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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Let’s Talk About Wine-Related Careers

January 19th, 2022

Nothing like the new year to think about job opportunities and/or changes. As a wine lover, it’s never too late to consider some wine-related careers. You’d be happy to know that you can even start off with a some them on a part-time basis. Then as you evaluate how things go, you can look into doing it full-time.

Let’s talk wine-related careers!

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Wine Sommelier

First up is a profession that food and wine connoisseurs would be well-acquainted with. Wine sommeliers are closely associated with the hospitality industry. They are highly knowledgeable wine professionals, mostly working in high-end restaurants. They usually provide advise to customers with wine and food pairings. They can also be involved with wine purchases and curating the collection of the establishment they work for.

Do you want to be a wine buyer?

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Wine buyer or wine merchant

Next is being a wine buyer and/or wine merchant. Both careers belong to the commercial sphere of the wine industry. These two roles are also, more often than not, intertwined with each other. A wine buyer is primarily involved in sourcing wines from different locations. They also negotiate and set retail prices in accordance with the demands of the market. A wine merchant’s main responsibility is running and maintaining the establishment.

Wine careers extend to the great outdoors!

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Now let’s talk about careers that are more closely connected with wine and spirits production. At the top of the list os being a viticulturist. Being one entails responsibility for the health of the grapevine. You will be working mostly outside in the vineyards. Regular duties for this job include monitoring and controlling pests and diseases, deciding when to harvest, and pruning during winter season.

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Vineyard manager

Being a vineyard manager entails a lot of hard work and patience. You need to directly take charge of the entire grape growing process. Naturally, you also have to oversee all vineyard work on a regular basis. Vineyard managers are expected to be excellent multi-taskers. They need to liaise with the viticulturist and supervise employees. They also need to perform some viticultural duties, like maintaining records for vine performance. Just like the viticulturist, a vineyard manager needs to spend a substantial amount of time outdoors. You will also be dealing with a good number of people on a daily basis. It helps if you have good communication skills and enjoy working with others. ^_^

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