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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Our Top “Small” Wine Storage Solutions

January 12th, 2022

The “small” trend is not just some crazy fad that popped out from nowhere. There are are legitimate and even life-changing reasons behind the hype. One of these is making the goal of financial freedom attainable. That’s why you see a lot of homeowners downsizing. Not surprisingly, this trend has also expanded to other areas – like wine storage. Compact wine storage has become very beneficial for collectors. So whether you’re a newbie or a veteran wine lover, we’re sharing these with you: our top “small” wine storage solutions:

Wine pins, pegs & rails are amazing small storage solutions

Wine rack pegs, pins & rails

First up is something that takes inspiration from the space-efficiency of wall-mount wine racks. It’s the use of wine rack pegs, pins and rails. These miniature units can go anywhere in your home. They can do wonders in your kitchen, dining, living  or entertaining areas. You can even set them up in your bedroom to host a few dozen bottles. WCI’s Vintage View Series actually carries a line of these units. Check out the Vino Pins and Rails collection. These special units are able to mount directly to any wall surface with the proprietary anchor systems.

Try custom shelving & cabinetry

Custom shelving and cabinetry

The word “custom” is already a giveaway. With custom storage, it can be made to work with any space. But with wine shelves and cabinets, things can get even better. Wine shelves come in various styles, but our favorite are the adjustable ones, They can be conveniently manipulated to fit in irregular spaces as well. Naturally, they can also be expanded in case there’s a need for additional bottle storage. As for the wine cabinets, they are perfect for those who cannot build formal wine rooms. You can have them custom-built with a refrigeration system to keep your collection in peak taste.

Small storage solutions with wine bottle grids

Stackable wine bottle grids

This is one of those wine storage solutions that is really underrated. Stackable wine bottle grids are great for both residential and commercial applications. They are also compatible with wine cellar projects of any size. Apart from easy assembly, the grids can be stacked to increase storage capacity if necessary. The ones sold here at WCI are designed to be secured to a wall. That means you save on floor space as well! ^_^


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