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Modern Racking Concepts With The Vintner Elite Cabinetry Collection

January 20th, 2022

The Vintner Series has long impressed WCI customers, including potential ones. But what makes it even more amazing is how the racks can give birth to almost limitless design concepts. We’ve put together several projects to give you guys a visual sampler. Check out these stunning arrangements with a contemporary flair:

Modern concepts with Vintner Elite cabinetryAt a glance, one might think these wine displays cost a pretty penny. But keep in mind that they were all put together using wine rack kits. In particular, these are units from the Vintner Elite cabinetry. This collection takes inspiration from the custom Modern Wine Cellar series. The difference, however, can be best felt in the cost. Vintner offers these wonderfully affordable options that can give you highly satisfying results. In the photos above, you can see how the suspended platforms create a “floating” look. Moreover, acrylic material was utilized instead of wood. To make the wine storage more unique, laser cut lightbox accessories were added. This was totally a genius move!

Acrylic platforms in in Vintner Elite collectionNow let’s move on to the second project. The snaps above of a client’s wine room are nothing short of captivating. Again, acrylic platforms were used, held up by metal bottle supports. They were evenly spaced out and made to follow the curvy profile of the space. Everything is enclosed in glass panels with black metal trim. The end result is a seamless, modern racking assembly, but with a whimsical appeal. Might we add that there is also something très Français about the entire setup.

Floating configurationIf acrylic platforms are not your cup of tea, never forget that you are working with Vintner. That means there’s an array of choices you can play around with. For the wooden platforms, we recommend trying out some contrasting stains. Mix and match light and dark colored stains to give your wine storage edge and character. You can also experiment with our Blended Stains. Keep mind WCI has a robust catalog of stains and finishes. These are all available with the Vintner Elite wine rack kits. ^_^


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