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Creating Unique Wine Cellars With Our Newest Stain Offerings

July 30th, 2018

We’re down to our last July blog, wine cellar buddies! This month was chock-full of inspiring projects and product launches. But we still have one more special feature up our sleeve in order to end the month on a high note. You’ve already seen us showcasing our newest stain offerings in a number of blog posts. So today, we’re going to show how you can create unique wine cellar styles with them.

Whitewash Stain

Rustic elegance with Whitewash Stain

Let’s start with the Whitewash Stain option. This stain works to give a whitish cast to the wood. It is actually a versatile finish that complements the clean, open themes of modern décor. When applied to your wine racks, it will make your cellar exude a “cottage by the seaside” feel. That’s because wood dressed up in Whitewash Stain takes on a fresh and clean appearance. It is essential to keep in mind that Whitewash Stain is a semi-transparent stain. That means that your wood’s grain patterns will still show through. It also adds a definitive ‘texture’ to the wood. This is what gives the wine racks that sought-after “rustic elegance.”

Opaque White Stain

Pristine beauty with Qpaque White Stain

Next up is our Opaque White Stain option. If you’re a fan of all-white kitchen cabinets, shelving, and the like, this is the stain option to try out. It will give your racks and other wine cellar furniture a pristine white appearance. Unlike the Whitewash Stain, Opaque White is not semi-transparent. It will coat your wood thoroughly. That means you will not be able to see through the Opaque White to the grain on the wood. Also, take note that a primer is added on to the wood firsthand. Then it is stained with white which makes for a pristine, solid finish.

Gray Wash Stain

Traditional with a modern twist with Gray Wash Stain

One of the newest stain offerings that rolled out of our production lines is the Gray Wash Stain option. Several months of careful testing was carried out before this stain option made it to the WCI stains and finishes catalog. The end goal was to create a look for wine cellar racks and furniture that is both traditional and modern. The gorgeous color of Gray Wash is uniform and smooth on the wood. It is a semi-transparent stain, much like the Whitewash. The only difference is that there is no texture that comes through.So your racks or furniture will sport a smooth finish while showing the beauty of the wood beneath it. ^_^

Explore Other Types Of Storage You Can Find At WCI

March 26th, 2018

We know that the WCI brand has been synonymous with wine storage. That is indeed our primary goal and what we’ve been working hard for all these years. But we’re also quite proud to say that we’ve been working towards accommodating other storage needs as well. That’s because we believe in making our products versatile and flexible in every way. So if you haven’t discovered these other types you can find here at WCI, we highly encourage you to check them out:

Vintner Beer Storage Rack

The Vintner Beer Storage Rack

Yes, that’s right! Vintner has really gone all out to become the most versatile among our wine rack “kits.” Apart from providing an entirely separate line of commercial racking units, it now also offers beer storage. The Vintner Beer Storage Rack is a free-standing unit that can hold all your beer cans and bottles. It is sturdy and spacious and can work well with our other racking products. While it is not stackable, it is fully customizable as it comes available in all the popular matching wood and stain options. So now you can enjoy collecting both your favorite wine and beer labels.

WineZone Wine Shelf Sysem

The WineZone Wine Shelf System

This is perhaps the most versatile storage system you can get out there. Do not be deceived by the name because the WineZone Wine Shelf System is not just designed to house your wine collection. It can do so much more! In addition to the Metal Shelving you can also integrate a black melamine shelf for other merchandising or storage options. With this, the shelf can be utilized for a variety of storage options. It can store glassware, gift baskets, decanters, olive oil, and other liquors. It can even double as case storage. Moreover, the shelf can be further used as a tabletop option. With the addition of a second shelf with glass rack attachment above, it can become a complete tasting station.

Custom Cigar Humidor

Custom Cigar Humidors

Just last week, we featured a Testimonial Thursday from a client who integrated our Cigar Humidor into their private wine cellar. While it doesn’t get the spotlight as much as our wine racks, our custom Cigar Humidor deserves a lot of love. These cabinets can be custom-made to the client’s specifications. There are so many options available such as having the cabinets with clear glass doors and  its own lock & key. You can can also have angled wood cigar shelves to display cigar cases or loose cigars. Another option would be pull out shelf for additional loose cigar and accessory storage.



New Products Update: Catch Up On What You’ve Missed!

March 5th, 2018

Hello, March! Only a few more weeks to go before Spring will be officially here. If that isn’t something to look forward to, we don’t know what is. We’ve plenty lined up for the Spring season, but before that, you guys might need to catch up on a few things. We’ve rolled out lots of goodies since the start of the year, from new racking products and accessories, down to our wine cooling systems. We’ve talked about our newest offerings with our wine racks in the last few blogs. So today, let’s check out these awesome upgrades to our wine cooling systems:

Wine Guardian Ducted Split System

Wine Guardian’s New Ducted Split System

Wine Guardian refrigeration system

First up is Wine Guardian! Wine Guardian refrigeration systems incorporate cooling, heating, filtration, humidification, ducting, internal safety devices and low ambient control as integrated solutions. It carries two types of cooling systems: the through the wall units and the ducted systems. But recently, the brand introduced another addition: the New Ducted Split System (model DS025). This was designed and built to create a complete split cooling system that perfectly matches the evaporator and condenser sections. One of the standout features of this system is the ease in carrying it to the installation site. This is owing to the easy-to-grip handles. Moreover, the sleek new condensing unit design allows installers the ability to mount the system to a wall, balcony, or shelf as well as to a concrete pad on the ground.  The ducted split system is certainly ideal for owners of small to medium wine cellars. These cellars usually have no room for mechanical equipment or area for venting a self-contained unit.

WhisperKOOL’s Phantom Series

Whisperkool Phantom Series

Now if Wine Guardian has stepped up its game, so has our WhisperKOOL wine refrigeration units. WhisperKOOL is highly recommended for entry level wine cellar projects. The unique difference between the WhisperKOOL systems and traditional air conditioners is the maintenance of well conditioned humidity. And just recently, it launched the newest addition to its product lineup: the Phantom Series. This self-contained ducted unit combines the capacity and flexible installation options with customizable blower configuration. The Phantom itself is equipped by powerful blowers. These can now be reoriented to the right, left, or top of the unit by simply removing the exterior metal panels. This gives great advantage to the customer who can have the option of installing the unit in any ducting configuration they desire.

Interested in learning more details on these amazing wine cooling systems? Get in touch with our professional consultants today and find out which unit will work best for you. ^_^

Stain It Your Way With Our Newest Stain Offerings

February 19th, 2018
One of the things that really sets WCI apart from the competition is that we have really attuned ourselves to our clients’ needs. By “needs,” we mean wine storage needs, of course! This is why WCI strives to be consistent and remain on top of the game. And one of the major ways of achieving this is by offering more customization options for our clients. These range from the wood choice for wine racking units, color and style for metal wine racks, wine cellar accents such as flooring, entryways and so much more.

Now as far as these customization options are concerned, one of the more extensive selections here at WCI is definitely the stains and finishes for the wood wine racks. Over the years, we have focused a lot on expanding the selections. This is in order to give clients more creative freedom with their wine cellar projects. That’s because these stains and finishes are one of the most efficient ways to really transform a wine cellar. Thanks to these options, one can have a wine cellar that really suits their personal style or theme preference.

Just recently, three more stain and finish options were introduced for our wood wine racks. Moreover, these were made available to not only the custom units but to all of the “kits” well. Followers of the blog surely have seen them being featured in either our Tech Tuesdays or Testimonial Thursday blogs. These are Whitewash, Opaque White, and Gray Wash stain and finish options. Each of them will deliver unique and attractive look to any wine cellar project. Let’s check out the deets of these newest stain offerings!

First up is Whitewash. This is a beautiful stain that will give a whitish cast to the wood, as well as add a definitive texture to it. The stain is semi-transparent which will allow the wood’s grain patterns to still be visible. The overall effect is a “rustic elegant” appeal for your wine cellar. The next one is our Opaque White Stain. This is the stain option to go for if you’re a fan of  that pure white appearance to your wine racks, such as in white kitchen cabinets. The appearance of the wood will be reminiscent of the country cottage style. With this finish, your racks will sport a solid, pristine white charm without the grain patterns showing through.

Newest stain offerings

Last but not the least, we have the Gray Wash Stain. This is actually the newest addition to the stains and finishes lineup.  Gray Wash combines the beauty of traditional and modern elements. Like Whitewash, it is a semi-transparent stain, but no texture comes through. The will take on a smooth finish and a beautiful color that is both elegant and contemporary. It is certainly an attention-grabber! Check out the Interactive Wood Swatch Simulator on the website for better visuals on how your wine racks will look like. ^_^