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Clients “Bring Sexy Back” With Curved Wine Racking Assembly

January 13th, 2022

Can you describe a wine cellar as “sexy”? It isn’t the usual term one would use for this kind of thing, isn’t it? But believe us when we say that wine cellar projects can emanate this kind of appeal, too. Allow us to illustrate with this beautiful racking assembly our clients put together:

Bring sexy back w/ curved corner racks!Like that hit song by JT, this wine storage is certainly bringing sexy back. Our clients wanted something that is classy, but also with a bit of flair. However, they also had to work with a relatively small space in their home. So they did the right thing in going with an all-custom racking arrangement. Instead of the usual straightforward units, they went with some curved corner wine racks. This was such a good choice because it gave the assembly more character:

Seamless, curvy silhouetteIt’s wise to keep in mind that angles and corners can be difficult to conquer in a wine cellar project. It’s especially so if you are working with an irregular or compact space, or both. That’s why custom wine racks come highly recommended in such situations. There are tons of racking styles that can be utilized to create a seamless layout. One of those is definitely the curved corner units. Another option would be the slanted or the angled wine racks. Still, you can also go with some custom display shelves. In clients’ case, they combined curved corners with full-height Quarter Round Shelves. This gave them storage not just for their collection, but also for other stuff. See how the shelves were used to showcase some of their favorite bottles, stemware, and accessories:

Premium Redwood x Dark Walnut curved racksTo enhance the sleek and sexy look of the assembly, custom crown and base moldings were added. They fit perfectly with the racks, assuming the same curved silhouette. We love the wood and stain combo chosen by the clients as well. Premium Redwood x Dark Walnut Stain is a partnership that always equals elegance. ^_^

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