our custom collections. Subscribing to the mailing list is highly recommended because this way, you get first dibs on all those huge discounts. Plus, you can even score free shipping! Also, don’t forget that most stores have early-bird specials. The earlier you start your shopping, the cheaper you can get the stuff on your list.

3. Three, when in doubt, turn to gift certificates!

We’re not talking about ordinary gift certificates, but those that can get them what they need or want for Christmas: quality wine and wine cellar items. It will happen more than once or twice that you’ll come across a “giftee” whom you will be so confused as to what to get. The only common denominator would be the fact that he or she loves wine. So don’t sweat it! Treat them to a gift certificate which can let them take the first few steps towards creating the perfect storage for their prized collections. WCI has wine gift certificates in several denominations which will definitely suit your budget as well. What better way to show them how special they are than by giving them the chance to splurge on what they want these holidays!

Explore our Holiday Wine Rack Gift Guide for more ideas!

And we’re not through yet, wine guys and gals! Tune in next week because this time, it’ll be the ultimate wine and wine cellar shopping guide. We’ll be trotting out fab products which we’re sure special people in your lives would want to see wrapped under the tree this December. ^_^